CW's Uncensored ‘Reign’ Sex Scenes Are ‘Appalling,’ Says PTC

CW's Uncensored 'Reign' Sex Scenes Are 'Appalling,' Says PTC

Sven Frenzel/The CW

The media watchdog calls the network's move a “ploy for attention” that endangers children

The Parents Television Council is condemning The CW's choice to run an uncensored version of next week's episode of “Reign” online.

The network's plan is to air the episode that adheres to broadcast content standards on television and then another version with two more explicit sex scenes online.

“The CW Network is doing parents no favors by allowing children unfettered access to sexual content from this young adult and teen-targeted show online,” said the PTC's director of communications and policy, Dan Isett, in a statement. “It's appalling that a broadcast network would flaunt broadcast standards in this manner and the network should be condemned for this action.”

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A CW representative told EW that “the network is not adding R-rated content here — just offering a more sexually intense edit of the existing program.” One scene appears at the top of the program while the other sex scene arrives toward the end of the episode.

Nonetheless, the PTC said that The CW's plan is “at the expense of children” by skirting broadcast standards and making the uncensored episode available online where children can watch them with greater accessibility.

“This is nothing more than a network ploy to increase attention for its show, but it comes at the expense of children,” Isett added. “Anyone with common sense should realize that online standards for broadcast networks should be the same as they are on television. There's a reason that the CW Network's own standards department cut the two sex scenes from the broadcast version – they weren't appropriate for television. So what makes them appropriate to post online where presumably children will be able to watch them with no rating or blocking capability? Nothing. The CW Network should be ashamed.”

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A representative for “Reign” says the network has no comment on the PTC's protest.

“Reign,” a retelling of the game of thrones that surrounded Scotland's Queen Mary during her teen years, was just given an early Season 2 renewal. So far, its first season averages 1.7 million viewers per episode and a .63 with the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic. It airs Thursdays at 9/8c.

  • David Perkins

    I'm not particularly interested in this ‘ploy for attention’ itself, but I can't wait to learn how many views the online version gets. Any bets it crashes the CW site?

  • FrankM

    Yes, “the children”! Won't they think about “the children”!

    There are v-chips for TV, there are computer controls for restricting internet access. So the PTC can rest easy, they are not needed for any comment or call censorship.

    • Chrisbam

      There is no parental control today due to mobile devices and friend's homes. You would hope companies would self-censor as they mostly did before. Sadly companies and people have little respect these days. I find this decision by CW troubling because the show is aimed at young adults, you know e ones with the high birth/abortion/std rates who already get bombarded with enough sex messages

      • FrankM

        I think you found the problem… “no parental control”. At the end of the day, parents need to parent.

        These people that have offspring can't rely on technology or society at large to shelter their children from what they think is “improper, or disrespectful”. Because the definition of you think is bad varies from what I think is bad. So exactly who is society supposed to agree to align with?

        For example, you may think depictions of sex on TV are bad. I don't. Sex is how we all got here. And sex is how families start. So exactly how is sex not family-friendly?

      • katiessh

        then ‘children’ shouldn't have mobile phones. it's not the cw's job to parent children. besides, i watched the footage, it's nothing. cable tv shows show ten million things worse every episode. and sorry, but ‘children’ are going to have sex whether people on tv do it or not- pretending they don't doesn't stop it happening. ‘children’ can find porn on the internet, i doubt the cw's absolute lack of nudity is going to corrupt anyone. and if parents are allowing ACTUAL children to watch shows like reign that's on the parents, not the CW. it is clearly a young adult show, and pretty tame at that.

  • Rose

    It's not the Internet or televisions responsibility to monitor YOUR children . Simply monitor what your child is watching and pay attention to them. Maybe talking to them about sex and such would also help instead of throwing it under the rug. Annoying how people want to complain about tv shows or internet site for you bad monitoring

    • Cyclops

      Here! Here! It is time for oarents to take the reins of their resoonsibility and stop relying on others to do THEIR job!

  • Aaron Quevedo

    Dear PTC,

    Do humanity a favor and screw off, nobody cares what you have to say and if you don't like the particular TV show, then don't watch it and change the f***ing channel (or turn of the TV), and shut down the computer, phones, or tablet.


    Every rational TV viewer in the United States.

  • dreeba

    People say just turn the channel,but that doesn't address the fact that people have no morals and that everything is ok as long as the channel can be changed.More then likely the women on the show are being degraded as usual.Why women are fine w that is beyond me.
    Women think being sexualized is impowering,and men are fine with that.

  • justMHO

    Hmm…I'm an adult and I watch the show. It's on at 9 p.m. where I live, and I would think most children would be getting ready for bed at that time. Young children shouldn't be watching this type of show anyways.

    I agree with some others here…it's up to parents to control what their kids watch, not the producers.

  • Cyclops

    Has the PTC even seen the web episode.???? It is the tamest edit possible, with no nudity and very little sexual content! I have seen more on tge History channel.