Darren Aronofsky Knew Nothing About Paramount's Last-Minute ‘Noah’ Changes (Exclusive)

Darren Aronofsky Knew Nothing About Paramount's Last-Minute 'Noah' Changes (Exclusive)

Paramount has staged a major campaign to win back the religious community's trust

Paramount changed the marketing materials for its upcoming film “Noah” last week without telling director Darren Aronofsky, an individual familiar with the matter told TheWrap.

Aronofsky, whom Paramount entrusted with a $130 million movie after the success of “Black Swan,” knew nothing about it and was “not happy” to learn about it in the press, according to that individual.

Paramount and Aronofsky declined requests to comment for this story. The studio issued a release Thursday announcing that it would add a religious disclaimer to the film and all its marketing materials. The change came after months of conversations between the studio and religious leaders.

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“The film is inspired by the story of Noah,” the statement added to the film at the request of National Religious Broadcasters, reads. “While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values, and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide. The biblical story of Noah can be found in the book of Genesis.”

A secular, Jewish Harvard graduate from New York City, Aronofsky has stepped square into the crosshairs of a Christian community to whom his stature as a director means little. What he does with a story they revere does.

Aronofsky has told associates he does not want to do anything to hurt the movie, but does not want to pander to his audience or the studio tip-toeing around his creative vision. He and writer Ari Handel have contemplated a movie about Noah for 16 years.

NRB boardmember Phil Cooke, who has seen the movie and spoken with Paramount about it, told TheWrap the disclaimer was necessary due to “the controversy in the Christian community about [Aronosfky's] telling of story.” Cooke has encouraged the religious community to be more open to the film, which is “more of an inspired movie than an exact retelling.”

It would seem apparent to anyone that a filmmaker takes artistic license when making a movie, but such is the sensitivity of the Christian community to films about their holy scripture — and the importance of that community to the movie's future.

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The studio and the director had already spent months debating which cut of the movie they would use, as Paramount tested several of its own versions. Paramount believes it is supporting Aronofsky's vision, and Aronofsky believes Paramount is focused on presenting the right message to the Christian community.

Prominent Christian activists and scholars have expressed concern about Aronofsky's retelling of one of the most famous stories in the most sacred text in the Western world from its inception. The criticism began more than a year ago, when an older version of the script leaked. After reading a copy, Brian Godawa wrote an article for Breitbart.com arguing Aronofsky's intention appeared to be turning the story of “Noah” into an environmental parable.

“If you were expecting a Biblically faithful retelling of the story of the greatest mariner in history and a tale of redemption and obedience to God you'll be sorely disappointed,” Godawa wrote. “Noah paints the primeval world of Genesis 6 as scorched arid desert, dry cracked earth, and a gray gloomy sky that gives no rain – and all this, caused by man's ‘disrespect’ for the environment. In short, an anachronistic doomsday scenario of ancient global warming.”

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Godawa has since expressed interest in seeing the movie, and made clear his objections were based on the script and not the finished movie.

“I critiqued the script and not the movie,” Godawa said, noting that he would support it provided the film reflects the themes of Genesis. There are those for whom that will not be enough.

“The religious community is highly particular about being literal with the bible,” Godawa said. “Sometimes the standard of literalness is not even biblical itself. They go overboard.”

Paramount, eager to protect its investment, has tried to assuage any fears before the movie opens.

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Just a week earlier the marketing change, Paramount issued another press release to condemn a story in Variety based on a survey issued by Faith-Driven Consumers. Paramount said the story, which said a survey indicated unease about “Noah,” was inaccurate since the survey question made no reference to “Noah.”

Paramount vice chairman Rob Moore recently told another trade paper that the movie reflects “the key themes of the Noah story in Genesis — of faith and hope and God's promise to mankind.” Moore, a devout Christian, is particularly sensitive due to his own religious beliefs, but more than anything Paramount cannot afford to alienate the religious community.

“They are obviously doing it because they want to make money,” Godawa said. “People are critiquing the movie without seeing it, so Paramount doing this is a good idea.”

Christians can be a powerful ally at the box office, as evidenced by the success this past weekend of “Son of God,” as well as past films such as “The Passion of the Christ.” Yet if you alienate that community with a religious movie, studios are left licking their wounds. Witness the protest that sprung up around Martin Scorsese‘s “The Last Temptation of Christ.”

“Not once did I ever get the feeling they were anything but serious,” Cooke wrote recently. “They didn't mock the story.”

Brent Lang contributed to this report.

  • http://joewatchestv.blogspot.com/ @JoeWatchesTV

    Artistic license? NONE of it is true, it's just a parable in a book that may or may not have been written by people who were tangentially attached to a guy who did good works and may or may not have been the Son of God, who may or may not be … magic!

    • sonnymorgan

      I'll pray for you, brother…

      • Alex

        I'll think for you

        • Crash Banditcoot

          Lol So disrespectful.

          • Kelly Shelton

            Saying “I'll pray for you” when someone isn't religious is disrespectful, too, because it's meant as condescension. And don't pretend once that it's sincere. It never is.

          • Cicchiani

            That is not true. It can or cannot be a put down. It depends if you are speaking to a Christian or some one who is a religious/spiritual/atheistic asshole.

        • David Peretiatko

          I'll think for you! Dammmmmn! I became an atheist 8 years ago and I haven't heard that comeback yet. I'm gonna start using that one. Lmao! I'll think for you…fucking nice.

          • Cucchiani

            Both thinking and praying are the same if you can not channel the Holy Spirit. Lyao.

        • cristixxella

          Don't loose the brain.

      • andreana mccann

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        Charger SRT8 from only workin part time on a home pc… hop over to here

      • http://serienytt.no/ Vidar Daatland

        A good way to do nothing but fool yourself into thinking your helping, brother.

        Take all the time spent on praying. Imagine all the help one actually could do, rather than sit around folding hands ;)

        If there is a God, I doubt he would want millions sitting around doing absolutely nothing instead of actually …. helping people. So quit your praying, walk out that door and actually do something for a change.

        • Hank Wanky

          OR…maybe the people who pray also do go out and help others, dumbass

          • http://serienytt.no/ Vidar Daatland

            Still, lost time to the helping cause. It's simple math. Even for a dumbass. ;)

            Every minute you spend praying is a minute you could spend helping. A million people praying one minute is about two years of lost time. A million praying one minute each day for a month is 60 years of lost time.

    • Crash Banditcoot

      You have a lot to learn. There are so many things that proves you are wrong.

      • Keith

        Not to be that guy, but there is absolutely no proof of Noah's ark ever existing, and it's pretty obvious that it would have been impossible for Noah to build a boat large enough to fit millions of animals on it. Not only would he need millions of animals, but he would need millions of pounds of food, millions of gallons of water (and how did he save the fish given how polluted the water would be given how many decomposing human corpses were in it?), and he would have need a device to get rid of all of the millions of pounds of waste the animals produced.

        If you can provide indefatigable proof of Noah's Arc existing – meaning not an opinion article, a Bible verse, or your opinion – than I would change my mind on the subject immediately. However, until said proof exists I must remain a skeptic.

        • Crash Banditcoot

          There has been many things hidden from you. There are people out there who don't want you to see the truth. I suggest you dig a little deeper my friend.

          • idc

            Dig and find what exactly, and who do u think is hiding this information also??

          • Bode

            Dig deeper and you find dinosaurs.

          • Mister Salty

            If there are people trying to keep things hidden from us, and you seem to think you know what's being hidden, why not quit beating around the (burning) bush and enlighten us?

        • Charlotte Jolicoeur

          Actually i'm not religious but they found out that there was a lot of episodes of flooding throughout the world at the end of the last glaciation (10 000 bc). Surely real events could've inspired stories that changed and became more fantastic as they're passed down, giving birth to the story of Noah in the Genesis. But yea, I doubt too that the story happened 100% like this, if it ever did.

          • Russell Matthews

            True. By the time the Holy Bible was written,Christianity had already existed for thousands of years. Most people forget that Jesus was taught many of His beliefs and history of the religion from Abraham. As is prone of all stories,changes are made,exaggerations arise,so a tale from 2500 years ago could be drastically altered by the time it was written onto “hard copy”.
            I believe in Jesus as an amazing man with an incredible ability to love and understand people. He NEVER said he was the “Son of God”,..he said “We are all God's children”. It was Judas who proclaimed Him to be the “Messiah”,and wanted Him to be martyred. I believe Judas and his followers are the ones who created the Catholic religion as well as the Maffia.

