Coca Cola's ‘It's Beautiful’ Ad Proves Some Americans Still Can't Recognize the Beauty of Diversity (Video)

The 60-second spot featured “America the Beautiful” being sung in eight different languages, but that's seven too many for Americans who are only interested in speaking English

Coca-Cola released a 60-second ad featuring “America the Beautiful” being sung in eight different languages during the Super Bowl on Sunday, but a number of viewers were offended that it wasn't sung in just one: English.

“Saddened by your tasteless commercial that was intended to show us as the ‘melting pot', we kept hitting the #1 button on our remotes for English,” one outraged viewer (of many) wrote on the soda company's Facebook page. “Goodbye Coca Cola!”

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The company's celebration of cultural diversity in the United States spawned demands for a boycott — which may or may not last once those concerned citizens realize Pepsi's CEO, Indra Nooyi, was born and raised in India before migrating to this country.

If people weren't bothered by the commercial's colorful depiction of the country's population — including the first openly gay parents ever featured in a Super Bowl ad — many considered the multi-lingual rendition of the patriotic tune some kind of insult to the veterans who have served in the armed forces.

“You should be ashamed Coca-Cola!! Our Veterans did not die to hear America the Beautiful sung in another language,” another angry viewer wrote on Coke's Facebook page. “I will NEVER buy another Coke as long as I live or until you apologize to ALL of the Veterans who fought and died for our freedom!!”

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“this is america the language is english (sic),” another outraged American complained. “if you dont like it then leave our country.”

Others were a little more vague as to why the commercial bothered them. But made sure to emphasize it had nothing to do with race.

“Not a racist. But Coke is off my shopping list,” another Facebook comment read.

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The immediate backlash wasn't just driven by private citizens on social media. Conservative online media outlet Breitbart took the time to explain “Why Coca Cola's Multicultural ‘America the Beautiful’ Ad Was Offensive.“ Fox News commentator Todd Starnes took to Twitter to ask, “So was Coca-Cola saying America is beautiful because new immigrants don't learn to speak English?” And Former tea party congressman Allen West wrote a blog post to declare it was ”a truly disturbing commercial,” because he “didn't recognize” any of the non-English languages being spoken.

Coca-Cola said it intended for the commercial to stress that “the only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here.” Unfortunately, it appears that a number of bad apples proved the exact opposite. But at least there is a silver lining to be found:

The commercial also revealed entirely too many “patriotic” Americans don't know what the National Anthem is.

National Anthem Tweet







While some of the commercial's detractors accused Coke of supporting illegal immigration, a behind-the-scenes video (below) unveils that every person appearing in the ad was, indeed, legally American. And they've all faced racism throughout their lives — even “a white guy.”

  • Jimmy

    Is anyone really shocked by this reaction? If so, you've had your head in the sand. it wasn't that long ago when the freaks went wild at the thought of biracial girl appearing in a Cheerios commercial with a white mother and black father. Racism isn't dead in America. The Internet just gives the sickos and easy way to share their crazy thoughts.

    • Molly0

      Kudos Coca Cola. I will continue to buy your products.

      • avlisk

        The “melting pot” was the best model for America, and led to our success. The loony “diversity/progressives” are only beating the nation into extinction, and don't even see that they are. Coke's commercial was warm and fuzzy until you look a little deeper into what the bigger message is.

        • Dash


        • Bellamin

          Are you serious? If anybody's beating the nation into extinction it's bigoted, homophobic, racist, religious & political nut bags.

          • Amberteka

            Native born Americans. Damn them. if they could just all be replaced…………hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

          • pepjrp

            You're a big a bigot as anyone pervert!

          • Avril111

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            recently got a 9 month old Mercedes-Benz CL-Class CL63 AMG only from working
            off a home pc… go now B­i­g­4­1­.­ℂ­o­m

        • Amberteka

          America is dead. Corporations run the Govt. Own the Polticans. And none of them are run by native born Americans.
          American is to be feasted on by the Global Vampires of our time. Coke Cola…….leading the pack. let the last one you drank, be the last one ever. Drink Water. it is much better for you. Tea. Juice. RC.

        • rulegal

          I have no problem with the people in the ad or their heritage. Glad they are here in America and proud of it. However, English is our only official language, and patriotic songs should be only sung in English, the language they were written in. Most viewers could not understand the lyrics when not in English. I would not go to their former country and sing their anthem in English in place of their country's language. How arrogant.

