‘Duck Dynasty’ Star's Anti-Gay Comments: Clay Aiken Weighs In

'Duck Dynasty' Star's Anti-Gay Comments: Clay Aiken Weighs In


Homophobia is “built out of fear,” gay “American Idol” alum says

Former “American Idol” contestant Clay Aiken offered his thoughts on the scandal surrounding “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson's anti-gay comments on Thursday night, saying that such comments and attitudes are “built out of fear.”

Clay dropped in to discuss the topic on “The Arsenio Hall Show” on Thursday, telling his former “Celebrity Apprentice” castmate that Robertson's comments prove that society still has “a long way to go” in accepting homosexuality.

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“I think it certainly shows that we've got a long way to go when it comes to people being accepting and understanding,” Aiken, who came out as gay in 2008, said. “Homophobia, racism …. all of it's built out of fear. All of it's out of fear. And if you grow up in an area like Louisiana and you're not exposed to diversity, then you can be afraid of things.”

Aiken also expressed frustration with the Robertson defenders who've said that the reality TV star has a right to free speech.

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“I think the thing that frustrates me the most is that there have been people who've come out today and said, ‘It's free speech, it's free speech,'” Aiken continued. “And I would ask them … if the person had said something about interracial marriage, or said that we should put all children with disabilities in institutions, would we still say, ‘Well, that's free speech, we're okay with that opinion?’ And I think the answer is no.”

Aiken did, however, say that society has made progress in its acceptance of gays — though total acceptance isn't likely to happen anytime soon.

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“Homophobia is one thing that we're still a little accepting of in certain areas. I think it's progress; we'll get there,” Aiken offered. “I don't have any belief or any designs on the fact that it's going to happen overnight.”

Robertson was suspended indefinitely from Duck Dynasty on Wednesday, after he lumped gays in with “drunks” and “terrorists” during an interview with GQ. He also opined that gays “won't inherit the kingdom of God.”

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Robertson, the family patriarch on the A&E series, describes himself as a former adherent to the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle, who turned to Jesus Christ after hitting rock bottom.

The Robertson family issued a statement on Thursday, saying that they “cannot imagine” doing “Duck Dynasty” without Phil, and that they are “in discussions” with A&E about the matter.

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The new season of “Duck Dynasty” premieres Jan. 15.

Watch Aiken discuss the issue with Hall in this video:

  • snooky

    Maybe tv and producers have to except it, But I never will Except it. It's not out of fear. It's a sin Men on men women on women it's in the Bible it's not of God. People throw out your bibles its not like were living the model sinless life anymore.

  • snooky

    Don't lump people with disabilities with LGBT Not the same thing.

    • Norman Bates

      They are both groups who face discrimination.

    • Leslie R

      I face discrimination because I got a speech and learning disabilities so to me it is the same. Plus I was offended by his comments and I'm a straight lady too.

      • Al Friebel

        Please don't take this the wrong way but unless your beliefs are different then Phil's you should not be offended. However as I can tell from your remarks they are different. If free speech is not given equal to every member of this great nation then you should not be able to post your remarks because it offends me when people don't respect what this country was born for.
        Sounds to me like people want freedom of speech to work only for them and knowone else in this country is allowed to have a different opinion.
        not to be mean just my opinion.

        • rosie

          don't apologize for stating your opinion; there was nothing mean about it — just honest.

      • bcmugger

        I think you have a reading impediment also.

  • DoneIt

    Nobody said they were afraid of homosexuals. Accepting as ok religiously, and accepting as members of this society are two different things. Some will never accept homosexuals, just as some will never accept other things according to their religion ,that does not mean that people can not accept them in society. I mean, mainstream does not understand the Amish refusal of pictures, or using horse and buggy. Main stream does not believe that women should be covered head to toe. Yet we know and accept that this is a part of our society. Saying that someones refusal to “accept” something they believe is wrong is about fear is ridiculous.

  • Jecolon

    The truth hurts. Aids was a plague. Homosexuals want to be acceptable, that is fine, it is their own salvation when they die, but, don't force it down Judeo Christians . They too have the right to see it as a sin and as unclean.

    • Norman Bates

      Don't make the ignorant mistake of thinking Aids is a gay thing. millions of straight folks and their babies are dying from it.

      • Jecolon

        Mr. Bates, I was in the era of the 70s. Aids arrived by spa hot spots from south africa. A young gay brought it over to many countries because he worked for the airline. Bisexual men brought it to their wives and the wives brought it to their children in their womb. This is how it was spread. It was and will always be a a gay disease and a plague. Don't call people ignorant if you never lived it. I was there.

        • Marshall

          Is that the story “Maw and Paw” told you? I'm sure you hear many folktales where you're from.

          • Red Wine

            Bless your heart, Marshall, Jecolon is exactly right. The early HIV infections were traced to a homosexual male flight attendant who carried the virus out of Africa and introduced it into the Western gay community.

      • Dan

        Get it straight—-the AIDs virus first mutated from monkeys thru incubation in a homosexual group to the form that infects humans.

        • Jukehead

          Who was the nasty human that slept with monkey?

      • bcmugger

        Dont try to absolve gays of spreading, you KNOW they did.