            Stories growing and changing would explain many “legends” in history. Dragons could very well be dinosaurs that survived by living in caves near volcanic activity,which would provide the heat they'd need. Land-based dragons would be T-Rexes and Velociraptors,arial-based would be Pteradons/pteridactyls.
            Bigfoot is obviously a man wearing furs,with long,shaggy beard/hair,perhaps a family of Vikings from a colony in Greenlands established nearly a thousand years ago.

            These are just a few examples.

            I believe Noah's Ark did exist and it housed hundreds of animals. The flood,though wasn't the entire planet,many mountains would've become large islands. Noah just didn't locate these “islands”,until the end of the voyage after the rain stopped and the water began subsiding. The land that was still available would assuredly have kept thousands of creatures alive. People forget that mankind only inhabited about 10% of the land on Earth for thousands of years.

            This took longer than I expected to write so I'll end this now.
            One final note,if you think I'm nuts,I don't care. I believe what I wish to believe and you believe what you wish. My “interpretation” of the Bible and history is logical to me. I have studied people for decades and know many like to lie and exaggerate truths. I prefer what appears as truth and distrust what seems outrageous,rendering a possible scenario which may explain how the truth may be “hidden” behind exaggerations.
            May God watch over you with love and splendor.

        • erictan

          I especially hate that Noah just had to, just had to bring one male and one female cockroach on board. And a mosquito couple too. I mean…why?

    • erictan

      You mean Darren Aronofsky and Mel Gibson not the same guy? He's a Jew? Great, just great.

    • Hank Wanky

      Huh? May or may not have been written by people tangentially attached to Jesus? The story of Noah was written hundreds of years before Jesus. And many Jews who consider the story sacred have zero connection to Jesus.

  • cthulu48

    As usual, Christians use mob mentality to impose their will on everything and everybody. I get really tired of this “pressure from the Christian community” baloney that I'm constantly hearing about. First of all, it's not “pressure from a community”…. It's threats from a mob / cult. I wish I was born about 1 or 2 centuries ahead of this one that I'm living in so that this nonsensical religious hogwash would be completely mythical legend that no sensible person would believe or defend. Hands off the art world, Christians…. as if you people would know anything about art, or more importantly, CARE about art… Go ahead, hand me my head…. I will REALLY have to fight hard to avoid losing sleep over being chastised by Christians… have at it. I'm sure it'll be interesting and entertaining.

    • sonnymorgan

      God loves you, child!

      • Dilzenheimer

        How do you know? Do you have a direct line to “him”? Sounds like conjecture to me.

    • jalyn23

      Did you even read what you just wrote? One or two people that are being written about in a vague article do not represent Christians OR Christianity as a whole. Christians seem to be the only religion that is grouped solely on some few extremists that don't even seem to read the bible. Anyone that believes that Christians are like that need to reevaluate their knowledge of Christianity and maybe stop attacking and start asking questions of the normal loving Christians that follow God's word, and show love, forgiveness, and compassion. I'm disappointed by the secular world mob mentality. Stop judging and try being open minded to the truth of God in the bible. Some of the things I'm reading here are so hostile and vicious

      • Crash Banditcoot


        • Dragos

          The fact of the matter is that people want to be told what to do, to be treated like sheep, they need some mythical ghost in the sky to rule their lives, and that's where religion comes in. Need I say more? Look at all the ”wonderful things” that religion is doing, look at history, people chopping each other's heads off in the name of who has the better imaginary friend. It's all very pittiful. It's like people are saying ”No, I don't want to use by brain, I don't want to be an independent thinker, I don't want to believe in proven scientific facts and rationality, I WANT to live in ignorance, complete darkness of the mind and cretinism and be told what to do by a group of corrupted individuals, who have used the bit of inteligence they have to manipulate millions of sorry saps like me”. Sometimes I think we need some calamity or disaster to wash away the monumental amount of stupidity that exists on this sad planet. Amen to that.

          • Crash Banditcoot

            God created us, so why would we be rebellious and disobey him? You're completely confused. Look up Pastor G Craig Lewis for guidance. Cheers.

          • Dilzenheimer

            “God created us.” That's your first problem. As there's zero evidence to back up your claim, which is based entirely on what other people with an agenda have told you, effectively making it hearsay, I don't know how much good this so called “guidance” by yet another misguided individual whose profession it is to follow a work of fiction with no rhyme or reason would do anyone. Religion has but one purpose: to exact control over the masses. Even those claiming to be bible enthusiast must be complete blind to reason and suffer from an utter lack of critical thinking to believe everything that's written in there. First of all, the “bible” is incomplete. It's a SELECTION of narrative fiction, inspired by the political and socio-economical circumstances of the time they were written, which, as science has irrefutably proven, didn't happen until many many years AFTER a man named Jesus Christ ever existed. Between decades and centuries AFTER. They're nothing more than STORIES, not facts. Additionally, these stories telling the tale of a man named Jesus paint a curiously contradictory picture of him, depending on who the author of the story is. Jesus supposedly was the son of a carpenter. Would the son of a man whose profession is manual labor know how to read? Doubtful. Yet in other stories he reads like it's his job. Interesting? Eye brow raiding? Not if you're a Christian! This does not raise ANY suspicion for the believer because it would shake the very foundation this entire house of cards is built on. And we can't have that if we're good Christians. That would just be no bueno. But if you employ just the tiniest amount of critical thinking and reason and look at the crushing amounts evidence supporting the notion that the bible was a manipulative tool, a work of very inventive, narrative fiction, created specifically to control the poor, uneducated population, then maybe, just maybe, we can have reasonable conversations about this. But until then, any sort of meaningful discussion with people who seriously believe the earth didn't come into existence until 6000 years ago or point to the bible as “truth” or “fact” can honestly lead nowhere. It's a total waste of time. Carry on.

          • Kirk Lindsay

            the same can be said of science or evolution as you argue against christians just substitue any belief in anything in what you say and proof argue it doesn't exist…

          • twarren1

            “God created us…”

            Prove it.

            Go ahead, I'll wait.

          • vibe666

            Which God exactly?

            There are 400+ active religions in this planet at present and pretty much all of them claim all other religions and gods are false, so if only one if them can ever be right, what are the chances of any of them being right at all?

            Surely an all knowing, all seeing, all powerful omnipotent being could get something like his life story correct for all religions around the world, particularly given that he would be able to see the death and destruction wrought in his name over even the tiniest differences in the details even between different sects of the same religions?

            Millions dead in his name, not to mention wiping out all of humanity except 2 of everything (aside from anything that can swim, like ducks) over something he should have seen coming. Is the human race his etch-a-sketch to just shake and start over? What about his infallibility? He pretty much cocked it all up with everyone except Noah didn't he?

            Also pretty funny how he flooded the whole world 25 feet above the highest peak (Everest?) Yet plenty of civilisations were around before the flood took place and never mention it. China anyone? You'd think they would have noticed being underwater for all that time. Even the Egyptians were pretty much right next door to where it was supposed to have happened and they didn't even get their feet wet.

          • Russell Matthews

            Interesting you mock all religions yet you believe in Satan,a “being” that didn't exist until the Christian religion created him. Then again,the Bible warns readers against Satan as the “Prince of lies” who likes to seduce and tempt people,testing their belief in God,and his minions,people who themselves try to twist truths and tempt others to give into their desires.

          • vibe666

            You are the one that's confused, believing a book of bronze age fairy stories written by ignorant goat herders that didn't know any better.

          • WORD

            Speak Or Do Not Speak, Learn Or Do Not Learn. I Know I Can't And Shouldn't Speak On Anything I Have Not Learned , Or Have No Knowledge Of. This A Safe Practice For All Faiths Of All WalKs of Life. Christian And AtheisT.
            Science Proves A Lot Of Ihristian Truthes. Science And Archeology Prove That The World At One Time Once Was Covered With Water, ThE Discovery Of An Arc However Is Another Story Entirely, BuT That Does Not Mean It Didn't Happen. Not A Man Alive Can DIssprove That Event. If There Is Id Like To Meet Him Find Out His Secret To Living So Long! Eat Trees ProbaBly…Fact Is You Spend Time Arguing WitHout Knowing .. And You Must Be Tired Or Bored. I WroteThIs,To Simply Point This Out.. Each To His Own BeleiF Without Repraoch With Out Condemnation. I Will Ask a Couple QuestionS. So You Can Teach Yourselves. What Is The Oldest Book In The World? What Is The # 1 Selling Book In The World Year After Year AfTer Year Since The Time W First Started Tracking The Sale Of Books… Theres Only One Book… That Exists That Does That… I WOnder Why ? Have A Great Day People!

