Dailies | Discovery Sets ‘Amish Mafia’ Return, Releases Teaser (Video)

The series banked the cable network's highest-rated season premiere in its first season

Discovery Channel's “Amish Mafia” returns on Tuesday, February 25 at 9/8c.

Lebanon Levi and his guys return for a new season — considered by Discovery as Season 2B, which continues to look inside their efforts to keep order in the Lancaster, Pa. community.

According to the network, Levi's power is threatened from both inside the secretive Amish community and outside of it. He'll be forced to expand his influence into other parts of the country or have it be taken away from him.

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Here's more on Season 2B from Discovery:

For the first time, Esther speaks out about the shocking attack and responds to allegations that she is leading a double life. Lebanon Levi confronts the new forces that challenge his authority over the Pennsylvania Amish. When temptations from the English world threaten to bring physical harm to one of the Amish, Levi and his crew must put aside their differences with former rivals in order to protect the community. Meanwhile, Levi's nemesis Merlin seeks revenge on Wayne for ousting him from Amish Aid in Ohio. By recruiting new enforcers and building fresh alliances, Merlin hopes to regain control of Ohio and fulfill his destiny of leading the entire Amish community.

Produced for Discovery by Hot Snakes Media, “Amish Mafia's” first season premiered to the cable network's highest-rated series premiere in its history – a 2.3 rating with the network's key demographic, Adults 25-54.

Watch a short teaser above.

  • riri

    This is my fav show, amish mafia and the americans. Hope they stay in for years.

  • Blank Mayer

    I wanna see Amish Mafia meet the Irish “peace keepers”, New York “peace keepers”, or maybe the Cartel “peace keepers”….. I wanna see what happens when the 16 and 19 year old naive people that have been doing mischief meet people that will really not tell you twice. The word MAFIA is associated with a lot of history that's infused with blood, peoples rights. money, racism, hatred, prejudice, death………..

    The past actions of mobsters did not usually involve teens burning down abandon buildings.

    Lets break it down…

    -They do not have the ability to keep up with much of anything because they do not allow technology…. It baffles me how they even got a TV deal in the first place if they only have 1 or 2 community phones (all about the money)…..

    -It seems like everyone in town spends all their money bailing people out of jail for petty crimes…. The law doesn't mess with them because they probably like the income.

    I just think its funny because they have no stability. If anything serious were to happen against someone who means business why not just put down all their live stock and burn all their fields.

    I think they should just be nice and human so they can do what they do like the rest of the world.

    No need for torture when you can put them in a room with “dolls with faces” and have them decide upon their soul versus the devil.