          • pepjrp

            Agreed as their have been some other unofficial poles about this and nearly every country prefers their National Anthem in it's native tongue.

          • beulahmo

            Not the national anthem. The “Star Spangled Banner” is the national anthem of the United States.

            What does it matter what unofficial polls (not poles*) really have to do with this? This is an advertisement by a soft drink company, not a performance by a government organization.

            *Also, it's there, not their and its not it's (it's is the proper spelling for the contraction of it is).

          • pepjrp

            You are correct as I watched it on TV and haven't since and let some other comments sway me on that info and clouded my memory, so I stand corrected and actually appreciate that. I always want to be fair and honest as possible. And your correction is important. Your grammar one isn't as since I'm not being graded on this like a school term paper, but I do strive to be accurate in my typing as possible, so will proof read a little closer. I get going a little too fast sometimes.

          • Jon

            NOT the National Anthem.

          • pepjrp

            You are correct Jon. I got a head of myself. Thanks.

          • beulahmo

            1) That song isn't the national anthem. Good grief.

            2) “…most viewers could not understand the lyrics…” That's why the makers of the advertisement chose “America the Beautiful” — because everybody already knows the lyrics, everybody has them memorized, and everybody knows that the unfamiliar tongues they hear are singing familiar words in a way they probably have never heard before. Personally, I thought it was pretty cool.

            3) “…How arrogant.” Your perception of arrogance comes from you, not the people in the advertisement. You read a lot of meaning in the intent of the people in the ad, but there's really no evidence anywhere in this ad to support your interpretation. You're not a mind reader. You might want to reflect on the validity of the thought process involved in leading you to have that conclusion.

          • LeggoMiEgo

            so would you tell an Asian or a Hispanic that they cannot fight for our country because they are not american? And by the way English is ENGLAND's language. We just tweaked it to our own fitting.

          • Mike

            The United States doesn't have an official language. Get your facts straight before you post.

          • Jon

            Are you telling me that you don't know the lyrics in English to one of our most iconic patriotic songs and couldn't sing along or think through the text in English for yourself? There is no rule that patriotic songs, even the National Anthem, must be sung in English. Finally, simply because people sang a few lines of text in native languages, including Keres, a language of the Native American Pueblo people (perhaps more American than any other, since English was brought over from England), does not mean that they don't know English or couldn't sing it in English. My great-grandparents barely spoke any English, though they did try to learn it as best they could, and continued speaking in German throughout their lives. They were proud of America and the opportunity it afforded them and their children. Today, our family speaks English, but I treasure their German prayer book as a sign of my heritage. How arrogant of you to assume that they could not sing in English or that they are less American because they chose to celebrate the diverse cultures making up this language through dress and words.

          • Scott

            English is the dominate language of the United States, but the US, unlike the majority of countries. has yet to declare an official language.

    • Mac0swaney

      Racism, in some sense, will always be around. As of 2010, only 2.9% of the population in the U.S. was in a bi-racial relationship (wikipedia). Does that mean that 97.1% of Americans are racist? Or does it mean something less sinister? Perhaps, people of similar races are simply more attracted to similar-looking people. They don't hate other people. (I like chocolate, but I don't hate strawberry.) They simply have a prejudice for what they like.

      • Jimmy

        Well, of course, 97.1% of American isn't racist because they aren't in a interracial relationship, but I'm not sure these people — at lease those highlighted in this article — are prejudiced about “what they like.” They're just prejudiced.

  • choptop

    time for OFFICIAL English only

  • Mac0swaney

    Diversity needs unity, as well, because with nothing in common, the fire in the ‘melting pot’ turns off, the ingredients never blend, the tapestry never threads together. The English language is like the Euro in America's currency of ideas and identity.

  • john

    I haven't had a coke in a while. I'm going out to buy some right now. “Give us your tired, your hungry, your poor…..” a lot of ignorant people in this country who think we can't live together peacefully, but yet I live it everyday.

    • rulegal

      I will be puncturing every can of Coke I see tomorrow. Pepsi or other beverages will be the only ones left a work. I have no sodas at home. Coke is off my list now.

  • purple wave

    Another lightning rod issue. There are huge differences between opposing a multi-lingual rendition of America the Beautiful and issues of immigration, diversity and multi-culturalism. THINK for 15 seconds. Recognizing a national language is essential for the entire evolution of immigration, diversity and multi-culturalism not to mention education, business, etc. Imagine, carried to the extreme we have a disorganized culture. I get it. One commercial is interesting as reflecting our culture but it's an entirely different thing suggesting that new immigrants shouldn't be required to learn English or telephone instructions in 10 different languages. It's inefficient and unnecessary.

