Damon Lindelof Quits Twitter: Congrats Haters, You Win This Round

Damon Lindelof Quits Twitter: Congrats Haters, You Win This Round

The frank, funny and engaging tweeter gives up — but come on, is he REALLY gone?

Damon Lindelof finally cried uncle on Twitter.

Maybe he was just sick of the negativity – and there was plenty of that directed at the “Lost” co-creator and “Star Trek Into Darkness” co-writer. Maybe he just wanted to focus on his writing projects, of which there are always many – and he clearly spent a good chunk of time on the microblogging site, where he was always frank, funny, and well-followed.

But the prolific tweeter deleted his account sometime late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, after a one-liner very much indicative of his mischievous social-media spirit:

“After much thought and deliberation, I've decided t” … was all it said.

Shortly after, his account was dead. (Or was it dead THE WHOLE TIME? Sorry DL — couldn't resist).

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It's entirely possible that Lindelof will resurface, and with his hundreds of thousands of followers intact, as Twitter has a “cooling-off” period before effecting a true deletion. That didn't temper the reaction, however, none more pointed or succinct than Slashfilm's Peter Sciretta, who tweeted:

Lindelof wan't just a Twitter user; he was an acolyte, openly praising the site's power to promote projects and engage audiences – which he often did, with varying degrees of reaction. Though he had many fans, his @-replies tended to range from extreme outrage to even more extreme outrage, particularly when it came to storytelling, whether that was “Lost,” “Prometheus,” “Star Trek Into Darkness” or “Breaking Bad.”

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Lindelof didn't write the latter show, of course, but he did write extensively about it in an Oct. 2 guest column in The Hollywood Reporter. In it, he praised the finale's artistry, and admitted that he was still “deeply and unhealthily obsessed with finding ways to revisit the ‘Lost’ finale and the maddening hurricane of shit that has followed it.”

Therein was also a strong hint that a Twitter quitter was in the making:

“Alcoholics are smart enough to not walk into a bar,” he wrote. “My bar is Twitter.”

  • Collin

    This sucks. I understand if people don't like his work. But this online/message board/ twitter hating and basically cyber-bullying is absurd. Bill Maher did a monologue about it on Real Time a couple weeks ago. Why people have to be filled with such vitriol and spread it around is beyond me. There are plenty of shows that disappointed me or that I didn't like, but I don't spend time and energy hating them and harassing those involved in making it.

    • dnzo

      Because there is no such thing as manners on the Internet. It's a free for all, and comments and beliefs you think people keep to themselves in real life flow like water on social media. Having said that, f— Damon Lindelof he's a hack.

      • Collin

        oy very…you're one of those…people need to learn the meanings of what they say. There's a difference between not liking someone's work and the distinction between what the word “hack” refers to. This is what I mean, I know the internet is full of low-intellect mouth-breathers who can't form an original thought, but everything is either “overrated”, “sucks”/”worst thing ever”, or “they're a hack” because no one knows how to articulate legitimate criticism.

        • dnzo

          You're right, all comments should include a full argumentative essay on their opinion. Would you like that in the traditional 5 paragraph format? Blow me. By the way – a hack: banal, mediocre, or unoriginal – a person who produces mediocre literary work. I'm well aware of the meaning, and that's exactly what Lindelof is. I could care less if you agree with me or not and I don't need to ‘articulate’ anything to you. Welcome to the internet.

          • Collin

            My point exactly.

    • robthom

      If you want to narcissisticly broadcast yourself out onto the internet then you better be prepared for the fact that it goes both ways.

      The people spoke.
      Thats the great thing about the internet.

      And the people were right.

  • Mia_13

    I doubt it had anything to do w/ haters. — “Alcoholics are smart enough to not walk into a bar,” he wrote. “My bar is Twitter.” — It can take a lot of your time & start messing with your thought process. When I first started getting addicted to twitter, I started having dreams like a twitter timeline. Lol Cray :/

  • robthom

    What kind of website hires a child to write articles using the word “haters”.