The CW Cancels ‘Breaking Pointe’

The CW Cancels 'Breaking Pointe'

CW president Mark Pedowitz also discusses “Flash” project at TCA press tour

“Breaking Pointe” will not go forward will not go forward with a third season, CW president Mark Pedowitz said at the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday.

The reality series chronicled the behind the scenes action at Salt Lake City ballet company Ballet West.

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“I wish it did better,” Pedowitz lamented. “Docusoaps are very hard for broadcasters to get going versus cable.”

Pedowitz announced the cancellation at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena on Wednesday, where he addressed a number of topics, including the decision to make the network's “Flash” project a full pilot rather than a  backdoor pilot on the CW's hit superhero series “Arrow.”

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“I'm very bullish on  the show,” Pedowitz said. “We felt that rather than try to squeeze in a spinoff, let's get into a bigger pilot so that if we do launch the series. we're gonna launch it with a bang lke we did ‘Arrow.'”

The fates of CW series “The Carrie Diaries” and “Beauty and the Beast” will be determined in May, Pedowitz noted.

Pedowitz also declared himself to be “very bullish” on the network's historical drama “Reign,” saying that while the ratings for the series initially moved “slowly” but “are increasing” and adding, “I'm looking forward to it returning.”

During the executive panel, Pedowitz offered no indication that he planned to follow in Fox's footsteps and bypass pilot season, as Fox chairman of entertainment Kevin Reilly said his network would do at the TCA on Monday.

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“Pilot season is tried and true. It's inefficient in some ways and it's very efficient in others,” Pedowitz opined. “We do not do that many pilots at The CW; when we do our pilots it has a great ratio of series go-to. I think last year we ended up doing seven pilots, [and] five made it to series …. so for us, it's a very efficient system.”

  • Lori

    I love Breaking Pointe. Sad!

  • erikavonhoyer

    Booo! And in regards to piloting, consider how many shows became popular after-the-fact (Netflix).

    Piloting is great for shows that meet mainstream descriptions.

    For approaching something new and different, I applaud you. You're marketers however, failed you. I am very active in the SM ballet world and found that CW's presence was lacking.

    Too bad. You took an amazing gamble but fell short on execution. :(

    #balletrusse baby

  • TwiggyB

    Look for the rest of it on Hulu/Hulu Plus!

  • krbi

    Why not just cancel the whole network since Breaking Pointe was the only show on the CW worth watching?

  • Jodan

    I agree with the others. This was the best live series on television. I was already really looking forward to the next season. How can you do that to us! Please reconsider your decision.

  • New Faces

    I like the originals, I like the diversity of the extras that are casted for the show. I am very excited about Celeste du Bois character coming to life. I would like for the CW to hire Avan Jogia for this show, one time appearance or episodic character.

  • Batb#1

    The Carrie diaries is stupid. Reign is also stupid. It hurts my eyes because it looks like a bunch of dweeby underage kids playing in what should be more of an adult cast. Every time I see a promo, I just cringe. Cancel both PLUUUZZZZEEE…