‘Duck Dynasty': How Phil Robertson Became an Instant Conservative Martyr

'Duck Dynasty': How Phil Robertson Became an Instant Conservative Martyr

Star's suspension by A&E fires up social conservatives

A&E'S decision to suspend Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” over his anti-gay remarks made him an instant martyr among social conservatives eager to paint themselves as victims of an intolerant left.

Within hours of his suspension Thursday, he had drawn supportive statements from former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal, governor of his home state of Louisiana. A petition to return him to the show began circulating immediately.

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In trying to reprimand one of its stars for remarks that were widely considered offensive — he grouped homosexuals with “drunks” and “terrorists” — the network offended the show's fan base, many of whom share Robertson's love of God and guns.

“The politically correct crowd is tolerant of all viewpoints, except those they disagree with,” Jindal said in a late-night statement. “I don't agree with quite a bit of stuff I read in magazine interviews or see on TV.  In fact, come to think of it, I find a good bit of it offensive. But I also acknowledge that this is a free country and everyone is entitled to express their views.  In fact, I remember when TV networks believed in the First Amendment. It is a messed up situation when Miley Cyrus gets a laugh, and Phil Robertson gets suspended.”

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See what he did there? He positioned Cyrus as a symbol of social liberals — who might be surprised by that news, given her conservative Christian upbringing — while branding Robertson a victim of overzealous progressives.

Tired of being accused of bullying women, gays and racial minorities, social conservatives have begun making the case that they themselves are an oppressed class. It's most obvious with the supposed War on Christmas, a hyperbolic invention (“war”?) that presupposes that liberals are trying to take down the celebration.

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It's a classic argument technique: Say something absurd and provocative, and wait for your opponent to take it too far. Palin did it perfectly when she compared paying the national debt to slavery (absurd, provocative) and MSNBC's Martin Bashir said she should suffer slavery-style torture (bizarrely personal, too far). Bashir soon resigned from the network.

Did A&E go too far when it suspended Robertson? It could have avoided the issue by persuading him to take a leave of absence, rather than ordering one. The decision gave conservatives a stronger case that he was the victim of thought policing.

“Free speech is an endangered species,” Palin said on Facebook Wednesday night. “Those ‘intolerants’ hatin’ and taking on the ‘Duck Dynasty’ patriarch for voicing his personal opinion are taking on all of us.”

Catch that? The “intolerants'” are the network executives who suspended Robertson for intolerance.

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The American Civil Liberties Union, for one, has declined to engage. The group declined to comment Thursday, with a representative telling TheWrap that it's not “a First Amendment/free speech issue because it doesn't involve the government.”

But it could be a workplace expression issue. And here's where things get very messy. Few employers would hesitate to suspend or fire someone for expressing bigotry. But they would also be on shaky legal ground if they fired or suspended an employee based on his or her beliefs.

Disapproving of homosexuality appears to be genuine part of Robertson's faith.

“Simply put, Phil Robertson is being censored and punished for quoting the Bible, and A&E's treatment of him is punitive and highly discriminatory,” said Chris Stone, founder of Faith Driven Consumer, the group behind the IStandWithPhil.com petition. “Everyday people will not stand for this, they know bullying and violation of religious freedom when they see it. A&E's actions are censoring Faith Driven Consumers and eliminating them from an entertainment choice that they have overwhelmingly supported.”

Robertson and his supporters might even make the case that he isn't discriminating against gays. Though he doesn't believe they'll be joining him in heaven, he says he would never infringe on their rights on earth.

“I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me,” he said Wednesday. “We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other.”

  • Life_Long_Dem

    I love how Sarah Palin is quick to slam “those ‘intolerants’ hatin.”. I know she has had nothing but praise and kind words for Obama (cough, cough). Hypocrite!

    • GenXmark

      Freedom of speech is a different story. You take that away from either side and you have real trouble.

    • Lorrie Gonzales

      She criticizes obama's policies, she is allowed to speak out against policies that are destroying our country. She has never said Obama should not be allowed to speak. She has never said Obama should lose his job because she doesn't agree with his religious beliefs. He is the president and his ideas become policy and that policy affects the entire country and the world. She is allowed to not support obama's inexperience and bad policy, that is not attacking him personally, that is standing up for America. To compare her speaking out against Obama's policies that directly affect her life to others calling Phil names and attacking his religious beliefs is just ignorant. She is not being a hypocrite.

  • Maureen

    You mean like being intolerant of gays and gay marriage? I guess she's the kettle.

    • genXmark

      Intolerant of Freedom of speech and freedom of religion, is the start of controlling us. After that no one has freedom. Look at Hitler, he started this way.

  • leroe

    And the rich will get richer.

    • tim

      This is not about freedom of speech…Uncle Phil or whatever his name still has that right that is guaranteed by the Constitution, and can state his view just like he did. But A&E is also exercising the rights by suspended him……I'll be the other Robertson family members are pissed….this guy just killed their cash cow!!!!

      • tim

        sorry some bad spelling!!

      • izzy

        I am pretty sure they had money before the show and will have it after. I believe that Phil can voice his opinion on anything he wants and we can choose to care what he says or not. I was much more offended watching Miley, looking like a 12 year old boy, trying to have a love affair with a foam finger!

        • Tony

          Izzy, We have an accord…

      • mticknor

        And now we shall invoke our right to boycott A & E and all liberal org.

      • RJWY

        This will be what their lawyers are discussing. I seriously doubt any contract can be stretched far enough cover comments not directly derogatory to the show or the network. Especially when he is discussing his personal religious beliefs, nice try but no joy. That is why A&E has not said much. They know they goofed up. Junior newbie CEO first big call, and first big FAIL.

      • oldguyingreensborovt

        My understanding is that the family is talking about removing themselves from the show is support of their patriarch. The Duck Commander company is the money maker, not the TV show. Sorry but these people are not just silly rednecks “gittin on tee-vee for beer money” they are business men that built a successful company from the ground up. I don't agree with what the man said on a personal level but I understand where he is coming from. I don't feel the need to twist his words with my own hatred to justify my opinions. The left can be very hateful against those that do not fit their narrow view. Often this view is more prejudiced than anything Robertson has said and there is a much more vicious intent towards dissenters. A black must fit the white liberal model, gays and lesbians must fit a demeaning stereotype, bisexuals need to choose one or the others and transexuals just need to go away. White trash, this is from first hand experience of the abuse folks, must obey their “betters” and do as they are told. (Now, how many of you just said, “how DARE that inbred hick talk about us like that?) I know this is going to piss of a lot of you but I need the laugh; “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” I know I've got a good start on a lumberyard, how about you?

  • DCGirl

    What has happened to freedom of speech? I think we need to think about that; even if we don't all agree….

    • Euler

      This is the free market. AE Can do what they want. Gov isn't censoring anybody.

      • cherry

        A & E is going to loose a lot of viewer's

        • Euler

          They might, but I'm guessing they wont care about losing bigots.

          • RJWY

            Nope, as long as they have incest and sexism it should keep the liberals entertained. And since they lost about 14 million viewers your live streaming should go faster.

          • Devanie Conrad

            The bottom line is that money screams! And they will be hurting as many like us refuse to watch A&E because of their censorship of beliefs.

          • whiteboy

            Rednecks are rednecks. A&E, will do fine without them. Trust me. They are taking out its “white trash”. And Hannity, palin and the whole lot of gop losers, can go take a dump with its backwood sappers!

          • Devanie Conrad

            Name calling is not a respectful behavior. At University we were taught to have respectful discourses and when after awhile it was apparent that we could not agree, we were taught to end the conversation with, “We will agree to disagree”. A & E has little else to interest me as they have voyeuristic programs of people with emotional damage. Apparently, University educated people who choose not to be viewers of voyeuristic programs of people who are emotionally damaged but support freedom of speech are wrong and thrown bigoted slurs, like “white trash”…hmmmm Those backwood sapper white trash have built a Dynasty on something other than dumb luck. They earn my admiration for being true to themselves and their beliefs while avoiding bigoted slurs and name calling. I respect ALL people who also share their beliefs without slurs and name calling, even when their beliefs do not agree with mine.

          • cj

            very well said

          • jambo

            We live in a world where our president”s only concern is that he looks good to the rest of the world,do you really think this Government or A&E care about our rights.

          • jpowers29

            Was MLK a bigot? Because he shared these same Christian beliefs.

          • Bougalee

            said the bigot

      • Jon Davis

        Careful. A&E is a government-created entity called a “corporation” which is subservient to a number of laws including discrimination. A&E might be protected in this case but if Robertson were to sue on the basis of religious discrimination he *might* have a case. Even if it's one that he would likely lose.

    • Ezekiel

      A&E enjoys freedom of speech too. It expressed itself by suspending him. But freedom of speech won't save the heathen liberals from the lake of fire.

  • leroe

    And yet the meak shall inherit the whorld.

  • leroe

    DC girl, just remember what you say now days can and will be used agenst u. So no now days its not freedom of speech. Its what the laws and rich saids you can say.

    • jojo


  • Stuart W

    So Mr. Molloy, what narrow political-gain is being wooed here, rather than printing or linking to the GQ article so's we might make-up or change our minds? (Assuming we are capable of that effort) Catch that? Your branding Sarah Palin for identifying “the intolerants hatin” appears to rest as equally upon The Wrap as does with the ex-governor. Fact is, your citing Bahsir's comments in the same paragraph with Palin's, which on-face indicates disparate weight. Bashir's an edited and approved network news-reporting vitriol! Palin's a predictable reaction delivered by spokesperson. (A spokesperson you apparently dislike) Slow news-day so you are inventing some? 10 Comments-not bad!

  • Ellen

    I wish just once, the people who say these truths would not back down and capitulate to the Hollywood trash who want us to think homosexuality is normal.

    • Ezekiel

      How do you know it's not normal?

      • Lisa

        If you happened upon 2 bulls having sex you'd probably comment that that isn't normal.

        • Linda

          That comment doesn't even make sense… All common sense is saying is that even if you take the bible out of the equation, homosexuality is an evolutionary dead end and we as a race would die out….

          • David

            Lots of gay people have kids you idiot.

          • KaraLynn

            How do you think they got those kids? Did you flunk Sex Ed 101?

          • pam muir

            not without help from the opposite sex

          • Lighthouse


          • AC

            Hilarious and ironic that someone who follows the Bible will use evolution as a way of pushing their ignorant views about homosexuality. But in any other case, evolution is wrong!

          • Mutha2X

            @AC No need for name-calling; let's have respectful dialog. Christians follow God. The Bible is the story of God's plan and love for His creation, mankind. As God created us all, only He knows why the order of things must go a certain way. It is arrogant for any human being to think ‘he knows better.’ Nobody really understands how things actually evolved or how long it took, which is why scientists keep changing theories. Linda is correct, because if men stopped having sex with women, the human race would eventually end.

        • Done

          Is it consensual? Otherwise rape is normal too right? Enough with the “if it can be observed in nature then it's normal” argument

        • Mutha2X

          @Lisa, 2 bulls having sex is NOT normal; it's an abhoration of nature. Just because something occurs, doesn't mean it's normal. People are not animals. We have brains and on some level understand right from wrong. One cannot justify wrong behavior just because you like it.

          • Laura A Mendoza

            People are not animals? Last I checked we are mammals and share about 96.6% of our DNA with chimps. Sexual orientation and morality as YOU see it and so called “right” and “wrong” is something you learned. That doesn't make being gay not normal. You people have such a hard time with the grey area. Most things in life are not black and white. Ever read the Kinsey Report?

          • Mutha2X

            Yes, Laura…Literally speaking we are animals, but we have free will to choose what we do; that's all I meant. We don't go into heat and fornicate with the first thing we see. I accept what's right and wrong based on my faith in God, that's for sure. Nobody is forcing you or anyone else to believe as I do, but you can't stand hearing an opposing opinion. Also, you have no proof that the gay lifestyle is ‘normal’ either. Your argument about ‘the grey area’ works against you. “You-people”? What people? I am the same people as everyone, no better and no worse. Just because I have faith in the Lord God and stand for Christian principles, doesn't mean I hate anyone.

          • fred

            Stand for Christian beliefs ? Pope Francis has a different view of those you speak of. Yet your Protestants leaders refuse to follow. Is it not for us to show our acceptance of them,to follow through with his words of faith. I will continue to follow the work of Jesus and let him guide me. I wish the same for you.

          • Mutha2X

            Don't confuse the sin with the sinner Fred. I do accept and love all people but not all behavior. The problem is you and others want to legitimize the gay lifestyle, the behavior even tho God calls it sin. It's unfair to label people of faith as haters just because they don't accept homosexuality as legitimate. Where is the hate? I have friends who are gay and I accept them. We don't discuss their sexual behavior, but that does not change my faith or what I believe God says is morally wrong. They don't change their thinking because of what I believe either.

          • Alan Brady

            So I guess you believe that homosexuals “choose” to be homosexuals? Can you give me one good, solid reason other than “the devil made me do it” why someone would actually willingly put themselves through what you and your ilk put them through on a daily basis? Boy, I can't.

          • Mutha2X

            Alan, we obviously have differing opinions about what is a “good solid reason” to believe as I do. For the record, I personally don't put any gay people through anything. I don't name call. I don't bully. I don't judge. I respect people who respect me. Just because I BELIEVE in my heart as God dictates doesn't mean I hurt people who don't believe as I do. That's what gays need to understand and accept; that others don't accept their lifestyle as legitimate. I also don't accept sex outside of marriage, but I don't hate people who do it, okay. My beliefs are what you and your ilk want to alter through name-calling and public pressure. Think about who's really being intolerant here.

          • Laura A Mendoza

            I act on what's right and wrong – not hurting people, treating people kindly – live and let live – not because I read a book of stories that told me how to act, but because its part of being human. You people (bible thumpers ) think morality it contained only within that book – think again. There are literally millions of non Christians who don't ascribe to your views of morality. You say you don't hate people but your acceptance of Phil and his views is a more than tacit acceptance of his hatred.

          • Mutha2X

            Don't talk about what you don't know or understand; specifically the Bible. Just because Christians don't accept any & all behaviors as morally right does NOT mean we hate people. That is YOUR mistaken assessment. Why is it okay for you to make judgements about our faith while in he same breath you criticize us for making judgements about what God tells us is right and wrong? What is your benchmark for right & wrong; just whatever you think; whatever Laura decides? Well I follow a higher moral code; God's laws. As far as hurting people goes, you just called believers ‘Bible thumpers.’ How is THAT not hurting people??? You're the name calling hypocrite here!

          • Quiet no more

            What % of the population is gay? You need to check the definition of normal.

          • Laura A Mendoza

            10% according to most data. Just because its a small number doesn't mean its not “normal” in other words, “expected” which is part of the definition of normal. That's the whole point that you are missing – sexuality is a spectrum – what is “normal” for you is not “normal” for everyone.

          • alan brady

            About the same percentage of the population that belongs to the Tea Party I'd say. Are they “normal?”

          • oldguyingreensborovt

            I did not share my DNA with that chimp. We just had coffee and talked

        • Bougalee

          Don't live in the country do you? A bull might try to mount another but that is as far as it gets. Sex? Not going to happen.

      • common sense

        Because if it were normal the human race would cease to exist

        • scott

          Umm…being homosexual doesn't mean one couldn't procreate for the continuance of the species. These posts make it sound like xtians screw only for reproduction, ha ha.

        • Otter

          Listening to Christians argue is the best reason I can think of not to go to church.

          • alan brady

            Otter, there really are denominations that DON'T argue and are allowed to be led by the spirit of God as they see and hear it, and not told how to think by some Pope, or Lead Pastor, or someone who is allegedly the go between for yourself and God. You should maybe check into it. You really might find something you like.

          • Otter

            Thanks, Alan: I've been around the Christian block a few times. I touch base now and then with such Christians. Your good will is much appreciated here.

      • Lighthouse

        Normal is one male with one female that can produce children. Basic biology 101.

        • Adam

          well thats how i got my kids not by sleeping with a steve

        • Otter

          Logic, please, Lighthouse. That's “normal procreation,” not “normal human condition.”

    • alan brady

      So it's Hollywood's fault? Are you serious?

  • Boy101

    I was glad when Sarah Palin commented. it meant that no one would take the republican side seriously…

  • gogirl

    You may or may not agree with what he said & that it your choice, but the reality of it is, he is simply stating his beliefs as a CHRISTIAN & yes you can find passages in the Bible relating to almost all of what he said so now he is not allowed to talk about his Christian beliefs? Come on people, talk about hypocrites!!!

    • Katrina

      Agreed – if he were any other religion this would not be a big deal. IN FACT if he were Muslin – he'd be HAILED. CHRISTIANS quit letting the world tell you what your beliefs are!!

      Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is — his good, pleasing and perfect will.

      Romans 12:2
      STAND UP!

      • Lisa

        Well said !

        • ChinMullet

          I sense a tipping point against this decades long politically correct BS. About damn time.

          • Mike

            I agree, the hell with this political correctness. this is the United States of America, not the United States of lets make sure we don't hurt peoples feelings!!!!!!

      • April V


      • Alan Brady

        I am a Christian, and by today's standards I guess I would be considered a “liberal” Christian. All of this arguing back and forth about who said what, when, in what language, and the King James folks, the point is being missed.
        This man is a Christian, and certainly, by law, has the right to say what he wants to say. That doesn't mean he can't be reprimanded by his employer for doing so. But, that is not my main point here.
        I think the finger is being pointed in the wrong direction here, and I've yet to read one post pointing it to the people I believe deserve peoples’ wrath, and that is GQ. They clearly (in my mind at least) took advantage of an undereducated, ultra conservative Christian. (of which I am not one) I seriously doubt that Phil just popped out with this rant without being goaded on by GQ. They should be ashamed of themselves.

        • ergo

          Undereducated? You are surely not talking about Phil. He holds a masters in English.

          • alan brady

            I wasn't aware of that. What school did he attend?

          • fredbailey

            As a high-school athlete, Phil earned All-State rankings in football, baseball, and track, which afforded him the opportunity to attend Louisiana Tech University on a football scholarship. There, Phil played first-string quarterback – ahead of Terry Bradshaw, who later went on to lead the Pittsburgh Steelers team to 4 Super Bowl championships. Phil said, “Terry went for the bucks, and I chased after the ducks.” After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a Master’s in Education, Phil spent several years teaching in Louisiana schools. Acclaimed as an excellent teacher by his students, Phil came to the conclusion that his time and talents would be better spent in the woods.

          • Robert Cummings

            Did not know this about Phil thanks Fred for educating me about him.

          • fredbailey


          • AbdulCrunch

            We could all use ongoing education. I could not remember Terry Bradshaw's name. Terry loved Phil Robertson enough to defend him to Jay Leno. Phil would come late to practice with duck blood & guts on his T-shirt, Terry said, and yet, he was Terry's backup. Now, Phil would laugh at himself for that.

          • Dale Cordell

            Thanks Fred. Some of that I knew, but the rest was a good read. Now I know Phil even better.

          • joseph.strain

            He attended Louisiana Tech.

