Claire Holt Exiting CW's ‘Originals,’ May Return as Guest Star

Claire Holt Exiting CW's 'Originals,' May Return as Guest Star

Mathieu Young/The CW

The actress will no longer be a series regular as of Tuesday's episode, “Farewell to Storyville”

Claire Holt is leaving The CW's “Vampire Diaries” spinoff, “The Originals.”

It's true, you can't kill an Original vampire but you can write them out of a show. Tuesday's episode marked Holt's final episode as a series regular, individuals with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap.

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Holt plays Rebekah, one of the titular first vampires, whom East Coast fans just watched leave New Orleans after a dangerous confrontation with brother Klaus (Joseph Morgan) on Tuesday's episode, appropriately titled “Farewell to Storyville.”

Show producers had decided that Rebekah's storyline was advancing in such a way that the character was no longer needed in a series regular capacity. An insider told TheWrap that show producers intend to bring her back as a guest star later this season or on Season 2, but no agreements have been finalized at this time.

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Holt first played Rebekah on Season 3 of “The Vampire Diaries” in 2011. Last fall, she transitioned to its spinoff, “The Originals.”

WBTV and producers on “The Originals” declined to comment on Holt's departure.

CAA, Affirmative Entertainment and firm Stone, Meyer, Genow, Smelkinson and Binder represent Holt.

  • Will Norman

    i am saddened that claire is no longer gonna be a regular on the show. i LOVE rebekah. she brings a lot to the show for me. i don't understand.

    • Nathan Giovani

      She is the show! I love rebekah!

  • Kate44

    I'm so upset …. The show won't be the same without her… Maybe she will go back to the vampire diaries and do more episodes …. I pray she does

    • Kendra Glaeser

      I said the same I think she should return to Mystic Falls and see how things develop with Matt

    • KBiz

      Again. As it says everywhere else on the web. It was all the actress. So yes she will return for the sake of the fans even though she (possibly; just guessing on this next part here) started despising the role.

      • La

        No it wasn't her decision, Jethro stated that it was the producers who wrote her off.

  • 101064PATRICIA

    I'm heartbroken. She will be back as a guest start at some point though.

  • nobody

    I just don't understand……….Bex gone from “The Originals”, why? Let's cross ours fingers that she return to “Diaries” soon! 4 EVER, Nobody!!!

  • Christopher Jerome Bradley

    i love rebekah and she will still be in the show when necessary i hope!!! but this was a great episode you really get to see how much the originals can or did love, especially eachother ^=^

  • The Drunken Chatter

    Which is true? The producers are writing off her characters or her wanting to leave. There's been different reports

    • Jethro Nededog


      • KBiz

        More sources have gone with Holt. Because the wrap and wetpaint aren't 100% on it all the time. If they were they'd be quoted left and right. Not next to never.

        • Again…..

          Jethro had the original story and I believe he stated on Twitter he had to keep this secret for months. This wasn't Claire's decision.

  • Drew Hatch

    It was a mistake to move her off VD, her story was actually progressing there. On Originals she quickly had no purpose other than to just be an Original.

  • Sadface

    And they keep Cami? Brutal!

  • nobody

    I know it's wishful thinking, but what if they gave Claire Holt her own series………………..”The Original: Rebekah”! Now that would be great news……..if true.
    4 EVER, Nobody!!!

  • Hayley Marshallgirl

    I dont understand. She was such a great main charcater, i really underatood her life. Mikeal ruined klaus and bex. Its not there fault there both this way, why eould claire wanna leave such an amazing-viewed show. Across the whole world. I will miss rebekah!!! Why writers?! Whyyy?! :(

    • KBiz

      The writers aren't stupid. Cue “it was Holts decision”. Look at a wide variety of sources before believing something.

      • Bsquared41

        Different “sources” are saying different things, so it's not clear yet what really happened. Until Holt or Plec themselves comment, believing it was entirely Holt's decision is just as correct as believing it was the producers’ decision.