          • Russell Matthews

            And this is why there are so many trying so hard to disprove the Holy Bible and Christianity: They're jealous of how popular it is. So-called “Atheists” are obviously Satanists pretending to be atheists. True atheists don't care one way or the other. They don't believe in any religion,or cult,and ignore all attempts to preach to them. Speaking out against Christianity would indicate they have an agenda,which would then indicate they are a religion,which goes against what atheists stand for. Only Satanists hate Christianity to the extent they go to,for the Bible warns people against the evils of those who follow Satan.

          • Russell Matthews

            So much hate… and you end your rant with a twisted phrase using a word that all Christians utter from time to time “Amen”. I won't respond to the rest of what you typed. It's insignificant. The only thing that matters is the unhappiness and shame you feel. It hurts us true Christians when we encounter such as you,for we understand nothing we say will save you from your own hatred. As doctors have to come to grips with the fact they can't save everyone,we Christians must also realize this to be true. I hope you find solace soon. Farewell

          • Caleeb

            Mr. Dragos, by reading your statement I am assuming that you believe in Darwinism, just a guess. that man, in his lifetime, admitted in believing in God. All the evolutionists’ base believed in God and worshiped him. Now I get what you mean by not thinking for themselves and every now and then we pass the buck. But by not being obedient and when you make a mistake and say “I'm just human” is that not passing the buck as well. It's saying I don't know any better so this behavior is okay. I call garbage, despite our differences of belief I'm sure that within you are some moral fibers that tell you when you have done wrong. Can't kill the conscience dude, even if you don't believe. I've been where you are. I was raised Catholic and then my family took a sabbatical from religion for a long time members of my family even became atheists for a short period of time. And the reason I think that is, is because Christianity is hard dude. We do not get to pass the buck when we make a mistake we have to live with it, and the rules are not ones that are easy to follow and you basically have to tip-toe to make it to the next step. It's not just as simple as saying I'm sorry God it won't happen again knowing you are going to commit the same sin as soon as you leave the church. It takes patience, time, dedication all those things our young bubble gum chewing, video game playing, twilight generation has forgotten. It gets easier though. And it is also worth it. I hope at the end of your life you give it up to God. I have lost a lot, and I turned my back as well not my belief but, I just couldn't talk to Him for a little while because the pain was unbearable. You move past it. Eventually all this petty nonsense about everyone disagreeing with one another about who is right and who is wrong will be seen as what it is, petty nonsense. The truth comes to light eventually whether we want it to or not. Peace and blessings.

      • cthulu48

        I've been indoctrinated and surrounded by all types of Christians for my entire life…. nothing good comes from ANY TYPE OF CHRISTIAN. Arguing with Christians is truly a waste of time though, as it is INEVITABLE in an argument with a Christian that they throw the word “ignorant” at me EVERY SINGLE TIME, no matter what “type” of Christian they are… “true Christians” or phony-baloney Christians, the opinions and arguments of Christians are completely insane, not to mention hypocritical in the fact that being judgmental and unforgiving are 2 things that Christianity preach HEAVILY against. Like I said, have at it… I promise I won't lose any sleep over what a Christian thinks of me.

        Oh, and by the way, I've spent majority of my adult life publicly
        BEGGING Jesus or any other deity that may exist out there to PLEASE enter my life. I've left enough of my mind open to the touch of God, should such a force exist… I could use divine intervention in my life VERY MUCH… Never received a response… Just further and further evidence stacking up on the side of science and/or atheism. But, if you guys are “true Christians” then stop judging me and forgive me. That might be something Christ would do.

        • John (it true me am)

          “nothing good comes from ANY TYPE OF CHRISTIAN.” Nope. Because Christians are never responsible for any sort of charity whatsoever. Christian organizations don't run hospitals, orphanages, food banks, or anything like that. No good ever comes from any type of Christian. Okay then.

          Oh, and judging you and not putting up with bullshit are two different things.

          • vibe666

            Christian ‘charity’ exists purely as a mechanism to create more Christians.

          • John (it true me am)

            I feel sorry for you, so blinded by your bigotry you can't take an act of kindness for what it is.

          • vibe666

            I feel sorry for you, so blinded by your beliefs that you mistake recruitment drives for genuine charity.

            If you can't do charitable things without the incentive of earning brownie points with your imaginary friend for your own salvation, you probably weren't a very nice person to begin with.

          • John (it true me am)

            Are you psychic? How in hell would you know what their reason is? Your bias is unbelievable, just because you dislike Christianity you think you can ascribe your own twisted reasoning to the motives of Christians.

            Also, I never mentioned my beliefs once, for all you know I don't have any, so nice try strawmanning it as though I'm a zealot for defending charity.

          • vibe666

            i'm sure there are plenty of genuine christians out there doing charity work for what they believe are genuine reasons, but at the end of the day, they are all brainwashed from childhood into believing that a person cannot be good without god and that the only way into heaven is to do good things to earn brownie points to wash away their naturally sinful nature and that they are sinners and going to hell if they don't accept jesus etc. etc.

            as a business (and it is a business) christianity exists for only two reasons. one, to make more christians and two, to keep the church powerful to ensure that they keep achieving that, the same as every other religion.

            the simple fact that most christians are unaware of that is no great surprise considering most of them are entirely unaware of what is written in their own bible other than the verses that are shouted at them from the pulpit.

          • Dave The Happy Singer

            It's recruitment.

          • Dave The Happy Singer

            Yes. Christianity preys on the vulnerable. So?

        • WORD

          Your Right Even Christians Make Mistakes And Are WRong. There's A Scripture Or Two That Says That They Do. in There Devout Beleifs They Themselves Found Falable In The Harsh Judgments Of Others. Just Like The Jews They Were WRong Once Our Twice Maybe. ;)
          Is Not Your Judgment Harsh And One Sided As Well … Everyone Makes Mistakes Including Those Who MIsinterpet Things They Know They Shouldn't. We All Do This. I Think There Us A Parable For That Too! :)

        • Russell Matthews

          If you read the Bible,you'd know who and what God is and realize He is a scientific fact. As Jesus said(paraphrasing a little) “We are all the children of God. God is everywhere. He is in all creatures,great and small. He is in the air we breathe and the Earth we walk on. He is in the oceans,and He is in the Heavens above.” What Jesus was trying to say is “All living things have an energy within them. It's called karma…chi… spirit…soul…life-force energy. It's impossible to have life without it. When something dies,it's “soul” leaves the body. People,animals,birds,fish,insects, plants,single-celled organisms,even the planet we live on is alive and has a soul,as does the sun above us,which gave birth to our planet,as well as at least 8 others. If you combine all souls in the universe,you have God. THAT is the message Jesus tried to convey to His followers.

          As for “jamming beliefs down your throat”….that is NOT the TRUE Christian way. Believe what you wish. The anger within you would indicate you're not happy,and this may be from a feeling of betrayal,for you seem to HATE all Christians,though you haven't met every one of them.
          Christianity can seem confusing and daunting,but those who truly believe tend to be happy and comfortable with their belief. Only cowards allow fear to control their actions. Bravery isn't the absence of fear. It's the act of facing it and overcoming it.
          I recommend you read the Bible and remember one thing as you read it: When Jesus lived,religious philosophers wewre common and used many tactics/tricks to get people to listen. Jesus sang His beliefs. All His disciples were poets and song-writers. This is why Christianity is the most “song-intensive” religion on the planet.And,poets tend to use metaphors to describe what they see,hear,and feel…With this in mind,you may see more clearly as you read the book…IF you do that is :-)

          • twarren1

            Clearly science is not your strong point.

