Dear ‘Walking Dead’ Zombies in NYC: Please Stop, It's Icy Out There (Video)

An open letter to AMC: It's all fun and games until someone slips

Dear AMC,

Just saw your clever and elaborate prank, where people dressed as “Walking Dead” zombies claw through a grate to scare unwitting Manhattanites.

Can you not do that anymore, please? I live in New York, and it's super icy. What if we slip? I'm pretty clumsy to begin with, and especially susceptible to falls during the slippery season. Throw zombies into the wintry mix, and someone's gonna get hurt out there. Why not wait until fall, when this would be just as scary but a little safer?

Scary trick, though. And the zombies look great.

All the best,


P.S. The video of what I'm talking about is above.

  • Vincent Ward

    Crowd gone mad.


    Here in Texas there would have been a bunch of head shots. It's all fun and games till someone gets their head blown off.

  • Jessica Mcdonald

    Get a grip! Is there no humor in this world.. It's all about starting a “Lawsuit”! We all know there is no Zombies in real life people….