Dailies | Jimmy Kimmel Disguises Drake to Smack Talk Drake With Strangers (Video)

The rapper displayed hilarious humility ahead of his hosting duties at the 2014 ESPY Awards

Drake went undercover for Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night so strangers on the street could call him “childish,” “not manly,” “an idiot,” “a chickenhead” and “not a real rapper.”

This year's ESPY Awards host put on a beard and a wig to interview (above) some of his biggest haters and biggest fans, while asking questions that ranged from “Are you a Drake fan?” to “How do you feel about rapper Drake refusing to acknowledge Caucasian athletes at the ESPYs?”

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The Grammy-winning rapper from Canada tried to give strangers subtle and not-so-subtle hints that he was the very person they were talking smack on, but they didn't quite get it until he completely removed his disguise.

“What would I say to myself? Because I'm Drake,” the music star told a hater who called him an idiot. “I am a total idiot to be standing here, on this street, in this beard and this wig, when I know good and well that I'm Drake and I could be at home with multiple women bathing in champagne. But instead, I'm interviewing you. Oh, boy. Still don't get it, huh?”

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Drake hosts the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles in July 16.