Cory Monteith's Death Ruled Accidental Overdose by Coroner

Cory Monteith's Death Ruled Accidental Overdose by Coroner

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“Glee” star died of heroin and alcohol toxicity at age 31

The final verdict is in on Cory Monteith, the “Glee” star who died of heroin and alcohol in July at age 31.

The British Columbia Ministry of Justice issued a coroner's report on Wednesday, deeming the actor's death accidental.

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The report notes that Monteith died of “[i]ntravenous heroin use in combination with ingestion of alcohol.”

According to the coroner, Monteith had an ethyl alcohol limit of 0.13 percent, consistent with a “moderate level of intoxication.”

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Monteith, who played Finn Hudson on the Fox hit musical series, was found dead at the Fairmount Pacific Rim hotel in downtown Vancouver shortly after noon on July 13.

The coroner's report further states that, “After a period of cessation from opiod drug use, previously tolerated drug concentration levels may become toxic and fatal.” Monteith, who had struggled with drug abuse, had attended rehab multiple times.

The report notes that emergency responders found a spoon with drug residue and a used hypodermic needle at the scene of Monteith's death. Two empty bottles of champagne and multiple glasses were also found in Monteith's hotel room.

  • Theresa Santoro

    This headline is sad. Accidental overdose is too much Tylenol mixed with a prescription, not this… Cory's death seems to be more of a suicide by overdose. I know it sounds heartless, but we keep going over and over this death of young star as if it were accidental. But it wasn't. He went through rehab. He knew mixing alcohol and heroin is a deadly mix. He was alone. He was moderately drunk and shot up. Alone. No one knows why he made the choice. Lee Thompson Young was a lovely young actor on Rizzoli and Isles and former Disney star, and yet because his death was ruled suicide, we sweep him under the rug with a nary a tribute. Cory played Russian Roulette and lost. It is really no different than suicide. I hope both actors found the peace they were seeking on the other side.

  • rick harper

    tribute? tylenol should be banned. as most people know, it's used as a major ingredient in narcotic pain meds….if a person wants to kill himself horribly, take a whole bottle of tylenol. it'll take about a week to die of kidney failure….

  • Newzheimer

    Can people stop idolizing and lionizing this guy now? He was a junkie who suicided via overdose. He was on a marginally successful show for a brief period of time.


    • MarkJeffries

      Five seasons “marginally successful?” How many TV shows make it to two seasons, let alone five? Or are you an elitist snob Rockist who hates pop music?

    • Saahibah Chowdhury

      Uhum i think you need to shut the fuck up, people have different ways of expressing themselves and that was his, u neva met the man, u dont know his life, he started cuz of childhood problems, and tbh ur just an idiot, people idolize him because of what he is towards others, what he does to himself is none of you damn buisness. He wasnt marginally successful, he was extremely successful (more then ull ever be anyway) People like you are the ones who should rid them selves of the world if youncontinue speaking shit like that :/ I mean if you said that when Justin Beiber died, people would literally be at your door step ready to kill you, you, selfish bitch, but i think your just immature and useless. Get a life.

  • Badger1225

    He did it to himself, that's suicide. Don't sweeten it.