Donald Glover-Bobby Moynihan ‘Bro Rape’ Video Horribly Foreshadows Real Case (Video)

Donald Glover-Bobby Moynihan 'Bro Rape' Video Horribly Foreshadows Real Case (Video)

Maryland man accused of using beer pong to lure victims

Years before Donald Glover starred on “Community” and Bobby Moynihan on “Saturday Night Live,” they appeared in a comedy short that creepily anticipated an actual criminal case.

The 2006 video by Glover's comedy group, Derrick, has been viewed online more than 10 million times. It imagines a phenomenon known as “Bro Rape” in which preppie, hard-partying young men — bros — use beers, “Family Guy” and Jack Johnson to sexually assault other bros.

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Now a Maryland man is accused of having a similarly bro-ish modus operandi.

Joey Poindexter, 38, is accused of sexually assaulting at least 10 college-age men in the last decade after preying on them at events like beer pong tournaments and extreme sports events. Police said at a news conference Tuesday that the assaults appear to have happened while the victims were drunk or unconscious.

The Baltimore Sun said Poindexter could not be reached for comment.

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Watch the fake “Bro Rape” news report, followed by a real one:

  • Roy

    What??? I like to smell like an axe!

  • Dale Latimer

    I used to have dreams like this… except the attackers were starchy, old Irishmen and they used whisky, literature and Irish music, not beer, games and Jack Johnson.