          • fred

            I scrolled up the discussion list to see if you had made any other replies. It looks as if you to made a rush to judgement like Palin,before taking the time to read the article. Is that what you mean about removing the log from ones eye?

          • Amanda Altamirano

            Looks can be deceiving,huh?

        • Brandon

          Definition of Liberal Christian would be? Please explain if ypu don't mind. From one Christian to another.

          • pdiddy13

            Lukewarm Christian, perhaps? Unforunately Alan choose do to NO research to enlighten himself before stating his opinion. One, which has been now shown to be uninformed.

        • tccfpebv

          good story pal

        • Ellis

          Oh, contraire the 1964 civil rights law says differently, read it. By the way he took his under educated self and formed a business and is doing quite well.

        • Peter Babinski

          Uh, the man has graduated college and got a Master's degree. Just because he lives in the South doesn't make him “uneducated”. Are you saying our Middle Eastern friends are uneducated as well? They have beards…

        • Fed Up

          There's no doubt in my mind that you are right on target. Reporters take great pride when they can elicit an inflammatory comment out of someone they are interviewing.

        • GODFearingMan

          Alan”, ” Ultra consservative” has an implied negative bigoted comment” as it reads. If you meant it as a compliment let us know, but I took it as your intenjt was negative and demeaning. . To judge Mr. Robertson as you did by a snippet is at minimum ” unfair”. GQ is not something i hold to a high standard, except they run ads and articles of apparel. Being employed 23 years in that industry I know the magazine, well, never read it for it's journalistic integrity or quality. Can you please define ” King James Folk”? That is a new rhetorical phrase for me! . Sure has a rather odd connonation? Do you use vernacular like “urban Folk? or San Francisco folk”? or to a Group of People of a certain complexion or ethnic background ” YOU FOLK”? I do not personally, as that sounds rather collectivist to me! I define collectivist mentality as profiling and bigotry by definition.

        • d30gaijin

          By today's standards you would be considered ill-informed, jumps to conclusions holding no actual facts, and a bigot. It appears you never read the article. What he said was not derogatory, it was an honest answer to a question he was asked, and then he quoted Scripture.

          BTW, what the heck is a “liberal Christian?” Does that mean you can make up stuff as you go?

        • Donald Lane

          I agree with fact it is an employer issue Alan however he never would have been reprimanded if Glaad would have taken a minute and drank from a nice big glass of mind your own fucking business.Phil was asked a question and answered it and because he didnt say I love gays and there way is right they used their builly tactics. Hes not a politician or someone trying to institute laws that would impact them. Dont like what he says dont watch his show dont buy his stuff nuff said. World would be alot better if people would mind their own business

        • Derp

          The only person to blame is Phil's handlers for letting him out of their sight a little too long. Unlike the scripted reality TV show scene this was him being him. You'll never see that happen in front of a camera. If you think Phil does not talk this way ALL the time check out some of his video on the internet. It is quite enlightening. After five years of script the real Phil finally emerged.

      • Derp

        Just curious, have you ever eaten pork? Ever?

        It is forbidden in the Bible.

        Is a 20 year old man having intercourse with a 15 year old girl a sin?

        Phil did it.

        Is waving a Bible around telling a crowd that they should sleep with 15 year old girls because by the time they are 20 they are only after your money? Are these new Christian moral values I don't know about?

        Phil did. Pedo and condoning pedoism in 2009.

        God also frowns upon the wealthy

        Normally any star who got a 500 million dollar payday donates to charities Something that usually helps their people. A Christian would most certainly be charitable! But for some odd reason not a single, solitary thing about Phil's charitable contributions. Nothing.

        Greed is a sin.

        Please, let's talk about Christian values again. BTW, if they were Muslim people like you would be demanding their heads the second they talked about any of the Christian holy wars that have been launched on this planet.

    • David

      BS ,moron. It also says it is an abomination to eat shellfish. Does that mean you will suddenly turn down the road to beastiality if you eat shellfish. I bet you have worked on a Sunday, if so we need to put you to death. What an ass.

      • brittany

        lol you took the words right out of my mouth David! Thank you so much!

        • Letsbehappyagain

          Brittany: The point that you and the people like you are missing is this: FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!
          If YOU and DAVID were asked to do an interview AND asked “How do you feel about religion” or any question regarding religion, would you LIE about YOUR beliefs and hide them or would you tell the truth about how you truly feel? I am assuming that since you tell how you feel on here, that you would also tell the truth about how you feel in that interview!
          How would YOU and DAVID feel if you then got fired from your jobs because you TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT YOU BELIEVE? How would YOU and DAVID feel it you were told that YOU and people like YOU with YOUR beliefs, were NOT allowed to have FREEDOM OF SPEECH = ONLY the people who were against you had Freedom of Speech to say whatever they wanted about you and you had to sit back and SHUT UP? Would you like it or would you fight back?
          See, you and David and EVERYONE in this country has
          FREEDOM OF SPEECH and should never be fired or punished for using their Freedom of Speech!!
          You and David should not and neither should anyone else in this country for ANSWERING A QUESTION HONESTLY ON HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT SOMETHING!!

          • Alan Brady

            That's where you apparently are clueless. Yes, he has freedom of speech. Yes, he can say whatever he wants to say whenever he wants to. AND yes, his employer can fire him or suspend him for exercising his rights to freedom of speech if they believe that it hurts their company. Are you really that naïve?

          • Robert Cummings

            Freedom of speech only applies when it involves the government not corporations. His freedom of speech was not compromised and his employer has the right to punish him if he breaks ethical contracts. A&E didn't use very good wisdom handling this. All they had do is say the opinions of Phil do not reflect those of the network.

      • Lighthouse

        Empty argument David. In the New Testament Jesus declared all foods clean to eat and Himself did stuff that was not lawful for the Sabbath like not washing His hands, healing on the Sabbath and allowing His disciples to gather and eat wheat on the Sabbath. Before you quote the Bible read the whole book, and Saturday is actually the Sabbath not Sunday.

        • Nancy

          Right, you should read your bible. The excuse for breaking the law was that man's need are placed above religious laws. Jesus gave the example of David needing to eat. So these laws are flexible and by that logic the needs of men to love each other are above your bigotry.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Jesus never said the Law was flexible. He said not one jot, or tittle (marks that include what scribes put in for vowels and punctuation), would go unfulfilled. Jesus fulfilled the Law in every way, and those instances you allude to, supersede the Laws, and did not break them. For example, birds do not break the law of gravity, a greater law of lift is involved. You cannot compare loving sinners, with breaking laws. Otherwise, we can do away with police, firemen, and the military. I know you can twist even what I just said, so just go ahead.

        • Bougalee

          lol, you took the words right out of my mouth Lighthouse. Thank you so much.

        • Ukweli Mungu

          Absolutely correct. Also, the dietary laws put forth in the Old Testament were meant specifically for Israel at that time, and were designed to set Israel apart from other nations during that time.
          Also, Christ fulfilled the law when He came. We are now justified by faith in Him.
          Last, sins of sexual immorality (which homosexuality is) are sins against our own bodies.

          • Southerngirl

            That is TRUE. And OUR bodies are to be treated as a “TEMPLE OF GOD”.

          • Ukweli Mungu

            Yes and amen!

        • Crystal

          You are absoulty right. People need to read and study Gods word. Not pick and choose scrpture. God enables His beievers to understand the word.

        • Robert Cummings

          Christ never said a word about gays or lesbians either. Yet allot of Christian say its in the bible!. True also is a eye for eye etc. Phil is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He's also said some pretty racist things about blacks. I believe Phil is good man just not too good at interviews.

          • changemyraintosun

            Christ said PLENTY about gays and lesbians in the Bible, but the word used in that age was “sodomite”. Have you not read the story of Lot? Why do you think the city he was living in was destroyed? There are many other passages as well. People say things are not in the Bible and mis-quote passages from the Bible, when they have never sat down and read it from cover to cover.

          • 6thSense

            Please include Ezekiel 16:49-50:
            Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good.

          • Robert Cummings

            No but I'm going to research what you said. Thanks

          • Robert Cummings

            What did Jesus have to say about homosexuality?

            Ann Naffziger Answers:

            If you were to read all four gospels thoroughly in search of Jesus’ teachings on homosexuality it would be a futile endeavor. Not only would you come to the end of the gospels without finding anything attributed to Jesus on the subject, you wouldn't even find a single reference to the issue in any context.

            In fact, there are only a handful of references to homosexuality in the entire Bible, but they are found in the Old Testament and Paul’s writings. (To put it in perspective, while there are only seven references to homosexuality, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of references to economic justice and the laws governing the accumulation and distribution of wealth.)

            Change not trying to argue with you but you are wrong. Also City of Lot was Old testament. I'm not saying Christ didn't believe it not to be a sin he just never address it. BTW I'm a straight man.

          • enemy_of_the_statist

            Actually you're a straight man parsing scripture in an attempt to support your own predispositions.

            Jesus repeatedly and explicitly acknowledged the validity of the tenets of the old law and the insights the ancient scriptures provided us into the nature of God. The much favored example provided by folks like you in which Jesus stopped the stoning of the adulterous woman always conveniently ignores Jesus’ final admonition to her: “Go and SIN no more…”

            He forced her to acknowledge her sin, and extended His grace to her.

            In our present travail the many lovers of immorality insist such behavior is not sinful. “After all its in our nature.” This is utterly incorrect and a lie. I have sinful inclinations in my nature as well, but I rely on the afore-stated admonition and acknowledge my sin, I seek to avoid its trappings, and I constantly beseech the Savoir for forgiveness when I fail.

            On the other hand our society is now over-run with those that celebrate their sin, and that, my friend is what separates them from God and will lead to their destruction.

            Deal with it, or change, whichever, but do not expect me to acknowledge such a worldview. Certainly they may live as they wish, but they'll get no pass from me and I will not give them the peace of my silent and tacit acceptance of their choice when it erodes the well-being of society as a whole.

          • Robert Cummings

            Enemy I believe homosexuals are born this way and its not a choice. So you would you judge a person who was born with an impaired brain capacity a dumb ass? Fault a person born blind a sightless jerk. You can only have this point of judgement you do if you only believe its a choice. You were lucky you were not born this way nor I. But I friends that were and its wasn't a life choice that made them seek this life style. Jesus would not approve of your judgement or public condemnation of these people as sinners. I have no agenda here just I already know how Jesus would treat them for being different with compassion and love. Cheating on your wife is a choice and a sin.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Sorry to interrupt, Robert. When I was walking with God, and when I wasn't, plenty of gay men here & abroad tried to win me over to the lifestyle. As the “revelation” in the 1980's came about being “born this way”, I heard more gays saying that I only had potential for being gay. Either way, I “chose” not to listen to what people “in the world” said. It is clear in the Word that the Flesh wars with the Spirit, and we may fail, but we are able to repent. Jesus said that “the Spirit is willing, but the Flesh is weak.” The Apostle Paul said that the weapons of our warfare are for the pulling down of strongholds, in another place vain imaginations, and that we have the mind of Christ to draw from through the Holy Spirit. Whatever abilities that I had within the practice of witchcraft were counterfeit of the true powers that God's Holy Spirit gave when I was born again
            and filled with the Holy Spirit. Having been born with many abilities, I was ill and also injured many times throughout my life, and somehow, I have been able to overcome many of my disabilities, or adapted to the limitations of my injuries. My choices have hurt me as a result, and obviously, some were mistakes, but others were outright sins. I say that one day that my body will be made whole & complete again, based on God's promises. God understood that mankind would make wrong choices as a whole, and made provision in His Grace and forgiveness, to pay for the penalty of mankind's sins once and for all. In virtually every society, there have been penalties for wrongdoing or rebellion, with incarceration being one direction, & death being another. One scripture bears noting: “righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” How one nation shows tolerance toward any sin, will reflect how they tolerate more in the future. This country is following the pattern of any country that progressively becomes dysfunctional, and it does not matter what politics deem as utopia or as a wrong.
            One quote I read about Phil Robertson did not single out just sodomy, or fornication, but addressed the past sins of the Corinthians the Apostle Paul was addressing, that had repented of many different sins that included stealing, being adulterous, slandering (America's favorite), lying, and so many more that are extensions of the main ones. It was Jesus that complimented a fellow Jew for observing the two main Commandments will obey the remaining eight: to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind & strength, then, to love your neighbor, as your would love yourself. He identified our neighbor as anyone, other than yourself. Very simple. We may not agree with God, or even our neighbor, but in this day and time, that is seen as hate.

          • NYTony

            What many of you fail to understand is that Jesus was a Jew. As such he lived by Jewish law. He spoke up about Jewish law when it needed to be corrected or understood differently. The very fact that he did not speak up about homosexuality should therefore lead one to understand that he was fine with the Jewish laws and punishments for sodomy. You can look up those on your own.

          • Robert Cummings

            NYTony I don't understand what your trying to say here with your post.

          • Cassidy Robinson

            Cool story, that Sodom and Gomorrah. Lets talk about the next few chapters when Lot's daughters get him drunk and then sleep with him to keep the family-line pure. Or how about before they leave the city when Lot tries to get the Sodomites to leave the angels alone by offering his virgin daughters up to be gang-banged. . Pretty sure those values don't jive with modern times either.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Empty argument, Cassidy. They do what any human does, & that is use a counterfeit to God's intended. God included that and other little tidbits to show human rebellion. Lot was being rescued from his own human understanding, and was very opportunistic when given the choice of land by Abraham.

          • K.C

            yes He did 4 And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? 6 So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

          • K.C

            sorry that was Matthew 19:4-6, also I seem to recall Jesus telling His Apostles he who hears you hears me….

            Romans 1:27
            27 Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.

          • Robert Cummings

            I understand and its true. However God made homosexuals. I strongly believe this that its not a choice they were born this way. How can you judge them in anyway?

          • enemy_of_the_statist

            God made choice and equipped us with the intellectual capacity needed to make choices. He also defined the qualitative aspects of those choices precisely to enable the righteous judgment the scriptures allude to.

            As well, He also explicitly commanded us to point out error and avoid those that continue to insist on committing it.

            He never said “remain silent in the presence of wickedness.”

          • Robert Cummings

            Enemy you deflect instead of answer. You label gays and lesbians as wicked. You don't believe or understand the teachings of Christ the way I do period. Think and say what you will. You have my opinion of it and I yours.

          • Destitute Dick

            Enemy didn't label them as such. God did. Christ never contradicted God on this. Nor did he correct God on anything. He did change the Law though. Not all of it. As a “drunkard”, I am not “offended” by Phil's rendition of what God says is a sin. He is right. I am a sinner. Homosexuals are sinners. We are all sinners. We must accept God's offer of His perfect Son as a sacrifice for our sin. Along with that we must REPENT. GLAAD and their supporters do not wish to accept that Truth. “Go forth, and sin no more.”

          • AbdulCrunch

            Robert, I wish that it was merely opinion that we are debating, but our inclinations that result from our conditioning, and reactions to our environment. That being said, when we are washed in our minds by the Word, and the Spirit of God, it will definitely condition us toward God's way of thinking. Just as the mind of a man reflects his spirit, the Spirit of God reflects the mind of God. Psychology is a skeletal structure of how the mind and / or personality functions, and is a very limited study of how humanity behaves (it's definitely a start). Science can be a servant in our study of our physical existence, but has been used to brutal extremes to exclude opinions among its own peers, even those who have religious faith. Were it not the faith of astronomers like Johannes Kepler, mathematicians like Blaise Pascal, experimenters like James Joule, and the observations of physicists like Albert Einstein, we would say all they had discovered were merely opinions, but are now facts. We cannot break physical laws of the universe, but we do know that at times, we can supersede them, Like the law of gravity can be superseded by the law of thrust and lift, thereby allowing flight of birds, bats, planes & rockets. In God's laws, we have the law of Sin and Death, and by the substitution of Christ's death on the cross, our sins have been superseded by Grace in Jesus's death, the death penalty for our sin. Where grace abounds, should our sin abound, as well, the Apostle Paul asks. God forbid, he said. That expression in the so-called King James Bible, is one of many expressions in our English vernacular, that came from that monumental work of English literature.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Robert, we were born as sinners, in general, so as humans, we have a cafeteria of sins to destroy ourselves, or others. No sin in creation is capable of avoiding the hurt of others. It is written that Adam's act of disobedience condemned mankind to disobedience, and that Jesus, the second Adam, gave mankind opportunity the ability to choose good over evil. What human perceive as a good can also be enemy of the best that God offers. Our religion is nothing compared to having a personal relationship with God. Adam chose his own understanding over God's relationship with him. That does not mean that we forfeit logic, or thinking in general, but balance is an achievement of having a relationship with God.

          • Elizabeth Hamilton

            Robert, I never read a word of Christ in the New testament that wasn't about his love of mankind or for us to love one another.. The eye for an eye was in the Old testament..Christ wiped that out with turn the other cheek.. Jesus Christ was a God of Love and forgiveness. I am a Christian However I do not believe in What Mr. Robertson believes about homosexuality as I have family and very dear friends that are homosexual.. what he said is in his Bible..Every Bible is a bit different.. My Bible is the Woman's Devotional. I don't believe he is a racist.. He just is Bad at interviews where the Reporter is setting him up for a tremendous fall because they realize that.. He Still Has Every Constitutional Right to speak his opinion.. One of the Biggest Racists in our Nation Opray Winfrey on International Televised BBC NEWS Interview after the question was asked about Obama and the ObamaCare issues .. this is a reporter herself who has this knowledge and and so much experience at being interviewed..she stated that America is full of racists and declared until one entire generation of White people are eliminated it would remain so.. Then afterwards President Obama awards her the Honorable Medal of Freedom.. If that's Not a crock of Malarkey.. Obama is only 6.25% Black, 50 % White the other 43.75 % is Arab.. Anyone can Goggle that information.. Let alone the Fact that Billionairess Winfrey made HER MONEY FROM AMERICANS.. the entire Black population in the USA is only 13.1% means the rest of us Citizens all 86.9%. Thus showing her & the world we are not all racists.. We gave her the financial status she holds because we didn't see her skin color.. we thought we saw her heart and that she was one of us.. A women. She is just like the Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton's who only do & say things for their own personal financial gain.. They Are Racists who get away with white hate and that's wrong.. Hate is wrong. Opray & those greedy types of people don't care about the mentally ill person watching or listing to them saying these horrendous things and goes out and kills innocent people.. Because these morons tell them too. Sorry I talk a lot.. Plus I went to sleep & woke up with a bad stomach ache.. It is hard to get old.. I feel sorry for Mr. Robertson. He's old & doesn't need all this stress.. Poor thing.. Well Good night Sir. Just my opinion.

          • Rev. White

            Ms. Hamilton, you need to read 1 Cor. 6:9 again, and 1 Tim.3-13. You also need to understand that Christ, fulfilled the Law, He did not abolish it. What has been postponed on earth is the ceremonial Law, until He receives us to Himself (Revelation explains this) and the sacrificial Law He fulfills in Heaven continually, as His Blood still flows for the remission of sin(s); thus the moral we are to fulfill through Him (I can do ALL thing's through Christ, who strengthens me. Phl. 4:13). Please, take this with Love; it was the woman who was deceived in the garden, and then enticed the man to eat the forbidden fruit, so be careful of what you are feeding (teaching) people.