      • Flipperj

        yea and they got it from you homo”s

  • ted

    You can't legislate people to like you. The thing with gays is they say they were born that way, which I believe. O.K. We know your gay and……. They seem to act like this is a badge of honor or an accomplishment for something they had nothing to do with. Aids patients and breast cancer patients also seem to have this sense of superiority. Like their disease is better than your disease. There are lots of diseases that kill as many if not more people but they are not as sexy, or hip as theirs.

    • Drex

      Comparing breast cancer victims and Aids victims to being gay and saying “Like their disease is better than your disease.” makes you a fucking idiot! Remember your words Ted when cancer pays your family or loved one a visit. When you piss and moan about how it affects your personal schedule, remember your own words of wisdom. You sir are an asshat.

    • rosie

      I have to agree here. I've noticed this too. Why do certain causes seem to enjoy an elite status in our society when you don't hear at all about the multitudes of others that people struggle with — and die from — every day. My mom has fought with lymphoma for years now — she's had to deal with it three times since her first dx. She is elderly, now 88 yrs old. What a champion to be battling with cancer in your 80's and want to keep going . . . I don't see any awards being handed out. Also, my son, type 1 diabetes since age 4, where's his medal for dealing with this disease day in and day out; it is very had as a child and young adult to balance health issues and the life that all of his peers take for granted. I just don't think — and it irritates me — that AIDS and breast cancer seem to get the golden halo while everything else falls in their shadow. Stepping of soap box now.

  • Norman Bates

    The bible isn't real. It is a book of fables written by men with great imaginations.

    • John Crooker

      I sure you hope you are right, because when you die you will face Jesus, then what are you going to tell him he is just an figment of your imagination.

      • Norman Bates

        Not in my world. Please don't try to force your beliefs on me.

        • FatherOf Dayear

          What are you doing by saying the bible isn't real. Keep your opinions to yourself.

          • Norman Bates

            Free Speech right?

          • Believer

            Mr. Bates you do have the right of free speech and the right to chose whether or not to follow the teachings of Christ as Lord. We all have this choice. Christians believe this choice is created and granted of God, In my view A&E has a choice: Either A&E disclaims, ( The views stated in this program or by the persons contained herein are not the views of this network, officials…), and reinstate Phil to the program that makes A&E LOTS of money, OR A&E Chooses to close the program and forfeit all proceeds to charity. I believe that the A&E suspension is an Effort to split the Robertson family and the beliefs they stand for as in every episode there is a closing prayer. The comments made by Phil are part and parcel of the beliefs held by the Robertson family that has made the prayer part of the show.
            It seems to me that the Duck Dynasty cash cow, has balked at a gate that A&E wants passed through so that the show, together with all the items in the many stores, will make A&E even more money. You must realize A&E gets a portion of all proceeds.

          • Steven

            FatherOf… Free speech only to those who share your beliefs? Not going to happen in this country.
            Every religion has their own holy book and, in their belief system, it is the only correct one. My question to you is this; “As long as we believe in, and serve, the Creator, what does it matter which ‘manual’ we follow?”
            I believe that most books hold pieces of the truth, including your Bible.

          • FatherOf Dayear

            You are worse than the fundies, get off your soapbox and spout your shit to people that want to hear it you fedora wearing asshole.

        • LA

          Norm, If Christians are wrong we just Die and that's it, if your wrong and aren't saved at your time of death then you sir will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven

    • FatherOf Dayear

      You are just as bad as the fundies.

    • bcmugger

      Said the tolerant homo

    • jkb

      You are wrong, Norman Bates, and you will pay the price with your soul in hell for eternity unless you accept Jesus as your savior.

  • John Crooker

    I have 3 words for eveybody “Sodom and Gomora”

    • Norman Bates

      That's a fairy tale.

      • kurbstar

        willing to bet your soul on that?

        • Ron Laisle

          Yep. Read your Bible and you will be able to see that.

      • Linda Lakey Webster

        You will find out what is a fairy tale on judgement day!

      • The Jerk

        so is your hind end

      • skinsforlife

        Yes, Normy Boo…..Sodom and Gomora is a fairy tale, as is the rest of the Bible, and you, Dear Idiot, are the most intelligent of people posting here!!! NOT!! Here's another ‘fairy tale’ for you: The Devil is a liar!


      learn how to spell

      • bcmugger

        Learn how to be tolerant…oh my bad, you a fascist homo, you cant.

        • tiredofthebiblecrap

          and you are a jerk

    • DarkShadowofChrist

      Jesus ain't preach nothing about no Sodom and Gomorah, and he ain ‘t preach against no gays either; but he did preach against LIARS like this racist swine that told that patently racist standard LIE that Black people were happy in the 1950s -LIE! And liars -like him – are among those Jesus preached about not inheriting the Kingdom of God. And Jesus made clear in the Sermon on the mount, that he walked away from the barbarity of Mosaic law -he peed all over Moses crap and announced He represented the KINGDOM of God -not MOSES. Why you think Jews killed him? Nope, Jesus did not follow Moses nor no old Testament -so why do you Christians follow Moses when your God Jesus walked away from it? And He did not see nor preach nor authorize that crap that is the New Testament which he did not preach. Why don't y9ou Christians do what Jesus commanded you to do? And follow Him? Then your mouths would be shut about gays. Jesus preached agains you all, not no gays. If you follow Jesus follow him! Instead of folks like Moses who Jesus spoke against in the Sermon on the mount and spent 4 whole books teaching you to do the same. Still y9ou follow his Murderers! Judaism and that Roman crap. And the story is a fairy tale anyway, not literal history. God did not destroy no Sodom and no Gomorrah either; Jews did and blamed it on God. No evidence to the contrary. But of course a small minded childlike mind of a Christian does not require any proof. Any ole fairy tale will do.