  • Guest

    Honestly, I'm not sure I'll continue watching as it's not “The Originals” to me if there's no Rebecca. She, Klaus and Elijah and their relationship with each other were the show to me. I don't have any interest in her returning to VD either because she'd likely be stuck with Matt and I think he is just to dull for her.

    • BJP

      I agree totally! I believe the show has diminished by at least 50%!!!!

      • Hannah

        I kinda think it is stupid to quit watching the show just bc one character leaves, rumor has it, she left bc she was pregnant not bc she got wrote off….they say after she has her baby, she will be back.

  • Kristina Marie Miller

    I'm so mad and sad that she's leaving! She is my favorite and brings so much to the show.

    • KBiz

      If you want her back, talk to the actress. TO said they'd welcome her back any time with open arms. That does NOT equal up to Producers kicking her. Unless they wanted to eff up their careers.

      • umm

        This was the producers decision. It's stated in the article.

      • Cyclops

        “We'd welcome her back anytime” is producer-speak for get lost, we no longer need you.

        • Fan Club

          Fans want Rebecca back. Show will not be near as good. Fans may look elsewhere on Tues.

  • Shawn Dudley

    Money is involved somehow with this decision. Either she wanted more money and they said no or the studio wanted them to cut costs and her paycheck was just the ticket for that. Paying a series regular costs more than bringing them back occasionally for guest appearances.

  • soggybiscuit

    if true they will regret it, show will be canceled next season, great loss

  • So…

    Another site has also quoted sources close to the production but saying it was *Holt's* decision. So which source is right?

    If it was the producers’ choice, they're being incredibly stupid. Only two originals as regulars? And what happens when Daniel Gillies is busy filming Saving Hope? Klaus will dagger him again, or he'll go visit Rebecca wherever, and we'll just have one original for several weeks? This is a really bad move. They should have just written better for Rebecca and created something new.

    None of the existing women is strong enough to be the female lead. It's already too much of a boys’ club, and this doesn't help. Hey — maybe bring Caroline over from TVD. She could make things interesting. Wishful thinking. If it was the producers, this is seriously a bad move.

    • KBiz

      They aren't stupid. They know the costs. She was a major favorite. It was Holt – she thought her role would be temporary in Season 3. Not this.

      • KBiz

        Season 3 of TVD

    • Cyclops

      With Rebekah's passing there are no female Originals, so nothing to balance against Klaus and Elijah. Farewell to all male audience members.

  • Jesse James

    This show will lose ratings and lose it's season 2 hopes as well.

  • shannon

    The trio made the show…

  • KBiz

    This is such bullshit. The ACTRESS left!!!! She wasn't forced!!! Get your facts straight. She never wanted to be in the role for too long anyways.

  • conor

    im going to give it about 4 weeks and if there is not a smashing story line comeing up them im just can,t take some one like bex out of the if the plan is to let bex go just for now and some thing bad starts to happen to nick and she comes back and save,s him and stay,s. then its a good move. but if not then is not good at all.

    • KBiz13

      For the Billionth time. Because apparently people don't look everywhere before finally seeing which sources are and aren't reliable.
      She WANTED to leave!!! The show WANTED her to stay as much as the fans do!!!!

  • Lara

    A source told buzzfeed that it was Claire's decision to quit. Isn't there a contract somewhere? If the producers did this they should be fired from the network and from this planet because they are ignorant assholes. But if it was her decision I respect it and hope she'll have a great career. If I were her I wouldn't come back as a guest star just to see the producers getting so much internet hate

  • Cyclops

    Too bad. Rebekah was the best thing about The Originals.

  • Bsquared41

    All I have to say is BOO. I will miss her. I hope they can at least have her back in a guest-star capacity at some point. It will feel odd never seeing Rebekah again otherwise.

  • Chris

    Joseph Morgan IS The Originals. I liked Rebecca just fine, but I don't think the show is dependent on her. Looking forward to see what they do now. I love this show!