  • mewonix

    I don't even drink soda anymore and this makes me want to run right out and buy not just a six pack of Coke (hecho en Mexico is now better, sorry), but a bunch of Coca Cola shirts, hats, and the like. Anyone who's delicate sensibilities are upset by this commercial or the very fact that America is wholly built upon cultural diversity needs to GTFO and never come back. I enlisted, served, had scary moments and shipmates die in service of that very essence of diversity that they have such a difficult time dealing with. It is THEY who hate America, more than any.

    • rulegal

      Think about the whole picture and why Americans should be upset about this. It is a cultural issue, part of defining what America or any other country is about. Everyone is welcome to America that comes here legally, but English is the language in America and should be respected, especially for patriotic songs and political events. Same for anything legal. Having 26 languages is not going to work!

    • Armen Hartoonian

      Yeah lots of womyn and minorities at the Constitutional Convention Building hammering out the fine details of representative democracy. White Males built not just the government but almost everything of consequence you use in the modern world. 99.9999% of Fields’ Medals and Nobel Prize Winners have been white men. I think this one black guy invented a type of nut and this other woman invented a pita chip. Astonishing raw brain power.

  • mary

    Never buy coke again!! An insult to legal immigrants.

    • reverendflash

      How so? Everyone in the commercial was a legal immigrant.

      • rulegal

        Yes, they were legal. But the language in the USA is English, not any language someone wants to randomly use. A common language is necessary so everyone can understand each other. Most important for government, legal, and patriotic songs.

        • beulahmo

          It was an advertisement by a soda company, not a public policy statement, for crying out loud. Nothing in that ad indicates that it advocates any public policy, let alone policy about “official” languages. Your level of outrage (“…I will be puncturing every can of Coke I see tomorrow.”) looks unhinged. It was just a commercial celebrating America's diversity — that's all. Try to get ahold of yourself.

  • Guest

    A house divided cannot stand, and while “diversity” is something to be hailed, what unites us as a country? America culturally has nothing that makes everyone feel like they belong to one country. I see this ad as a way to include the voice of those who have been considered un-american because they are not White. I believe we should be a one language speaking country, and I'm black, as an american black I admire homogeneous countries such as South Korea or Japan, this isn't about accepting diversity but more about a general lack of unifying culture in America.

    • pepjrp

      I know quite a few Blacks who don't value diversity as you do at all. Of course, I don't hear their opinions about Whites in general, but I sure hear it from them about Spanish speaking Mexican immigrants in the stores and about some Asians in general.

  • Skip Scramble

    This isn't about people “not recognizing the beauty of diversity.” It's about the fact that the commercial shows that the U.S. is losing its cultural identity (if it even had any in the first place). If Coke is allowed to do this, then I think it's only fair that other countries’ patriotic songs are sung in languages that are not their official languages (and before people call me out on the U.S. not having an official language, English is the de facto official language).

    On the subject of diversity, why is it that only predominantly white countries are encouraged to diversify? Japan is overwhelmingly native Japanese. India is overwhelmingly Indian. Brazil is overwhelmingly Brazilian. How come no one thinks they should diversify?

    • Maria

      In case you didn't know, both India and Brazil are incredebly diversified countries already. If this makes U.S. lose its “cultural identity”, then you do have big problems…

      And most of us don't care if people sing our patriotic songs in their language. Finland, Estonia and Livonians share the same national anthem. Sibelius's Finlandia was the national anthem of Biafra and it is even used as an hymn in English speaking countries.

      • Amberteka

        India has a caste system The lighter your skin……the better. Brahmins are the top Caste. They are always rrich. Untouchables are the lowest caste. They have dark, dark skin.
        Last Year the University of new Delhi wanted to let a few hundred untouchables go to college. Riots form other Caste Students over going to school with Dark skinned untouchables lasted three weeks. They did not go to college.
        In India…young women are burned to death if their dowry does not arrive on time. Girls Babes are expose..put in the woods to die.
        Oh………it is a lovely nation. Children sleeping on the streets. Youcan smell it for three days after you live.
        BRAZIL..SPANISH White people…..who have most of the money are engaged in open warfare with Indigenous Indians.
        GANGS control entire cities. New Crime..Gangs lock entire families in Cars. pour gasoline on it….burn them alive. Make the entire town watch.

