10 Most Ridiculously Priced Comic-Con Exclusives on eBay

  • Disney/eBay
  • Headless Hershel Vinyl Funko Pop!/eBay
  • LEGO/eBay
  • Toynami/eBay
  • Mattel/eBay
  • Hasbro/eBay
  • Universal/eBay
  • Hasbro/eBay
  • Hasbro/eBay
  • Mattel/eBay

Has Comic-Con left you broke? Maybe it’s time to sell off those exclusive items you picked up. TheWrap scoured eBay to find out how much 2014 Comic-Con toys, action figures and posters are going for online

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"The Walking Dead" Headless Hershel Vinyl Figure
Company: Funko Pop!
Retail Price: $14.99
Winning Bid: $99.74