  • agsb

    I like Rebekah.

  • Rmmystic

    Not right!! She is the originals. Why would they do this!

  • Marie Garcia

    It is essential for Rebekah to be on the Originals!

  • lucent6408d

    WHAT , WHAT why her character is fine. go fix the vampire Diaries that have turn to garbage since the originals left the show. that is a bad soap opera.

  • Georgia_Peach

    It is essential for Rebekah, the Original sister, to be on The Originals, which is based on the Original family. If Claire Holt no longer wishes to be a part of the show, Julie Plec will need to recast the character of Rebekah with another actress.

    • BeccaMack

      Sorry, but nobody can be Rebekah but Claire Holt. I hate when a series does that.

  • Ridergirlsandra

    They need better writing. I like to see Rebecca with Matt and Klaus with Caroline. They need more
    romance and some more twists and turns.

    • bexforever

      no, romance is not everything and matt is too dull for rebekah and caroline is too much of a teenage drama queen to be with someone like klaus. honestly shippers are the worst part of this fandom. the best part of this show was the relationship between the siblings especially klaus and rebekah. without that, there is no show for me.

  • Barb

    She was my FAVORITE!!! What is wrong with the producers? She IS the show…I don't know if I will watch it that much w/o her. Why do they do things like this?

  • bexforever

    WTF, I hope Claire left because she has some huge project coming up, but otherwise how could the show just let her go? It's called THE ORIGINALS. She's a freaking original!! First they killed Finn and Kol and now this bullshit. Quitting the show until/if she comes back.

  • A

    I'm hoping Claire will have a bigger project..I don't have a problem if she comes back in TVD but I'm hoping she stars in some other show as well.

  • Daryl

    Damn you CW, if you decide to write Rebekah off the show, your ratings
    will surely suffer! I'm not even sure if i'll stop watching because i'll
    miss Rebekah as a character or because i'll miss watching the
    enchantingly beautiful Claire Holt and listening to her sexy voice.


  • Ioana

    The show is called THE ORIGINALS and yet they write off an original…Rebekah was my favourite; the other girls in the show are quite boring!

  • Jill

    It's not “The Originals” without Rebekah! What do you mean they don't need her in every episode? This show just went down the toilet. At least put her back on TVD and write her in with Matt!

  • Team Claire Holt Bitchez

    We don't want her as a guest star. The Originals will never be the same. The series title is The Originals not Two Mikaelsons

  • Cory McIntyre

    I am speechless right now, I've just watched the episode. The Originals will be nothing without Rebekah. Claire Holt was such an inspiring and loveable character on the show and I'm really sad to see her leave. I really do hope she returns as a regular perhaps in season 2. Goodbye for now Rebekah, we will love you always and forever. <3

  • Alice

    Absolute bullshit. First of all, she IS one of the Originals. How can the show be continued without one of the main characters? Her lovestory has just begun in the show, I cannot imagine their future family without her. And what about the baby?Who will help “little wolf” to take care about her daughter?! NO LOGIC AT ALL It will be funny if by the end of the season no ORIGINAL is left, and the show continunes))))

  • TrishOJ

    They are going to be missing an integral part of the show. Not sure if I will have to tune in or not. We shall see.

  • Brady DeAngelo

    As one of the few men in his early 40's who watches this show, I have to say I'm done. She was the sex appeal for me on the show and her charcter was well written. Before you judge me…I'm married to a gorgeous woman, have a great job and I'm not a weirdo but the show hooked me until now. The show is about The Originals…1/3 of the show is gone and so am I.

  • L


  • Okey

    In the name of God Julie Plec,what are you doing???This show it supposed to be The Originals and not Hayley and the stupid miracle baby!!!
    People don't want this bullshitt.Are you lost your mind completely???

  • Jackie Harrison

    Ridiculous it does not make sense to take the only original sister out now there only two originals come one where are they going with this sometimes making a character this close to the main star you should always keep is like letting Elena from vampire diaries go hello writers get a grip it does not make any sense and it will lose rating.