        • Ana Lourenço

          “Spanish White People”?! What the heck are you talking about? Since when are brazilians spanish (If this makes any sense)?

    • Amberteka

      because we have corrupt..politicians who serve for life..who answer to no one and are drunk on their own power.
      they sell the USA because they can.
      When do we march on D.C. is what we should be asking.

    • Luis

      lol brazil is extremely diverse..and so are many countries in the Americas..get your facts straight guy.

  • buffmuffin

    Very poor taste.

    CocaCola should apologize and move on.

    Patriotic national song sung in other languages, was a recipe sure to offend…

  • AD

    This ad makes me not want to buy Coke again, and this race baiting unprofessionally written blog post makes me want to come to this blog less. T

  • technoreaper

    Shittiest ad I've ever seen, just a bunch of corporate propaganda to encourage mass immigration that ends up helping no one but the rich. Coke needs to stop running these pretentious ads and remember they're a soft drink company. McDonald's could also try to listen to this advice as well.

    I know for certain that they could not pull this stunt in France or the Middle East. If anyone thinks Americans are ignorant about this sort of thing, they should see how other countries would react. The French treat people who don't try to speak French like total crap.

  • technoreaper

    The ad was corporate propaganda to encourage immigration for the purpose of cheap labor, done in a way to fool the gullible masses into thinking it's such a great thing. It's amazing how people haven't wised up to it yet.

    • mrds

      the smart ones know it, but we are fast becoming a nation of dummies as the collective IQ plummets due to massive illegal immigration and a growing entitlement culture

      what's astounding is how stupid these corporations are because once the low level illegals become legal they lose all their ‘value’

      tech companies push legalization of illegals because they are chasing rarified foreign tech talent with no conscience about the damage from the deluge of low level illegals which will be footed by taxpayers

      • technoreaper

        When the people get poor enough, they'll realize they've been conned.

  • Dank 24

    Dear Steve B, you're a moron

  • Amberteka

    America is a nothing country. No laws. No culture. No common language. No support for American workers. Not a drop of pity or compassion for the 37% unemployment rate. For the Dual Citizens..who will always be loyal to their real nation..their birthplace, the USA is a place to get a free education. A good job from displaced Americans. Free stuff from the Govt. Extra advantages from the Govt. under Affirmative Action.
    A place to make money. but not Home. Home is your first nation. Americans have no other home. and don't pull the native American Indian bit. We married them.& they are us. Show me an American whose roots go before the Civil War, and I will show you someone part Native American.
    Try singing a Patriotic song in Israel in Arabic.
    Try singing a patriotic song in France in German
    Try singing a patriotic song in Tibet in Chinese.
    try singing any Christian song in any Islamic nation.
    Coke Cola celebrates that the USA is now the Flophouse of the World.

    And I don't care what anyone says. I have bought my last coke. Or Pepsi. They have too much sugar. The Diet ones have formaldehyde. they make you gain weight.
    I quit buying stuff at McDonalds when they gave their big amnesty push. Someone else must have done it too……….because they are hurting. Ditto Disney Corp. the biggest pushers of Visa replacement workers in the USA. Put Marriot Hotels on my list. The Billionaire owners refused to answer when asked why they don't hire Americans. I will drop what money I have somewhere else.

    And MexicO? Unemployment rate of 4%. No Trade Debt. The USA OWES Mexico hundreds of millions of dollars in Trade debt. Ditto Canada. We owe everyone. We are the only nation in the World with a huge trade Debt. NAFTA and following Free trade deals…….which gave Coke Cola the Power to insult us on super bowl Sunday.
    I am sickened.

    • rulegal

      I am trying to boycot all corporate entities that embrace the PC culture that is ruining America. Coke is top of the list now.

  • MirianGFonte


  • MirianGFonte


  • disqus_XKEV8dpCWO

    How in the bloody _HELL_ can anyone be offended by something that celebrates the culture that we live in? Gay couples, people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, people that speak multiple languages… Oh my dear how offensive. Walk around in ANY major city in America for an hour and you'll see this… and probably some homeless people, prostitutes, and drug dealers too. The fact that Coca Cola has chosen to celebrate and embrace the changing national culture is to be respected. The fact that a patriotic song is presented in multiple languages is meant to convey that the freedoms they take for granted (and often use to whine and complain about “these foreign folk ruining our country”) are beautiful and appreciated by those of all cultures. Our country is not the only free nation in the world, but it is still a beautiful one. Appreciate the beauty we have. The conservative b@$!@^&s that are complaining about this apparently never look out the windows of their limousine at the streets as they ride around. The nation we call America was founded by immigrants. Do you see any Native Americans offended by this ad? They've got the best case to complain about immigrants… (And yes, I'm white bread through and through btw).

