David Letterman: 13 Potential ‘Late Show’ Replacements (Photos)

TheWrap picks the 10 possible replacements — and three wild card options — after Letterman retires in 2015

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Chelsea Handler

Handler may be leaving "Chelsea Lately" when her contract at E! expires. She could be the first woman since Joan Rivers to host a late-night show on a broadcast network.
  • Geez

    This is the most empty reporting since CNNs coverage of the lost Malaysian plane.

  • Me

    Rack included in the contract.

    Anyhow, why not a late night female host…again.

  • Me

    Craig will get the job.

  • evelyn

    The old Craig show would be nice, but the current show would not be a good fit in that time slot. His toilet humor isn't funny anymore, and neither is the robot or horse.

  • TJ Brister

    I hope it's Chelsea, I love her!

  • coolbreezejd

    Won t be Handler.Ellen is the perfect fit.