      • Linda Lakey Webster

        I sure don't know what You base all your gibberish on but apparently you have not got any of your info from a Christian Bible! Pray you don't have to wait until judgment day to find out the Bible is true! It was written by man but inspired by God.

        • tiredofthebiblecrap

          its laughable to think so many people get so hipped over something written by man, to give a standard of how one should live. don't forget that the bible was written in a time when people really didn't know anything, women being burned at the stake for witch craft, child sacrifices and molestion were acceptable. wake up world. These things from the bible are irrelevent in this day when we should have the knowledge and better judgment that has EVOLVED WITH US.

      • Dina

        You are correct, as for the lady below, it seems shes missed the point entirely.

      • Red Wine

        Have you actually read the Bible?

  • cc

    I agree with Mr. Robertson, and I am not homophobic. Over the years while in college, working or traveling in the USA and overseas I have met and know gay people. Some were my friends. They knew I did not want or agree with there life style. Mr. Robertson has a right to ” freedom of speech.” When This country was built it was based on freedom of religion and speech, Why should A&E take Mr. Robertson's freedom of speech from him. A&E host the program , “The Bible” if they can show this re-enactment of the Bible why can't Phil talk about his beliefs and views of the Bible. The devil always stick his hand into someones life and makes a mess of it!!

    • Galiana

      It's called employment at will. Phil can say whatever he likes but A&E doesn't have to continue to pay him to do so. Just as Phil doesn't have to continue to work for A&E if he is offended by their programming or values.

  • no

    What kind of fear are we talking about? I don't think most people are “afraid’ of homosexuals in the sense that they literally are frightened of them. They are afraid that married gay men will adopt children to molest them (already happened twice) that gay marriage would force others to accept their lifestyle (immediately after legalization, businesses who objected to providing services for gay marriages/couples were sued under antidiscrimination laws) that schools would begin indoctrinating children to accept the homosexual lifestyle in opposition to many parents wishes (already happened.) and that legalizing gay marriage would open the door to polygamy (supreme court just struck down polygamy rulings in Utah, and general agitation for “group marriage”) so all in all, I'd say the “fear” was legitimate. Pretty much every fear has come true or is coming true.

    • Jeffrey Caudill

      “They are afraid that married gay men will adopt children to molest them (already happened twice)” Twice?? That's your argument?? Everyday I hear of children being molested by “straight” men and women.

      Polygamy was here long before the legalization of same sex marriage.

      If i were to marry someone of the same sex…I cannot see how that would effect someone else's lives. I just can't. Most of the posts made here are ignorant of truth and the understanding of “free speech.”

      Free speech may allow you to say what you think and what you believe without the fear of legal prosecution, but it doesn't say there won't be ramifications and consequences to voicing those opinions and beliefs.

    • Galiana

      Do you have any idea how many kids are molested by so-called Christians?
      1 and 6 women have been sexually victimized by men. 1 in 6!!! Should we outlaw heterosexuality?
      Of course discrimination is illegal!
      Sexuality cannot be taught or forced upon you. Who forced or taught you to be heterosexual?
      Your comments are the epitome of fear and ignorance of the unknown.

  • http://www.mybestyears.com/ Sterling Graham

    Clay who?

    • Ron Laisle

      Aiken. As in “that monster sized penis sure has his anus aiken.”

  • EdwardT

    Maybe “homophobia” needs to be redefined, as in: Fear of speaking one's mind with respect to the disgusting practice of homosexuality, for fear of antagonizing a cadre of militant “activists”.


    not everyone in Louisiana is an uneducated & a countryfried ignoramus mr aiken. don't generalize a whole when it is merely a few. ignorance can be found all over this world & not just in certain parts. the south is more diversified & forward than most of y'all yanks think it is. look in your own backyard. remember prop 8 in the diversified & forward state of California? i'm sure you do.

    • ADisabledVet

      Are you speaking of Phil R. when you talk about being uneducated? The man who was the starting quarterback for LSU that kept Terry Bradshaw on the second string till he quit… That Phil R.?

      • gil

        so he was so good at football, teachers did not care about his education they gave him passing grades so the school could have good football player!! phils ignorance is clearly coming from lack of education,

        • nana

          the man also has a masters degree,,,now who is stupid and uneducated…..and his sons and their wives are all highly educated….do some research….moron

          • skinsforlife

            Amen, Nana!! If any of you want to believe that he was granted a degree based on the merits of being an athlete, fine, but he – like everyone else – would surely have had to EARN a Masters!!! Those are NOT handed out 'cause you're a good footballer!! How very insensitive, intolerant, phobic, discriminant, absurd, fearful, and ignorant, to assume/decide that a good ol’ boy from the deep south with a country twang and a ‘common man's’ perspective is an uneducated, bumbling buffoon. And for the record, I am a very educated man who shares Phil's Biblical take on the topics of discussion. And oh, by the way, I am (transplanted several years ago) from the deep south and I'm BLACK!!!!