          • Elizabeth Hamilton

            Thank you Rev. White for your words.. I have taken everything you said with love.. There is no malice or meanness in my heart.. If you do not mind.. I have a few questions that perhaps you could answer please.. I have homosexual Relatives & Friends Whom I Love Dearly how could I ever write that they are doomed in the after world.. Doesn't God Forgive everything?? I couldn't hurt the ones I love.. It would be devastating to them & me.. I have already lost a cousin who committed suicide at the age of 16 yrs old because he was homosexual.. He Killed himself on Mothers's Day in the basement of his parents home..after he tried telling His Parents my Aunt & Uncle that he was homosexual or they found out I never got the story from my Aunt as she was never the same after his death.. She kept smelling his cologne in the home he died in. My Uncle Died within the next year.. His Mom died within 3 years afterwards.. Am I wrong to Believe that God is Love & will Forgive Everyone.. I am Not a Minister Preaching God's word at a pulpit.. Is it really wrong to tell of Christ's Love.. and only of his Love.. Plus if a woman has had a number of bad marriages.. where she admits responsibility of how she wasn't the best wife, didn't cook dinner, but the husbands were miserably cruel, unfaithful, then the last few marriages she just didn't care anymore.. when they were cruel she divorced them too.. say 5 failed marriages.. but only 1 bitter divorce battle.. the other she just gave up whatever they had & walked away.. 3 children .. 1 from the first 3 marriages.. Now she is sick and lives with a childhood friend who is divorced only once.. they plan to wed someday when their finances are better..He is very nice man.. When they die.. Are they condemned since all ex-spouses are alive & well? Even if they do good things for others? In Heaven Who are they with? My Aunt say's she dreams of my Grandma & Aunt & they are living in a beautiful home in Heaven.. She dreams of my Dad always around my Grandma.. She doesn't dream of either of my Grandpa's.. These are sincere questions I hope you can help me with. I did read your scriptures you suggested.. That is why I have these questions. Thank You Rev. White…

          • Rev. White

            The Lord, willing, I will. I believe I have the answer's, but I want to fast and pray tomorrow, just to make sure. Now, let me ask you to do the same, so you are sure the answer(s), are from the Lord Jesus Christ.

          • Robert Cummings

            I mostly agree with what you said guest. Hope your feeling better.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Jesus spoke that a man leaves his family to cleave, or join with a woman in marriage. That is there, and ignored in this futile debate, versus Jesus’ own words,

        • BastilleDay, 2112

          This is why Saturday is the last day of a week on a calendar.

      • Guest

        The dietary laws of Leviticus were done away with in Acts Chapter 10. Christians were never, and are not under the laws of the Sabbath,which were given to the Hebrews, Homosexuality is condemned in numerous places in the New Testament. And yes you are an ass.

        • Otter

          You Christians are the best argument against Christianity I can ever imagine.

          So you admit that the Old Testament is not really canonical. Hey, you have Christ's teaching to tell you it isn't binding on you as Gentiles. Wonderful.

          And yet you would have us take as eternally canonical that prohibitions of other sorts that flatter your lives are eternal.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            You lack a basic understanding of Scripture and how to interpret it. Who said the OT is not Canonical? There are different dispensations in Scripture, there are laws that only apply to the Jews, there are different covenants, it is complicated and there are many layers to the Bible. There are verses that are easy to understand and the Gospel message is clear yet when you begin to study the Bible you realize how interwoven and complex it really is.
            Ignorant people who haven't even read the Bible like to pull out one verse, usually out of context and then present it as a defense of some point they are trying to make (like David), then other, equally ignorant people give them a thumbs up and add their two cents worth. The problem is, your two cents worth really isn't worth the two cents because all you have succeeded in doing is exposing your own ignorance.

          • Otter

            I'm actually not ignorant. I study the Bible in Greek and Hebrew, and I am very familiar with the interpretive moves you're introducing here, which are logically flawed moves that I wouldn't allow a Muslim or a Mormon to introduce to justify their texts to me. You get to bring in principles like “different dispensations” that you arbitrarily limit. What happens when the dispensation changes (again!) and prohibitions on homosexuality are no longer binding? How would you know? What does that make of the concept of a binding authority?

            You say the Bible is complex: you're right. It's also self-contradictory, and if any other religion or philosophy tried to sell me such a text as consistent “if you only understood it” I would say they were either lying or deceived.

          • 6thSense

            The bible is a giant love letter to HIS people. You are not one of the people, and you definitely do not understand what has been written. Approach the bible with the love with which it was intended, and your eyes will be opened and you will see.

          • Otter

            I came from there. I was once one of you.

            But if it's only comprehensible to God's people, then it's got no application to the wider culture, and Christians should _celebrate_ the fact that nobody thinks like they do. Nothing's weirder than a bunch of people who believe that only mystical inclusion into their community can make sense of a first-century compilation of texts who then insist that the larger culture should live according to that compilation. When Muslims try that on, it's appalling. When Christians do it, it's no less bizarre an ask.

          • Destitute Dick

            I do not possess that gift of the Spirit, Patience. Therefore I will consider any more responses to Otter as “Pearls before swine”.

          • Otter

            Freely admitted! If the goal is to seal the compound against dissenters, I am unclean as a swine, and as depraved as, well, a homosexual. Hey, Paul avers that it's the mind that's the first to go: See Romans 1 and 2. I'm practically in the bathhouse.


            (But a point of order: do the impatient inherit the kingdom or….?)

          • Otter


            Yes, I know: I was an evangelical for most of my life. And I know what you mean: approaching the book with your critical faculties suspended, your faith open, your heart unfaltering and unfiltered, it IS a different experience.

            And if you approach ANY book, including the Book of Mormon and the Q'ran, in the way you suggest, you'll find them life-changing: there are interesting cases of transformed lives and communities in those “false” religions.

            The trouble came when questions came up, honest questions for which evangelicals and fundamentalists were not prepared to offer an answer that would have satisfied me if some other religion had offered it.

            Not to burden you with details: they'd lead to a million rabbit holes. But it began to be clear to me that, whatever else the Bible is / was, it was not a perfect text. It might be God's word, in some sense. The Holy Spirit might speak through it in some sense. But it sure wasn't perfect. It might be a love letter to HIS people (to borrow your nice phrase). But like many great love letters, it was never going to stand up to certain kinds of scrutiny.

            And if evangelicalism had said, “That's okay. It was never meant to be perfect in that sense,” there the matter would have ended. Oh, okay. No problem.

            But no. “It is perfect.” “It is infallible / inerrant.” “It settles all questions of faith and morals.”

            Except, well, it wasn't, and it didn't.

            It's a very very delicate question at that point whose eyes are opened and whose are closed.

          • Destitute Dick

            Rationalization working out OK for you Otter? We humans seem to have an amazing gift of rationalization.

          • Otter

            I'm not sure how you're defining “rationalization” here, Dick, but by the ordinary definition, it's not rationalization to say “Contradictions are contradictions,” but it is to say, “Contradictions are not contradictions because, see, it's like this….”

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            Please, tell me where in The Bible homosexuality is not a sin? The Bible does not contradict itself, again you do not understand it. If you don't believe in the Bible, why are you wasting your time studying it? The Bible was written for God's people, you need the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to understand it. You obviously do not have that guidance. Where is it inconsistent? It is the playing out of God's plan, it goes from living under the law to living under grace. That does not mean it is inconsistent, that shows the difference between life before Christ and life after. You believe what you want to believe, I know it is the Word of God and I know I will spend eternity with my savior.

          • Otter

            I never said that “in the Bible” homosexuality “is not a sin.” I just decline to let it go at that.

            The Bible DOES contradict itself: examples range from the trivial to the substantial, depending on how much importance you place on such details as who killed Goliath, (David or Elhanon?), or which genealogy for Jesus is correct (and yes, I know the arguments about both, and no, they aren't arguments you would let anybody else get away with if they tried to tell you a book was without contradiction).

            I study it because I think that it doesn't have to be perfect to be very good, and very interesting. If you would like to use religious language, I would even agree that it doesn't have to be perfect for the Holy Spirit to speak through it.

            Notice that you tell me straight up that I don't have the guidance of the Holy Spirit to understand it because I understand it (and indeed revere it) in a way that's quite different from your own: why is agreement with your interpretations and presuppositions about the Bible so necessary to you to believe that other people have the truth?

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            If you claim it contradicts itself and it isn't perfect, then how can it be truth? You are basically saying it is not the word of God. If it is full of errors (as determined by you, who have now made yourself an authority above the Scripture) then it most certainly cannot be the Word of the most High God. If there is one untrue statement in the Bible, then there is no point in following it. And, if it is not the Word of God, then what is? Why are we here and what is the point? I don't care if you agree with my doctrine or theology, there are many points in Christian doctrines where the different denominations have conflicting ideas. My contention is with your assault on the veracity of scripture. I do believe that if you do not acknowledge the Bible as the Word of God, then you do not have the truth. And, if you don't believe it's the word of God, I still can't understand why you would bother with it? Do you read the Book of Mormon and other religious books for truth as well?
            I say you do not have the Holy Spirit guiding you because the Bible claims to be the Word of God, infallible and true. You are saying it is not, the Holy Spirit would not lead you to that conclusion. It has nothing to do with what I believe, it has everything to do with what the Bible says.

          • Otter

            Thus Lorrie: “If you claim it contradicts itself and it isn't perfect, then how can it be truth? You are basically saying it is not the word of God.”

            Well, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by “it” here… the whole thing? Because it's not all alike. The New Testament says, “All scripture is God-breathed,” and that would suit me down to the ground if the text said “God is love” (which is surely true) and left it at that. But I'm not sure what to do with a God who (for instance) prescribes a trial-by-ordeal poison-test for female (but not male) adultery (see Numbers 5). And if “ALL” scripture is God-breathed, we have a contradiction that no appeal to “dispensations” or “progressive revelation” or “interpreting in context” will ameliorate. Either God told real people in a real time and space, “poison women you suspect of adultery,” or God did not. My vote is, “God did not, at least the God who is love did not.”

            And if that's picking and choosing, well, sure, but that's what your brain is there for: to detect and filter out truths from falsehoods.

            Lorrie continues: “If it is full of errors (as determined by you, who have now made yourself an authority above the Scripture) then it most certainly cannot be the Word of the most High God. If there is one untrue statement in the Bible, then there is no point in following it.”

            Well, there's so much to say to this. Why do you think “there'd be no point in following it”? I follow Aesop's fables, even though I don't believe animals talk. (Note that I'm not calling the Bible a “fable,” just making a point about truth.)

            And you say that I've set myself up as an authority above scripture, but that's what we sometimes call “the hermeneutical circle,” which means basically that you have to do exactly the same thing in order to say scripture _does_ have authority higher than yours. In other words, you have to judge it before you let it judge you.

            Thirdly, why does it have to be “error free” to be God's word, exactly? Well, sure, because God doesn't make mistakes, but your own scriptures tell you that God's ways are so much higher than yours that they're basically incomprehensible to human experience: which means that when you put them in human language, which is finite and fallible, something's going to go wrong somewhere. To say that God protects or ensures human language against error is as weirdly random as saying (as the Catholics do) that God protected Mary from original sin so that Jesus could have a pure vessel from which to enter the world: it's a random intellectual move designed to protect your human doctrine (which isn't scriptural, by the way, Psalm 119 notwithstanding) that your scripture is without error, and it contradicts both reason and observation.

            In other words, you're not adequately examining your own interpretations of scripture, preferring the simple, but highly problematic, idea of assuming that “God's word” could ever be textual. (For the record: God's word is not a text. In scripture, God's word is Jesus, the logos.)

            Lorrie again: “And, if you don't believe it's the word of God, I still can't understand why you would bother with it?”

            I know you don't understand, but that's because your doctrines are way too narrow. “Truth” is a subtle and beautiful thing, and the Bible is a powerful conduit for some truths that no other book expresses in quite the mighty ways that the Bible does, truths which many people (even many so-called “biblical Christians”) ignore because they are difficult, subtle, or demanding.

            You ask: “Do you read the Book of Mormon and other religious books for truth as well?”

            Strange question! Everything I read, I read for truth, including novels, fables, newspapers, history, myths, poetry, your posts, and the manual for my car. I don't expect any of them to be “perfect,” or to answer all my questions about everything.

            I have read the Book of Mormon twice, and done some shallow and preliminary studies into some of its claims… I'm drawn to some aspects of it, other parts strike me as thin and disingenuous.

            I've gone a few rounds with the Q'ran, but I have a harder time understanding it. There are so many hours in the day, and Arabic language and culture just never made its way into my brain much, and Islam has never really approved of textual scholarship.

            The Eastern stuff… well, I read that pretty often, though only in English translation with scholarly notes. I'm content to be led on that because I don't have to deal with people claiming divine authority when it comes to the Vedas very often. Since Christians regularly tell me what God wants for America, I feel much more urgent about understanding why they would think what they do.

            “I say you do not have the Holy Spirit guiding you because the Bible claims to be the Word of God, infallible and true.”

            I say you haven't read carefully enough. The Bible is not the Word of God: finite language cannot contain the utterances of infinite being and thought. According to the Bible, Jesus is.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            I went back and re-read Numbers 5. I think where we differ is in your idea of God (as you say God is love) and my idea of God. You say you don't believe a God who is love would command that a woman be poisoned for infidelity.
            Would a god who is love, send people to hell?
            I believe God is perfect love, I also believe he is perfect holiness and righteousness. He has the right to do whatever he wants to with his creation. He would be fully justified in sending every one of us to hell, right now, for eternity. He would still be a God of love, even though he is a God of Justice. If the woman had committed adultery, she would be deserving of hell. Why is it not love if God allows her to be punished for her sin?
            It sounds like you are saying that you are deciding what is true and what is not, based on how you feel God would act. The problem is, as you stated, his ways are not our ways. We are to take his word as it is, if the scripture is not the final authority, then what is?
            I am saying that God almighty can surely put together a book, containing his message for his people, that contains no errors. Why would God give us a book full of errors? If it is not true, then it is a lie. So, when you say there are things in the scripture that are not true, you are saying that the Bible contains lies. I understand that Jesus is the word, but the Scripture is the written word of God. Who decides what part of the scripture is true and what parts are lies? It doesn't come down to reason because again, Gods ways are not our ways. God's reason is so far above our own, who are we to question God? I believe the scripture is “God breathed” and as such, it contains no errors. God gave them the words to write, it is his word. I would not put my faith in a God who can't even put together a book.
            You say my doctrines are too narrow. I would say “thank you” for that observation, as that is a compliment. There is only one truth, that is Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life. There are not many truths and many ways, there is only one mediator between man and God and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.
            Basically, our understandings of who God is and who man is are just very different. I see our relationship to God as he is God, and we are his creation. We sinned and deserve hell. God is gracious and he sent his only son (there's his love showing through) to die, so that we might be saved. God is gracious and merciful in that he determined to save some of us, as we all deserve hell.
            I don't know how you see God, but with your comment about a loving God not making a woman drink poison, I can see that we disagree. I would say that is just, and I don't believe that justice and love are mutually exclusive. Also, if the woman was innocent, I believe God would spare her.
            Anywho, maybe we just agree to disagree? I wish you good luck in the future, thank you for the interesting conversation.

          • Otter

            Lorrie, go back and read it again. The woman isn't being poisoned “for infidelity.” She's being poisoned as a “trial by ordeal.” The idea is that if she's guilty she'll get sick. If she's innocent she'll be fine. It's a barbaric (though very ancient) superstitious way of determining guilt and innocence.

            Saying “God has the right to do it” is just saying that “might makes right,” and it doesn't. Poisoning the innocent and guilty alike is wrong no matter who does it.

            I'm not deciding what I think is “true:” I have absolutely no idea whether God ever commanded this, though I certainly hope not. I'm deciding what I think is good, because I refuse to worship a God who commanded this (and a score of other things in the Old Testament). “His ways are higher than our ways,” sure, but if his ways include commanding his people to poison the innocent on suspicion…. Well, I want nothing to do with him. There are better ways of figuring this stuff out. In other words, it's not right just because God does it. (Or maybe “Moses allowed you to poison your wives because of your hardness of heart….” But if so, I have no idea what authority the Bible has: it's appalling.)

            If that God is “love,” you have a funny (and mostly useless) idea of what “love” is.

            You say you believe God would spare an innocent woman. Let's call that the God-can-do-anything escape hatch. Fair enough, if you think that the laws of nature and probability do not apply in the ancient world, but now you're way off the map when it comes to reason and rationality, because that command now belongs to another time when *poof!* now it makes moral sense! The whole text now becomes irrelevant, because you've reinvented the rules by which the rest of us have to live.

            We can agree to disagree, of course! Clearly we do! You think that “love” and civilization can include a poison test for adultery, I do not.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Otter, the scriptures are progressive revelations that reflect how limited human understanding is, even for historical things. If I'm reading you, history would only be changes in name for despots, or world leaders. Human nature is pretty much changeless in the real world. However, when you say knowing Hebrew and Greek would mean something, it does not rule out that native speakers of those languages still disobeyed the Scriptures, or the biblical leaders. Yet, God mandates that all the dirty laundry be included in the record. Even when we say Scripture, God or Jesus are contradictory, we are revealing that our understanding of those mentioned are a reflection of our own fallen nature. So when I'm crooked, or jaded, Scripture or God is jaded or contradictory, and I do not want someone to hold me in judgement, or make me to be reflective enough to think I am capable to wrongdoing. In my own eyes as a human, I can only think of my actions as a measure of all things, namely, a standard to itself, or one that I want to impress upon another…a form of “righteousness”. We as humans will always miss the mark, somehow, and still we have a “Finish” line, or a “Home” plate, or football “Goal”. We will still scream at the officials when a race, match, penalty, or goal is called, because of what we think, or think we saw. How else would we allow a “grading curve”, or come up with an amendment, or exception,, unless we knew somehow, everyone does not always achieve the same results. The book “Animal Farm” acknowledges equality, but then, one animal says that some animals are more equal than others.
            Therein lies the rub, that humans tend to be hypocritical, despite their abhorrence of contradiction. Physical law does not like a vacuum, so something else will fill the space for the time being, until it can be filled with something else. Denying spirituality will only cause one to deify oneself, as in politics, or philosophy, or some other human occupation.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            You may study the Bible in Greek and Hebrew, but I don't think you understand it. First of all, I don't arbitrarily limit anything. There will be no new changes as far as what is sinful and what is not. As Christ said on the cross “It is finished”. The Bible is closed, it's a done deal. How would “prohibitions” on homosexuality be lifted? There are no prophets giving us revelation, it is all in the Bible, we aren't waiting for any new information. The different dispensations are already spelled out in the scripture. I don't understand your question “how would you know?” Are you asking how would you know when a new dispensation began? We wont have a new one until Christ returns, so I guess his appearance would signal that. God's word is the binding authority. I also do not agree that the Bible contradicts itself.
            I have to ask, why would someone who obviously does not believe in the Scripture, waste their time studying it? If you do not have the Holy Spirit guiding you, you will never fully understand the Bible. You may have the head knowledge but you will never have the fullness of understanding that the Holy Spirit gives you. It's like you are reading a letter that was written to someone else. You can intellectually understand what is being said but the meaning is quite different to you than it is to the person to whom the letter was written. If that makes any sense?