          • Russell Matthews

            You make a comment that tries to discredit what I said,yet you don't elaborate. I suppose your intellectual capacity for doing so is limited(just kidding) :-)
            One day we'll be able to prove our bodies contain a 4th energy besides the 3 forms of matter(solids,liquids,and gasses),but we haven't the technology yet. When that day comes,perhaps many will finally understand the basics of Christianity,as well as the existence of God.

          • twarren1

            As I said, science is not your strong point. As soon as you have hard scientific evidence for your 4th energy, I'll be inclined to consider it. Until then it's just a bunch of poppycock.

            It's great if it makes you happy, but that does not change the fact that the bible was written by men with agendas, and altered by men with agendas, and redacted by men with agendas. There's not a damn thing in that book that was not thought up by some flawed human being who had something to gain by putting things down the way they were.

            People who take it literally are mentally ill and have been duped by a long succession of charlatans into not thinking critically.

          • vibe666

            Bro, do you even science? :o

          • Russell Matthews

            Is this supposed to be English? The words look like English but the formation doesn't possess any coherent sentence. I suppose I shouldn't expect more from a Satan-worshipper….

          • cthulu48

            I've read the Bible, through and through, many times. Good book, but I see absolutely no scientific fact, as you say. I see a good book, like “The Cat in the Hat”. That's a good book too.

        • Laurie

          I can't judge you, from a secular perspective, I don't know you. From a religious perspective, it isn't my prerogative. I'd appreciate the same consideration from you.

      • WORD

        A Voice In Protest? Secular Mob? Be The Light…Lead And Live By Example. SPeak Softly .. Did You Just Not Group Non BeleiveRs Together With You're WOrds, Remeber The Reason Is To Bring The WOrd . To Those Who Do Not Know The Word.

        • Dragos

          Shut up, you're stupid and boring.

    • Crash Banditcoot

      LOL wow. Truly ignorant and have no idea on what your talking about. Lol

      • cthulu48

        I've been indoctrinated and surrounded by all types of Christians for my entire life…. nothing good comes from ANY TYPE OF CHRISTIAN. Arguing with Christians is truly a waste of time though, as it is INEVITABLE in an argument with a Christian that they throw the word “ignorant” at me EVERY SINGLE TIME, no matter what “type” of Christian they are… “true Christians” or phony-baloney Christians, the opinions and arguments of Christians are completely insane, not to mention hypocritical in the fact that being judgmental and unforgiving are 2 things that Christianity preach HEAVILY against Like I said, have at it… I promise I won't lose any sleep over what a Christian thinks of me.

        Oh, and by the way, I've spent major4ity of my adult life publicly BEGGING Jesus or any other deity that may exist out there to PLEASE enter my life. I've left enough of my mind open to the touch of God, should such a force exist… I could use divine intervention in my life VERY MUCH… Never recieved a response… Just further and further evidence stacking up on the side of science and/or atheism. But, if you guys are “true Christians” then stop judging me and forgive me. That might be something Christ would do.

        • Crash Banditcoot

          You've been indoctrinated and surrounded by all types of Christians for your entire life and say nothing good comes from Christians, but you are truly mistaken. You've probably met a lot of Christians who are phonies and hypocrites, and never met a true man or woman of God. Let me point you in the right direction. Look up Pastor G Craig Lewis and see how he exposes many ungodly people who claim to be Christians. He also exposes a lot of things about music. God Bless.

        • awnuce360

          You're misinformed. The Bible tells us that only God can judge man's hearts, because we can only look at the outward appearance. It doesn't tell us not to condemn sin. How are you defining judging? Does the fact that I'm sure I disagree with you on many matters mean that I'm judging you? Yes, I believe you're wrong. But I'm sure if I met you I would love you as someone created in the image of God regardless of whatever we disagreed about. Don't assume so many things. Also, there is nothing for us to forgive you for. God bless you and I hope that you don't let your misconceptions about Christians keep you from seeking the truth wherever it leads you.

        • Bo

          Hang in there, man. Talking to anyone who actually believes in the junk written in the Bible is like trying to teach a pig to sing. It never works and only irritates the pig. Look, how insane can humans be when the literally believe that such a thing as Noah's Ark could have existed? Or a man was killed and then rose from the dead? Come on, you're dealing with such low levels of intelligence that it in itself in insane. This Christain religion has slaughtered people through out history and still does. Don't forget the U.S. of A. is mostly Christain and we are sending out Drones to bomb and kill innocent civilians on a daily basis. All stemming from the fear of death. Our own deaths. If these maniacs believe in Jesus and Heaven and all the rest of the shit why do they still fear death so much? They will claim that they don't fear death, but they don't know that they don't know that they don't know so why bother with these hideous and violent nut cases? The fear of death is the under lying motivations for all the violence and evil humans do on this planet no matter how well they might justify these mass killings of other humans that has gone on forever and will continue to. Human beings are frightened, violent and murderous creatures who slaughter their own out of fear. Then the receive supplication from a dead man's hands. The horror….the horror…lol…

          • Russell Matthews

            wow…you ridicule Christians for supposedly advocating violent behaviour,yet what you typed is pure violence in the guise of your own sense of “logic”. Your hatred is misguided. It is Satan that manipulates mankind into acts of violence and all people are fallible,even Christians. NOBODY is perfect.
            BTW Satan is merely a “symbol” of the darkness within all people. We all face temptations and how we deal with them determines how “good” or “evil” we are. One thing more before I end this…”evil” is “live” backwards…think about it…

    • Drvobradi

      Hands off the art world, Christians…. as if you people would know anything about art, or more importantly, CARE about art…
      Woah, woah – take it easy, mate.
      If you stopped Christians from doing art, you wouldn't have many cool things, like, for example, The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien was a practicing, religious Christian), which, in turn, would probably stop us from having all those Harry Potters, Game of Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons, Wheels of Time, and probably some good sci-fi works as well…

      • hsmoke

        Eh, I could live without those silly books.

      • Dave The Happy Singer

        If religious people didn't publish fantasy books, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in…

        • Russell Matthews

          ????? I sense sarcasm….I hope….

    • Jamaica Knauer

      I'm a Christian, and I was very excited when I heard Aronofsky was going to make a film about “Noah.” I've been a huge fan of his since “Pi.” I expect to see Aronofsky use this story to express ideas, and feelings, he has about the world today, which in turn should give viewers a fresh look at Noah's story.

      • FFA

        I'm an atheist and I'm very excited to see Noah. Darren Aronofsky, Jennifer Connelly AND Emma Watson?! I couldn't care less what it's about.

        • WORD

          Me Too! Except I Kinda Know What Its,About WHich Makes For Great Controversy and Debate.. Ewww Wh Poked The Hornets Nest… Dang It!

    • Jessica

      I think it's ridiculous to say Christians should keep their hands off of art and that they don't care about art. Tell it to Reubens, Carravagio, Michaelangelo, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Vermeer, All of the greatest artists for centuries were inspired by the bible and Christianity. This applies to any number of artists that have given the world some of the most precious and beautiful pieces of art. If Christians didn't care about art, our museums would be mostly empty. BTW, I don't see how railing against people just because they are Christians is any more acceptable than condemning somebody just because they are Jewish. Sure Christians are in the majority here, and they do some crazy things, but that does not make what you are saying any better. If you go to Israel, where Jews are a majority (and where many would argue that their govt has done some brutal shit) and you go around talking about how sneaky and treacherous Jews are, it's still not okay. Just because Jews are a majority over there, it doesn't mean that bigotry against Jews is morally justifiable. Similarly, in the U.S. it isn't fair or morally acceptable to hate on all christians and justify it by saying “Well they've got a lot of power and they're in the majority so it's okay). Unless you are willing to approve of Antisemitism, Islamaphobia, Racism, etc, I suggest you reexamine the hypocritical nature of your OWN beliefs. Btw I'm not a Christian. I'm not even religious, so don't condemn what I'm saying on those grounds.

    • WORD

      Art! I Watched A Really Good Film About Hitler Trying To Keep And Or Destroy All The ARt In Europe. Just About Anything Can Be Art … It Depends On Who Interpets It ! MONUMENTS MEN Watch It , WaS Amazing Film..
      ALL OF IT EVEN Christian Art The Bella Modonna And Child Unfortunately To Many People Self Included Just Like You Aren't Learned Enough, To ARguE The Truthes And Facts.

    • Aleksandet White

      Sistine Chapel.