          • tiredofthebiblecrap

            well every one has the right to say what the want, do you know the robertsons personally? well educated does not mean they are not ignorant. ignorance can be as simple as being close minded.

        • bcmugger

          Said the tolerant HATER.

    • Ron Laisle

      You've got a lot of gall telling someone to learn how to spell when you can't even construct a proper sentence. Your hick brother/cousin wants you in the bedroom, again.

  • 2bea

    What would ever make Clay thing Phil is afraid of anything????? If Clay had a bible he would know he is not. Further Clay just for your information…As a free country If I choose not to delve into diversity I have that right. If I choose not to believe in the filth of Hollywood I have that right. If I choose not to associate with people I believe are not moral or ethical I have that right. I don't hate you,
    I don't think about you or your life. I would appreciate the same ..

    • Perception

      another redneck could not have said it better

    • Rosie

      very well said . . . .

    • getemphil

      I agree with what you say. My be clay should just crawl back into the closet.

      • Kelly122

        Why should he have to? He's entitled to his lifestyle just as much as you are.

  • gv

    Discriminating against Christianity and /or Mr. Robertson's beliefs is a double standard. So it's OK for gay supporters to force their opinion right over Mr. Robertson's personal Christian beliefs but it's not ok for anyone to have another belief… hmmm that's absurd and also discriminate. The bottom line is gay people and gay supporters are just as wrong trying to force their lifestyle and mentality on others and criticizing those with different moral beliefs as those they claim are discriminating against them.

    • Kelly122

      None of them insulted Mr. Robertson by lumping him in with terrorists and those that practice bestiality. None of them said that Mr. Robertson wasn't going to go to Heaven, did they? No, I thought not. Nobody is forcing their lifestyle on anyone, they are merely asking for some respect and their human rights. What is wrong with that?

    • Galiana

      Phil is free to believe and say what he wants and A&E is free to choose whether or not they want to continue to associate with him. Freedom doesn't take sides. To pretend otherwise is absurd.

  • livesinlouisiana

    what the hell.. when you grown up in an “area like Louisiana”.. what are you saying Clay about people from Louisiana? Have you not been to Louisiana.? what you don't think we have gay people in Louisiana.. .. Clay.. read the bible and visit Louisiana!

  • http://www.twitter.com/AhContraire AhContraire

    Homophobia is “built out of fear,” gay “American Idol” alum says

    BUILT OUT OF FEAR? Shouldn't everyone, including gays, be afraid of their own homosexual tendencies as isn't it medically dangerous?

    That is, Doesn't the medical community recommend that you, “Wash your hands after you go to the bathroom.”?

    Yet, now there are some in the medical community that now say it's OK to “Sleep with the waste that gets flushed down in the toilet?” and that it's possible to live a perfectly normal life.

    Note: By the way Google: “Aggressive new HIV strain leads to AIDS more quickly”
    and you will see HIV is becoming far more stronger…wonder why?

  • Chang Ling

    I also agree with mr Robertson. Knowing the difference between right and wrong does not make one homophobic! I consider homosexuals to be sexual deviants, Mr Robertson stated he didn't believe homosexuals would inherit the Kingdom Of God. The bible calls homosexuality to be an abomination! Wow an ABOMINATION that's a pretty strong word!!! Why isn't GLADD going after God for that? I would tend to think considering that God considers “choosing” to be queer an abomination they probably won't inherit his Kingdom. Oh he might let them loiter around outside the gates or swim in the moat but probably won't be any streets of gold for queers.

  • Ron Markham

    Aiken is right, we have a long way to go because Aiken is a big part of the problem. Aiken is dangerous, because he thinks he is tolerant and accepting when he is just the opposite. He preaches tolerance, by being intolerant. He is the most dangerous of hate mongers.

  • fan

    phil Robertson for president !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jai

    Nobody FEARS gays. We just DON'T CARE! We don't care what you do in private and we don't want to know. We don't want you fired or anything else. We just want you to SHUT UP!
    We don't go on national TV to proclaim our sexual preferences so don't go on TV to proclaim your sexual frustrations.
    However you live your life is between you and God. WE DON'T CARE and WE DON'T WANT TO KNOW. So SHUT UP and go back to your forms of sexual frustration without us.

    • rosie


    • Kelly122

      You MUST care, or it wouldn't bother you to know. You and I have never been in the minority in this sort of issue. We've never had to hide who we love. They aren't looking for anything but the right to be who they are, without someone screaming that they shouldn't talk about it. So YES, you most sincerely DO care.

      • jai

        Kelly, you are delsional. I'm not responding because i care about you and your sexual practices. I'm responding on behalf of everyone you and others like you are BORING us all half to death with your silly sexuality. GET A LIFE. Do something worthwhile.
        Face it. Be gay if you want, just SHUT UP ABOUT IT. NOBODY CARES!

        • Galiana

          Poor thing, you can't shut up about being BORED and NOT CARING. I can ONLY imagine how annoying you'd be if you were actually being denied basic human rights or being continually bashed over your silly & boring sexuality. Until everyone (NOT JUST YOU) starts minding their own business, getting a life and not caring about other people's sexuality, then & ONLY THEN will people “shut up about it”. Until then, you'll just have DEAL WITH IT. You poor dear.