          • Otter

            Lorrie writes: “There will be no new changes as far as what is sinful and what is not. As Christ said on the cross “It is finished”. ”

            That's kind of a careless reading. He wasn't talking about the Bible: if he had been, Paul, John, and the rest of them wouldn't have bothered writing more of it. He wasn't talking about what is “sinful,” either. Go back and read more deeply.

            Lorrie again: “The Bible is closed, it's a done deal.”

            According to whom, precisely? The Bible itself? Where? If you're going to use “It is finished” as your proof-text, I have to say, my confidence in your reading of scripture is pretty small!

            “There are no prophets giving us revelation, it is all in the Bible, we aren't waiting for any new information.”

            Who told you that? Jesus himself contradicts you! He says that his disciples (you are one, right?) would do greater things than he did. Did you think he meant only the apostles? Why? He also told them (and not just the 11 remaining apostles!) that whatever they bound or loosed, was bound and loosed, and not just until the Bible was written, redacted, collected, and copied!

            You bring in all of this extra-scriptural stuff about dispensations (a concept that's ridiculously far from Paul's ideas in his epistles), and pretend that it's all scripture, but your teachers are teaching you lies and having the audacity to pretend that they're teaching you to be a faithful student of scripture.

            You tell me elsewhere that I should be worried about judgment: I think they should be. At least I don't pretend to have God on my side, but whoever's feeding you this stuff is either a fool and not understanding the first word of it, or else deliberately twisting scripture to release you from the real burdens of being a Christian.

            “How would “prohibitions” on homosexuality be lifted?”

            Well, God, presumably, is free to do that if he likes; but more to the point, scripture is engaged in self-revision all the time. Jesus on the question of divorce makes a distinction between what “Moses allowed” and what was intended by God “from the beginning.” Both of which are enshrined in scriptures, by the way, and both of which were part of the Torah that Jesus claimed would not pass away. He swept aside the dietary laws from the same texts.

            If you believe, as you seem to do, that God is done speaking, then, sure, close your Bible, but be sure to wear a veil when you pray, and be certain not to speak in church (1 Cor. 11, 1 Cor. 14, and don't let anybody bamboozle you into thinking Paul didn't mean exactly what he said).

            Lorrie concludes: ” If you do not have the Holy Spirit guiding you, you will never fully understand the Bible.”

            I say this respectfully, but even with the Holy Spirit guiding you (I presume), you don't seem to understand it very well.

            I do understand what you mean about a letter being written to somebody. But I hope that if this exchange has shown one thing to you, it's that I do read it with an eye on how it does touch me. I'm not uncritical about that: the more you love the letter, the more depth you'll want to bring to your study the letter, and the more deep you study it, the more you do realize, it isn't as simple as a letter.

            If it were, it would be a lot shorter.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            I should not have used the words of Christ “it is finished” in the same sentence about the Bible being closed, I do know what he meant and it had nothing to do with the Bible being a closed book. It was very early in the morning and I was very tired, so I agree 100% with you on that point. As it is very early in the morning now, I will print out your response and I will reply later (when I have had some coffee and can think straight).

          • Otter

            Totally understand! If I post before my second cup I'm like a rattlesnake as to temperament and a bag of wet noodles as to intellect. Cheers!

          • Otter

            PS: The next best move is to go to Revelation, where the text closes with a curse on anybody who changes the words of the Book. If you want to apply those to the whole Bible, I'd understand. I think that's a stronger case than the one you made. But (1) I don't think they refer to your Bible, as the Bible hadn't been compiled at the time; and (2) for hundreds of years, the Bible included deuterocanonical books which the Reformation removed, thus violating that dictum. So whose-book becomes an urgent debate if you use the Revelation text. I think it just refers to itself, since it keeps using the word “book” to refer to itself, as well as the Lamb's Book(s).

            Still, I'd understand if you wanted to attempt that. :) I think it's as close as one can get to proof-texting the point you're trying to make.

          • Steve Fillmore

            No one said the OT wasn't canonical. Again you twist the point. What was said was the LAW was no longer the guiding principle but rather GRACE. The NT has its own points of righteous and non-righteous behavior. And the immoralities that Mr. Robertson listed are NT. Not just homosexuality but adultery, drunkeness etc. As a conservative born again Christian I will say that Christianity is a narrow minded religion. Christ himself said “I am THE way, THE truth. No man comes unto the Father except through me.” Not by works, not living a good life. “Unless a man be born again, he shall not enter into heaven.” Very narrow minded. No other religion or belief, atheism, humanism, education,or anything else just Christ. Yep narrow minded, but then we can afford to be we're right.

          • Otter

            I appreciate your proud admission that Christianity is narrow-minded, Steve, but the truth is you've created here a huge hermeneutical problem. Jesus himself said that not a iota nor a tilda of the law would pass away, but at the same time he set himself at odds with certain aspects of it: the dietary laws, the penalty for adultery, certain interpretations of the Sabbath….

            In other words, for him, the authority of the Hebrew Bible (okay, the Old Testament) was living, not static in the texts.

            What claim then does the New Testament have to fix and finalize ethical standards for a community that prides itself on concepts like grace and being the living repository of the Holy Spirit?

            The answer is, evidently, only an idea about textual authority that Jesus himself was at pains to detach.

          • Steve Fillmore

            Jot and tittle were the words referring to specific marks used in writing Hebrew to designate vowel sounds. Little bitty marks. The law was not static, but not living in that it would change to meet new standards. “I come not to destroy the Law but fulfill (FINISH) it. The statement was the law should not be changed/altered until it was fulfilled. He came to fulfill that law and the completion of that is His return. As far as the NT fix and finalize standards “Whatsoever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven.”
            As far as narrow minded (lol) goes that's narrow minded in the same sense that Christ was narrow minded in stating that He was the only way to heaven. No other philosophy, religion, prophet, teacher, scientist or what ever. I am narrow minded about murder. MURDER is wrong I'm narrow minded about that too. Like I said since I'm right I can afford to be narrow minded. Open minded would imply that there are acceptable alternatives. No acceptable alternative than MURDER is WRONG. No acceptable alternative to Christ as the only answer. If I was locked in a room with you and you tried to leave by a door I knew led to a sure and horrible death and would not listen to my explanation could I in honesty and love not point out to you that you are dooming yourself but not accepting my knowledge. No matter what other information you think you may have I know beyond all doubt that you are wrong and condemning yourself and others. I must in love and concern speak out.,

          • Otter

            And I appreciate that, Steve. But the first-century Jewish peasant narrow-mindedness of Christ is not something I think that you or your co-religionists (yes, I know, it's not “religion” :) ) quite grasp: the language of debates like these makes me think not. But I respect your right to believe you're right.

            Technical note: the “jot” and “tittle”(the terms are Tyndale's) were not vowels exactly: the iota was a Greek vowel, but corresponded to a Hebrew consonant. Tyndale's “tittle” was a small accent mark or paleographical hook. Not showing off, just like to nip these things to keep the record straight. :)

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            It's so sad, you have all of this “knowledge” of the scripture, yet you do not know Christ. If you knew him, you would believe in his word. Imagine, when you stand before God on judgment day and give an account, you of all people will be without excuse. Here you have gone to the trouble of learning the Greek and the Hebrew, you have academically studied the text and you are well versed in the scripture. I am quite impressed by your knowledge, yet you remind me of why I believe in election. Here you study the Word of God and yet, it's just a text to you. It's head knowledge, not heart knowledge. You know of Christ but you do not know Christ. It's amazing to think one could study the Word of God and not see it all so clear, yet here you are. God has to open your eyes and give you faith, otherwise you are incapable of being saved. I wish you the best of luck, I hope you come to know Christ one day. If/when that happens, you will understand what it is people are trying to explain to you.

          • Otter

            You're quite mistaken, Lorrie: to me it _is_ heart-knowledge. Do you think I'd study the Bible for years and years just as an intellectual curiosity? It's a trait of some kinds of Christianity to assume that people with whom one disagrees “do not have Christ,” and can therefore be consigned to the rubbish-heap. I'd urge you not to be one of those, but instead to wonder, “How is MY faith incomplete, and how can it be helped along by this apparently hostile person?” I'm not asking you to accept everything I say: but to black it out on the grounds that I'm not elect (in your judgment) is surely not wisdom.

            On the whole, I'm not worried about my future, not out of complaisance but because I follow my conscience. I'm more disturbed by Christians who are persuaded that their good hearts are enough, who stake their lives on a text they only dimly understand and more often misunderstand, persuaded that they're right because they have Christ. In my experience, they do far more damage to what Paul calls “the ministry of reconciliation” than any pagan could ever do.

            I used to believe in many of the things you write about: but they just aren't what scripture really had in mind, I discovered.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            I do not say “you don't know Christ” because you disagree with me, I say it because you disagree with him. Christ himself quoted scripture and said it is the word of God. I believe it to be the word of God, without error. I believe that if God can create the universe and everything in it, he sure as heck can make sure his perfect word is correctly written and secured. We are told to test all things by the Word of God. Why would God tell us that and then not give us his perfect word? That doesn't make sense. I don't know if you are elect or not, but the idea of one spending a lifetime studying scripture and apparently not finding Christ, would support the doctrine of election. Only God knows who is elect. I do not think my good heart is enough, as I realize my heart is deceitfully wicked and my righteousness is as filthy rags, I am secure in my salvation because of Christ and him alone.
            I will continue to believe in the reformation teachings and follow the likes of Spurgeon and Edwards, as I believe that is what the scripture teaches. I also like John MacArthur, not sure if you have heard of him? If you have discovered what scripture really had in mind, and it goes against the established teachings of the church, you might want to re-examine your interpretations. It seems odd that God would let the entire church be in darkness and enlighten just one person? I hope you do not misinterpret my tone as I am being sincere in my statements, it is hard to tell when read as opposed to heard.
            I do wish you the best of luck in life and will definitely look up some of the issues you have raised, as I enjoy studying God's word. God Bless.

          • Otter

            Sounds good, Lorrie! Three things to consider as you study:

            1.) The Roman cult of Fate. This seems like a weird topic for anybody interested in the Bible. But lots of Paul's language in his letter to the Romans (from which the fundamental reformed doctrine is most decisively drawn) reflects his knowledge of his audience. Even if it doesn't change your mind about Reformed theology, at least let it shape your understanding of that book.

            2.) Jesus never actually calls the Bible the Word of God. The Bible never actually calls itself the Word of God. The reasons for this are incredibly important. That designation “word” refers to the principle of the “logos,” a New Testament word that plays with and changes a long history of that word's use in Greek, and you should study as much as you can about the history of that term. (Start with Wikipedia: it's not dreadfully wrong, though not complete.) Again, it might not change your mind (though it should) that “the Bible is the Word of God,” but it should at least give you some insights into what the Bible does and does not mean by “Word of God.” I hope it changes your mind and you can start to think of the Bible as something else, something more in keeping with its writers’ view of it.

            3.) Testing things according to “the Word” cannot mean testing them according to the Bible, though the Bible must surely be included in such a test for Christians for a lot of other reasons. For starters, the Bible wasn't fully composed when those words were written (and it took a couple of hundred years after the deaths of the apostles before the Church came to any consensus on which books would be in “the Bible….” and they aren't fully agreed yet!). Second, see #2 above: the New Testament has something different in mind when it uses the word “Word” / “logos.” It's not a text.

            Best of luck and best wishes to you as you study!

          • Otter

            Oh, one other thing:

            I don't think I'm the one enlightened person. I'm much better at identifying what I don't know, and when people don't know as much as they think. Hanging around in churches, the problem wasn't that I thought I knew more than others. It was that my questioning showed me that they didn't know nearly enough to stake their lives on the doctrines they drew from the Book, and certainly not enough to teach others things they didn't understand themselves..

          • AbdulCrunch

            Otter, is it sad that we have to be so inflammatory about our beliefs and opinions toward one another on such venues as this. I am a troll to those who don't agree with me. I have had your opinions, as well as some similar beliefs to others on this thread, but in every society there are common beliefs that put a standard of behavior as ideals. How those societies meet those standards end up with compromises that excuse them to the point, until things break down, and destruction results from within, or without. That is history, and it repeats itself. What makes humanity hilarious is that doing the same thing over and over again will result in different consequences. Such is the attempts of this country, or media moment, when the different groups appear to have some illusion of what they think is right or wrong, or that their tolerance is better than the others perception of tolerance. Why would two pigs argue over what mud, or slop, or excrement is better than the other? I use pigs as examples of how humans would propose to say that there is a standard, when it is only what they know in their existence that limits their understanding. You use the word “typical”, and depending on what stage of your understanding, has its own limitation. That is the beauty, or ugliness, of these venues, is attacking each other, and reversing the arguments. If you have standards,
            you have limited yourself by your own arguments, and if you claim to have no standards, once again, you have put yourself at a disadvantage of no limits, even to the laws of the universe, or physical laws that common sense would be protecting you from breaking. When someone says that they are Christians, they are attempting to agree to some group where there is relative safety somewhat in numbers, but that proved initially to be a death sentence initially. So why would students of a Jewish leader abandon Him, then come back to the point of losing their lives, even in some other land, where otherwise, they would have hated the very people they were trying to reach out to? Read about Jonah, who avoided going to evangelize the nation that he hated. He was angry when that nation repented, after he preached God's destruction for their sins. God tried to teach that He chose a people who would eventually change the world by their imperfect relationship with Him. God knew
            that His own people would fail, but He demonstrated that by example they could overcome their sins, one at a time. That is a “typical” relationship, where different individuals, sometimes one stronger than the other, could benefit one another. In nature, we have symbiotic relationships that are definitely beneficial to each other, as opposed to separate.
            As far as canonical goes, even groups today are identified by their common hatred of conservative or liberal groups. Even some Muslim groups have a difficult time of not killing one another over a canonical difference. Just remember Stalin had Trotsky killed over canonical difference, and possibly, Lenin was murdered for the same reason. When it comes to you belonging to a group, it is a matter of time before you are an asset, or a liability, and remember, Darwin said no liabilities are allowed to survive. Lets hope that you don't get drowned in the genetic pool.

      • EJ

        Thanks for the common sense David. Gotta remember though, if you're Christian then it's only intolerant if you can't tell someone else they are on the road to bestiality for believing in something that's not straight out of your favorite part of the bible. That's called a salad bar Christian, you only have to follow CERTAIN parts of the bible, you get to pick and choose what's holy based on your own proclivities and completely ignore the stuff you don't like. It'd be nice if these people paid attention to where Christ said ‘love thy neighbor,’ I'm still looking for the passage where Jesus tells us how ‘the gays’ are going to burn in eternal hellfire, anybody got that one? Oh right… he didn't say that.

        • Billy Morrison

          He did say I didnt come to change any of my Fathers laws and Gods law was that homosexual behavior is an abomination….read about sodom and gomora!!!!!!

          • meangene

            Billy, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because they oppressed the poor. They did not engage in consensual sex, but wanted to rape.

          • Letsbehappyagain

            meangene: AND sodomy!

          • Billy Morrison

            Meangene, I dont know what Bible you are reading but that is not the reason that was givin to me…. it was destoyed because of SIN and homosexuality and beastiality were named in the scripture as two of the reasons….read it again and then post your comment.

        • Bougalee

          Ed, I think St. Paul and Jesus were pretty much on the same page. St. Paul says in 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 vs. 9 & 10. ” Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.” Quite a bit more of that in St. Paul's writings. Just saying. If you believe that the Trinity includes the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and they are one, and that St. Paul was writing by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, then you've heard Jesus indicate the above.

        • Lighthouse

          Biblical love is about sharing the truth so that a person can repent, accept Jesus and turn from his sinful lifestyle. read what Bougalee wrote from the Bible.

      • KarenGardner

        David,you are showing your ignorance!! Tell us where the verse is that say's it is an abomination to eat shellfish. Come on if you are going to argue the Bible at least know some of it. Why should we as Christ followers have to conform to the world's system. I am sick of not being able to speak honestly for fear of being a gay hater. My little brother was gay, I loved him more than life. He died of HIV. The Bible is not some out dated book that needs to change with the times. We should be allowed to hate the sin yet love the sinner!!! If you were to study the Bible at all you would realize who the moron is. YOU!!

        • Josh

          Leviticus 11:9-10 “These you may eat, of all that are in the waters. Everything in the waters that has fins and scales, whether in the seas or in the rivers, you may eat. But anything in the seas or the rivers that has not fins and scales, of the swarming creatures in the waters and of the living creatures that are in the waters, is detestable to you.”

          Shellfish then would be classified as not allowed to eat.

          • Guest

            Sorry Josh, but this has been more than adequately addressed before hand. Scroll down a bit and see.

          • bob

            You are ignorant of the law. Understand that the dietary laws were given to the Jews to protect them physically and set them apart. Don't confuse or compare the dietary laws with an entire lifestyle that offends God.

            Matthew 15:11 ” What goes into someone's mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.”

            It is ok for men to love each other, but not ok to have sexual relations with each other – just as it is not acceptable for men to have sexual relations with women other than their wife. I would imagine that each of us have considered one of the above at one time or another. Do not give in to your lusts. Beware of the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life… they are in opposition to God. Shellfish…they are the rodents of the sea…they are not healthy, but they won't defile you.

          • BastilleDay, 2112

            Shellfish are nature's garbage disposals and filters. When you eat them you consume the garbage/waste/pollutants of the sea.

          • Bougalee

            yes but they are delectable.

      • Chang Ling

        The bible also says it's an abomination to eat shrimp, and pork, all it means are these things are not good for us. Why? because the Bible says so.

      • DonPippin

        Well, Bless your little heart. Did you know that God loves you inspite of your beliefs?

      • debbie

        So we need to be put to death ? LOL You sound like you might be muslim . You know as Christians we don't care what you think of us. We happen to be happy and comfortable with our beliefs . Something about all of the bad reaction that ya'll are giving us , makes ya'll sound like you trying to turn the table on us, And that's not going to happen. We are to strong for that . Check your facts, there are so many more Christians in this world and the GREAT USA than other so called other originations. AND THAT”S A FACT JACK !!! You people are doing exactly what the gay origination glad is saying what was done to them. They are appalled that so many Christians came out in support for Phil, It's only going to get larger. As the gay people stay united so do we. Let me tell you people something , we believe it's wrong BUT we don't get in any bodies face over it . I have a great – niece that is gay and we all love her dearly. she come to church with us on Sundays and no one Shuns her. It may be where these organizations are located. WE show love to her BUT it is ultimately her decision. we don't try to shove our beliefs on her.

      • casepacker

        David- in the old testament it said you're not supposed to eat shellfish, pork and there were many other rules that don't seem to make sense today. However, a guy named Jesus Christ came along and let us know that it isn't what we eat that condemns us, but what we say and do is what condemns a person. So- some of these rules were superceded by the coming of Jesus, but Homosexual relations, along with other things were not. There is no hate in that statement, just like there was no hate in Phil's. You could easily make the case that he's saying these things out of love, because if Phil truly believes that people practicing a homosexual lifestyle are condemning themselves and he is trying to persuade them to change their ways to save themselves, wouldn't that be a sign of love?

