Fox's ‘Dads’ Semen Joke Draws Explosive Outpouring From PTC

Fox's 'Dads' Semen Joke Draws Explosive Outpouring From PTC

For some reason, media watchdog group has a problem with the concept of Martin Mull pleasuring himself on TV

“Dads” has found itself in a sticky situation with the Parents Television Council.

The media watchdog group is calling on its members to file indecency complaints against the Fox comedy, citing an episode that featured a semen joke and other bawdy references.

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According to the PTC, the series — which counts Seth MacFarlane among its executive producers — went out of bounds multiple times with its Jan. 14 episode.

Among the jokes that the PTC takes issue with is an exchange during which Warner (played by Giovanni Ribisi) uses an ultra-violet light to disinfect the desk of Brenda Song's Veronica character.

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“These things are amazing,” Warner notes. “It even lights up semen.”

At which point, Warner's father Crawford (played by Martin Mull) walks in and waves hello — exposing presumed traces of semen on his hand.

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The PTC also objected to a gag that occurred when Camila (played by Vanessa Lachey) attempted to watch TV with David and Crawford — the titular dads — nearby.

“What about that show ‘Girls'?” Camila suggests.

“Hey, I'm trying to get erections, not lose them,” David (Peter Riegert) replies.

The episode, which aired at 8 p.m., had a TV-14 rating, indicating that it was appropriate for ages 14 and older.

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“Last year the Fox Broadcast Network filed formal comments at the FCC urging the elimination of broadcast decency enforcement, and now we're seeing why they did so,” PTC president Tim Winter said in a statement. “The airing of this kind of sexual content, especially during the so-called ‘family hour,’ may violate the law that Fox and other broadcasters are so eager to purge. The Supreme Court held that law in place, and today we are urging members of the public to file a formal FCC indecency complaint over this episode of ‘Dads.'”

While the Parents Television Council has been a reliable source of complaints over sexually oriented content, “Dads” has faced criticism on other fronts. Before the series had premiered, the group Media Action Network for Asian Americans asked Fox to re-shoot the pilot due to scenes that the group perceived as racially insensitive. (The request was rebuffed.)

Fox had no comment on the PTC's call for indecency complaints against “Dads.”

  • hupto

    The PTC exists only to raise money for its managers from poor saps who think they have influence. Stop giving them free publicity.

  • Just me

    Just out of curiosity, what do they say about the violence on TV?

  • truffdeal

    Really, what about the NON-STOP ads for Viagra and Cealis during football games and other sporting events. Be ready at a moments notice…., Call your doctor in the event of an erection that lasts more than…. I would expect those are seen by millions more kids than this episode of Dads. Where is the media watchdog when those commercials are running on an endless loop.

  • Dolores V. Sisco

    Oh, so these are the people who actually watch this show. Figures.

  • leatherstocking20

    Poor taste, but Fox is the last word in poor taste!

  • E V LaRochelle

    I'm no prude and enjoy a good joke about any and every aspect of life but I've been uberly bored with sex jokes in sitcoms, it's just relentless and repetitive, with most jokes not that funny the first time but certainly not the hundredth time. I remember when sex didn't even exist in sitcom humor and they managed to write jokes about the millions of other things in life that can be funny.

  • Jay Walsh

    Thank god the CAVE people are once again on top of it!

  • CMarks

    I missed all these randy jokes. Unlike PTC members my television has multiple channels and an off switch. I'd hate to think I wasted my life watching television with no other purpose than to find things to complain about.