    • faithlilyj316

      I don't why you hold the opinions you do with regards to God's Word nor will I speculate. No one can make you believe In the Word of God or His Son, Jesus; it would have be of your own choice to investigate His Word and if you so choose ask Him to reveal Himself to you. He will answer you this I know from my own personal walk with the Lord. Religion per say is a “man made” religiosity (if that is a word) for man to be lifted up By man and be admired. This isn't to say all denominations are as such and do follow the Word of God. I know this may sound like I'm on the fence with that one but that said not all are bad. Studying the Word is only way you can decide for yourself and see that God's Word is for real and not mythical or fiction. You would even find the Bible to be present history, Genealogy, Wisdom, Prophecy just to name a few and which by the way can be compared to other recorded history. Have a blessed day.

    • DangSonYoureHatingOn2.2Billion

      First of all you know that Aronofsky is a Christian… as is probably most of the people you've ever admired. 2.2 billion people are Christians. 6 billion people out of 7 billion people are religiously affiliated. Only 160 million of the humans on Earth think of themselves as atheist. So our “cult” outnumbers you “normal” people by an enormous margin. I for one am not angry with you. I just think it would suck an enormous amount to think that after our few short years on this planet you think that we will all simply cease to exist. That would suck a great deal.

      • cthulu48

        A mob is a mob is a mob. And I refer to the cult-like behavior of the Christian Church, with absolutely no regard to its popularity. I actually like most Christian values, I just don't like Christians imposing their will on EVERYONE. I've seen the Christian church destroy my family, friends, and community. I've seen the systematic sexual abuse of children shrugged off as commonplace by a group of people who have the audacity to tell me that I'M going to hell when the priests of their own faith can't keep their hands off of the altar boys. But, like I keep saying, I've kept my enough of my mind and heart open to the divine touch of any deity, and should I ever feel it, I will be running to the closest church I can find. But, to this point, I've felt the exact opposite of divine love. I feel a distinct lack of God. I leave my mind and heart open, but refuse to operate on blind faith, as members of my family have… members of my family who have been destroyed by doing just that…. believing blindly, but with all of their hearts, allowing no room for doubt, questioning nothing… I've seen them destroyed BECAUSE of their faith, and I can't just sit silently and abide Christian judgement in light of my experiences in which I've witnessed the destructive power of the Christian church.

    • Laurie

      As long as we're spouting, rather than actually watching the movie first and then deciding what we thing about it, then I'll spout too. Any gush about intolerance that uses the phrase “you people” Well… pot meet kettle…

  • MoiraB

    I saw a cut of the movie some months ago — and if they had ONLY stuck with the premise of it being an ancient environmental cautionary tale, it MIGHT have been a much better movie. There were obvious remnants of that idea – on the horizon you can glimpse engines and giant machine constructions now abandoned, as the earth is ruined and parched – don't know if they will keep these in the final cut, but to me that was one of the most interesting parts of the movie. It set it really outside of time – like Noah could be happening in our own far (or near) future, or 4,000 years ago, when another industrial culture once ruled. But the cut I saw then became a mishmash of “Lord of the Rings” and scripture, with monster/angels and a very morose, angry Noah who did nothing but seethe and glower patriarchally for the last half of the movie. I'm not religious, so “departing” from scripture doesn't mean a thing to me – but I do expect a good story, and this wasn't. And what's a Noah's Ark if you hardly see any animals (they really don't play a big role in the movie at all – at least the cut I saw…)?

  • steven

    You hear all about the Christian community chastising something for straying from the literal story, but what about the Jewish community, since this was their story first?

    • eltiberon

      It was NOT a Jewish story first. It was first told by the Sumerians as the “Epic Of Gilgamesh”

      • awnuce360

        This is false. The original published account of Genesis arrived after Gilgamesh, but the story had been told in oral traditions among Jews for centuries before Gilgamesh was written. You are misinformed.

        • eltiberon

          You are completely incorrect as The Epic Of Atrahasis and Gilgamesh are recorded on Sumerian tablets. Cuneiform tablets are the earliest form of writing in human civilization. Sumerians reigned 4000 BC to 2000 BC. Jewish culture originated in 1800 BC, 200 years AFTER the Sumerians.

  • Just saying

    It's ridiculous that Christians & the Bible are constantly attacked. It's completley acceptable to attack Christianity these days. Wonder if the same people posting about “Christian mob tactics” n such would say the same if this was about a Musliem story written in the Kuran or a Jewish story? We must all accept n be tolerant of EVERY faith & religion, no matter it's origins or their communities tactics, UNLESS it's Christians. Strange how the ones screaming n preaching tolerance of all are the ones most intolerant of Christians. Sad

    • Smitty1122

      Not to pick nits or anything, but the story of Noah IS a Jewish story. It is part of Genesis, which is part of the Old Testament which means there were NO CHRISTIANS in the world at the time it took place. That's why this entire argument is ridiculous to begin with. It is NOT a Christian story. Noah was Jewish.

      • awnuce360

        Christians worship the same God and don't believe that the Old Testament is any less true than the New Testament. Noah is not just a Jewish story. Christians believe it is true as well.

      • Russell Matthews

        wow. You never read the Bible and are preaching this rhetoric? The Bible is full of tales about JEWS,including Noah and Moses. Christianity was born within the Jewish community. Jesus died to save many Jews. The story of Noah isn't Christian? All the stories in the Bible were written to educate people about life,love,trust,and resisting temptations and casting out the darkness within all mankind's minds. Nobody's perfect,but too many people don't even try to be the best they can be,physically,mentally,or spiritually. and they use “nobody's perfect” as a mantra,or excuse to be lazy and stupid.

    • MimiB

      Noah is considered a prophet of Allah by Muslims. Just for the record.

      • Russell Matthews

        And Allah and Jehovah are the same God,with names given to each by people speaking different languages/dialects.

        • truth

          Wrong..Allah is a derivative of a moon deity worshiped by pagans and is not just another term for the God the Jews and Christians worship. Islam is a forgery of the Jewish and Christian scriptures made to sound authentic by the use of them. Their founder was a murderer, child molester, rapist, pedophile, and promoted the abuse of women and children with the promise of sex in heaven with virgins if they obeyed his brand of religion. Anyone can find this out by doing a little research.

  • Amy

    Noah isn't going to open to $25 M like Son of God. It's going to be $50 M +.

    You need a GOOD FILM, which Aronofsky has. Many atheists, like me, will want to see NOAH. Son of God is a POS.

  • Amy

    Rolling Stone's Peter Travers loved Darren Aronofsky's Noah.

    That should be good enough for any fan of filmmaking to want to see it.

    • Tom

      Rolling Stone's Peter Travers loves everything. He's kind of a joke

    • Bruna

      Should it? Because last I checked he was just a pretentious, tasteless douche.

  • Helene

    He should have just called it Gilgamesh. Same tale, less hassle.

  • Rodriquezpr

    I am a Christian, but a realist. Here is my opinion regarding some Christian groups’ concerns about the accuracy the movie Noah may not portray from the historical and biblical standpoint:

    I am sensitive to the concerns raised by several Christian groups about the accurate portrayal of this beloved and sacred story from the director's perspective, but Christian groups should understand that this is secularly-produced by Hollywood which very rarely cares about any historical accuracies of any biblical account: this is being realistic. If the Christian community or groups are so concerned about 100% accurate account of any biblical stories to the big screen, I would think they should possibly consider raising their own money and hiring directors and producers who will sign off to agreeing to an oversight police-controlled committee of complete censorship control. I do not think this will be remotely possible given that directors would be bound and limited to their artistic and creative expressions.

    We are aware of theologians', churches', and ministers’ fundamental differences of sriptural interpretations of the Bible and its verses, and while this is common across Christian communities (as is with so many Apologistics), we have to evenly be fair to accept secular directors’ and producers’ different interpretations.

    Christian brothers and sisters, let us not be too caught up on the technicalities and accuracies of a biblical movie or be too hyper sensitive. While I understand and am very sensitive to everyone's concerns about movie's accurate depiction of the Flood, let us remember that it is simply a movie and not a historic documentary. There has to be some flexibility on allowing directors to imaginatively allow their artistic talents to show and grace the screens.

