Drake Slams Rolling Stone Over Losing Cover to Philip Seymour Hoffman: ‘I'm Disgusted’

Drake Slams Rolling Stone Over Losing Cover to Philip Seymour Hoffman: 'I'm Disgusted'

Getty Images/Rolling Stone

The rapper is also upset at the “evil” print publication for misquoting him

Rolling Stone magazine decided to put recently deceased actor Philip Seymour Hoffman on the cover this month, and Drake is “disgusted with that,” because he says it was his face that was supposed to be immortalized on the new issue.

The rapper is also upset for allegedly being misquoted about Kanye West in his interview for the magazine, and took to Twitter on Thursday to vent his frustrations.

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Rolling Stone has not yet responded to TheWrap‘s request for comment.

Instead of highlighting the interview with “Hip-Hop's lonely prince,” the publication decided to dedicate the new issue to Hoffman's life through interviews with the Oscar winner's closest friends and colleagues. While a few excerpts from the story are currently available, the magazine goes on sale on Friday.

  • trombonezone

    He needs to grow up.

  • Dayscreamer

    Who is Drake?

    • Donatello

      My thoughts exactly.

    • ChristianLyons

      The character on Degrassi that was shot during the school shooting and ended up in a wheelchair. Other than that–I have no idea.

    • TROLL

      Hes one of the best rappers out there right now. So fuck your face

      • Vajazzling Jazzy Jeff

        Drake is a terrible rapper.

  • ottomarcos

    Drake's “music” blows chunks like a vomiting vulture. Philip Seymour Hoffman was a great artist and a true talent. Build a bridge and get over yourself, Drake, you insolent moron!

  • RUSerious

    Didn't think much of this guy before… think even less of him now.

  • DrakeFan

    Dude…a Hollywood death always trumps Rap! You gotta know that by now. I love your music and appreciate your passion but a man's death is always going to trump anything they have “on the table” at the moment. It's just the game as it's played.

  • kaz

    all respect for the dude but he was a junkie an this is who we want to imortalize on a magazine cover smh

    • LeftyAnasazi

      You're an idiot.

  • lovethisbusiness

    Is he any relation to Dr. Ludwig von Drake?

  • Outmez

    Stop hating on drake. He's a hard worker and has talent as both a rapper and singer, even if his music doesn't cater to your personal taste. I'd be pissed too if it wasn't taken away last minute. At least he acknowledges hoffman and gives respect where its due, sounds more mature than some of these hateful comments.

    • Blue meanie

      Rap takes talent? Really? I guess you have to be able to rap, steal 6 cars, break into 10 houses and pimp out 6 hos before you have that rap cred, right?

      • common sense

        You're ignorant as hell. YES rap takes talent. stop trying to downplay urban music because of your personal preference.

        • davidfGuest

          It's garbage.

          • a

            what the fuck do you know about hip hop or urban music in general? don't talk about music that you don't understand/wasn't meant for you

  • Guest

    If it was promised for fill it RS, Dead men can wait…

  • Seanie

    If it was promised fulfill it RS, Dead men can wait…

  • The Masked Avatar

    He obviously hates white people. Racist.

    • BethAnn3

      He is part white himself.

      • The Masked Avatar

        Which part?

        • Klove

          His mom is white lmaoooo

          • phillymiss

            White and Jewish. Drake actually identifies as Jewish.

    • Joe

      Goddamn it!!!! Yeah, racism, fuck face. Why did you have to go there? It's people like you that keep perpetuating this bullshit. Stop it!

  • hupto

    Somebody needs to call this punk's parents and tell them they failed.

    • Kelly Ryan

      they already know, their son just OD'd 2 weeks ago

  • joeyj

    Crap. I was hoping he was going to retire lol

  • BethAnn3

    Rolling Stone wants to sell magazines. Whoever is news gets the cover. They will sell more copies with a newsworthy guy like PSH. Drake should be happy more people will buy RS and read his interview.

  • TOM

    Does he believe that he is more culturally revelant than PSH?