  • Mel

    I'm very upset that Rebekah isn't returning to the show I think she's an asset to the show! Her an her brothers is an ultimate power an could be great I wanted to see many things happen in the Originals but not this….

  • LuvinTO

    I didn't know about all this and was kind of dumbfounded when I watched the episode. I couldn't believe she was really leaving. Maybe they will hurry up and have the wolf baby born, age her up (kinda like ‘Breaking Dawn’ style), and she could become the new female lead. It would be interesting to see if the baby turns out to be like Klaus or Elijah in terms of character traits. I think a little mini-Klaus that's female would be great. Then Halyee and Elijah can fight against them.

  • Saramarie Mendez

    Totally Bummed!! Rebekah was the Bomb!! Very good actress!! What is wrong with these producers!! Listen to the people who are watching your shows!

  • Theoriginalslover

    Someone start a petition!!

  • Kris

    Not. Happy. At. All.

  • babyblue

    Her leaving makes no sense whatsoever!!!For whatever reason!!!
    source telling it was Claire's decison and that she never intended to
    play Rebekah for so long doesn't add up cause why would Claire accepted
    being in this show in the first place,it's not possible that she thought
    the show will last for just one season…and even if she did,why would
    she abandoned it in the middle of the season that is already the hit on
    CW,I mean,she couldn't wait until the end of this season…see,doesn't
    make sense…
    Whats even more ridiculous is that producers and the
    network allowed her to leave,how could she didn't sign the contract for
    the full season…and how could they allowed for a crucial member of the
    original team just exits the show,they'd must know this will cost them a
    lot of viewers…
    I thought they already filmed all the episodes for
    this season or most of them,so this ep was filmed a long a go,they kept
    this secret very well…
    This is the same if some of the three main characters from TVD,Elena,Stefan or Damon left the show…
    You may love them or not,but all three(just like the originals) are crucial members and you can not imagine show without any…
    Maybe I'm over analyzing it,but I just don't get it…
    first I was watching the show cause of Joseph Morgan and his amazing
    act,but I fell for all three originals,cause each of them brought
    something special to the screen…I adored the family matters this show
    delievered and it wont be the same family without Rebekah…
    I don't
    want to quit watching this show but I am very disapointed at this
    time…I don't know if Klaus and Elijah are enough to carry on this
    show…and I certainly wont connect to Hayle's character any time
    soon…she will be a center of attnention now that the lead female
    character is gone…I even prefer Cami more….

  • Kate

    I don't thing she should be written off. She is a big part of the show. She have a quick side story an return home back to a main character.

  • pbj_9

    Claire holt was part of my childhood and now my teenager period. she is the main reason that i watch the show that and cause i love the vampire diaries and she is the best character of all.

  • A. A

    Last episode I watch. Until otherwise.

  • Toria

    I love Rebekah!!!! So disappointed that she is leaving. The show will NOT be the same!

  • MJW


  • Madison

    Reallllly? The Rebekah character is leaving?!! Highly suspect … in the MIDDLE OF THE FIRST SEASON? The first (MOST IMPORTANT) season? Really CW? Absolutely unbelievable. You just lost a fan. I actually looked forward to Tuesdays because of this show. The show was coming along nicely and could have been an amazing show with many seasons. Now I see it going the way of another sad attempt at a spin-off that can't hold a candle to the original show (Vampire Diaries). I'll be watching The Voice on Tuesdays from now on. See ya!

  • ewrerg

    maybe she will turn matt into a vampire

  • Knut Holt

    After this the show surely has no energy to carry on much longer.

  • Michael Lui

    Can't believe she doesn't want to finish the season but that's alright cause she just passed the torch aka female lead role to that stunning wonderful fantastic little baby princess of mine Hayley kudos and farewell for now bekah.

  • nicole

    I love Rebecca, why the hell would they write her off that's stupid. Put her back on