    • InvisibleZombie

      We didn't get a really “accurate portrayal” of the recent Julian Assange, Captain Phillips or Steve Jobs stories! So I wouldn't put much money that anyone could write a 100% accurate account of what supposedly happened thousands of years ago and was merely detailed in a book.

    • Russell Matthews

      Something NOBODY has mentioned yet: There's a strong anti-Christian movement in this country in recent years,so many Christians are worried this movie may be another attempt to disrespect the Christians and their beliefs. Approximately 82% of the USA is considered Christians,yet the 18% non-Christians seem to control the government. They are like small dogs,..they bark the loudest and try to force their views/beliefs on others,sort of like what they're currently trying to accuse Christians of doing. If you don't like Christianity,there's plenty of countries that would take you in. You may not have the same freedom to whine like you do here,though,and could even be killed for doing so in some places. But,moving would be an extreme solution. Tolerating what you don't believe would be the easiest and preferred choice. But that would require maturity and respect,two things most non-Christians here seem to lack.

      • KingCranky

        Gosh, how sad, Christians NOT imprisoned or executed, or having their assets stripped, because of their faith here in the US.

        Please do continue to insist you're a “victim”, don't let the reality stop that whining.

        • Russell Matthews

          And when did I mention being a “victim”? I made an intelligent statement,but you ridicule it in a childish rant that makes little sense and accuse ME of “whining” LOL

  • Brandon Wade

    Why do Christians have a claim on Noah????

    • awnuce360

      They don't have “a claim on him.” But in the same light, neither do the Muslims on Ishmael, who was the father of their people. Yet, they would probably strongly object if a film were made portraying Ishmael in a wrong light.

    • MimiB

      As a matter of fact, Muslims have a claim on Noah too. In fact, they're using Sharia law to ban showings of the film Noah, as he's considered a prophet of Allah. Their teachings forbid “representations” of prophets. I read this today… Egypt has just banned showings along with a half dozen other predominantly Muslim countries.

      • tangsting

        Maybe they just want to ban Russell Crowe movies.

  • A.L. Hern

    “Witness the protest that sprung up around Martin Scorsese's ‘The Last Temptation of Christ'.”

    SPRANG up, Lucas, not sprung.

  • Mathias Søndergaard

    ““If you were expecting a Biblically faithful retelling of the story of the greatest mariner in history and a tale of redemption and obedience to God you'll be sorely disappointed,” Godawa wrote”. I have a hard time believing that anyone who knows of Aronofsky's films have expected that at all. I'd say you would have to be quite oblivious to him, his style of film making and his themes to expect that, regardless of your religion.

  • IvarOeines

    The Noah story is just a rewritten version of the story about the Sumerian king Gilgamesh, they should have based the film on the Gilgamesh story, then it would have been more accurate to the source tale.

    • awnuce360

      That's actually not proven. The epic of Gilgamesh could just as easily been based on the story of Noah since it was passed down from oral traditions among Hebrews for centuries before Gilgamesh was written.

  • Abe

    I agree with JoeWatchesTV: it is a STORY! A parable that went from mouth to mouth and was then re-written numeroustimes by the founders of the devilish institution called the Church… Religious right groups grow up — believe all you like and live in peace but please find another hobby… There are people dying in The Ukrain and Syria and YOU are worrying whether The Noah movie is true to its essence..!? Jesus wept indeed…

    • awnuce360

      Clearly you've based you historical understanding of the Bible on The Da Vinci Code and not on actual historical fact.

    • Russell Matthews

      There are people dying everywhere,every day,many of them being murdered,even in your city/state/country. You focus on the Ukraine and Syria only because they're in the news,currently. It sux,but it's the nature of mankind,ignorance leads to arguments,fighting,retaliation and war. We're not omnipotent so we're all ignorant. Religion can cause war,but it can also end it.
      Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. Stupidity is having knowledge,but ignoring it.

    • Russell Matthews

      Actually Jesus denounced the formation of churches(temples). He believed everyone can pray wherever they wish,for God can hear all your prayers,no matter where you are. He believed “thy body is thy temple”.. He knew churches would lead to agendas that go against what He preached. Some of His disciples believed otherwise,though,thinking people gathering together could “enhance” one's belief,strengthening it.

  • dangefuller

    It's probably exactly how the Egyptians felt after Stargate was released.

    • tjac

      single best comment on this mess. all religions are equally ridiculous and self serving, they all abuse power in the name of love and therefore create evil,a human condition

      • Russell Matthews

        Funny. You don't even realize your rants are also based on religious concepts. You believe and preach all religions are false and ridiculous,but by doing so,you are trying to manipulate people as well. If not,then why bother typing anything?
        The fact is your hatred towards “religions” would be classified as “cultist”. Cults hate and religions love. Yes,many religions have people who abuse/exploit others,manipulating “good” people into doing “evil” deeds. These are cults pretending to be religions. Christians,Jews,Muslims,etc all have members who have done this. That doesn't make all within the religion the same. Ignorance is the lack of information. We are ALL ignorant,for only a God can know everything that happens to everybody and everything 24/7 all year and every year throughout history.(aka omnipotence). Stupidity is having knowledge,but ignoring it.

    • John Deere

      LMAO. Best comment yet on this thread of arguments for a movie that has not even been released.

  • Mattypants

    “A secular, Jewish Harvard graduate from New York City, Aronofsky has stepped square into the crosshairs of a Christian community to whom his stature as a director means little. What he does with a story they revere does.”

    LOL. Genesis is in the Torah, so this alleged Christian community's alleged concern about a Jew's interpretation of a story that “they revere” is pure ignorance.

    • Truth_Quest30

      Ignorance? Anybody can read and study the book of Genesis. And a secular Jew's Hollywood movie about Noah probably isn't going to tell the story straight. The Jewish Bible was written by Jews. The New Testament was also written by Jews, except for the gospel of Luke, who was a Greek gentile.

  • worrierking

    Isn't the sort of Noah from the Old Testament? Christians who are concerned about a Jewish person telling one of their favorite “Christian” tales should for once, think before they speak. Nothing sells more tickets than watching ignorant people demonstrating against something they don't really understand.

    • awnuce360

      Many Christians are both educated and intelligent. You are the ignorant one if you think that only ignorant people believe the Bible. There is just as much if not more evidence for the events of the Bible than there is for evolution. So, if you insist on calling the Bible a collection of fairy tales, then I insist that we call evolution science fiction.

      • worrierking

        Where the hell did you get that response? Surely not from anything I wrote.

        I was referring to those Christians who are up in arms about something they haven't seen and angry that a Jew was it's author. Judaism is based on the Old Testament and the Old Testament is not exclusively Christian.

        And you've more or less proved what I said. I wasn't disparaging anyone's belief system. I was pointing out that many people who claim to be knowledgable, really aren't.

        And you seem to be responding to my use of the word “tale”. The word doesn't mean a fictional account. It can mean that but it also can mean “a narrative”, “an account” “a history”.

  • Justin

    “Slaves, accept the authority of your masters with all deference, not only those who are kind and gentle but also those who are harsh.” 1 Peter 2:18

    This one is good too: “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.” (1 Timothy 2:12)

    I expect you'll all be faithful to these Godly words, if you think literal interpretations of the Bible are so important.

    • awnuce360

      Do you know the context of these passages or what the writer is seeking to convey or are you just spitting venom because you think you have an easy target? Neither passage is as extreme as you make them out to be.

      • AlexC.

        apart from the fact that Jesus has revolutionized all that crap and replaced it with the simple rule of love for one another. and i'm not even a religious man, just a believer of god (in whatever form).

  • sj jocelyn

    As an artform if Noah is like The Ten Commandments, The Bible, Ben Hur – a Biblical story with good special effects made in an epic way with some background type story build up loosely based on the Biblical account it should be awesome with no one complaining and everyone seeing it….

  • Cyclops

    “Greatest mariner in history?” Noah was a family man thrown into an apocolyptic situation. And there is no evidence that the Bible, especiallly Genesis, has anything to do with history.

  • awnuce360

    If the finished film is anything like the first script, then it's going to be extremely offensive to Christians and Jews alike and the studio is wise to cover their butts.

  • Cyclops

    Cecil B DeMille must be turning over in his grave.

  • Green Hornet

    Was there this much backlash when Evan Almighty came out? It's Hollywood gang. All about the pay day.

