MSNBC Producer Calls Out CNN's Embarrassing Hong Kong Gaffe

MSNBC Producer Calls Out CNN's Embarrassing Hong Kong Gaffe

Traci Lee

An on-air map accidentally indicated that Hong Kong was located in South America during a segment with Poppy Harlow

CNN raised a few cartographers’ eyebrows when it reported on Saturday that Hong Kong was in South America.

In an unfortunate geographical gaffe tweeted by MSNBC producer Traci Lee, a “New Day” report about killer hornets in China had a large map to show viewers where Hong Kong was.

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The map was of South America, and “Hong Kong” was roughly in the location of Sao Paulo. In Brazil.

CNN did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Look at Lee's screenshot of the error:


  • Zaius Primati

    Its just a litle mistake! Stop mocking CNN! These guys are hardworkers! They had poor education and, despite this tragical situstion, they are the most reliable source of… hahahahahahahhahahah, sorry, I can not take it! You , CNNs, are such morons, hahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!

  • Zaius Primati

    In fact, São Paulo, in Brazil, has the greatest japanese population outside Japan. And lots of chinese and koreans. It explains the “litle” mistake, hahahahahahahah!!!

  • SimplyOrange

    While many of CNN's anchors are clueless and merely read off the prompter,MSNBC shouldn't throw stones. The black race baiter, Toure when referring to the Westgate Mall in Kenya when it was taken over by el Shaabab and 67 people were killed, he said that Kenya was in North Africa. Tell the self-absorbed arrogant and ignorant race baiter Toure that Kenya is below the Center and in East Africa.

  • comunist2

    Golly it is great to see these two bottom huggers haggling with each others low ratings. I believe AlJazeri has surpassed their ratings. Come on Comrades, lets get our acts together to promote the NWO leader Obama.