Don’t worry: No spoilers

The first photos from the fifth season of PBS’s beloved “Downton Abbey” have arrived, and to avoid any spoilers, we’ve asked an idiot who has never seen the show to write the captions.

We know what American “Downton” fans must endure to avoid having the show ruined, given that the Emmy magnet airs several months earlier across the pond than it does here. So to give them a break, for once, we’re enlisting someone incapable of spilling any secrets.

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That idiot, writing on condition of anonymity, will be unable to tell you about any of the treats that await you in the latest edition of the show, which premieres Sunday, Jan. 4 on “Masterpiece” on PBS.

He will not tell you that the images include Downton’s adorable fourth generation, including little Sybbie (Fifi Hart) and the heir, George (twins Zac and Oliver Barker). Or that you’re getting a glance at Richard E. Grant as Simon Bricker.

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Nope, no inside knowledge here. So enjoy the lack of revelations, and the idiocy.

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