  • you_mewling_quim

    Hahaha!! Your fiction story is too fictitious!!!

    • Alan in Tel-Aviv

      Looks like Jennifer Connelly is just scuttling one hulk for another.

  • InvisibleZombie

    Where the ‘H’ was this disclaimer when 1980's “Wholly Moses!” came out…???

  • Kevin Caldwell

    There is absolutely no reason to deviate from the biblical account of Noah. The story itself without an “Artist license” taken would make a great movie. They change the story in an effort to discredit the word of God, so that they can continue to live the way that want and somehow escape the coming judgement.

    you cannot escape it, its coming whether you believe it or not. You can choose not to believe in gravity and jump off the empire state building and you will still come crashing down.

    Hebrews 9:27 “For it is appointed for a man once to die, then after this, the judgment”

    Judgement is coming… Repent and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late. John 3:16

    • MrEFQ

      Calm down, it's just a movie.

    • MikeyNYC

      There is absolutely no reason NOT to deviate from the biblical account of Noah. You seem to forget that those who do not share your faith also do not consider your bible to be divine, truthful or historically factual. If you wish to make a film that does not deviate from the biblical account of Noah, then please do and if its any good, people may wish to view it. Until that time, please remember that our constitution guarantees freedom of religion and freedom FROM religion and if you don't like how a film may be made, then please exercise your right not to see it instead of spewing the typical rhetoric of jesus and judgement.

  • Art See

    I think everyone's missing the point of this article: Darren's scarf… Simply adorable.

  • James

    Why would a studio risk alienating a mainstream audience by pandering to fundamentalists in order to court favor with a minority? ‘The Passion of the Christ’ was the phenomenon that it was because it was a word-for-word transcription of Biblical text. ‘Noah’ was never going to be that and the conservative churches won't settle for less.

  • Nailz73235


    Aronofsky and the studio are catching flak for fictionalizing a fictional story, and now must offer a disclaimer for those who, inspired by their faith, misapprehend mythology as history.

  • Richard

    Uuuh aaah I'm a Stephen King fan. Why don't these idiotic studios put disclaimers on Stephen King book movie adaptions? I mean, some of them are pretty bad or make significant changes to things from the book.

    Am I going nuts over this? No. Why not? Cause I'm a grown up, rational person.
    And I'd even have a better reason to be pissed about bad King movie adaptions, seeing as his books are twice as good as most of the stories in the bible.

    Oh well…

    • Russell Matthews

      Yeah,I keep forgetting some people think Stephen King is a messiah,leading thousands into Hell,so re-interpreting his books into movies is blasphemy.

      Do I have to leave a disclaimer here about my comment being sarcastic?

  • David Peretiatko

    The day I take religious advice from Crash Bandicoot, well…will probably be the day I revert to Christianity. Because I was raised a Christian, and then, thank God, I used my brain and became an atheist. It took a while. I had to take baby steps. Christian, agnostic, apologist atheist, atheist. So, you know, I attended seminary and studied the Greek and Hebrew translations of the Bible. I know more about the bible than the average Christian. I know all their arguments. But you'd have better luck beating the last boss in the first MegaMan game than beating them in an argument. What you have to realize is, they aren't in the same argument you are. It's like if you're trying to tell a women her husband is abusive, you're arguing from an unbiased point of view, and when she says, “No, you don't understand, he loves me…” She's arguing from an emotional, biased point of view. Because she leans on that man and needs him at least emotionally, if not financially as well. So, she cannot let herself be defeated because it is in disinterest to her well being and survival (in her mind). It would be like trying to tell an asthma victim to stop using his inhaler, because you know it is a placebo and he does not. Let the mentally ill have their medicine.

    • Mac

      So if you can beat Battle Toads in one run you might have a chance at a better argument?

      • David Peretiatko

        Holy shit! Battle Toads! I forgot about that game! Man I used to love that game. You just gave me major nastalgia homie!

        • Mac

          I have it on an emulator on my laptop…still have trouble beating the damn thing.

    • Culote

      I definitely don't believe in any religion, but don't believe in ”atheism” either. I think it's just man's arrogance to put a label on something which is unbelievably, complex, the Universe, beyond human understanding.
      I remember this funny but true writing I saw on a wall in Berlin not so long ago: ”Nietzsche: God is dead. God: Nietzsche is dead.”

      • David Peretiatko

        I don't know about others, but when in say I'm an atheist, I mean that I don't believe in any of the gods from any of the religions of earth. I'm not saying that there aren't any unimaginably intelligent or powerful beings out there in the universe, quite the contrary. I just don't call them gods, as the word “god” has a spiritual stigma attached to it, and I don't believe a being who is hyperintelligent would concern itself with human spirituality.

  • Andrew Herlan

    Being that the original story is fiction (from a book that is fiction), I don't see a problem.

    • Mac

      I dare you to say that the flood story is fiction to the other hundred versions of it around the world that are not faith based. Geologically it is a confirmed event regardless of the ‘fiction’ around it.

      • Russell Matthews

        Fiction? Not if you read it realizing all the disciples were poets and all poets use metaphors to describe something real. Also,many of the “events” in the Bible are misunderstood. Example: God creating the universe,Earth and Man within 6 days. How long is a day to a God? a billion years? a trillion? Our concept of time is based on the orbit of the Earth around the Sun and the rotation of the Earth. What could it be to a God? Another thing..what does an atom look like? The formation of an atom is very similar to that of a solar system. One sliver of wood can contain millions of atoms,or solar systems. Our bodies could be made of billions of solar systems. Could we,therefore,be a part of a sentient being and the billions of stars in the sky are all atoms within that same body?

  • Steven Burgas

    Eff the ‘Christian community’ – they don't own the Old Testament, nor any of the stories within that ancient collection of fictions.

  • DarthRandal

    Jesus…this whole board reeks of “first world problem”.

    Do you really think that some bullshit disclaimer before the movie is going to change your enjoyment of it? You were either going to see it or not see it. If a couple of words on the screen for 30 seconds is going to make you throw down your $11 small popcorn in disgust and storm out of the cinema then you may have bigger problems than your choice of entertainment.

    It's a business decision. Nothing more, nothing less. Studios are starting to remember there's an untapped mine of Christianity they can exploit for profit and gain. If these movies weren't a good bet on earning, do you honestly believe they would be greenlit in the first place?

    • Mac

      Also…if someone gives you $130 million to make a movie based on a religious text…don't get mad when they choose how to market your film. The director gets only so much input in the marketing side. Especially when the budget to market is as much as you got to make it.

  • DarthRandal

    On another note, did they photoshop that picture of Aronofsky or does he normally look like a citizen of Remulak?

  • Carl

    The story of Noah is pre Christianity…Sumerian in fact…Epic of Gilgamesh

    • Mac

      Every culture has a flood story. Noah is unique to Christians as he is a model from the Old testament. Like Abraham and Joseph. They remind them where their beliefs in God started.

  • tangsting

    I can already tell you what the film will be – Man waits for most of the film to finally get on a boat. The End.

  • Skandar

    Typical P^ssy Hollywood. So scared that the Christian dollars will not come. If they wanted a “safe” true to scripture film they should've hired someone else, maybe Mel Gibson. Mr. Aronofsky is a very talented visionary who makes dark/smart films. They knew his take on his story from the beginning. Now they are all shaking in their boots. Stand by your director and crew you greedy fat greaseballs.

  • MoiraB

    Most theologians look upon the Noah story in the Old Testament as a parable or allegory, not as literal truth. Many of the Old Testament stories are the attempts of the ancients to understand the world. For centuries Christians read scripture as allegory, but today many Protestant sects (mostly evangelical) argue that
    all of the Bible is literally true and mostly history. This is a big shift in traditional views, and I wonder if evangelicals know how new this “literal” interpretation really is? In any case, the story of Noah in the OT is rife with inconsistencies, including the fact that the God portrayed in the story metes out justice VERY inconsistently. Frankly, I would never want to believe in a deity who decides to wipe out the entire world – including innocent children and animals – to “reboot” it. It is at heart a cruel and heinous story, and does not portray a God I would ever want to believe in.

  • Michael Difani

    Jeez, I thought it was because Noah let too many critters (rabbits and rats) onboard. You know, the old Bill Cosby routine in the mid-60's as God speaks down and says, “Noah, only two at a time, Noah. Only two”….”Noah, if you screw up it's all over. How long can you tread water?” Etc.