    Just think about this… Everyone knows the Statue of Liberty, the great symbol of ‘Merican FREEDOM! and hope. But I guess you all forgot the inscription on her book…

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

    We are nation meant to give hope to the world and we've lost it ourselves. Embrace those who need it and stop hugging your bank accounts folks.

    • technoreaper

      …America, from day one was a scam. All this romanticization of immigration was a ruse to brainwash the masses into not opposing the waves on immigrants coming ashore in the country. Imagine being in New York in the 19th century, it's already hard to hold onto a good job, only to see boat after boat of immigrants coming into the country. Suddenly, you're downright expendable because you're expensive and not as desperate. It's fantastic for employers, because now they have leverage against their employees. When those immigrants cease to be useful, they'll just dump them for the next wave.

      Contrast this to Australia, which does not make immigration there easy. No sketchy people are hanging around, looking for trouble, and the country is extremely safe. Most people are employed and stable.

      If you've ever been to London, there's no way you could support immigration. That city is just a hellhole, full of desperate immigrants that are homeless or on the dole in the estates, or selling drugs. And more Eastern Europeans, Arabs and Indians keep coming in. It's a social disaster. There's nothing great about multiculturalism and diversity that's caused by unchecked immigration.

    • pepjrp

      I agree with some of your points, except on the gay couple part. We have all sorts of different kinds of couples from incest to 3 and 4 wives at a time. This was about ethnicity that are real and exist, not some behavior that is debatable, but the secular's can't leave that nastiness out. If any Native American or most any minority for that matter were to think things through, they would realize that there is a very good chance that they all would have long since been exterminated by Nazi Germany decades ago, if it were not for the mostly European Americans in the US military of WWII. The fact that you say you are white bread really means nothing as there are 10's of 1000's of whites in America that care nothing about their own ethnicity, yet will defend others on web pages to the end. if you are also proud of your people and their accomplishments, then I can admire your words.

  • Susan

    This is nothing more than Coke pandering to the current makeup of this country to sell their product. They couldn't care less about diversity, they only want sales.

  • Mike Megois

    And how many languages is this article written in?

  • Mike Megois

    And all the comments are in what language?

  • Marci Sousa

    Are you people really referring to ‘America the Beautiful’ as the National Anthem? Seriously? Are you people really that ignorant that you don't know the difference? America is the land of the free. America is a wonderful country and we should be embracing the love we have for others. Although I'm not a practicing Christian, isn't ‘love thy neighbor an integral part of the bible? This commercial was a beautiful rendition of America embracing exactly what we preach. I applaud Coke for doing this (apparently controversial) commercial. Did you know there was a gay couple/family in the commercial as well?!?! OMG! The insanity! If you can't handle the progressive world we live in, start educating yourselves because we don't live in the 60's anymore and it's only going to become more progressive as the years past.

    • Donnie

      Nobody said it was “Star Spangled Banner”. It is not a National Anthem but it is a National Hymn and a very patriotic song. I bet you are one of those PC liberals that says …. support our troops. Well go ask the TROOPS if that commercial offended them.

      • Me

        Did you even read the article or any of the comments before posting your reply? There are number of people posting here calling ‘America the Beautiful’ the ‘National Anthem'. There's even a screen shot of a guy on twitter calling it the'National Anthem'! And ‘PC Liberal'? Really? I bring up facts, and you come to that conclusion? That's what is wrong with people, we are too busy attacking each other instead of trying to build a nation together. Why can't we just discuss these types of issues maturely?

  • Sam Oranger

    Diversity and multiculturalism is anti-white propoganda. Whites built this country and non -whites can't accept that.

  • Joe

    we will not be America for long with so many not wanting to be American. This ad is wrong. It is to divide americans not unite. Coke must be for our enemies. This is not the america I grew up in. Never before has our leaders allowed such. If you don't want to be American leave, go back to Poland or where ever. We need a people whom want to be American. I was born on American soil and I am 100% American I don't claim any other. We need loyalty.