      • Elizabeth Hamilton

        David, That was mighty Christian of you.. Name calling.. Really?? That was very mature of you.. I take it your anti-religion or a very angry man.. I see you do Not like Gogirl voicing her opinion either.. Mr. Robertson is 67 yrs old.. He was quoiting what his bible taught him.. You do realize that not all Bibles are written the same.. If he wants to voice his opinion he can.. it happens to be his constitutional right … it is just one man's opinion.. There is No need to Sacrifice anyone.. Heck.. Opray Winfrey spoke on International BBC News and declared that America was full of Racists.. she went as far as to declare the slaughter of an entire generation of white people.. Afterwards she received the Honorary Metal of Freedom By President Obama .. I do Not Believe in what he Said.. However I do Believe In His Right To Say It. Just As I Believe in Our Right here & now to voice our opinions. However rudeness is just plain ignorant.

      • fredbailey

        It is you who is the moronic ass. Typical liberal, though…first response isn't inquiry nor invitation to express validation, but name calling, derision, and hate spewing.

        As I said- typical “open minded” liberal knee jerk reaction. We have become accustomed to expect it from your ilk.

        • Robert Cummings

          Funny anybody has a different opinion of yours they become a liberal. Your a narrow minded man Fred.

          • fredbailey

            No, Robert- you are wrong. Conservative posts that I read don't come right out of the chute calling someone a moron and an ass- just as this guy David did, if you will but follow the thread.

            And it wouldn't be because the opinion is mine, necessarily. I just have this thing about calling something a duck that looks, sounds, and walks like a duck.

            And most people like David usually call me a racist for despising Obama policies and for calling Mandela a commie murdering thug- which is exactly what he was.

            I put on a uniform and fought for the rights of people to speak their mind. I would never even attempt to silence those whose opinion I despise.

            Those who disagree with Phil Robertson can't say that.

          • Robert Cummings

            Mostly I see people like you that only criticize what others do like the President. Mandela was a very good man who did remarkable things with his life. Conservatives do not offer up any solutions when it comes to health care, our tax structure, jobs, etc. They'er bought by big corporations and whom they fight for not you Fred. But you follow them like some mindless idiot, I bet you even adore Palin. I'm from the south and believe me republicans here are dumb as a rock. I'm an educated man with an open mind looking to make our country better. You go listen to Rush and keep tuning in to FOX and remain unhappy.

          • fredbailey

            Me: love FOX, TEA Party charter member, grew up South Georgia, live in Texas, am an employer who pays above prevailing wage, Born Again Bible student, veteran, voter, NRA, and everything else that liberals might hate about me. I know Terry Bradshaw, and he told me about Phil in Starbucks over coffee when he lived where I live in Texas. Along with that, I'm deliriously happy, fairly wealthy, I'm at my beach place in Florida for business and Christmas, and I'm done with this exchange.

            Obama- worthless trash, and that's the white half.

            Mandela- self proclaimed Marxist, murdering thug who put tires over enemies and set them on fire. Founder of ACN, which has been in power in South Africa for many years. Accomplishments? Lower mortality rate, higher crime rate, higher AIDs rate and worse economies than such zeniths as Afghanistan, Haiti, and a few other third world armpits.

            You? Angry, over educated, delusional regarding people like me.

          • Robert Cummings

            Me, no but I know your type. You delude yourself because you think your important and your absolutely not in the least. Your busy tooting your own horn, I put the uniform own, I'm wealthy, have a Florida home to visit, run a business employ people. Notice I never asked you any of this, its you trying to show me your successful. I'm not impressed Fred not at all. Yeah you sound exactly like a Fox watching, Teabag party hypocrite who loves Sara Palin and has to have them guns to feel like a man. I'm done with you as well you disgust me Fred you really do.

      • enemy_of_the_statist

        Sorry David, that's a red herring and entirely specious argument. The only thing you've accomplished is successfully describing exactly the level of your own mal-education and mendacity.

    • steven

      As a christian I don't find a lot of what Phil said as a mirror image of things said by Christ. Funny how his redacted statement was much more inline with the love of Christ. I don't see this as an attack on Christians as an argument on Christian theology. First of all, Christian need to understand that the word Hell and Homosexual were added to the bible in 1964 when the NIV version came out, you will not find these words in the king james verson nor the original Greek text of new testament. Here it comes. I hope everyone this Christmas finds some time to actually read the new testament and take it to heart. Faith that does not manifest itself in Love is worthless. Hebrews

      • Lighthouse

        Does that mean to be Christian it is ok to live the way we want to? Why don't you write the same Scripture for us in the original language, sodomites (men having sex with men) translated from the original text.G733
        From G730 and G2845; a sodomite: – abuser of (that defile) self with mankind.

      • Bougalee

        errr no Steve, you're wrong. From the King James Bible Mathew Chapter 5 vs. 22 ” But I say to you, that whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.” Plenty more uses of the word hell in the King James version actually.
        In 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 vs. 9 Paul condemns the “effeminate” and the “abusers of themselves with mankind”. The equivalent terms are used in the Greek texts of the New Testament as well. Where do you get these ideas? You need to do more research rather than listening to whomever is filling you with these lies. The practice of homosexuality is no more sinful than any other sin, but an unrepentant sin will send you to hell whatever it is.

        • Josh

          Homosexual was a word first coined in 1892 in C.G. Chaddock's translation of Krafft-Ebing's “Pscopathia Sexualis.” Therefore, the chances of the word “homosexual” being ANYWHERE in the original Old Testament or the original New Testament is total garbage.

          Back to the Bible itself, go look at the languages that the Bible were first written in, Hebrew and Aramaic. Neither one of those languages has a word that translates into homosexual.

          • Bougalee

            I never indicated that the word homosexual was found In the original text of the Bible. It is as you say, homosexual is a modern word. None of this precludes the fact that homosexuality was addressed as sinful, and that modern translations may use the word accurately, conveying the meaning of the original texts. Actually much of the original New Testament was written in Greek.

            See lighthouse's post below, he goes into the Greek.

          • Simple Explanation

            God made Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve.

          • Peter Babinski

            Hee Hee!!! That's so funny. Thanks for the truth and the laugh!

          • Destitute Dick

            Yeah. Keep reaching.

        • fred

          King James bible ? Believing in a man who hardly was honorable to those he ruled over. Hardly something i,as a Catholic would want to do. Many of the original bible text were wiped from those pages,of his self proclaimed bible,that your King wrote. Your fooling no one but yourself,Boug.,with your tormented nonsensical lifting of biblical pages.

          • Geezer

            The King James Bible was not written by King James. It was put together by a committee of the best scholars of the time using all source materials available to them. Whether you or I agree with it is utterly trivial. It is universally recognized as a great work of English literature written at a time when English was at a peak of development– the Age of Shakespeare.

          • fred

            Where in my reply did I state that it was your King who wrote the KJV as it was called by the Church of England. It was to replace King Henry VIII Great Bible. For it was found to have had many misinterpretations. And it was the Puritan`s who found the mistakes. Remember those great Englishmen, who took it upon themselves to be judge,jury and hangman. Those scholars you speak so highly of indiscriminately left many passages out of the old testament. Perhaps they had issues understanding the Hebrew and Sumerian tablets,eh geezer. So go ahead and praise your Protestant leaders of that era,but they have nothing to do with this discussion. What does is the fact that we have too many Southerners still fighting the Civil war and the Civil Rights struggle. Of which Phil and his gang defend dishonorable men and their actions of those times. What is even more abhorrent are people like you & Bouger using the words of God and his son Jesus Christ to defend their actions. And those are neither trivial,but universally rejected,just ask the Apartheid regime.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Fred, if you want to belabor the point, the Geneva Bible was the translation that would be preferred over the King James, & the Pilgrims and Puritans would have preferred that to KJV. If you try to avoid yourself from being judge, jury & hangman, you would have avoided this blog, or thread. I'm sorry. I am just a visitor here, as much as any who claim not to hate. If I even hint that I might like Phil Robertson, or respect his right to quote only the scriptures, a lot of my own family would want to kill me, just because of politics, not over the Bible. As much as having both Southern Democrats & Liberals in my family, I also have Muslim and ex-Castro Communist relatives, that would not want to hear what I have to say, but you better believe I would have to hear their views, spit and all. I would still love them, even if it hurt my feelings to endure their perceived superiority over my staying in the South. Studying Hebrew and Greek did not make me more or less obedient, than when I studied witchcraft, and occult sciences. To my grief, I did well in Anthropology and Comparative Linguistics, but that does not make me judge, jury & hangman over you. It is so aggravating that these threads are Life and Death, when it threatens to make us even talk about such things. We bring in the Civil War, civil rights, or apartheid, into the conversation and neither side wants to hear what the other is saying. I've never watched Phil & his “gang”, but by golly, like any virtual soldier, I will defend his & your right to express either view. I know the Civil War is over, thank God, and the “Lost Cause” has a better ring to it, than gloating with “we won, so get over it.” People conveniently move to the next view, and call America the World's Bully, and forget Joan Baez called the Union side a bully in the Civil War. Cognitive dissonance seems to be a malady of both in this war of so-called ideals, and everyone is losing if this is supposed to persuade anybody who's the winner.
            Yes, I remember being a political cartoonist, and feeling so superior to Christians, and Republicans, that I forgot how cruel and inflexible that I was. If I had followed my own relatives into a political career, I would have been on the winning side up to now for 200 years. It is poignant, that my relative, Cassius Clay, hated slavery, and founded the Republican Party, and the rest of family wanted to kill him for that, and the threat to their politics. To their credit, they could say that they indirectly killed 3 GOP Presidents. No, I will not use the words of God to defend anybody, but I see History has vindicated the futility of making gods out of men. We are still denying that we worship politicians!!

          • fred

            Well alrighty,Abdul. Phil & all of us Americans have the right to spew as we will. His network that put him in the lime light has all the right to send him packing as they wish. That is how a capitalist will do you. SO,Maybe you should ramble on about your feelings to your family. Nothing in those hundreds of words made any sense to the discussion Fred and Bougalee were typing about,Ab. But hey,good luck with your issues and try to have a Merry Christmas,Abdul.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Thanks, Fred, for the civil reply to my post. If we all had venue
            for our feelings, even here, maybe it can boil off some steam. I'd rather treat this as an overnight jaw fest with dorm buddies than make this a mud slinging contest. I can get over family disagreements, and get along with virtually all of co-workers, without feeling like I've sold out my convictions. I will get more rest before coming on these threads. i'm capable of staying on topic, but I work nights in I.T. This was a way to wind down, after work. Out of consideration to others, I will listen more.

          • Robert Cummings

            Right here num nuts “Many of the original bible text were wiped from those pages,of his self proclaimed bible,that your King wrote.”

          • fred

            “right here numbnuts”…You can`t even get the quote right,Booby. I`ve looked at your previous replies and have made this conclusion. You have the mental abilities of a shithouse poet. But most of them get the quotes right. So sit on your throne in the shithouse,it looks to be where you spend most of your precious time of thought.

          • Robert Cummings

            Freddie………..I just cut and pasted from your post. You asked where did I say the King wrote it. So I did numb nuts.Then you got mad……lol

          • fred

            This is classic. I wasn`t remarking about your cut & Paste job. It was in reference to your spelling of numbnuts. But why would a grown man need to cut & paste. That usually is the work of school kids and who can be mad at those sweet darlings,eh Booby.

          • Robert Cummings

            LOL you can have last word Freddie

          • Robert Cummings

            Fred thought King James wrote the King James Bible? That is hysterical. lol

          • fred

            Hysterical is your failure to have read the reply before blithering off yours . And what also is hysterical is your putting lol after it. Sounds like you and Palin have more in common than just being self righteous blowhards,LOL…and what are you sitting on ? Your throne..LOL

          • Bougalee

            God Bless, I wish you well.

          • AbdulCrunch

            King James was a Catholic, and some say, a homosexual. It was a political move to publish that translation in 1611, even a civil rights effort to find a common ground between Catholics, Puritans, Baptists, and other separatists. He was also a Scot, so yes, he may have compromised in getting scholars from each of the differing faiths to come together. The word that we use “baptize”, was a transliteration from “baptizo”, a word in the Greek that meant to “immerse completely”, until the cloth was completely dyed the color desired. In another area, the earth was completely immersed in water by flooding during the time of Noah, to separate evil society from God's chosen. By the same token, baptism reflected the burial of the dead, that is corrupted, and rejoins the earth, and upon resurfacing, is the reflection of bodily resurrection that Christ promised. The use of the Greek word, “baptize”, allowed each faith practice of baptism in their own interpretation,

          • fred

            King Henry the 8th ,who came before King James I of Scotland , King James VI of England,did start the protestant movement. Was James a Catholic,who hid that from his liege ? No one knows,especially you Abdul. Again you refused to have any consequence to this discussion,other than ramble on about your perceived knowledge. Hatred of the Protestant faith is the rallying cry of today's Southern politicians and their supporters. For wasn`t it their decision to refuse to vote for any Catholic ,until Jack Kennedy was forced to admit he wouldn`t allow his religious beliefs enter into any of his political decisions ? Chew on that,Abdul. I think its time for you to face your family with your issues. For nothing you have typed has had anything meaningful to this discussion of having a capitalist media group decide that it wasn`t in their long term interest to have a man like Phil be amongst their viewing options.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Fred, I was not saying King James in a mean way that he was a Catholic, so calm down. He was the only son of Mary, Queen of Scots, and Henry Stuart, who were both Catholics. He was baptized as a Catholic in 1566 at Stirling Castle. I was saying that King James was God's instrument in unifying the disparate faiths to write this magnificent work of literature. Even if it is not my favorite translation, I respect it's scholarly roots in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin sources. My perceived knowledge is through my families descended from Dukes of mostly Norman & Scottish blood. . My father's side is descended from a Norman knight, close to Glasgow, so I'm Scoto-Norman on both sides of my family, and related to William Wallace. My Clan was allied by marriage to Clan Campbell. My ilk served the Stuarts, namely James V, and Mary, Queen of Scots knighted my kin, Patrick II. By strict definition, I have Southern roots in America, as John Calhoun was my kin, and Vice President twice, once to Andrew Jackson, a Democrat, as were two relatives that were Governors of MS. that knew neighboring governors like Huey Long & Bill Clinton. . My brother and I grew up as hunters and fishermen, not that far from Monroe, LA., the area Phil Robertson calls home. We would be biased to him for being a Sportsman, a businessman, and mostly, a Christian.
            As for my Scottish roots, we have been Protestants for the last 500 years, for the most part, and I was born again some 40 years ago, due to both Baptists & Pentecostals.
            I have never seen Duck Dynasty on TV, but picked up on this thread, when I had finished a night shift in I.T. support.
            Merry Christmas to you,Fred, and may God give you rest.

          • fred

            That is some family tree you have there,Ab. Mine is far less historically written about ,but rather just common Celts. Who came to these lands to make the American hopes of a better life through hard work come true. And thank the Lord ,its has continued to be fruitful for this simple butcher of thirty years. Best-O-luck in the future and by the looks of things as they are,tumultuous might be in the cards for your generation.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Fred, I had Catholic roots while Patrick I & II assisted
            the Stuarts in those times, so my Celts mixed with Normans long before the Jacobite Rebellion. Both sides of my family had ties with Northern Ireland, and Ireland proper, as well.
            I have much respect for butcher skills, and encouraged my son to pursue being a butcher, while he worked for a major grocery chain for over 5 years. Agreed, I thank the Lord also for surviving a sales career for 18 years, and now, for 18 more years in Information Technology. I wish that I had learned to field dress deer, not just birds, after hunting, and dressing fish, after angling. It's a skill that will prove useful in these times to come. Thank you for the well wishing, and may God give us the Grace we need to tarry till His return.

          • Robert Cummings

            Fred you disappear then reappear after your Google secession………lol Seriously you think we all would notice that!

          • fred

            LOL is usually found at the end of a thought,not at the beginning,numbnuts….seriously it would be”don`t you think we didn`t notice that”if I was a conservative/Yuppie/Jesus freak Republican conman.. Perhaps its that i don`t spend my retirement on the internet,regurgitating incredulous disrespectful replies, like a fratboy would and as you seem to do. Put that in quotes,peabrain. I was going to use Einstein,but thought better of it.LMAO….

        • Destitute Dick

          Words are not enough. Saying that you are a Christian, yet still not repentant of your sins, will not save you. Sinning is one thing. Being unrepentant…quite another. GLAAD supporters…even “Christian ones, are condemned. It is Love that compels me to inform you of this. Even though you more than likely, already know this…deep down.

          • Bougalee

            Sorry Destitute not sure what you are getting at. I'm no supporter of Glaad or the life style it supports. I agree with your above post and don't know of what unrepentant sin you are addressing in me. If you will point it out I will repent.

          • Destitute Dick

            Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was not addressing you with the post. I think that I was, in fact just agreeing with you.

      • kay

        actually the only bible i ever buy is The King James Version and it does speak of homosexuality and of men who like to dress up and wear makeup etc. maybe you just dont understand the King James Version very well. if you don't understand the words maybe you should look them up to better clarify for you.

        • Dauvit

          The reason that most people do not understand God's Word is because it is His letter to HIS PEOPLE – the Christians…

          • Otter

            And because most people don't think it's important to learn the language in which God allegedly spoke to “his” people, or the cultures in which they were mired when “he” did it.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Knowing the language of those times did not necessarily mean that the original hearers obeyed it. Hence, Jesus said hearing His Words were not as important as obeying them. Paul said, “be ye doers of the Word, not hearers, only deceiving themselves.” Knowing Arabic is apparently not enough for the small minority who are killing thousands now, and millions of infidels, since the eight century.

          • Otter

            Abdul, that's more reason, not less, to understand what's being asked of one. If somebody kills a gay or an unfaithful spouse because that's what their gods demanded, that's difficult enough. If they do it because they mistranslated something, that's a lot worse.

          • AbdulCrunch

            I see your point, Otter. Patriarchal societies will want a strong male role model for leadership of a tribe, a clan, or a family. It was necessary to have consequences for men not showing an obvious virility toward their women, and other men. What they have found in Afghanistan is some tribal men there only need their women to submit and procreate. On the other hand, boys are kept as sexual slaves to chiefs,and the tribal hierarchy. There are medical treatments for sexually transmitted diseases that seem to be pervasive among men & boys, and sex education is needed for men to be able to have sex with women, only to have children. One of my relatives is a military contractor over there, and had also served in Iraq. Two very different groups. That shows that the Quran can have a peripheral influence, but that one's tribal customs take dominance over scripture. In Polynesian societies, they have more latitude toward morality because of their deities’ treatment of men and women. Hindu scriptures have assimilated so many various beliefs and cultures, that you may deny food & sex to the body in one group, and by other discipline, give in to every whim of one's sexual desires, & appetites for food, and still achieve as much glory as asceticism.

