CNN's Chris Cuomo Knocks Jon Stewart: He's A ‘Court Jester’ Who Doesn't Hold People Accountable (Video)

CNN's Chris Cuomo Knocks Jon Stewart: He's A 'Court Jester' Who Doesn't Hold People Accountable (Video)

During a segment about Jimmy Fallon, CNN's Chris Cuomo went after Jon Stewart, saying he was all laughs and no accountability

CNN New Day host Chris Cuomo took a shot at “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, saying he only kidded around with guests during interviews and didn't hold people's feet to the fire.

“…The court jester himself, Jon Stewart,” said Cuomo. “When he gets a heavy in the chair next to him, he's making jokes or nodding yes, yes, yes!

Cuomo was discussing Jimmy Fallon‘s style as an interviewer with Wall Street Journal editor Christopher John Farley and was curious who wouldn't suck up to interview subjects.

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“To get a good interview, you've got to push,” explained Wall Street Journal editor Christopher John Farley.

“Who pushes in late night television?” Cuomo pressed.

Farley suggested Letterman because he “just doesn't care anymore.”

“Even like the court jester himself, Jon Stewart, when he gets a heavy in the chair next to him, he's making jokes or nodding yes! yes! yes! I don't know that the bar will be that high for Jimmy Fallon to be the accountability guy.”

Watch Cuomo's dis of Jon Stewart below, h/t HuffPost:

  • reeblite

    who cares?that's stewart's perogative, he's a comedian on the comedy channel, grow up.

  • Patokev

    Jon Stewart is a comedian. His show is on the Comedy Channel. When will people understand he is not the equivalent to Fox News or MSNBC?

    • Caley McGuire

      And has seven minutes. False equivalency; Stewart's show is foremost out for the laugh.

      • Nope

        Nope. Stewart initiates serious discussion and tackles hard news issues under the umbrella of a comedy show, and does it brilliantly, but he puts himself out there as a political voice for serious issues. If his show existed solely for pure entertainment value, he would just be interviewing performers and reality freaks like any other talk show.

      • larry

        Since when does Chris Cuomo decide how much humor belongs on The Daily Show?

      • 12banjo

        Stewart gets $30M a year. What does Fallon get? I'm curious. Bill O'Reilly gets half of that for twice the ratings. Hard to believe that show, which has poor ratings, generates anything like that for ads.

        We'll see if Fallon can get the stoners and slackers in Mom's basement out to vote for Obama the way Stewart can. That's why Stewart makes so much money–the Chicago billionaires pay for it.

        • Caley McGuire

          “That's why Stewart makes so much money–the Chicago billionaires pay for it.”

          Internet Cliche 101: Simply typing something on the internet does not make it factual.

          • 12banjo

            You can do your own search on the internet. Try these key words: “Pritzker Chicago banking”
            and add “Jon Stewart” then go find out the name of the new Commerce secretary. If you know how to use a search engine…oh, and “Bankrolling Stewart's vanity documentary project”….

    • Nick

      When people stop saying they get their news from his show (which, if true, is so, so sad).

      • K.V.

        In that case, people should be ripping those who only get their news from The Daily Show, not Jon Stewart himself. I absolutely LOVE Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, but solely relying on them for your news is like only eating dessert but not the main course.

        • greylox

          **You'd be happier if they relied on Wolf Blitzer?

          • K.V.

            At least Wolf presents himself as a serious pundit. Stewart and Colbert have said many times that they don't intend for their audiences to view them as serious pundits, but as comedians who rely on news stories for their jokes.

          • greylox

            **If you believe that the “news” you garner from Wolf is more authoritative and truthier than that which you get from Colbert or Stewart, then by all means, continue to be enlightened by the bearded one. When one says they “get the news” from The Daily Show they generally mean that what they hear there is usually more fact-laden.

          • K.V.

            I don't watch Wolf. Or Fox.

          • 12banjo

            Stewart gets so much of his material from Fox–because Fox's ratings are so much higher than the DS.

          • K.V.

            Yeah, and usually he points out how messed up Fox was and how they got it wrong. Jon Stewart tells it like it is!

          • 12banjo

            Oh, and that's so funny. It's so funny that the audience forgets to laugh, and just goes woo-woo.

          • K.V.

            I wasn't trying to be funny. I leave that to Stewart and Colbert.

      • Ser

        Which, if true, shows how sad things are with the news media.

  • Jimmy

    Why is this even a topic? Late night interview shows are not meant to be hard-hitting news. What a stupid discussion.

    • Jeff Nelson

      Because everyone knows liberals only get their news from comedy shows these days. That way when their party does something stupid like botch the rollout of ACA or blaming a crazy Christian for Benghazi, no requirement for paperwork whiel disbirsing Billions with the pigford act, fast and furious . . . they don't feel so bad about being suckered in to voting for a loser. They also can act cool and crack jokes these half baked liberal writers drum up to ‘stupify the situation” and belittle the otherside when they call them out. If it were not for Jon Stewart, half the liberal base would not have a clue what was going on anywhere. Jimmy Fallon is not funny. He is fun at best. David Letterman is a class clown who childishly repeats punchlines throughout the show. Jimmy Kimmel is our only chance these days unless FOX picks up Jay Leno. LOL

      • LAB

        I'm okay with liberals who are often accused of being too ivory-tower and erudite not watching the same news programming that people who call their uncles “daddy” do.

