Dailies | Jon Stewart Shocked By Media's ‘Measured’ Coverage of Chris Christie Scandal: ‘Who Are You People?’ (Video)

Following allegations that the New Jersey governor did know about the controversial lane closures last fall, the media has been surprisingly hesitant to rush to judgement

Jon Stewart is disappointed by the media's “measured” coverage of New Jersey governor Chris Chrstie's “Bridgegate” scandal in wake of the allegations from former Port Authority official David Wildstein that Christie did, in fact, know about the controversial lane closures on the George Washington Bridge.

“Who are you people?” a dumbfounded Stewart asked (above) on Tuesday, after playing a number of clips featuring top media pundits determining there's not enough “evidence,” “proof” or “facts” to come to any conclusions.

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“Where's your rush to judgement? Keep it down! What if Nancy Grace hears you talking like this?” Stewart joked. ”Where's the immediate eulogies for his political career? Where's impatient justice in the court of public opinion? You know — the news!”

Stewart said he expects Gov. Christie to be corrupt, but is disappointed in the news media, as his future on “The Daily Show” depends on them.

“If this measured approach thing catches on, I'm out of a f–king job,” he concluded.