Dailies | ‘Devils Ride’ Season Finale: Get Ready for a Brawl (Exclusive Video)

The biker gangs prepare for war on Monday's episode on Discovery Channel

All the bad blood that has built up this season on Discovery Channel's “The Devils Ride” comes to a head on Monday's season finale episode.

On the episode titled “Collision Course,” San Diego biker clubs The Laughing Devils and Sinister Mob rally after many of its members have endured some pretty serious injuries. And as their upcoming battle against each other approaches, they prepare themselves for every possibility, even going so far as to bid farewell to their families.

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And, a new group of bikers may become the wild card as it gets word of the upcoming battle.

In TheWrap's exclusive video, Sinister Mob's ranks renew their solidarity before heading out to war.

Watch the video above.

“The Devils Ride” airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery.

  • Bcopeland

    Love the show. Hope it doesn't end here. I could care less if it's real or fake. It's great tv.

  • baja5b

    Weak Ending!!!!

  • emmanuel quiroz

    I guess the laughing devils are done they have up there patches and decline riding with fuzzy and sin mob ..I wonder what's going to happen now that there the only club in SD

  • D

    You NEVER give up your cut

  • Jp

    The plot twist has to be both clubs get taken out by the 1%. Why else would each club get a new guy who gets rushed in then show they are working with each other(clearly for the 1%) and end it without 1% plot. A merger vs 1% next season? .. Yes, im saying there will be another season; networks drive (hit) reality shows into the ground as long as there is a fan base.

  • Kevin Hunt

    That was a weak ending! So pissed I like the show but wtf? So many questions unanswered and whats with seasons being only like 6 episodes these days?

  • Oakland

    For all you that get off to this shit Fuck you soap opera ass fans

    • oaklandsux

      shut up idiot and rot in the ghetto where you belong puss.

  • Mike O

    Six episodes in a season show just how weak this series is. This whole season just show motorcycle clubs to be a bunch of chumps. Real clubs would be embarrassed watching this crap. They should change their name again if there is a new season to “The Sissies”. Especially Rockem. What a punk.

  • Matthew Stanfield

    If sandman was there there it would have been an all out brawl but he got locked up and I know tank had to be mad

    • Mike O

      Sandman wasn't supposed to be there dude, it wasn't in the script. It ended like it was written to end. Sandman was probably at McDonalds eating a cheeseburger waiting to cash his check.

      • wahoo

        Lol….now thats funny…

  • pochmandeer

    I find it hilarious how all the people writing posts and sayin all the bad shit bout the show are obviously watching it ,, they know all the characters and how many episodes there is in the season …. HAHAHA !!!!!! and just like any queer ass wanna be biker they talk like they are some kinda real thing , a real biker would piss in your faces .. Some of the kind I'm talking bout posted just below .

  • Dta

    What did sandman say at the end of the finale from jail? He still has his cut? My DVr cut out

  • Steve

    When does the new season start. It can't end here…

  • Jim

    Fuckn bunch of fuckn wannabe pussies. Absolute crap!!

  • Jim

    About as real as SOA

  • Jim

    Fkn wankers