‘Divergent’ Star Shailene Woodley Trashes ‘Twilight's’ Love Story

'Divergent' Star Shailene Woodley Trashes 'Twilight's' Love Story

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But her new movie is “so metaphorical to today's society”

What sets young adult novel adaptation “Divergent” apart from box office juggernaut “Twilight”? According to Shailene Woodley: healthy relationships.

“‘Twilight,’ I'm sorry, is about a very unhealthy, toxic relationship. She falls in love with this guy and the second he leaves her, her life is over and she's going to kill herself,” Woodley told Teen Vogue for the April issue's cover story. “What message are we sending to young people? That is not going to help this world evolve.”

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The 22-year-old actress takes the lead in the movie from Lionsgate (the same studio that released “Twilight”) as Tris Prior, a teenager who learns she does not fit into any of the five virtue-based factions that the futuristic, society dreamed up by author Veronica Roth, is divided into. Since she is a “divergent,” her life is in danger and she must fight alongside a fellow divergent named Four to get to the bottom of the conspiracy hatched by the leader of another faction.

The expected blockbuster is “so metaphorical to today's society,” Woodley told the Daily Beast, and she hopes it will start a conversation between audiences about our own issues.

“One of the most beautiful quotes in the book is when Tris says, ‘Back in the day, my mom had a choice between eating naturally-irrigated food and genetically-engineered foods. Now, there is no choice. That's all we have,'” Woodley said. “I thought that was so powerful because we're getting to a point where all agriculture is going to depend on seeds that were created in a lab–which is so counterintuitive to the way Mother Nature meant it to be. There's the issue of a tyrant taking over and genocide–someone going in, choosing a particular class of people, and murdering them by brainwashing other people. And there's the issue of spying on other people and this whole drone situation going on now.”

Audiences who haven't read the book will discover the many metaphors — like how or why the city of Chicago would be divided into five factions in the future – on March 21.

  • Jim

    Megan Fox called. She said to stop ripping her off.

  • lulu

    Maybe Ms. Woodley may try to read Hunger Games a story that she loves so much and note that children are killing each other and Katniss is a whiney two-faced selfish girl (she's a teenager in the book and not a young adult like in the movies) who plays on the affections of two boys who are in love with her. NO she does not show the affection in the book as J Law does in the films to the two boys. She has no desire for either. She only cares about surviving then later the revolution. Bella was NEVER so selfish. She always sacrificed herself and protected her family and friends. Yeah, Katniss shows how to treat boys.

    BTW, someone should have Ms. Woodley read the unfinished Midnight Sun and find out about Edward's emotional state after leaving Bella. Uh, Edward went to the Volturi to have them kill him because he couldn't live without Bella.

    Ooops my bad, it's fiction. I mean, how many girls in real life would kill themselves over a hot VAMPIRE?! That's VAMPIRE Ms. Woodley.

    Someone should also tell Ms. Woodley that Bella and Edward's relationship was not unhealthy nor toxic. If she read the books, she would understand that Bella made a choice. She loved Edward and wanted to become a vampire from the get go. Edward was the one who refused to change her. Edward was the one who tried to protect her from his world by leaving her after his brother tried to kill her. So WTF is she talking about.

    Ms. Woodley, who is being paid a million and a half or more less than Kristen Stewart did for her indie Twilight film, ought to know that Twilight fans are the ones who are mainly behind the support for Divergent. They are the ones who are operating the main fan sites for the film. Nice going idiot. Can you say, “kill my box office?”

    Ms. Woodley is clearly young and dumb because she clearly is speaking on a subject she knows nothing about…love.

    Maybe she should just come out of the closet and stop hating. Because if she thinks liking a story about kids killing kids is OK because it's an action film (see other interviews) then she's as dumb as she sounds.

    Good going girl. Slam Lionsgate's greatest money maker. See if you can negotiate a 12 million dollar contract for your sequel like Kristen did for her toxic relationship film. Even J Law only got 10 mil for her sequel. Keep talking trash… #endingcareerbeforeitsstarted

    Finally Ms. Woodley, you really don't want to get into a verbal battle with Ms. Stewart over a character she loves and defends with all her heart. You won't win honey. Trust me.

    • A Twihard

      This! Wow, perfectly said! I'm so glad you wrote this comment. All haters should read it, they'd finally get the whole point.

  • Sam

    I think she's right about twilight. In the real world if a guy leaves you, even if you loved him very much, you can't just stop life. You have to go on and be strong and continue living. If my husband died, yes I'd be devastated and I would never be the same but that doesn't mean my life stops. Yes it hurts and yes you should be allowed to mourn, but you don't just stop life. That's stupid.

  • nikola6

    I don't care if people hate Twilight all the live long day. But I'm sick and tired of people (the media, starlets who ape a bandwagon viewpoint) misrepresenting it. Bella Swan never tried to kill herself when Edward Cullen abandoned her (actually it was he who tried to kill himself when he thought she was dead). Yes, she fell into a depression but pulled herself out of it and went on. That's the message. True, she fell into reckless behavior because in doing so, it conjured Edward back up in her mind. She was a broken hearted teenage girl for God's sake. But she was also a very brave girl who selflessly offered herself up in order to save her mother, Edward twice (once walking into a vampire lair to save his life) and her daughter. Bella was not this doormat she is made out to be. She made choices. I think the problem people have with her though is that for them, they didn't like her choices. But they were her own. And that's what I always thought feminism was about…choices. But apparently only certain ones. Anybody ever hear of Splendor In The Grass? A classic, tragic teen love story. Girl gets boy. Girl loses boy. Girl loses mind. Girl tries to kill herself. Girl goes to mental institution. Girl stays sad but gets better. Girl goes home. Girl still loses boy. The end. It won William Inge the Oscar for best screenplay and got Natalie Wood a nomination for best actress. I wonder what 21st century sensibilities would have to say about this screen classic today? What do they have to say about Romeo and Juliet? They did kill themselves over their broken hearts. What about Heathcliff and Cathy? She willed herself to die and he went mad because they couldn't have each other. Do we caution young girls today not to read these classic stories because Juliet and Cathy are terrible role models? It's ridiculous. Twilight is fairy tale of eternal love set in the world of the supernatural. It is not a blueprint for young women to model their lives after. Give them some credit. Stop insulting their intelligence. And get over the staggering success of Twilight. Which is I suspect, the real thorn in some paws which has resulted in the dog pile of distorted criticism of it.