  • Emmie

    I didn't like the commercial because it seemed like Coke is pandering. I asked my Arabic friends, my Indian friends, my German friends, my Vietnamese friends etc. if they or their relatives ever sang America the Beautiful in their native tongues. The answer was no. Not even those who live here but don't speak English. It doesn't happen. So why portray something that doesn't happen in the real world as something beautiful?

    As one of my foreign born friends said, “If a person doesn't care enough about their new country to learn the language they aren't going to learn any of the patriotic songs of their new country in any language. If they actually felt that patriotic, they'd learn English.”

    So, for me, it was the pandering b.s. of the commercial I found offensive. If they portrayed different cultures celebrating birthdays and singing their version of Happy Birthday in their foreign tongues, while swigging down Coke, I wouldn't have a problem with it at all and would have probably teared up. But the fact that they used a patriotic song was the mistake, in my opinion.

  • Tracy

    Queen Latifah sang the song at the beginning of the Super Bowl, so anyone that said they were confused and couldn't figure out the words should have paid attention earlier. Then again some of the people are obviously racist, so they probably did not want to hear her sing it either. We sang songs from other countries when I was in elementary school like, “Where is Thumbkin, (Frere Jacques)” and I am guilty of singing, “La Bamba,”

    • Donnie

      Is their any common sense and rational in the United States anymore? When you sing La Bamba you are singing it in their language. If you sang “To Shake” you would be singing it in American English. But you cant compare a entertainment song to a National hymn. You guys on the left are turning this into something it is not , you guys love racism and prejudice so much you scream it at every opportunity. This has nothing to do with racism or bigotry. It has to do with respect , honor and patriotism. Nobody said anything about Queen Latifah because why would they? It was beautiful. There is a reason you don't fly a United States of America flag upside down , or let it touch the ground or burn it. Its called respect and honor. National hymns and anthems are the same way. Most of the world already knows this , in the Olympics when someone wins a gold medal they play their national anthem sung in their language . They do this out of RESPECT , they don't sing it in the language of the venues country. Only our own citizens who hold nothing sacred are too dumb to understand this. This usually comes from the PC left. Your freedom was not free. 1.7 million men and women have died to let Coca Cola disrespect them and this country in a commercial. If Coca Cola would have had the same people of different nationalities sing the same song in American English. Then that would have shown the diversification of this country and coca cola. But it also would have shown that they embrace American culture , history , freedoms and also respect. Instead the horribly marketed add made some Americans feel like all the nationalities that live in the United States want us to conform to their nationality and their language. the United States is a melting pot , that means we MELT and join together and not stay separate. We shouldn't disrespect anyone's nationality but we also shouldn't disrespect our own.

  • Amaya

    Hold on, who are you to say that the Chinese, the Arabs, the Indians…etc, need to go back to their nation? Get this through your thick skulls America is a melting pot. People from all over the world live here and there is nothing that you can do to stop them from being here. Get off of your high horses and accept it!

  • JB Hennessey

    If the Right Wing Evangelical Conservative Tea Party Loon Brigade had actually finished High School they would understand that English itself is not a pure language. English is made up of Persian, Hindi, Arabic and Latin including Greek and Spanish. In fact American English has Native American words as well as Japanese and Vietnamese words in it.

    • Donnie

      Hence why it is called “AMERICAN” English. No other country speaks English in this dialect. It is the language of the United States of America. Saying it isnt the “official” language is just asinine.

      • JB Hennessey

        Who said it wasn't the official language?

        • Donnie

          Sorry JB , i know you were not saying that. But some of the previous posters below are saying that. Its ridiculous. Since July 4, 1776 we have communicated in American English in this country. Every law , piece of legislation , governmental seal, the constitution , its amendments and the bill of rights are written in American English. Our school teach American English and communicate in this language. So i guess 238 years and every official piece of paper in this country are not enough to make a language “Official” to some people. They need a law to tell them its the language here. Under that theory NOBODY has an official language. there is no law that say Germans have to speak German. There is no law the says Chinese have to speak Chinese. Most people have common sense and realize the language of a country. But not our dumb ass lefties, They need to be TOLD and forced for it to be the language. It is absolutely ludicrous.

          • JB Hennessey

            That is odd.

            I wonder what type of duffer would think English is not the official language of the US.

            Perhaps some people want to justify their lack of English comprehension by claiming its not the official as well as legal language of the US.

  • technoreaper

    You mean the beauty of providing welfare from hard-working native's tax dollars to these people or having them take our jobs? We should be grateful for that? Get real.