          • MADDOG

            Galiana: You are missing the point. If I went around openly putting this statement in every single person's face, ” I AM A HETROSEXUAL”; I would be excused of sexual harassment and probably released where ever I worked. I work in the big world, and I know for fact that if you went around being openly flamboyant about your sexual desires, and I asked you to calm it down I would be deemed intolerant, unacceptable, and a red neck. When in reality, I don't like when male and female put their sex on front street, WHY THE FUCK WOULD I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT GAY SEX????? I know I speak for many, just as dude did above. WE DON'T FUCKING CARE WHAT YOU LIKE. DO YOU IT. HAVE FUN. JUST QUIT MAKING ME HAVE TO KNOW, UNDERSTAND, AND ACT LIKE I LOVE YOUR FORM OF LIFE. IT'S UNFAIR TO MANY MANY PEOPLE, AND YET WE GET MORE RULES THROWN AT US.
            grow the fuck up and quit crying. I know several gay men, and they are on board with me. You know what they say about gay people that demand all the attention…THEY ARE THE ONES THAT ARE JUST LOOKING FOR A FIGHT OR CHANCE TO SUE….nothing more…..

  • Ed

    Clay Aiken, isn't he that guy that did something one time that didn't amount to anything and nobody remembers him until someone reminds you of what he did at one time. Yes, I kinda remember him, he was the guy that won before Carrie Underwood, who everybody remembers because she was good. I think it's time to move on and try to destroy someone else's TV series, like some real housewives of some city (LOL).

  • SM

    Homo's are not to be “feared”, so the to say homophobia is driven by fear is stupid. Rather, homophobia is driven by homo's fear of not being accepted by society. They have a long way to go.

  • myopinioncounts

    I am so tired of having to agree with other peoples opinions only to have them say mine are wrong……I agree with you Phil…..

  • BAccountable

    The fear is that members of the GLAAD know Phil Robertson was stating what God says in the Bible. Homosexual people are the ones afraid. Know matter what GLAAD members say or do it will not change the facts of the Holy Bible . Each person needs to make a choice and come clean with our Lord Jesus Christ. Each of us will held accountable for our own lives. So all people need to check their lives against God's standards. We all fall short. But humans passing laws on earth does not mean God is OK with homosexual relationships. ONLY GOD OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST CAN SAVE US FROM ETERNAL DAMNATION.

  • Leo

    Phil – my newest hero. I was afraid of homosexuals for a while because I was abused by them as a child. Now I feel sorry for them. I've talked with quite a few and most have made their decision (yes, some said it was a decision) based on their own abuse as a child, poor relationships with parents, boredom, desire for attention, and / or desire for an easy / lazy relationship where they don't have to try to understand the opposite sex. Relationships with the opposite sex require a person to be more selfless, more attentive, more understanding and have a greater desire for learning than those with the same sex. I am no longer afraid. I just feel sorry for folks who take the easy way out.

  • Big Mike

    People like Clay are the one's who are afraid!! Not Phil he was speaking the truth. Regardless what you believe. In God's eyes all sins are equal not one is greater than thee other. May Jesus Graciously bless and watch over Phil and his family. Amen. .. A&E have no right to get involved in your personal and Religious beliefs…

    U.S. Constitution – Amendment 1

    Amendment 1 – Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression.

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Notes for this amendment:
    Proposed 9/25/1789
    Ratified 12/15/1791

    • Drex

      Big Mike, I agree 100%. But when you sign a contract, you are selling your soul to the devil…the huge “HOLLYWOOD” sign.

  • Gail

    I am a Catholic. I had a gay uncle. I loved him very much. He was funny, fun to be with and an all around good guy. I did not agree with his life style. I am very tolerant to all. Being from Louisiana my self I am so glad to see a good Christian family shown on TV when there are so many shows that should not be own television. I turned on the cartoon network a couple nights ago and say a santa clause with his penis hanging out. Older children see this. Cursing and so many other discussting things are on tv and shouldn't be but you dont see those shows being talked about. Today when the norm is ” the more discusting the better” when we can no longer say Merry Christmas in this country because we will offend someone,Screw political correctness. It's a great show and I along with so many other americans enjoy this show. That shows this country just how many Christians there are still left in this country. I am tired of someone always being offended by someones words or their beliefs. This is still a free society I thought and everyone and I mean everyone needs to be tolerant of each other. I will continue to watch this show because it is so pleasant not to hear curse words, or sexual situations, or blatent discussting acts.or having crap pushed on us every day. Cudos to this family. I love them and I back them. Thanks , Gail . ( a Christian Fan) .

    • rosie

      You must be mistaken . . . if you're from Louisiana, you couldn't possibly know of gay people and other such wordly things. . . . that's what Clay says so it must be true. We down here in no man's land are clearly ignorant and backwoods. Louisiana certainly knows nothing of culture or class nor alternative lifestyles; we live our sheltered lives each day catching crawfish and chasing alligators. One thing Clay Aiken has taught me is that HE obviously is very enlightened and can speak knowledgeably about many things of this world including what the people of Louisiana deal with in their drone little lives. He needs to shut it up and worry about himself — it's not a pretty thing when someone speaks out so suredly and shows the world their truth — of ignorance. I just lost all respect for him . . .

  • Brad

    It is a freedom of speech, it is his opinion as well as my own and if you don't like it, don't watch the show. Just turn the channel, But as far as I am concearned. I like this family, This show reminds me of good fun show that we had back in the 70's, no fighting, swearing and no bullying. Way to go Duck Dynasty. Stand your Ground.