          • Otter

            Those are good and helpful observations, Abdul: and in Paul's time, or in the time of Josiah or whatever, it's quite likely that “sodomy” had strong connotations about the survival of the community. All of which I'd freely admit and which I would say goes a long way to explaining the biblical prohibitions.

            I'm pretty sure though that intimacy, including physical intimacy, between two consenting men in Philadelphia in 2013 is not remotely the same as that between a man and a boy in a Phoenician temple in 1300 B.C.E.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Phoenician deities like Astarte and Baal were worshiped in a temple staffed by male & female prostitutes, to encourage the fertility of agriculture, so they were told. Male prostitutes were occasionally called “dogs”, because sodomy resembled the sex of canines,, and dogs were considered unclean by the Hebrews, and as well as other cultures of the Middle East. It was the British term “buggery” , that both Alistair Crowley, and Oscar Wilde practiced to challenge the Victorian morals of their day, to mirror the Bohemian movement going on in mainland Europe. There were philosophies of Free Love, and that of the Noble Savage, and Neo-Paganism. Coincidental with revolution, & counter-revolutions in France, came the rise
            of pre-Darwinian theories that humans were just animals, so why was their a need for morals? Anarchist movements began to develop, so to the victor belonged the spoils. Darwin took the theories of Erasmus, his grandfather, and Jean Baptist Lamarck, among others, to merge divergent thoughts into “The Origin of the Species”. Thomas Huxley became Darwin's prophet to brand it as a revelation to take
            religion to the woodshed, coining the term “agnostic”. The difference was that Huxley did not agree with gradualism & natural selection, somewhat the skeleton of evolution. It would be still be a natural law to fill an empty vacuum that was vacated of religion by humanity, and geopolitics would usher in the framework for socialism in its many forms.

          • Otter

            That's a pretty mind-boggling snapshot of the Culture War, Abdul: everything from homosexuality to paganism to evolution to socialism. I think you left out Freud and Marx, but we'll just tuck them in between Huxley and socialism.

            I'm a little disappointed that there's no mention in this screed of the development of the waltz or the prophetic, Hegelian judgment upon 19th Century European decadence. But doubtless future editions will correct this.

          • AbdulCrunch

            I did omit Freud, did not single out Marx, and abruptly ended the paragraph with socialism. Thanks for reminding me of Hegel, as well, but I did not see the waltz coming into the conversation. Maybe the waltz was a symbol of decadence in that time, moving from peasant roots to urban ballroom.

          • Alan Brady

            Ah, no, Dauvit, God didn't write the Bible. So it's not “his letter” to ANYONE. Sorry.

          • Matt

            actually God in the form of the Holy Spirit did write the bible, men just penned it.

          • K.B.

            God's people are the Jews (originally called Hebrews then Isrealites). Everyone else, gentiles, can be adopted into God's family through his son, Jesus.

      • JF

        Correct you will not find the word homosexual. BUT maybe you need to search for that verse that says its an abomination “for a man to lay with another man”. That is in the original King James AND I the Greek. Education will keep you from looking stupid.

        • Otter

          It's “lie” with another man, not “lay” with another man, dickwad. At least read your own sacred text. I wouldn't lecture anybody about “education” until you exercise your own. Typical Christian.

          • Lance Brown

            Poor little Grammar Nazi got his little feelings hurt. Typical spineless, useless, impotent prick.

          • Otter

            Heh. Typical Christian.

          • Dale Cordell

            And you are a typical liberal troll. Getting off on the responses to your idiocy? No doubt.
            How about you just go away and/or we all ignore you, here on out?

          • Otter

            (1) I'm not a liberal; (2) “Idiocy” on the Internet means “I do not agree with you and cannot be troubled to give your views a serious and courteous hearing”; and therefore (3) it was responding to trolls that put me here. But feel quite free to ignore me: it would clearly make you happier, and it doesn't damage me much.

          • 6thSense

            Of course, Otter's loving, thoughtful reply will sway the minds of intelligent and considerate people.

          • GODFearingMan

            Otter, you are hung up on grammatical error, while we are concerned with eternity? I am not a English major, but he made his point well, as did you with your ignorant hatred ” dic…” over lie vs lay?. God looks at your “heart” not at your usage of a verb, adjective, noun or adverb. Have a Merry Christmas. Should I have capitalized Merry? Either way, have a blessed Holiday and God Bless.

          • Otter

            GFM, I'm not hung up on a grammatical error. I'm hung up on the fact that way, way upthread somebody called an entire class of human beings (homosexuals) sinners, based on a very, very old and complicated text…. and that he apparently hasn't bothered even to master that text.

            Edited to add: And yeah, that makes me pretty angry. If you can't even read it, don't use it to bludgeon other people. If you don't know the difference between English “fornication” and New Testament “porneia,” don't talk to me about sexual ethics.

            Think of it this way: if you're “concerned with eternity,” and your concepts of eternity are based on the text of the Bible, and you haven't learned Greek and Hebrew fairly well by now, you're just not being serious, or else you're putting an awful lot of trust in the word of people who have clear reasons to mislead you. (Your tithes pay their salaries.)

          • Whyworry

            I was always taught there was one God and one judge and he never mentioned anything about duck hunting in any chapter I ever read old or new testament. The struggle I have is the Thou shall not kill. With all you smart folks and most of you obviously without sin casting that first stone, we know in our hearts that the last 2 wars the US started was for money and nothing to do with terror or WMD BS. With our drones we kill innocent middle eastern folks in the Holy lands. As a U.S tax payer I know I'm already condemned to hell. That is what I deserve.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            So, your big hang-up is that he called them sinners? Really? Don't you know that we are all sinners? It's weird that's what offended you. He misspelled one word, so therefore he isn't allowed to share the word of God? Maybe you're really just angry because you know that homosexuality is a sin and you don't want it to be? You do seem like an angry fellow.
            No one can “master” the Bible. Are you kidding me? The more you read and understand, the more you realize how little you know. You could read that book for a lifetime and still not even begin to uncover what is in there. We don't really need to rely on anyone to translate what the Bible says about homosexuality, it's pretty clear, right there in my English translation of the King James Bible. It's my understanding that the KJV matches the Dead Sea Scrolls pretty darn near perfectly. The only way to understand scripture is through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

          • Otter

            Lorrie, let's start with this: “It's my understanding that the KJV matches the Dead Sea Scrolls pretty darn near perfectly. ”

            You're just misinformed about this. The KJV is a beautiful literary monument, and was an amazing work of scholarship for its time, and I think it should be read by everybody who loves English and the Bible. But the texts available to the translators were highly limited, and the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) emphasize that. Jeff Benner, for instance, has done a quick and dirty spot check of the first three verses of Isaiah 53, and finds 17 obvious variations between the King James and the DSS (in three verses!) and even a couple more between the DSS and the King James’ Hebrew base-texts. We're talking about missing letters that CAN change the meanings of words or clauses here. (Anybody who knows Hebrew can check Benner's analysis with an easily available edition of the Masoretic texts, a King James Bible, and a transcript of the DSS Isaiah, available in several sources.)

            So, no, the KJV does not match the DSS word for word, not remotely perfectly.

            Next, you write: “We don't really need to rely on anyone to translate what the Bible says about homosexuality, it's pretty clear, right there in my English translation of the King James Bible.”

            Strange! If you don't know the original languages, how are you equipped to judge the fitness of the KJV?

            Try out this simple example of how the KJV fails you: 1 Corinthians 6:18 in the KJV urges Christians to “flee fornication,” a word in English that means something like “sex between unmarried persons,” which might well be good advice, but isn't quite what the text says. Emendations sometimes translate it to “flee sexual immorality,” without specifying which sort to flee.

            But the Greek word “porneia” that's translated this way is all over the Greek translation of the Old Testament that Paul quoted (and sometimes misquoted), and it means something very, very specific: NOT the English word “fornication,” and not “generic sexual immorality,” and just for the record, not “homosexuality.”

            So, no, reading your King James isn't enough.

            Now to this: “So, your big hang-up is that he called them sinners? Really? Don't you know that we are all sinners? It's weird that's what offended you.”

            No, there's a big difference between saying, “Everybody screws up,” and saying, “YOU screwed up when you failed to put water in the glass.” If you want to tell me that all people “sin,” fair enough. I know nobody who matches up with my ideas of what a good person is.

            But if you start telling me that black people, or butchers, or pop-stars, or corporate executives, or whatever you like, are “sinners” _because that's who they are_, I'll want to see your authorities. If you tell me “God said they were sinners,” I'll want you to show me the letterhead.

            You're making a huge claim here, and so yes, I expect you to have your ducks in a row.

          • GODFearingMan

            Otter by the way what is meant by the term ” typical Christian”? We know that was not an intolerant, hateful, nor bigoted comment you made. I have not heard that term before! But have ” typical white person” by someone.

          • Otter

            “Typical Christian”? Well, I'll admit that was over the top, and, if bigoted, bigoted because of my experiences. But let's just say that _in my experience_, which is very wide but still limited, Christians are quite content to do the things that motivated me to involve myself here: that is, quote scripture at people who come from much different backgrounds, as though that settled the matter.

            It feels to me much as it would feel to you if a Muslim said, “But the Q'ran TELLS you you should observe the Pillars of Islam! What's so hard to understand about that? It's not rocket science! Oh, and by the way, you're damned if you don't.” Well…. uh…. Where to begin.

            It's typical of the religious mind to assume that things that seem obvious ARE obvious, and they often are anything but obvious to even minds of good will. As a former evangelical Christian, I know what it's like, and I know what it feels like. But it's still a trap: “righteousness and truth can be weapons in the hands of fools,” even if we admit that things like homosexuality are “sins.” But there's a lot of conversation that has to take place before that even makes sense.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Otter, I can truly relate to some, and probably a lot of what you are saying, however, just because I've failed as a human, or a Christian, etc. should not hold me back from getting back up from a fallen state. I've practiced witchcraft, & had demons cast out of me, some 35 demons the first time. When I was a Baptist, witchcraft & Pentecostals were pretty much two sides of the same coin, but I was more sympathetic with both when I experienced those lifestyles. Likewise, I found out a lot of friends were gay and lesbian, so I understood that they were trying to live life in a world that “tolerated” them. Muslims were a friendly people overall, and they had their share of bigots, just like any society. After a few death threats, I took care not to treat them like anybody else, however. Tolerance is relative
            to those whom you agree with, hence these wild blog posts.

          • Otter

            Abdul, I'm really not sure I understand what you're saying in all this. I think you're confusing “immorality” with “tolerance,” but I can't be sure… your prose is a little confusing.

            But “tolerance” is not entirely “relative.” What the word “tolerance” means in this context is that you do not rule another person's perspective out based on their self-identification (even if that's involuntary).

            Thus, if I think that Christians are irrational boobs, it doesn't follow that all their opinions are bogus. They might be right about murder or adultery even if they're wrong about homosexuality. “Tolerance” means not judging their opinions about murder and adultery based purely on the fact that they're “Christians.” It means listening to what they say.

            If I think Blacks are basically lazy and immoral, “tolerance” means taking the time to listen to an idea even if it comes from a black, and treating it as though it were from somebody else.

            Certain kinds of Christians have a difficult time with this simply because they think that nobody else is equipped to even understand what is moral. If you review the comments in this page, you'll find that twice (so far!) I've been told that I cannot know the truth because I am not an evangelical Christian. Well, okay: but that means that anybody can disregard my ideas, not based on the merits of the ideas, but because I don't belong to the privileged class of “those who get it.”

            THAT is intolerance.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Enjoyed your points, Otter. I've gotten more rest, and can bridle my tongue. You may know truth that comes from the elementary principles of this world. There are students of the sciences like Pascal, Newton, Joule, and Kepler who believed that God placed truths into the laws of the universe, to reveal Himself through study. The Apostle Paul said that God has made Himself known to every society, through complexities of nature, to the point that morals are self-evident. Paul said that
            when we observe truth in nature and natural laws, we are without excuse, as far as trying to justify our own sins to Him.
            We cannot save ourselves, but can only yield to a wise God, who will be the Greater One in the covenant relationship.

          • Otter

            Okay, Abdul. I don't see anything in “nature” that militates against homosexuality. If it were the case that _everybody_ was gay, that would make it difficult to sustain the human race. But I see nothing unnatural about it. I know Paul did: I've read Romans, many times. And I can understand a lot about how “homosexuality” (as we call it) in his time and in his context was offensive. But taken as a universal principle, I just think he was wrong.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Otter, whether you and I could agree or disagree about what Paul said, there are very rare occasions where the animals will take a same sex spouse, such as doves. On the other hand, some worms, snails, and species of fish will interchange
            their gender to procreate, even have both organs to do the work of procreation in the same animal. Rabbits have an occasion called Parthenogenesis, in which they have babies without need of the male rabbit's sperm. The quote from the movie Jurassic Park stays with me, “nature finds a way.” The legend of Amazons may be based in fact, but it required the occasional captured male to fertilize the eggs of the women.
            After the fall of humanity before God, sin affected not just the human race, but all of the animal species, as well. We would like to believe in evolution as improvement or mutation of the species, but DNA recopies so many times, that degeneration occurs, and science calls that aging, and oxidation stress.

          • Otter

            Let's cut right to the chase on this, Abdul (and let's agree to just use the word “homosexual[ity]” for convenience, even though we know that that encompasses a wide range of things):


            – “Natural” means that something can be found with at least some regularity in nature;
            – Homosexuality can be found in nature;
            – Therefore homosexuality is natural.

            Notice that for me that does not make something good: murder and pedophilia can be found in nature, too, and I don't find them good. But I certainly don't find anything unnatural about them: to determine whether something is “good” would have to get to questions about who or what it damages, how, and in what way and for what purpose.

            – Homosexuality can be found in nature;
            – Therefore nature is fallen.

            The logic of this bewilders me, even after years of trying to swallow it as an evangelical Christian. We both know that you and I aren't having the same conversation here: you begin with the assumption that some things found in nature are evidence of distortions, whereas I think that the “distortions” are so tied up in nature that it's meaningless to talk about it being a “distortion.”

            Murder is natural, not a “distortion” or evidence of “fallen nature.” It's the way things are, so far as I know. But it's also really bad for us as humans as a species not to socially control it (which is also a “natural” process, by the way), and I can point to reasons why.

            Your logic begins though with something totally different: “homosexuality is not what God intended for humanity,” which enables your conclusion.

            But I really can't see why you should think so, apart from your reliance on a very old series of texts rooted in much different times and cultures (one, by the way, which prescribed poisoning as a valid test for women's adultery [Numbers 5:11-38], from which culture Paul inherits at least part of his horror of homosexual acts.

            If we lived in a survival culture, say a village of fifty souls fighting for resources with the next village, I could point to reasons why homosexuality would be horrible. But we don't. If every human male was gay, I could point to serious problems with homosexuality, but they aren't. If every gay were a pedophile, I could accept that this was by nature intrusive on powerless children, but they aren't.

            The objection to a homosexual predisposition is not really rational; there are no reasonable objections to homosexuality that couldn't be applied to straight relationships also, at least not to a mind that's not already made up. (Leave aside various physical gay sex acts for a second: that's a different question. We're just talking about “being gay,” here.)

          • AbdulCrunch

            Quite a number may not agree that a literal (maybe a symbolic) Adam & Eve existed, so your views would be accepted. Now, it is said by scientists that humans started in Europe, not Africa. I enjoy Anthropology & Archaeology, not just Biblical studies to show an origin, and flow of history. I give you the initial view about what is natural will be a very subjective one, based on your experience, & opinions. I can't deny my experience would have a bias, and I see what you are saying. When I left a Liberal bent, I would say that the “Bible said it, and that settles it.” Society will always debate in the moment what will be productive or utilitarian for species preservation, then if economy is not necessary, expand the limits beyond values, and mores. I've heard a term tossed around like “naturalistic”, and I don't know if that is what we are identifying as “natural”. I am going by the Biblical account that says that Adam & Eve set the Law of Sin & Death into motion, which affected Nature, as well. Predatory instincts are part of that down spiral, and thermodynamics has its laws that either speak of decay, or conversion of energy. The DNA within our own bodies will downgrade by default, or by design, a fail safe that sin prevents a perpetual improvement in all species within Nature, and death always results. The Law of Grace supersedes that Law of Sin & Death, but does not break it. God made provision for satisfying the punishment for sin, and redemption from sin. The Human Race has an ongoing
            memory of shedding blood to atone for wrongdoings, & for the fertility of crops. Indigenous cultures of Asia & America share this with Indo-European cultures to some extent, as do the beliefs of the Middle East and Africa. You might say, austerity in cultures is caused by economy, versus a more liberal expenditure of human behavior during plenty.

          • Jah

            Okay made your point you are a homo. Let us all be gay so we can end the human race.

          • Otter

            Laughing. No, I'm straight with five kids. The rest of you can do what you want with your genitals, as far as I'm concerned.

          • Otter

            And I'm pretty sure that the human race will only end if we all decide to be gay. Odds are slender.

        • 6thSense

          The bible also says in four different places that it is a sin for a man or woman to have sex with an animal. The punishment was death to the man or woman, and the animal, to Phil was also speaking of the bible when he talked about morphing out from homosexuality into beastiality.

        • Destitute Dick

          Lot more drunks that should be offended. Not hearing much from them. They're probably happier than homosexuals. Not better though. Know what I'm sayin'?

      • Glenn

        The love of God is not as most seem it to be. It is forbearing and very tolerant, but even His love, forbearing all of our sins will not save their soul. There is a pattern that everybody must surrender themselves to have eternal life. Gods design and application of love is based upon setting the captive free from the power of sin and death and the devil. Acts 10:38 – how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.
        Homosexuality and every other perverted lifestyle that does not manifest the purity of God as the reflection of Jesus Christ out of a the believer or unbeliever is fostered by the devil out of an unconverted souls who have not surrendered all to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They are oppressed by the devil and are made to believe a lie. Homosexuality is wicked and perverse, but then all that are legalistic and use the Law of God as a means of patterning their lives and others by doing all the does and not doing the don't s are just as lost and in need of being set free of devils oppression as the homosexual, for the law of God is spiritual.
        Steven is correct in saying faith is vain without love. Gal 5:6 says faith works or is energized through the love of God. Therefore love is proof of a Christians faith and love for God and His fellow man, but, it will cost them their lives in this world and their thinking that reflects standards of the world which fully oppose the truth. Steven is in error when he believes Paul was not a reflection of Jesus Christ, believing that Paul didn't reflect the heart of Jesus Christ in 1 Cor 6:9-10. God set a pretty high standard for all mankind to be able to come to Him and that is to be perfect as He is perfect.(Matt 5:44-48) This calling can only take place under terms that He establishes. You must be born again and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that sheds the love of God abroad in our heart as we suffer tribulation which brings perseverance, and through the grace given to walk in His love, bring proven character and hope. (Rom 5:2-5) It’s what Jesus did. He emptied Himself of His deity and the self nature attached to the power of sin and death and lived as if He was dead to the world and alive to God through the Spirit that dwelled in Him, as servant to mankind and the Father even unto His own death. (Philp 2:5-8) God sets the same standard for everyone who desire to have eternal life, for He will give us the same Spirit Jesus had to bring that resurrection to eternal life. It is the Spirit of God that transforms the soul of man from the filthiness of sin unto truth and purity, making us His sons forever linked with Him as the body of Christ.
        Most Christians and the unsaved want to live their life according to their own terms. The love of God cries out to all humanity to come to Me and receive eternal life on My terms for even your good works are as filthy garments. (Isa 64:6)

      • crusader1234

        The word
        ‘homosexual’ was added in later bible translations simply because that words, to describe men who have sex with men was introduced by a doctor only about 100 years ago. He used to try to de-stigmatize gays. The word ‘Gay” to refer to homosexuals is even more recent than that, maybe 40 years or so. Prior to that people used the terms “sodomite”, ‘buggery”, “effeminates”, “men who lie with men as with a woman” etc to refer to the same concept, and some of those terms can be found in the older bible translation.