    PSH chose is own way out so why should he get a cover on a magazine? It seems we celebrate people who kill themselves a whole lot in this country. PSH is nothing but a over glorified junky. Most of you people berate junkies but why not do that to the celebrities who do this and make it look like its alright? Drake has every right to be mad I would be to working hard to be on the cover of Rolling Stone and gets snubbed for a junky who chose to kill himself. You people need to stop being so blind and see him for what he was.

    • brenden

      They will probably sell 50% more issues with PSH. Its a business, kind of a no brainer to kick drake off the cover.

    • Kelly Ryan

      Don't know who Drake is, but I won't be spending any of my cash on a druggie. But its sad that other people will.

      • stfu

        If you dont know who drake is dont assume hes a druggie! Its sad that people will spend cash on this philip dude who died being a druggie!

        • Kelly Ryan

          wasn't talking about drake

    • davidfGuest

      f*** you and motherf*** that Saint Bernard-eyed mushmouth.

    • PhunEguy


  • King_Complex

    Good job, RS. I wouldn't have purchased the new issue (or any magazine for that matter) with Drake's face on the cover. Needless to say, I'll be picking the PSH issue up tomorrow.

  • Valicito

    The Matrix Reloaded (2003)
    Agent Thompson: You.
    Agent Smith: Yes, me.
    [turns Thompson into another Smith]
    Agent Smith: Me… me… me…
    Agent Smith Clone: Me too.

  • HoppyJoy

    Hey Drake, Go OD or crash your car or something, maybe then you can be on the cover. Just make sure you are DOA. #RIPDrake

  • Jojo

    He died of a heroin overdose thats something to be idolized? It's bs. I understand respect for artists but I understand Drake's frustration, initially he never mentioned anything negative towards Hoffman although his apology was mediocre anyone would have been “disgusted” if this were them.

    • LeftyAnasazi

      He was being “idolized” for his incredible body of work, and the fact that he would never be making anymore, asshole. Drake has a long career ahead of him(unfortunately). He doesn't get enough attention? He has a right to be”frustrated” and “disgusted” because a magazine paid tribute to an incredibly talented man who died an untimely death instead of him? Give me a break. Of course, there would be a classless idiot like you to fawn over Drake's narcissistic ass, and focus on the fact that Hoffman died of a drug overdose, as if that somehow negates his legacy. Drake is a notorious prima donna, and Philip Seymour Hoffman had more talent in one fingernail than a hundred Drakes.

      • Kelly Ryan

        he OD'd, f him

  • Fedor_Pavlovitsj

    What a dick.

  • Blue meanie

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman did more in one year than your whole pathetic “music” career. Self entitlement rears it's ugly head and narcissism shows it's true colors. Let's see if you get the cover when you die. By that time, it will be “Drake who?”. PSH: True talent versus Drake: flash in the pan, no contest.

    • b

      What do you even know about drake (other than the unoriginal observation that he was on degrassi, which I keep seeing repeated on here). that's how I know none of you actually pay any attention to him, which means there's no way you know anything in regards to his talent. regardless of what you think (your opinion is irrelevant), rolling stone is a MUSIC magazine and Seymour was an actor. RS is simply capitalizing off his death, which was the root of drakes comments. drake isn't the only one tired of the media glorifying junkies

  • Elizabeth

    I didn't take that to mean he was disgusted that he wasn't on the cover. It took it as him being disgusted that they would use the death of an actor to sell/promote their magazine and profit from his death. I'm disgusted by that too. And Drake should be pissed off that they misquoted him. They do it all the time and get away with it.

  • Tim Mc

    What a classless shine.

  • Nat

    He isn't denouncing PSH. He's denouncing Rolling Stone for promising him theid cover and both not giving him their cover and not telling him he wasn't getting their cover until it was published. If you were him, you'd feel the same way.

  • Blaine

    Another Celeb Full of himself having a temper tantrum. Pore Baby!

    • fuck u

      Stfu this isnt the full story.

    • dictionary


  • DumbNiggasSTFU

    Drake the type of dude who would cry over this…oh wait.

  • brenden

    At the end of the day its about money. They will sell more issues with PSH than they will with Drake. What an insecure loser though.

  • Kelly Ryan

    Do you see the change?

  • jigzaw

    I don't know who Drake is, but I can definitely understand his frustration. Rolling Stone is supposed to be a magazine about music, but it's sold out and turned itself into another People, more concerned about generic entertainment news and gossip than about its founding mission.