  • DarkShadowofChrist

    Now look at all the hoopla surrounding this Duck Dynasty guy whose supposed to be a Christian patriarch of his family, lying like a dog on Black people, and quoting stuff that Jesus never even preached. He told the standard racist lie that Black people were happy in the 1950s! Rosa Parks surely wasn't! Neither was any of the Civil Rights crews! And he just stands up and tells that lie hollering about who ain't going to inherit the Kingdom of God -he left out the part about LIARS LIKE HIM AIN'T INHERITING IT EITHER! THen quoting stuff against gay folks that Jesus never even preached. Some follower of Jesus his lying tail is; Jesus preached against HIM, not no gays. Ha ha ha! And whatever the hell DUCK DYNASTY is -I ain't watching it. Y'all see him and his family? Ha ha ha! Look like they literally could cook and eat a Black baby! And say grace over the meal.See More

  • im just being me

    well who gives a flying frigg about what others say? yes we all have the right as American citizens to express our ideas and toughts, don't we. although it may b harmful to some little preppy boys whos pants are on to tight. Im from WV, a small little town where we all know one another. Yea most of our grandparents aint to happy about gays, I don't gotta problem with them. Because I was raised not to be so friggin’ up tight. HEY ALL YALL UP THERE IN THE PRODUCES SECTION, GET YOUR DANGONE PANTIES OUT OF YOUR TWAT WOULD YA! SOME OF US ARE WILLING TO FIGHT, I MAY BE A GIRL BUT I CAN STILL TAKE YOU ON ANY DAY.

  • Perception

    I think Clay is awesome. He always appears in control, forward in thought and demonstrates a good heart. I agree with his analogies. There is free speech and then there is FREE speech. Do we always have to blurt out our thoughts? Knowing that we may offend or hurt others? There are always a different use of words in saying the same thing. Robertson definitely has the right to speak his mind, however, being a person of celebrity status, perhaps the ‘redneck’ way was not the best way. Clay is right, fear…fear is what drives us to do the things we do and the manner in which we do them.


  • justwondering13

    It has nothing to do with fear – it has to do with beliefs. Why is it ok for you to try and force me to accept something I don't believe in and that I hold in direct conflict to what my religious beliefs are. Something is seriously wrong with this idea that I have to believe as you do and accept what you accept simply because you say so. As a Christian I love all my brothers and sisters and try really hard not to judge others – as Phil said I have to trust that God will sort us all out later.

    • rosie

      So whatever happened to live and let live. What happened to let's agree to disagree . . . somewhere along the way of creating a more ‘tolerant’ society it has become very intolerant by these special interest groups and radicals that insist we believe in, and like, what they decide is so. I am so tired of all of these gay people ‘coming out’ and shouting from the mountaintop. You don't see other groups feeling the need to do so . . . hey, I'm bisexual; hey I'm a swinger; hey I'm heterosexual . . . . . it's like another poster said just live your life as you choose and don't throw it in my face — I don't care.

  • Rancher

    How is it not against Free Speech, that if you say something your boss doesn't like, you can loose your job! It is after all , Phil's opinion. You don't have to agree with him
    but he does have the right to say it.

  • The Truth Teller

    Well I find it amazing that Christians can be attacked openly and everyone cheers, but let MOSLEMS say they will ban homosexuals from entering their countries, sodomites are to be put to death (go to any moslem country like Detroit and tell them you are a queer, or the 800 of so moslem enclaves in France where the moslems control the area and see what happens) and there is not one word said. Go actually READ what the guy said for yourself and don't listen to the scum.

  • Global

    If A&E does not want the Duck Dynasty to stand up for their beliefs they should create a new show featuring the “Dyke Dynasty” perhaps a few dozen viewers would watch the show- Fed up with Political Correctness and Social Self-Intolerance of others. What A& E is attempting to do is transforming America into its own personal viewpoint – they support homosexual “rights” and demand that straight America agree. It is not enough that straight America agree to overturn the anti- sodomy laws, not enough that straight America agree to same-sex partnerships for business benefits, not enough for straight America agree to same-sex couples adopting children; NOW they DEMAND that same-sex couples have exactly the same “rights” as husbands and wives as mentioned in the Bible and practiced for thousands of years in many different countries – and now judges have agreed and overturned legally passed laws in many States in our country. Clearly Phil is ringing a bell of warning – but perhaps it may be too little and too late.

  • Chris

    opined that homosexuals won't inherit the kingdom of God is incorrect! God said that! Its not opinion or interpretation.

  • pete

    Fear has nothing to do with it. What is there to be afraid of?

  • Nuzzybuzz

    Aiken needs to learn tolerance of others’ opinions. Why is it the majority has to change for Aiken. People are showing they are very tired of the “PC” police!

    • rosie

      amen . . . . . . what it comes down to now is a loss of respect by these groups — and individuals — who have become very intolerant in their views. My way or the highway . . . . I don't think so.

  • Dr. Rj

    there are those who consider bestiality normal, so what aiken is saying we have a long way to go before they are accepted as well. after all why is their sexual preference looked down on?

    Its fine to discriminate against Christians, is also something else he clearly hinting at.

    • rosie

      good point! if we're going to be truly ‘tolerant’ and fair — all things equal — ALL sexual orientations should be put right out there and appreciated by all.

