Dailies | Discovery’s ‘Devil’s Ride’ Returns With a New Enemy (Exclusive Video)

Motorcycle club Laffing Devils has attracted the wrong crew’s attention on Monday’s Season 3 premiere

The conflicts haven’t cooled off with on Discovery Channel’s “Devils Ride” as it begins airing its third season on Monday.

The series follows the ongoing turf war between motorcycle club Laffing Devils and their nemesis, the Sinister Mob Syndicate AKA Sin Mob. That fire will get an extra splash of gasoline this season as a result of last season’s antics.

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The antics between the warring clubs have gotten the wrong person’s attention.

In TheWrap’s exclusive preview, the One Percenters – the motorcycle gang at the top of the food chain – is fed up with the negative attention the Laffing Devils and Sin Mob are attracting and lays down an ultimatum.

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Watch the preview above.

“The Devils Ride” returns Monday at 10/9c on Discovery Channel.

  • Chris Surfman

    what a bunch a gay girls. This show is BS

  • Stanghater

    *** Spoilers*** The show is fake as hell but I can’t stop watching it. That punch that rockem took looked pretty real though. Seriously though, are people going to kidnap someone at gunpoint on camera?? C’mon

    • Big boi

      I guess he took that punch for ratings cuz that was real. I’m glad, previous seasons fights were too much like wrestling with pulled punches.

      • blayz~

        no doubt, they likely got heat that it was fake AF..so had to start gettin real, which is a good thing and at least makes it watchable now. you can’t get away with staged fake bs anymore gotta keep it real or it gets old quick

  • Giz

    I’m gonna call buls@#t on this one here for a few reasons. One, nobody…ESPECIALLY the “One Percenters” the show is alluding to (but who’s name they cant say for both copyright reasons and the fact that they have too much self respect and common sense to fully involve themselves with this program) would KIDNAP SOMEONE AT GUNPOINT INFRONT OF DISCOVERY CHANNEL CAMERAS!!! They didn’t even Blur their faces…..as if DIscovery asked “Excuse me Mr. Kidnappers….would you sign this waiver so we can use your likeness on TV?” Secondly…One of the guys shows up at an emergency meeting IMMEDIATELY AFTER BEING FITTED FOR A HOUSE ARREST ANKLET. Guess they forgot to turn it on. Thirdly…Not one cop is around when these fools are getting smacked around at HUGE Public event!? Fourth….one of the tools says a “One Percenter” gave him the Diamond on his bike…the diamond that has nothing written in it(like “1%”) and is CLEARLY PAINTED on the air cover! I used to watch Discovery for duccumentaries, but as a real biker…apparently I can watch it for comedic value as well. Much like SOA is the guilty pleasure soap opera for bikers, watching these ass clowns is good for a belly laugh or two. But don’t expect a doccumentary. Even the Gangland “doccumentaries” are more factully accurate than this, and those things are full of speculative drivel.

    • Julescat

      A guy goes into a bar full of bikers and pulls a gun on them and not one of the bikers is carrying a gun? The one biker gets hit in the face and falls down?

      Hells Pussies

      They make the Sons of Inanity bikers look almost masculine

      • Poetic Vibrance

        They dont claim to be 1%ers, I have to keep reminding myself of that. That is why they are not carrying guns. These guys are not 1%ers. A few have ties to 1%ers, or they allude that they do, or they have been in a 1% MC in the past, but they are not now. So what we have come to expect ‘bikers’ to do from fictional shows such as SOA and other documentaries, these guys are not in the same category. So we can not expect them to do the things 1%ers would do in the same situations. Just sayin…

  • Bigvig

    These white collar posers are total BS!! It is bad enough they insult 1%ers with their impersonation of a true MC, but claiming their brotherhood stems from their combat veteran backgrounds insults ALL veterans. The only thing bigger than their self perceived badness is their waistlines! Light up another designer stogie and tell the world you are the top Chihuahua.
    These a**holes would soil themselves even thinking a real MC is out for their heads.

  • http://www.vhnd.com/ nightshift151

    This show is beyond fake. There is a scene in the second episode of
    this season where two LD members go to meet Snubz in what the producers
    want you to think is Mexico. They pull into a taco shop that is blue
    with a yellow fence or trim around it. It’s actually La Fachada in the
    Logan Heights neighborhood of San Diego. Google it. It’s at 20 25th
    St, right across the street from a police station. In fact, you can see
    the gate going into the police station as the two LD members ride away.

  • Bob61

    “…the One Percenters – the motorcycle gang at the top of the food chain…”
    Good God,doesn’t a “journalist” have an obligation to be at least partially educated on their subject?
    One percenters isn’t an individual club,it’s the 1 percent of clubbers who operate without regard for the rules.
    It’s a generic term for the Hell’s Angels,Outlaws,Pagans etc.
    What a freaking maroon.

    • Jeff McCabe

      With out regard to the rules until they get arrested. Then those rules look pretty good.

    • Ralph Borriello

      Not to be trusted….none of them

  • kelsiemarie

    I really was hooked on this show for the last 2 seasons. but now i’m getting tired of watching the “WAR” I know the rules for motorcycle clubs s different from societies, but beating the crap out of each other over a color is just plain childish.
    my bet is that by the time this show gets cancelled, these two little boys clubs will combine and be one club, and they all lived happily ever after.
    boys will be boys, but these guys are grown men!

  • TheFatMan

    I just watch it as I would any other work of fiction.
    Not sure why I even watch because it is just a work of fiction.

  • texanaggie

    this show is so filled with pansies; but it’s like a train wreck you cant stopped watching,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • ObsamaObambi

    Barry Osama would get a kick out of the fakeness of this lame show. God Bless!