      • Ukweli Mungu

        Remember, The Holy Bible has been translated into thousands of different languages (including English) over many years.

        As a result, there are many words that have been used (not necessarily added, as you suggest) to translate ideas that were written in The Bible from the beginning.
        Whether the word effeminate, homosexual or sodomite is used, the meaning has always been the same as evidenced by verses like that below (and other verses):

        “In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men…” (Romans 1:27 [NIV]).
        You are correct when you say that “Faith that does not manifest itself in Love is worthless.”
        Likewise, Love that does not manifest itself in truth is worthless just the same.

      • Dale Cordell

        Love the sinner, hate the sin.
        What I find to be interesting, if not a contradiction, is that some homosexuals attend some form of Christian church and say they believe in Jesus. I find it to be a contradiction of faith, to love Jesus, but also love their lifestyle, unwilling to change. “I was born with these feelings.” Sorry, I have a hard time believing that. I have been wrong before and if I am now, it probably won't be the last time, either.
        Bottom line… we should pray for homosexuals, in that they find, know and understand truth….. the same as I pray for muslims to find the one TRUE God.

        • Cassidy Robinson

          *Matix Morpheus meme* What if I told you.. Many homosexuals ARE Christian?

          • AbdulCrunch

            Like Republicans in Name Only (Rinos), Christians can be in the carnal variety that the Apostle Paul spoke of. Jesus is not on the throne of their life. Likewise, we hear of true Muslims, and we see the products of the Real Protectors of the Faith. The homosexuals that I knew were just as human as anybody else, and some were just as defiant as any other sinner, including myself. I am told to be careful when helping another,
            because I am able to fall back into those different sins, where I am currently victorious by the Grace of God.

          • Robert Cummings

            Adul you say allot quite elegantly but it always says nothing! I agree with Otter, what the hell are you saying dude…….lol

          • AbdulCrunch

            To boil it down, Robert. Our own body, mind and soul can be our own enemy. You do not ignore human behavior, and would easily admit that a lack of discipline, will cause disorder in your life. I won't excuse my over the top rambling on 24 hours without sleep, but I did forget about what caffeine would do to my sleep cycle. That is an example of how I knew better, and paid the price dearly.

          • Robert Cummings

            No problem Adul for the most part I enjoyed your rambling. Hope you get some sleep and a Merry Christmas to you.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Likewise, Robert, Merry Christmas. I remember rambling late into the night at college dormitory fool fests. Exhaustion is just
            as effective as boozing it up. Thanks for your civility.

          • Dale Cordell

            What if I told you I don't care? They are only accepting the parts of the Bible they agree with, not the parts they don't agree with, which pertain to men being with men.

        • Otter

          Dale, I find this to be the most interesting comment in the thread: “‘I was born with these feelings.’ Sorry, I have a hard time believing that.”

          Why, precisely, do you have a hard time believing that? It's an honest question: but if anybody were to say about straight sexual impulses, “I was born with these feelings,” we'd at least know what they meant. We might quibble about when those feelings really came about, but not that they were “natural,” that is, that they were not strictly chosen.

          Is there any scientific evidence, any experience, any relationship that you have with a gay person, anything at all that would persuade you that in fact they were “born with these feelings” just as much as a straight person? Or is your mind made up that it's unnatural, chosen in some way in defiance of their real nature?

          The question is honest.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Honest question, honest reply. Feelings are fleeing, fickle, and one conviction of life will many times overcome the easy part of giving into the very sin that will destroy one's life. I can attest to going with the flow, or following the path of least resistance (one of the laws of energy). However, just like fire, or politics, it can be a good servant, or terrible master. Which do you prefer?

          • Otter

            I have no idea, Abdul, what you're trying to ask me or tell me.

          • AbdulCrunch

            Do you go with the flow, follow the path of least resistance? Do you join the majority, or forge your own path? Otter, I am not trying to be mean. Please forgive my ramblings before, as I was adjusting from a night shift with too much caffeine, a big mistake, that I regret, and was awake for 24 hours. Awful. It is blogs like this that I need to sharpen my otherwise dull conversation with challenges to my flabby brain. Cheers!

          • Otter

            I would like to say that I forge my own path, Abdul. Having said that, I do wear pants when I go out in public, if that's what you mean, and I think it's generally a good idea that we not kill and eat each other. Call me a conformist, I guess.

          • AbdulCrunch

            LOL! I heard a comic observe how cartoons got away with not wearing pants, and cross-dressing! I'm in agreement with you about cannibalism, also. Wearing pants & being an omnivore sounds like a conformist. it is simple enough. I'm chuckling, still, Otter! Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, & Winter Solstice!
            Oh, I forgot Happy Festivus…

      • Destitute Dick

        Keep on picking and choosing.

        • Lee

          Love Jesus in the show. They shouldn't of asked the Q if they didn't want the Word.

    • fred

      He is no follower of the preaching`s of our Lord ,go go girl. In the times of Jesus,I doubt if this drunk would have stood up to Pontius Pilate,but rather stand with him in crucifying our Lord Jesus Christ.

      Katrina…there was nothing good or pleasing to be summarized from this lost souls rant. Maybe you should take the time to go to a Catholic Church this Sunday and perhaps make an effort to ask the Priest what his thoughts are concerning your friends beliefs. I`ll say a prayer in hopes of it opening your eyes to your treatment of your fellow sons & daughters of God. Pope Francis has made it clear ,that he wants to open his heart to those who may have lost their way,instead of spreading hatred towards them.

      • Bougalee

        Who are you to judge Phil Robertson. It is not your prerogative or right to do so. Christ will judge Phil, you and me, we have no right to judge others. Phil paraphrased 1Corth. 6: 9&10, you don't like it too bad. Who are you to call him a lost soul are you God? Take the board from your own eye, before you attempt to remove the speck from Phil's eye.

        • fred

          Christ was the son of God,Bougalee. God will be our judge come judgement day. He was sent to help mankind be welcoming to each other ,not hateful and condescending. Backing a man who feels he is speaking for our Lord,castigating those he hates, goes against everything we Catholics were taught. I suggest you also find a Catholic Church,seek the ear of a Priest and listen for the answers from one of his disciples. May peace find your heart and tolerance overcome your doubts.

          • Bougalee

            I am not Catholic and have no need to see a priest. First of all Phil did not express hatred for anyone, nor did he speak condescendingly to anyone. He quoted scripture, you know the Word of God. Secondly I have peace through my Lord Jesus Christ and I have no doubts about that. I am tolerant to those who show tolerance.

          • fred

            Quoting sentences from scriptures can be used in all manner. Many of powerful men have used it to justify their bad behavior. His accounts of history also are foggy,at best. Pointing out his failed attempts at re-writing the struggles of the Black community in the South is hardly judging his life,either. Having witnessed the behavior of the majority of southern Protestants towards their fellow man was abhor able and never should it be made to look as if they enjoyed those times,because of their singing. What I find odd is how the majority of his fans are not even old enough to have lived during the times he speaks of. To be able to make a comment on them. So continue to support people like your Phil and you may find judgement day to be a bit harsher than you have been preached to believe.

            I also expected to read your refusal to attend the Church of our Lord. I imagine you would rather listen to salacious preachers,than those who have taken an oath to further the teachings of Christ.

          • Bougalee

            You are silly and utterly ignorant of what you speak. I grew up in South La. in a predominately Catholic area. My wife was a Catholic until our marriage, and I went to her church for a time. Most of my extended family is Catholic, I am very familiar with the Catholic church and it holds no appeal for me. You need a priest go see a priest.
            I have seen blacks mistreated by whites, the vast majority of that mistreatment came at the hands of white Catholics, the area is predominately Catholic.
            I have no fear of the Judgement, why should I? When the Father looks at me, he sees the blood of Christ, the work of the atonement . Something no church can provide.

            What again is the teaching of the Catholic Church concerning the practice of homosexuality?

          • fred

            Silly ?I know what is silly is,its that nothing reported on the racial discrimination in the South has ever written this rubbish…”the vast majority of that mistreatment came at the hands of white Catholics”. I know all about the region. Being French,which is enormously Catholic,the settlers brought their religion to a region that was overwhelmingly populated by Protestant Englishmen. So you are admitting to the facts,yet felt it necessary to provocate a story of unknown actions ,so as to subjugate the real issue of this discussion. The only question is why you stood by and made no attempt at defusing the actions of those men. The Lord may ask you the same question,Boug.

            Read some of the thoughts of Pope Francis I. We Catholics renounce homosexuality,but it shouldn`t be a reason not to bring them to the Church. Perhaps over time,they may think more about their position in life and change their stance.

          • Bougalee

            South La. has never been overwhelmingly populated by Protestant Englishmen, and is not to this day.
            As to why I didn't do something to the mistreatment of Blacks that I witnessed, I was between the ages of 6 & 8.
            I don't think you know much about the region at all.
            I can see where you are coming from concerning your churches stance on homosexuality and it has some merit.
            God Bless, I wish you well.

          • fred

            Certainly being a child left you with no options,but what was your excuse when you became an adult ,was the question. Most likely because of your leaving the Catholic Church to join with the Baptists. Your region includes more than just the southern part of Louisiana or don`t you consider yourself to be a Southerner. Facts are that the Protestants,as Mr. Robertson is, surround your small area of Southern Louisiana. Funny thing is,that in the 1900 census,45% of your state were African-American and all of Blacks who were elected,were in the GOP. Funny how things change,eh Bougalee. Best-O-Luck to you & Mr. Robertson,as well.

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            To say that Catholics are not taught to “back a man who feels he is speaking for our Lord…” is dishonest. Catholics are taught to follow and back the Pope, and he feels he speaks for the Lord. Actually, when he is ex cathedra, he is infallible and he speak as Christ on earth. That is blasphemy according to the scripture. You also confess your sins to a priest, a man who claims to speak for the Lord and a man who claims he can absolve sins. That is also blasphemy. There is ONE mediator between God and Man and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.

          • Alan Brady

            So, Fred, if it's not Catholic it doesn't work? Is that what you are saying? The Catholic Church is the only way to heaven? I'd say they should first take the log out of their own eye……..

          • fred

            “They should take the log out of their eye” That is the first I`ve heard of that statement. Perhaps you could interpret that for me,Alan.
            I noticed one of your leaders stated she hadn`t even read the total transcript of the interview,but was driven to make a statement in support. In her statement ,she cried about this man losing his 1st Amendment rights,where in truth he more than likely violated his contractual agreement concerning political and social issues. Which was the point of my statement ,concerning the Protestant political leaders in today's society. Again I feel its not the right of men nor woman, to use their faith as a point of reference ,when making decisions on laws ,in regards to all of the American citizens. That was one of the biggest decisions the authors made clear,when they wrote the Declaration of Independence. As they felt the Church of England was over bearing,in regards to the laws they brought to bare on their citizens.

    • Josh

      God created man in the image and likeness of himself. (Old Testament)

      In 1 John 4:7-8 “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” (New Testament)

      Gays are human; therefore, by your beliefs they were also created in the image of likeness of God. Gays simply ask to be accepted in loving one another. Because they love one another it shows that they are ‘born of God'; therefore, why hate and go against another human which is by the Bible a brother of yours?

      • Billy Morrison

        That is you trying to turn the scripture to fit your opinion…It does say to love one another but it also says to turn away from sin and specifically homosexual behavior….my friend I love everyone but dont want to have sex with them…that is immoral and my God does not accept it…so dont come on here and try to speak for the Almighty when his message is plainly stated in the scripture!!!!!!!

    • Elizabeth Hamilton

      I Agree with you 110% gogirl..
      Too Many Hypocrites pulling the strings!!

    • BastilleDay, 2112

      Agenda: Grinding America Down (Legendado) – YouTube

    • garyw631

      First, I believe he his accurate in what he said. Second, if the entertainment industry wants us to suffer sodomites GLAADly then they should forced to suffer Christians glady. Through the power of the purse not the Government. No Government at any level should be involved with any of this at all.

    • Ellis

      Phil didn't say anything controversial except by those who are not followers of Christ. The Bible is clear about sin and homosexuality is a sin. Same as many things that I have done or continue to struggle with. We are all sinners. But Christ came to save us and died on the cross to to pay for all of our sins. Faith in Christ is what is required on our part for forgiveness of our sins that seperate us from God. The other side of the coin and an essential part of that faith is repentence, to turn away from our sins. The gay lobby that is so upset does not understand repentence and wants to make their lifestyle choice, which God clearly finds offensive, to not be a sin and therefore not require repentence. It simply doesn't work that way. Phil most certainly loves people but hates sin and for that he is punished by those who desire to remove God from our lives. Jesus has already won and Phil certainly knows that and I suspect he knows he has already won this battle no matter what A&E does.

      • GODFearingMan

        Very well said. They want to change from “go and sin no more” to the defintion of sin “evolves” and is subject to popular whim. God alone is a majority!

      • Robert Cummings

        Ellis Robertson in 2010: “Women with women, men with men, they committed indecent acts with one another, and they received in themselves the due penalty for their perversions. They’re full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. They are insolent, arrogant, God-haters. They are heartless, they are faithless, they are senseless, they are ruthless. They invent ways of doing evil.”

        Yeah your right this isn't controversial at all…………..

        • Ellis

          No its not controversial. It is from Romans chapter 1. But I would suggest you don't stop there, keep reading the entire book of Romans. Then understand its context within the entire Bible itself. I will pray that God help and you are always free to ask me questions as well.

          • Robert Cummings

            Ellis makes more sense to me now him saying this. I did not know this out of the bible as I cut and pasted it from an article I was reading. Makes me feel better towards him now knowing these were not his words. Thank you kind Sir for pointing that out to me in a civilized way I appreciator that! Need more men like you this world.

    • Haha wow

      No. He is not allowed to talk about his beliefs if his beliefs involve ostracizing a huge group of people and putting them down to be “less” than others. Gays are people too, how would you feel being put down constantly, on tv, and having people argue that “it is ok that you are being bullied because of who you are!”.

      What the fuck america.

      • Destitute Dick

        See above. Some people need ostracizing! Me included.

    • ingmarmxy321

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    • Keepsyouflying

      Total hypocrites. The man said something at most is insensitive, but some that feel they are oppressed because they are part of the LBGC jump to attack. Most of the people that I have personally talked to and see posts from did not even read the article or even watch the show.

      From the get go of the article, the journalist is negative and on the attack. This show is based in family values, love, funny moments and religious views. They follow through with this to the point that they made A&E stop bleeps for words that made it appear they are cussing. This journalist offered respect in the article to interviewer and his values plainly by cussing on print and continuously.

      So, I wonder… A&E owned by the Hearst Corporation is a huge competitor of GQ in their form of print with Esquire and a few other names. Was this the drive behind the attack? GQ was once published by Esquire and, once sold, took aim at Esquire for the attack. This leads me to think the maybe Drew Magary and GQ had something to prove. No?

      But, back to the LBGC community. Are we really going to fight the feeling of oppression with actual oppression. I do believe in the bible and it's teachings, and I also choose the route not to judge. We all walk to God in the end for our judgement, in my religious views. I have heard the argument that gays around the world are killed and imprisoned daily so how can I support the show or Phil. Well, to that I reply Christians are killed and imprisoned daily too.

      Do we Americans really need to play the game of who is oppressed more? Does opening doors through communication not gain more ground than boundaries of oppression? I rid my home of my TV because of anti-christian bombardment, negative and hateful news manipulation, and more. But this show, this diamond in the rough, now this is a show I can watch. We all aren't perfect, but here I can watch a family be a family. I can watch a show of respect and playfulness. Shouldn't we all be a bit more like this family? Instead we allowed a garbage magazine and garbage, in my opinion, journalist affect the way we all come together for the holidays. We were all played here by GQ and A&E for money…

      Merry Christmas to my fellow Christians!
      And, because I respect you all… Happy Holidays, Kwanzaa, and a belated Hanuka.

    • mike

      It's high time this country get grounded in reality again. Everything the
      country was founded on has been compromised in one fashion or another. We have compromised on religion so no more bible teaching in schools. We have suffered with that decision trading our social morality for just about every sin listed in the Ten Commandments. Lust, greed, lying, cheating, and every nasty thing you would never want to teach your children we now are tolerant of and are forced to accept as our new social norm. It is not my position to force my beliefs on others nor do I believe it is Phil Robertson’s intent to do so either. I pray for tolerance, acceptance, diversity, compassion for the down trodden and underprivileged and for all men and women to be treated with equality. I do believe it is unfair that a man who reads the bible probably daily, can no longer freely speak to his interpretation of it without being jumped on immediately by the double standard organizations fighting hard for their causes. However it is ok for people to parade down town half naked in front of young children saying whatever they want. We were forced by courts of law to accept intolerable behaviors, but these same people cannot be tolerant of a Christian man stating what he believes. I believe it’s time for Reverend JJ and his followers, the media, the layers, the government, the gays, the atheist etc. do the same as we have had to do; accept the fact that we all have the right to practice free speech and we all need to treat each other with respect, compassion and love, accept our differences and
      move on. This is a great family oriented show and I am glad to see something less vial on the air for a change!

    • Robert Cummings

      gogirl you agree with this? Godly ole Phil just being Phil, its BS

      Robertson in 2010: “Women with women, men with men, they committed indecent acts with one another, and they received in themselves the due penalty for their perversions. They’re full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. They are insolent, arrogant, God-haters. They are heartless, they are faithless, they are senseless, they are ruthless. They invent ways of doing evil.”

  • Harry

    Whoever wrote this article is a left winger for sure, a descendant from Sodom and gommorah, and we know how that played out. Sorry liberals, these views you people have of life are dying fast, and the truth of Jesus Christ and God Almighty shall prevail just like it was written. Thank god for conservatives and Phil Robertson.

    • cherry


      • Stonefly

        God Bless you Phil. What a travesty that it's only “Biggotted” if Phil speaks against gays, but Fag-azines and TV netwoks are free to bash Christians. End times brother. Keep your chin up… Amen

        • alan brady

          You are aware that “liberal” and “conservative” are political words, right? If not, spend the next 6 weeks reading your bible word for word and tell me where it says “liberals” are wrong and “conservatives” are right. And dying fast? What is dying fast are the ones, when used in proper context, are the conservatives. Your party is dead, you have drowned it in the Boston Harbor trying to keep the Tea Party happy. I'll be waiting for your quotes from the Bible though!