  • Gregory Walker

    Homophobia is not built out of fear clay,it comes from disgust of perverse behavior!

  • Ana P

    Well gee Clay I have no problem with gay people and I have no problem with the comment because I also believe in free speech> You enjoy your free speech right in sayin he is wrong but he doesn't have the right to freedom of speech for his opinion or the right to freedom of religion. So to insure your freedoms we should take away 2 of his.. Hmmm. And no offense Clay but you don't feel its discrimination against him for being raised in a religious house and sticking firm to his beliefs! In America Clay people fought hard and died so we could have these freedoms even if we don't agree! Grow up!

  • Ana P

    Phils religious views don't count! Why because in this overly sensitive, you will like everyone or else take a time out so you don't have to be responsible for your own actions society that we live in these days has thrown out religion and God! God is not a citizen and he is not an illegal alien so he doesn't count!

  • ars2010

    Interracial marriages is not to be parallel with gay rights. God never had a problem with it. In Numbers chapter 12 Moses married a Cushite woman (Black by nature or of African descent). Moses sister Miriam and brother Aaron spoke up against Moses because he marry outside his race. Well God had something to say and came down himself to address the matter. God does not or ever had a problem with jungle fever therefore it is not to be parallel with gay rights. I've been interracially married for 23 years and loving it. I agree with Phil and his beliefs. We love God and people and that doesn't mean we are not suppose to express our beliefs. I wonder if I'm considered a hater or fearful of those who are vegetarian since I don't like what they eat? NOT!!!!

  • Slemur

    We really need to stop calling it homophobia. No one is ‘scared’ of the gay lifestyle.

  • EL Dean

    look at it from a gay point of view , if your a// hole was all tore up and sore it probably wouldn't take that much to piss any body off

  • Dan

    He is now “homophobic”. Homophobic means having an irrational fear of homosexuality. Phil is not afraid of gays nor are members of the Christian faith. You gays have got an irrational image of your strength. The bible say it is a sin. Just one of many but a sin never the less. If you continue in sin and do not accept Christ as your savior then you will go to hell. Christians don't hate gays they are trying to save their eternal souls. If they hated them they would just shut up and let them go their merry way to hell.

  • getemphil

    In this country we do have the right of freedom of speech we can say what ever we want. I don't understand why the gays get so upset when somebody says something about them. People really don't care what you do it's your life do with it what you want
    and stop bitching about it. Don't you have anything better to do. There are other things in this country more important then what the gay people are doing. There was nothing wrong with what Phil said he was just letting people know how he felt, anything wrong with that. So get off you hi horse and get on with your life. And as for you Clay I will never listen to any of your music ever again and I will spend the rest of my life telling people to do the same. More power to Phil, keep up the good work. Were cooking with peanut oil now. And as for you A&E why do you let other people tell how to think. You have the best show on cable T.V. and you willing to toss all that money aside. Another channel is going to pick this show up and put Phil back at the helm and rake in the profits. Are you people at A&E really that stupid, you let the gay people tell you how to run your business. The best thing you can do now is stand up and reinstate Phil and continue with the show your rating and profits will double.

  • bcmugger

    Noone is afraid of gays you fool, its called not bowing down to the sick perverted ways of you all and it drives you nuts that people call you out on it.

  • straight time

    gays go away

  • undeRGRound

    Here's a non-PC comment for the DD Haters!
    (apologies issued in advance, if this evens posts!)

  • Piles

    ” And if you grow up in an area like Louisiana and you’re not exposed to diversity, then you can be afraid of things.”
    Isn't this the sort of generalization that Clay is speaking against?

  • Ken Morts

    Opinions exists regardless of people's approval, that is what makes them opinions. All we are doing is shifting intolerance, instead of racial intolerance or intolerance towards homosexuals, we shift it to differences of opinions. I mean, lets have Aiken fired for generalizing that people from Louisiana are stupid.

  • Davrober

    He misses the point . Yes if someone opines lets put all the children with disabilities into institutions , is free speech. It's dumb and you probably don't agree with it but it is free speech. You can't say someone should not be allowed to say something because it's pretty ugly . Either you have free speech or you don't.

    • Davrober

      I stand by it period.

  • Davrober

    So Miley Cyrus can wave her pussy in everybody's face but thats OK. You either have freedom of expression or you don't. You take the good with the bad.

  • venom

    Wtf, nobody should be talking nonsense about zombie apocalypse, talk about the gay apocalypse, lmao

  • hey

    Thank you Mr. Roberson for standing up for Ur beliefs and Christianity. Happy Birthday Jesus and Praise his glorious name.

  • Steve Wilson

    The individual American citizen has the right to say that his faith states that homosexual activity is a sin. If Clay thinks thats out of fear,fine. Phil has the right to answer a question asked of him for a magazine interview. Tyrants dont want Phil to have that right. I do. I want Clay to have it,as well.

  • James

    Aiken you're scum, you better shut up and go back to your hole where it came from.

  • DownWithDucks

    How sad that so many blind Christians are standing behind the intolerance and hatred spouted by this evil bigot. Then you want to be tolerated. Shame on you! You are hypocrites!