  • http://millerfilm.com/ John

    It's a Jewish story from The Old Testament, which is the Jewish Bible. So, Aronofsky would then be the more logical person to be telling that story. Especially since the story of Noah has nothing to do with the foretelling of Christ's coming, I don't see how it would at all have anything to do with Christianity. I believe that those in the Christian community are so wrapped up about the story of Noah because they think that The Bible, as it is, has to be believed completely. Their faith can be more about material things like making sure The Bible is followed exactly, than about Christ's teachings and following what He taught.

  • Grayden

    Maybe the overly sensitive Christian populace should realize that not everyone shares their single-minded devotion to the literal meaning of the Bible. I find parts of the Bible very interesting, from a historical standpoint, not a religious one. Taking a major moment from that book, and interpreting it in a more historical light is something that many people might be interested it. I have no problem with people's faith and what they practice, but a story is a story is a story. No matter how literal you want to believe it is, it's still a story. Stories can be told and shown through different lenses. I think pandering to the Christian populace undermines the vision of Aronofsky.

  • jack

    its not like these religious groups actually own the story of noah. the only reason they have a say is because of box office $$$. same as politics.

  • Bonton

    Um, duh, my first clue that Noah was not going to be biblically accurate is
    Russell is wearing BOOTS and trousers. We all know it was all about togas and sandals back then.

    • Russell Matthews

      well true but many men wore skirts and jerseys,not just togas. I wonder if ANYONE knows when men started wearing pants…..

  • Ken Stofft

    Why both pandering to these religious fanatics? I bet they went ballistic with “The Last Temptation”. What about the violent and horrendous movie, “The Passion of Christ”…so unbelievably horrible…more blood spewing all over the screen than in many a major crime film.

  • Bill Johns

    I am not Christian…my wife is and works for the Catholic Church. However, this IS NOT A CHRISTIAN STORY!!! Unless I am completely off base, the story of Noah takes place thousands of years before Christ was born. That makes this a Pre-Judaic story…Noah was the great-grandfather (10 times back)of Abraham who was the father of the Jewish people, as well as the Christians and the Muslims. So I think people need to get over themselves and just enjoy the cinematic interpretation of a great story…

    • Russell Matthews

      Many passages in the Bible took place before Jesus was born. Abraham is the one who taught Jesus much of what he preached. Jesus did not make up the stories. He listened to many people,gathered information and sorted what he believed was logical and truthful. His preachings were meant to educate people to life,death and tranquility of the mind. Some tales are cautionary,to warn mankind of things that can affect their ability to be happy and at peace.

  • Chazz

    This article was in DESPERATE need of a proofreader or editor…or both. Embarrassing.

    • Russell Matthews

      That's 90% of all written media,now. Years ago,”they” decided proof-readers were a luxury expense they could live without,so they could increase their profits. The American Way,slicing expenses to increase profits. Preach quality,but practice quantity. And people get stupider and dumber and ignorantic with each generation.

      “Stupider” and Ignorantic” are sarcastic non-words,in case you didn't catch it.

  • Ian Stephens

    I'm a Christian, ( insert ridicule and oh you must have a low IQ and hate gay people comments here) and let me make a point. Regardless of what you choose to beileve or not beileve, while yes I regard this story as absolutely true, even if I didn't I would want it told exactly how it was in the Bible. For instance I'm a huge comic book fan, and I can tell you I have been disgusted by just about all of the xmen movies. Because I beileve they are true? No, because I know where they originate and when hollywood or directors do things like turn dead pool into some stupid looking mutant with swords for arms or the silver samuari into an old man in a robot suit with a heat sword, it pisses me off. To someone who's never read xmen this might be no big deal, but to fans who show up at midnight dressed like magneto it's sucks. Now I understand that a director has an artistic right to make a film as he or she so desires, but it would be nice to know ahead of time if your a fan, that they were changeing important aspects of the universe and charachters you know and love before you spend 13:50 to go see it. Just saying.

  • Bob Lawler

    What's the name of this movie again? Non-Sense?

  • FeelsLikeRain

    Based on flood of “comments” here… me thinks this movie might be in for some serious cash. The plan is working… mmmmhhhhhaaaaa!



    p.s. directors are rarely consulted on marketing campaigns… almost never. So this is a none issue.

  • Suessafluff

    Another reason to leave all things religious alone. Maybe if we do, eventually they'll go away. Religious fanatics…perpetual death and destruction. I'm sure Aronofsky's done a great job, he usually does, but this is one film I'll be sitting out just for the simple lack of interest, not necessarily in the story, but of the book it is taken from.

  • AJ

    Who cares if Paramount put some text on the film and the marketing material. Aranofsky was given $130million to make a product for them, likely 5-6 of that went to him. The self-importance of directors these days floors me.

    It's an artistic interpretation of a Biblical story. They're just saying such. Big deal. If Aranofsky has the gall to whine about that, he should be banned from directing movies until he remembers his place.

  • JustLurkin

    There is not a snowball's chance in Tartarus that any argument or reasoned speech or educated discourse posted here will change the mind of anyone holding an opposing view. But it is interesting to read through some of the vitriol that is spewed from the more extreme corners of the various views.

    Apart from that, one situation that I find interesting and, in some ways amusing, is the degree to which some folks who profess to be Christian get their knickers in a twist over 1) a frelling Hollywood movie that 2) concerns itself with one story from the book of the Bible most distantly removed from their religion. After all, Christ is a New Testament figure. And Genesis is the very beginning of the Old Testament. While I can understand them having some degree of distaste for a portrayal of the New Testament that is somehow sacrilegious, I admit that I am a bit confounded by the distress that some seem to be suffering regarding an imagining of a story from Genesis.

    After all, God as revealed in the Old and then in the New behave as wildly different entities. And I've little doubt that Jesus would be appalled at and critical of much that happens in the Old.

    Bottom line is that whether one is a true Christian (for I have met my fair share who profess it but do not act like it) or an atheist or neither of the above, is it not possible to cut the other folks some slack and offer a bit of compassion and understanding? BTW, don't equate understanding with agreement. One can see another person's point of view and still disagree with it. Also, disagreement does not require condemnation.

    Sadly, judging from many of these posts, far too great a number of self-named “Christians” and atheists and others are more inclined to club each other over the head solely because they hold different perspectives and beliefs. Tragic all the way around. And needless and moronic.

  • Arch Dandy

    it's funny reading about the “christian community” being upset over how a story from the old testament is told, when they just stole the old testament from the Jews anyway.

  • Vadakin

    Historically inaccurate?


    *deep breath*


  • KenBob

    Wow, folks, grow up! Since when are Christians the only ones to throw their weight around as a group? Everyone from the hippies and college kids protesting Viet Nam to Muslims threatening to kill anyone who defames Mohammed or destroys his book to Tea Partiers trying to throw an election to everyone who participated in an Occupy sleep-in to environmentalists protesting everyone for not saving the planet! Ring any bells?

    Anyone who wants to make money spends much LESS time complaining about how a group thinks and much MORE time trying to get them to part with their money. If you want to complain about Christians or Atheists or Environmentalists or any other demographic, go back to school and leave the business world to those of us who want to make a really good living!

    • Richard Vandiamondsworth

      Tea Partiers trying to throw an election

      When did that happen? Does Fantasyland have its own calendar?

  • Eschatologist

    I read the article.. i laughed so much i cried. Just goes to show what happens when you take these silly desert god cults seriously and actually care what these cultists has to say. Im so glad i live in the Nordics where those people are regarded as children…. at best.

    • Richard Vandiamondsworth

      More like Nor-dicks.

  • joe

    That's ridiculous. Who gives a hoot how accurate to the story it is? The story comes from a book that has been re-interpreted and re-translated numerous times . It's a film, of course liberties are going to be taken but as long as the story is told respectively and captures the essence of the source material then there shouldn't be a problem. I think the fact that we're able to come together and celebrate faith and art, together,
    in the mainstream media is a blessing in and of itself.

  • Rob

    Christians bashing a biblical tale from the Old Testament about a Jew, directed by a Jew … I don't see the Jewish community raising their fists in protests about this movie. Just another example of overzealous, close-minded, bible-thumping Christians shouting about how butt-hurt they are.