  • Paul Quirk

    Wait a minute, Rolling Stone still publishes a physical magazine cover?

  • Hector Ruiz III

    Despite being a tool, at least he's wished up to the fact that “entertainment journalists” are ball sacks.

  • anonymous

    why not put drakes face on the back cover….

  • anonymous

    What is drakes message anyways? to repeat lyrics not written by him, about his money cars hoes, and champagne? the big lebowski was better than drakes whole career just saying

  • rollingstonedeservesthismore

    Yeah, f him. Rolling Stone deserves to make a ton of money selling copies of Phillip, not Drake! Doesn't Drake know that Rolling Stone deserves this? What band did Phillip play in? Oh right, he's an actor, nvm.

  • enough_already

    1. RS is a for profit corporation. no surprise
    2. PSH on the cover = profit. no surprise
    3. Drake ticked off. no surprise
    4. Full on show of pathetic narcissistic whining. Get the F over yourself.

    • PhoenixForInfinity

      Your comment in number 4 on the list shows how you think Drake is just the “Uppity Lightskin House Negro” that you think is unworthy of praise on the cover of RS or “should've known” and
      kept his mouth shut to know his “place” when people at Rolling Stone
      screwed him over. PSH is from my hometown city and my parents,teachers etc knew him. I know that he would definitely wanted Drake a musician on the cover of RS especially during Feb. Black history month. Ironic how history has a way of repeating itself. RIP to PHS a hometown star that burned out too fast and is now stuck in the middle of this because of corporate greed and sell-outs over at Rolling Stone magazine.

      • Tim Hunter

        Oh, yes….lest we forget Black History Month. Not day. Not week. But month. An entire month that apparently is supposed to trump everything else and stop the world spinning on its axis.
        I get so sick of people like you riding in and adding all extra race baiting crap to anything and everything. “Your comment shows how you think Drake is just the ‘Uppity Lightskin House Negro’ who should have known his ‘place'”. GTF out of here with that nonsense. It was about him thinking that he was more important than the loss of a great artist. It had nothing to do with race.
        That is, of course, until you came along.

  • davidfGuest

    Well, Drake. Go ahead and overdose.

    Then, and only then, will I feel comfortable with you on there. You're a vomit-salesman in a buyer's market.

  • PJC

    His next tour should be sponsored by Massengill.

  • neemer5

    If he really meant the “respect to Philip Seymour Hoffman,” he wouldn't be “disgusted” with RS's choice. A person of class would say that given the circumstances, they understand why they were bumped.

    Furthermore, Drake better pray that he is loved enough to bump someone's moment when he dies. Sorry his death didn't do a better job of working around Drakes schedule.

  • jennifer Gonzalez

    Drakes the best fuck all you guys

  • rosaca322

    Stupid Mulato, I sure hope he dies of a drug overdoes also

  • elias

    drake is such a dick. even if he says ‘all respect due', thats still highly selfish and disrespectful. why make a big deal out of it, trying to get attention for himself and put himself in the limelight when the magazine wants to pay respect and tribunce to phillip seymour hoffman

  • BluelineMike

    Whop the hell is Drake? Fuq Drake..Go back to Canada with your gay boyfriend Bieber

  • justsayin66

    Most of you are probably too young to have heard this classic — go find it on YouTube –

    “The Cover Of The Rolling Stone”

    Ha ha ha, I don't believe it
    Da, da, ah, ah don't touch it
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    I got a freaky ole lady name a cocaine Katy
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    Ah, that's beautiful

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    Ahh, beautiful…

  • Malby

    supposed to be immortalized on the new issue–no one is immortalized on a magazine cover. Let's find another word. .

  • DJ Screw Overdosing on PD

    How DARE they pay tribute to an amazing, talented actor instead of putting the face of a bland, forgettable rapper on the cover?

    Those soulless BASTARDS. They are EVIL.

  • comment

    Get over yourself, Drake. Long when you're forgotten Philip Seymour will live on in film. He's personally one of my favorite actors.

  • erfsdc


    “I'm disgusted that the tragic death of a beloved actor stopped me from being immortalized on RS”

    Well Tweets are pithy, I suppose.