  • Toni

    Truthfully, if Clay Aiken or anyone else chooses to live the gay lifestyle, then that’s certainly their prerogative. As with Aiken’s choice, Mr. Robertson also has a choice: to believe the Bible and to verbalize his beliefs. Homosexuals screaming “intolerance” every time someone expresses disapproval with their lifestyle choice has gotten very old, and extremely ridiculous.
    I feel very sorry for these individuals, because although Mr. Robertson is the target-of-the-day, it’s God’s word. Leviticus 20:13 states “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

    Incidentally, there’s no comparison between racism and homosexuality. Individuals are born into a race; NO ONE is born gay…it IS a choice.

  • betty

    OK freedom of speech!!! what are you saying your perfect? far from it dude THATS GAY!!! can i get a hu hah

  • betty

    an that would be to the HATER ers!! JAL

  • Rick

    All Clay has to do to resolve this is convince God to accept homosexuality…

    As he states, “…acceptance isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.”

  • william

    Obviously Clay baby doesn't know Christ and the Bible as well. Not once did he mention it. I doubt Clay knows any scripture at all, yet he wants acceptance from people that do. Clay is an idiot. He is a product of the liberal progression movement and a poster boy for Hollywood and GLADD. I would not gamble my salvation on his limp wristed words. Just the typical politically correct , thought control vomit spewing from his Soulless mouth. Would I want Clay to be my son's mentor? Could I feel confident with my ten year old son with Clay , overnight in a Motel 6 alone? Or Phil doing the same holding his Bible. I think the answer is obvious. THAT'S the difference. Live and let live, but DO NOT push your agenda down my throat. ( or anything else for that matter)

  • getalife

    I think that everyone has the right to say how they believe or feel, I personally do not agree with homosexuality and also think that it is a sin because as they say God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, but putting that aside I also do not condemn them for their choices, I do not believe you are born that way as many try to point out, I believe it is a choice. With that being said prostitution is also a sin but Jesus did not turn his back on them and others that lived in sin, so instead of condemning homosexuals we should pray for them and let them deal with the consequences if there are any and leave it a that. But just to make a point there is noted by the government and private industries that same sex domestic partners are allowed to get health insurance and other benefits where as two people of the opposite sex can not get the same benefits if they choose not to get married, that is discrimination in reverse, so quit belly aching about how people discriminate against you, open your eyes and see what benefits that you have that others do not have. As far as freedom of speech you don't see opposite sex partners marching in the streets crying for equality we just grin and bear it, but you now have your own parades and conventions to condemn humanity for what we were raised to believe.

  • Doc

    Why does everyone feel that Phil's “freedom of speech” was violated? I think most of you are confused as to what the 1st amendment really means. It's not as if that redneck was imprisoned for speaking out against the government. His employer punished him. End of story. The 1st amendment doesn't protect you from that. The same would happen to most people at their own places of employment if they were voicing potentially offensive remarks.

  • Davrober

    Charlie, Phil Robertson was raised a dirt poor and considered what was called White trash . He managed to go Louisiana Tech , was the starting Quarterback ahead of terry Bradshaw . He turned down offers from several NFL teams to do what he wanted to do. He was smart enough to earn a masters degree, he was smart and determined enough to improve an already widely used product become a self made multi millionaire while in his spare time he ministers in church , works with the sick and needy, had a faith belief that cured his drinking and anger issues, gives to charities and helped to develop the highest rated cable show in history. So Charlie what have you done beside blow your life and all your money up your nose and become a junky who debases his entire family.

  • Friendlyword

    Dr. Phil. I respect your right to feel disgusted and angry about what gay men do to each other. I enjoyed hearing about your curiosity regarding what gay men do. But, a man with a Masters Degree should have learned by now that he doesn't have to have sex with gay men. It's not homophobia; it's just morbid curiosity you should not act on. It would be a sin if you did. All the straight men that wrote the Bible said it's a sin for straight men to have sex with each other. Gay sex is not something you should think about or talk about. It's creepy and disgusting, and it makes your employers nervous and concerned about your mental state. Thanks for sharing your curiosity. Now just mind your mind your business; find a women that satiates your restless soul, and you should be fine.

  • treebeck

    Believing that the Bible is God's Word and therefore believing that homosexual acts are sin just like all other sexual sin, including heterosexual sin, is not homophobia. Knowing gay people, having gay friends, and being around gay people does not make me afraid. I love them and respect them just as I love and respect any other people. I do, however, believe they are wrong in their actions, just as I am wrong when I sin. They don't have to agree with me or with scripture, and I don't have to agree with them. They don't have to accept scripture as their moral authority, and I don't have to accept their opinion as my moral authority. We certainly don't have to hate each other. Getting to know gay people better or hearing their explanations for their lifestyle has never changed my stand, and it never will because I am fully committed to Jesus Christ.

  • Texas Born

    And Clay, why does society “have a long way to go in accepting homosexuality?” If you think you or anyone else is going to “school” me into accepting homosexuality, you better think again. I don't accept it now and never will. And guess what???? IT'S MY EFFIN’ RIGHT TO BELIEVE AS I CHOOSE AND TO VOICE MY BELIEFS………rights aren't just for those who share YOUR beliefs.

  • Phil Crowe

    Homophobe is a label used to devalue the persons sharing an opinion. So is Faggot…

  • bdubbs

    We are very proud of Clay. He's worked very hard over the past couple months and can now take 2 full fists in his ass at the same time. The guys at the adult bookstore applaud you!