        • Jeff Nelson

          What the heck? Did you just barf up Dennis Miller or something from the onion that implies sissies watch news other than Jon Stewart? BTW's he went easy on Pelosi, she just imploded as usual because she is a mindless voice for the left no matter what stupid shit she says. Ps., The ACA, much like a turd has to be passed before you can see it.

          • LAB

            What's wrong, Jeff – can't form your own thought without needing someone to tell you what it is? We're not all like that. I watch the Daily Show for a laugh. It's helpful that it's wrapped around a kernel of truth. There's little of substance in Fox News’ outrage factory or CNN's attempt at news first-iness. I'm no fan of Pelosi but you really have a thing for her.

          • Jeff Nelson

            LAB, What makes you think my thoughts are less than original? Sounds like more liberal belittling to me. – I too watch the Daily show and laugh at the kernels of truth used to indoctrinate idiots who don't watch and truly absorb the news in any intelligent way. Political satire was invented by liberals to belittle any opposing party. It was also interesting that you brought up FOX News. Probably because Stewart belittles them too. You're a good little puppet hiding behind your alias like all left wingers do on Twitter.

      • 12banjo

        NBC got rid of Leno because he had too many fans who are not brain-dead progressives. So watch Fallon tank. I hope Fox hires Leno to take on both Stewart and Fallon on late night!

  • Ser

    A CNN person actually dares to say that? CNN should do the hard hitting interviews, not Fallon, not Letterman, not Stewart.

    The fact that Stewart has more hard hitting questions than many a CNN interviewer says a lot…. about CNN. Because Stewart can be serious and go in for the kill from time to time doesn't mean that late night comedy shows really should take over that role from the news. And that Cuomo seems to think it does says more about him than about these shows.

    Stewart's main goal will always be to get the laughs, as is his job hosting a comedy show. Same for Fallon and Letterman. And Cuomo really should learn the difference between entertainment shows and news shows.

    • 12banjo

      On the few occasions I have watched the show—there are no laughs. The audience does not laugh. They howl, they applaud…they go “woo woo woo” and really come off as morons. They validate Stewart–but they don't laugh. His show is really all about hate–he hates everyone to the right of himself.

      • Ser

        What an asinine statement that is. You don't even know him and you say with certainty he hates everyone? If you don't like the show that's your right, but he makes me and a lot of others laugh out loud and that's our right. To make these kind of idiotic statements about a person you don't know just because you don't like his work is juvenile and over the top petty.

        • 12banjo

          I remember how he hated on Hillary in 2008, and I have seen many examples of how he hates women in general. Remember when he put out that picture of some poor woman, naked in OB-gyn stirrups, with a tiny manger scene in front of her genitals? Look it up. He managed to hate on women and Christians at the same time. A two-fer

          And the ghastly treatment of Sarah Palin, a woman he didn't know. He hated her, he hated her children, and he hated Alaska.

          That's what they teach at William and Mary. Hate, and how to say f***ing in a sentence.

          I guess he's funny, if you find hate funny…but his audience isn't laughing, they're howling.

          • Ser

            What the daily show rails against is hypocrisy and they do that very, very well. I guess you don't get satire, at all, because you seem to take what they do and say literally or you focus on the symbolism they use as… hating? Really?

            I know they can be crude, but actually I don't care about that, because personally I do hate hypocrisy, that's why I enjoy most of their segments. You, on the other hand, seem to have decided to hate the messenger.

          • 12banjo

            I guess when he was at Northwestern in 2008, in front of a crowd of teenagers, and kept saying “f*** you, Sarah Palin, f*** you” he was just being like, so, ironic, man. That's not hate?

            Maybe you're just too *trite* to know what's H8 and what's cool.

            He's a corporate sellout. He makes $30 M a year pretended to be just a guy.

  • Reasonable

    Stewart facilitates reasoned discussion on difficult issues. You know, what newspeople should be doing instead of going for the “shouty/controversial” sound bite. Cuomo showed his own ignorance of his profession and Stewart's considerable talent.

  • FrankM

    Years ago, another personality had this issue with Stewart. Stewart's response was words to the effect of…. “We're a COMEDY show. On a COMEDY channel. Our lead-in is puppets making crank phone calls.”

  • greylox

    **I'm waiting for Cuomo to reveal the “news value” in interviewing crybaby Z.

  • LAB

    Stewart didn't go easy with Nancy Pelosi just a couple weeks ago – he DID ask her the tough questions she tried to deflect. I haven't seen any other interviewer hold her feet to the fire the way Stewart did, so maybe Cuomo should do a little research before reporting his opinion as fact.