Dailies | CNN Reporter Gets High, Anderson Cooper Gets the Giggles (Video)

This is your news. This is your news on drugs.

CNN reporter Randi Kaye made Anderson Cooper's “RidicuList” this week after she put herself in the line of fire of lots of marijuana smoke last week, and then got a bit of a “contact high” as a result.

“How extensive was your research in the back of that limo,” Cooper asked Kaye last Friday after she had spent the day reporting on the cannabis tour business that has emerged in the wake of the legalization of pot in Colorado.

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“You know Anderson, it was top notch. We did very extensive research, I have to tell you,” Kaye said with a laugh.

After Kaye noted she “wasn't thinking right” during the interview (a first for her in the field), a very amused Cooper made sure to clarify,”But it was just a contact high, I just want to make that clear. Is that correct?”

Kaye's mouth said yes, but her slight hesitation and giant happy face said otherwise. But hey, she was just doing her job, either way.

Watch Cooper stuff as many pot-puns into Tuesday's RidicuList (above) while reflecting on “the greatest live hit” on his program, and then watch Kaye's full report, below:

  • Michael Difani

    As comic Robin Williams said about west coast weed, “Even Jamaican ganga smokers said, “Oh, don't smoke that weed, mon”! As a student at UC San Diego and SD State Univ. in the late 60s after five years in the army, I can't believe the price now for pot…I'll stick with mixed drinks and German beer.

  • Cybercraig

    Like alcohol, you don't need to be under the influence all the time. The price is higher but it lasts me way longer because it's so much better. I spend much more on wine but that would be my biggest love anyway. ;-)