    • Ezekiel

      Liberals will burn in a lake of fire for all eternity.

      • butterflyinoh

        If they don't change from their wicked ways.

      • brittany

        I'm sorry but I am having trouble finding it in the Bible. Where does it say that liberals go to hell? It does say if you misinterpret and change the Bible you will go to hell. With that being said…Stay away from gasoline

        • Quiet no more

          “It does say if you misinterpret and change the Bible you will go to hell.” Exactly what are you doing by believing it is ok to be gay?

    • David

      Ummm….Harry in Sodom and Gomorrah Lot threw out his daughter to the mob who was then raped and murdered by heterosexual men. Then after Lots wife turned to salt he had sex with his daughters in order to continue the blood line. Like most if not all stupid ass morons who misquote the Bible. You didn't read it did you? If you did then Sodom and Gomorrah would NOT be one you would be quoting. Go ahead read it. What I wrote is all there.

      • stan

        I think you need to open the book and check for your self! lots daughters (yes Daughters shows how much you read) were never murdered! If they were how did they have sex with there father?Also the men at the door were homosexuals ! read fist then post you will sound smarter !

      • Guest

        And what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Sodom was destroyed for gross sexual conduct, including sodomy. You might think a bit before you call people stupid. You don't come off as to bright yourself.

      • Bougalee

        And what does the above have to do with the price of tea in China. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for gross sexual sins which included sodomy. You should think a bit before you call others stupid as you don't come off too bright yourself.

        • Bougalee

          Just reread Genesis 19 which details the events which took place in Sodom between Lott, the angels, and the men of Sodom. Lott offered his daughters but they were not raped or murdered by the men of Sodom. The Sodomites wanted the angels who were described as men. The angels struck the Sodomites blind and Lott with his wife and daughters made their escape. Seems David you don't know what you are talking about. What a surprise, moron.

        • steve

          No Sodom and Gomarrah was destroyed became no one came to the aid of the strangers, not one believer, please read before speaking

          • Bougalee

            Sorry Steve you're just speculating, trying to make the Book say what you want it to say. While it can be said that the sodomites were inhospitable, and certainly rendered no aid to the strangers, the passage relates gross sexual sin conducted by its inhabitants. The gross sexual sin was one product of their unbelief. Their indifference to the plight of others was another. Unbelief produces the same results today as it did then.

          • fred

            “Trying to make the book say what you want”. Look at your replies,Bougalee. The mirror of truth isn`t your friend. Its one thing to be able to memorize the Bible and another to understand it. Again I implore you to seek out the Church of God,a Catholic Church. Grant me that and I`ll look for your response.

          • Bougalee

            Fred, just read the scripture. You have a Bible don't you? It's as plain as the nose on your face. I understand the verse in question perfectly, I believe it as it is written, why does the plain truth elude you. You don't need anyone to tell you what it means but the plain text and the Holy Spirt. As for the Church of God…well I won't go there in this post. Last I heard the Catholic church teaches that homosexuality is a sin, am I right?

          • Bougalee

            Sorry Fred, I really am. I believe your mirror of truth comes with a crack in it. I'm sure I understand the passage in question at least as well as you do. Last I heard the Catholic Church teaches that the practice of homosexuality is a sin. Am I right, and if so, how does that square with your beliefs?

          • Alan Brady

            There you go again, Fred. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. So, you are willing to let a different pope every few years when necessary tell you how to live your life rather than just ask God yourself? You really don't need a go-between to get to God, he'll talk to you without your needing an interpreter. You should really try it some time, then you won't be so close minded about other faiths.

          • fred

            The phrase is “closed minded”,Alan. That may have something to say about our age difference. The abdication by Pope Benedict XVI is hardly something that occurs every few years. As it was Pope Gregory XII who last abdicated in 1409. Perhaps you were thinking about the new Protestants, who have labeled themselves Jesus freak,born again and now conservatives since the `70`s. I grew up with many Protestants and attended their gatherings,from which I make my observations. My wife was a Protestant and attended mass with me when we first dated. She believed in the Church and was baptized before we were married. Its clear that you have discuss in your heart for the Roman Catholics,but that doesn`t stop me from wishing peace on this Earth,that our Father has created for us,amen.

      • Billy Morrison

        Yes what your saying is true however if you read it you would know that his daughters got him drunk and THEY slept with him to contiue the blood line…If we are gpoing to quote scripture lets be correct…and I think what Harry was saying that people that except homosexual behavior are decendants from sodom and gommorah and they were destroyed for their uncleaness…..This is the outcome for all those who do not repent and follow Christ…God Bless you all!!!!

    • Lee Tanner

      Yep, how'd that election last year work out? You know, when the “good Christians” threw Obama out of office. What's that? It never happened?

      • Guest

        And the above is germane to this conversation how?

        • Lee Tanner

          You had the chance to “take your country back” but came JUUUUUUUSST a bit short.

  • cherry

    You can disrespect and burn the flag that people have died for, you can say awful things about our president, but a man says something that he feels about a person and he's all of a sudden the worst person in the world because he expressed his opinion (oh I forgot, we no longer have that FREEDOM OF SPEECH) Really….. what in this world are we coming to?????? Think People it a TV show, remember entertainment????

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    Not widely considered offensive, considered offensive by 2 organizations; GLAAD, NAACP. That's it. Groups who think they know how people should live and keep trying to force their way on everyone else. The majority of society agree with him, or at least his right to say it and not be crucified for it. He wasn't discriminating on them, do they want to join him in heaven? Because if they are they wouldn't be living the lifestyle. So it shouldn't matter if Phil Robertson quotes scripture stating that their lifestyle does not lead there, which is true to the Bible. Why does that even matter to gay people? Seems they'd want to go somewhere else after life, maybe reincarnation?

  • mticknor

    The ” Christian Awakening ” has begun. Get used to it Libs.

    • Ezekiel

      Praise Jesus! When He comes they shall know his fury as he casts them into the lake of fire.

      • scott

        Ooooohh, I'm soooo frightened!

        • Name

          as well you should be !!!

        • Mutha2X

          @Scott you should be careful for your own sake. You don't realize how much you don't know. I would sincerely invite you to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's the most amazing knowledge how He changes lives and heals souls…some that are at rock bottom, drug-addicted, suicidal, desperate, lonely, etc. There is NO hate here…

          • scott

            I've read the bible for thirty years now, and I agree with the wisdom of Jesus. I don't now or ever will, believe that he was supernatural, or that I have to ask him into my heart as my Lord and Savior in order to be “saved” from hell. No hate here either, just never had the need to turn to Jesus for strength. And trust me, twenty years fighting for this country in the Army has given me many oppurtunities to wish there was this benevolent being watching over me. But to me, he is a creation of man. And therefore I will continue in my life without the need for Jesus. Glad it works for you, truly, faith is a good thing.

          • Mutha2X

            So you've read the Bible for thirty years but missed the message? Well, the Lord wants us all to come to Him of our own free will, so I respect you decision and wish you hope and peace always.

          • scott

            Fair enough, Respect to you also.

    • scott

      Ha ha ha, well good, about time y'all woke up ha ha ha.

      • Obama

        Scott I pray for you , there is one sin you that cannot be forgiven, that is denying God exist , all else can be forgiven. if you repent.

    • Lee Tanner

      I thought that was gonna be last year, and President Mittens would ride into the White House in his Magic Underwear? What happened there? Can you say, LANDSLIDE!!!

    • alan brady

      So, again, it's only Liberals (a political word that you won't find in a Bible anywhere) that should be worried about Jesus coming back? Well, I'm a liberal, certainly by your standards, and it would be fine with me if he came tonight. Where do you clowns come up with this “Libs” crap? Certainly not from the word of God, of which you profess to know so much about.

  • Donna

    Freedom of speech is at risk here. Phil was merely stating what he believes and what the Bible says in fact. We must stop all this political correctness nonsense.

  • BJ

    Phil & the Duck Dynasty should tell A&E that if he is unable to speak his beliefs and quote scripture then the DUCKS can do without A&E!
    Phil, please don't apologize for your beliefs, it would be hypocritical.
    Millions of us in the U.S. feel exactly as you!

    • scott

      @BJ. And millions feel exactly the opposite as well.

      • RAL

        Scott – That's the whole point. It is your choice to feel that way. Don't force your beliefs on others and tell them they cannot speak about their beliefs. If someone does not believe in gays then they should be able to say so without ridicule.

        • scott

          He has this first amendment right to speak his beliefs, but that doesn't include being immune to the consequences. His employer (rightfully or wrongfully) also has the right to say they think his views are not what they want to associate themselves with. That is how the 1st amendment works. I am not interested in arguing this point, just educating people who don't understand how the 1st amendment works. I have the right to say “Hitler was right to kill 6 million jews” publically, AND my employer has the right to say “there's the door, don't let it hit you in the rear on the way out”.

          • Anthony Serna

            that is yes and no, employers usually don't do that. Because there is legal battles that if there is no written clause in the way he should ‘behave’ you can say whatever.

          • Robert Cummings

            1st amendment only deals with the government not employers.

        • fred

          Ral…Lets look at the history of the Robertson clan. Could be dating back to the civil war,as he has so many gleeful stories of freed slaves working the cotton harvest. Nowhere did I hear Duckquacker claim to have been working the same fields. I`m not! . Continue your castigation's of your fellow sons and daughters of God. Some day you will have to answer for those actions,as will Phillip.

      • PCedOut

        If it looks like a Duck and sounds like a Duck it's a Duck

    • just sayn

      I agree, if A&E dosent want them I'm sure that some other network would be glad to have the number one rated reality show on TV

      • Shirley

        I agree with you and Billy Morrison

    • Billy Morrison

      I agree B J…….Dont apologise Phil!!!!! We are with you Brother!!!!

    • http://thaiprepaidcard.com/ Bryan

      You fell for the fake controversy. Pat yourself on the back ‘merican.

  • Donnie

    If I had to pick 1 I'd rather have freedom of speech than freedom to
    marry someone of the same sex. I think GLADD and A&E/Media are
    forgetting without the First amendment there wouldn't be any movements for
    equal rights. Here we see another example of the intolerance towards
    one individual (Phil) for the sake of tolerance for another (GLADD). The
    intolerance of tolerance.

  • wyldbill100

    Now GLAAD is the bully in the room… imagine that, huh? I'm scared!

    • FreeBird2

      Oh man, once a b/i/g/o/t….always a b/i/g/o/t

      Hope you dont have any children….

      • BOOFDADDY Jones

        Since when did Christian = Bigot? , What will the limp wristed left come up with next?

      • wyldbill100

        Are you promoting “hate speech”?? “Are you calling me bigoted? Oh dear! What “other” labels do you readily stamp on people that you do not agree with? Pray tell? I DO NOT ascribe myself to the NASTY, VILE, and UNNATURAL behaviors that GLAAD and their ilk represent. HOMOSEXUALITY is SIN and full of SIN! Love the sinner (read HOMOSEXUAL) but reject the sin, itself (read: HOMOSEXUALITY). Yes… I am the VERY proud parent of TWO children that LOVE GOD, LOVE America, hunt and fish, are college educated, and CHRISTAIN, too! (They also love Duck Dynasty!) GLAAD is using bullying tactics… They've exerted pressure on an individual that they do not support OR like…. BECAUSE this individual won't agree with them. That, FreeBird2 IS… a bully!
        “If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck… intelligent minds will say? Must be a duck!” How is that being BIGOTED, Mr./Ms. FreeBird2 or?? are you just shooting off your mouth without a license? IF you have children? I wish them well! That's just being neighborly, American, AND Christian! JESUS and I both love you! I FORGIVE that you somehow believe that I am bigoted.

        • wyldbill100

          uhm… ONE dislike…. I “wonder” who that could be.

      • Lighthouse

        So those who stand for Gay rights are also bigots. Because they do not tolerate the Bible teaching or those that chose to believe the Bible.
        Bigotry is the state of mind of a bigot: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats or views other people with fear, distrust, hatred, contempt, or intolerance on the basis of a person's opinion, ethnicity, race, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics.

  • alwaysthink

    This has nothing to do with the 1st Amendment. If the government was trying to shut down Phil and/or A and E then it would apply. But a private employer can shut down your speech when you are a representative of the corporation. It's all up to the boss.

    So as this goes on it sure does stink of cheap publicity stunt by A and E and the Ducks to get the Cons all weeweed up to go buy more Duck merchandise over at WelfareMart for the Holiday.

    The fake War on Xmas has been falling flat so this is a good distraction from the fact that the fan base has just had their food stamps cut by the GOP in the budget. Or that most of their states are going to continue to deny them access to medical care by not accepting expanded Medicaid. Those ER are just fine for the Duck fans.

    • Linda

      Oh, you mean the health insurance that doesn't do me any good because it has such a high deductible and since I work for a living I can't get help for the plans that actually would benefit me and my family?

  • FreeBird2

    What's so strange is the conservative questioning the rights of a
    private corporation acting on its own accord to suspend a cast member
    from a show, reacting to public outcry about comments of his,
    essentially acting EXACTLY like they say the free market is supposed to
    work in regards to the relationship between the consumer and the
    producer. While Conservatives cry about “freedom of speech” being
    trampled on, they're implicitly calling for government action involving a
    corporate decision, something they're supposed to be against. It's
    nothing but hypocritical. I'm guessing it originates from a lack of

    • FreeBird2

      NOT to mention, the freedom of speech does not mean there are no
      consequences for what you say. His employers have freedom of speech
      Believe me, if A and E bows down to him and his “supporters”…then they will REALLY see a backlash like they've never seen.

      • Linda

        Your right… duck dynasty is one of their biggest shows… so they'd lose money there, then when those of us that disagreed stop watching they lose some more… actually it's a win for us. If their smart, another network will pick up the show and everyone will be happier… except A&E for losing a big chunk of their paycheck… Yup that's the kind of backlash I will enjoy!

        • Terry

          The problem with the USA is that people get slapped down for expressing the religious views in public. I for one will start watching them if they put him back in the show.

          • phillydawg

            I don't really watch reality TV at all. Some of my friends have expressed their fascination with shows such as this, and the honey booboo thing? I have seen trailers and occasional stories about “reality” series over the years.
            So I'm not totally ignorant of the genre.
            I simply have never found any educational or social value in it? Too, justify my trade of time and thought?
            However, in this instance regarding Duck Dynasty?
            Perhaps I was wrong. I shall endeavor to find this program on one of the streaming services I use. Maybe do a marathon this weekend?
            This man seems to have a great deal of courage. I Do admire that!

        • Lee Tanner

          A&E will hold them to their contract, so they're not going anywhere.

          • Bougalee

            You've seen the contract? Maybe that there is an escape clause.

          • Lee Tanner

            Doubt it. A&E holds all the cards here…

          • Bougalee

            What cards would that be. Its not like the Ducks even need the show, It isn't even their main livelihood. A&E needs the show, the Ducks, not so much.

          • Lee Tanner

            So let them cancel the show. Neither side is going to go out of business because of it, and perhaps the American intellect might be raised a microscopic amount.

          • Bougalee

            Works for me, I've never been able to watch a whole episode, too lame for me. As for raising the American intellect, altogether unlikely

    • Lorrie Gonzales

      Excuse me, but A&E was not responding to an outcry from the public, they were responding to GLAAD. If you look online, the majority of people are supporting Phil and his right to free speech. Also, who is calling for government action in this situation? Seems to me they are simply saying they don't agree with A&E and their decision to censor Phil.
      The free market will decide, as thousands of viewers have already said they will not watch if A&E does not bring back Phil. There are also comments on Walmart's page saying people will not buy duck dynasty products because it benefits A&E, they will buy duck commander because that goes to the family.
      You need to get your facts straight before you comment.

      • CluelessTeaPartiers

        Actually, the majority does not support this guy. Most of us are just shrugging our shoulders and laughing at the inane support being given to an uneducated homophobe by the radical far right and choose not to get involved because we have better things to do with our time. Oh, and btw, all of you people need to go back to social studies and recognize the difference between government interference with free speech and what happened here. I suppose you can't be bothered to actually understand the constitution, though.

        • jpowers29

          “Actually, the majority does not support this guy” Which is why support pages for Phil have 4 times the followers of GLAAD and A&E in just 24 hours. “Most of us are shrugging our shoulders” who is us? Do you speak for an organization of some kind?

          “All you people need to go back to social studies” Love the “you people”. YOU people, Ms. Gonzales, hate those words except for when you use them. And by you people, I mean anti tea partiers and liberals, of course.

          • Lee Tanner

            The lemmings got their marching orders from the leaders of Wingnuttia.

        • Lighthouse

          A uneducated Multi Millionaire. Takes a dumb guy to be so succesful, right.

          • Bougalee

            Well it seems that Clueless is just clueless.

        • Lorrie Gonzales

          What I said was “if you look online, the majority of people are supporting Phil” I didn't realize I needed to preface my comment by saying the majority of people who are responding, I would have thought that was implied. I apologize if you couldn't “be bothered to actually understand” something that seemed so obvious. I understand the constitution and I understand that the government is not allowed to prohibit free speech. My problem is with Glaad, they are trying to intimidate in order to censor and silence Phil. My point was that people are supporting his right to make a religious statement and they are supporting the idea that he should not be fired for his beliefs or for voicing them. America was built on diversity of views and it sure seems like if you don't agree with the progressive left and if you speak out, you will be automatically punished. The so called tolerant left can say whatever they want and they claim free speech and nothing happens to them.
          If you “choose not to get involved” and have “better things to do with your time” then why are you commenting on this page? You have the typical arrogant, elitist left attitude.
          Phil has a master's degree in education, so I wouldn't say he is uneducated. He is also not homophobic, he just happens to believe it is a sin. You seem to be the one who is “clueless”.

        • Lorrie Gonzales

          Actually, what I said was “if you look online, the majority of people are supporting him”. I meant the majority of people who are posting comments and signing petitions. How you know what the majority of people are thinking, even though they aren't posting anything, is beyond me. I guess you assume you speak for the majority? Phil is not uneducated, he actually has a masters degree in education, so you are wrong about that. He also is not a homophobe, that's just a term created to describe anyone who disagrees with that lifestyle. Apparently you apply that to anyone who says homosexuality is a sin? I understand the constitution and agree that this is not the government interfering with his free speech. The problem here is with Glaad trying to silence Phil because he doesn't agree with their lifestyle choice. Glaad is the bully here, trying to use their political pull to get Phil fired. They also went after his sponsors (who are standing behind Phil 100%). This is intimidation and trying to silence the opposing point of view. People are getting tired of the pc left and their intolerance. They are hypocrites, demanding tolerance for themselves yet refusing to give it to anyone who disagrees with them.
          If you “have better things to do with your time”, why are you “getting involved”?

    • Lee Tanner

      This is just the “free market” (you know, which conservatives have a hard-on about) in action.

      • phillydawg

        Ms. Tanner with all due respect afforded to a fellow human being.
        How is removing this man and therefore stifling his opinion an exercise in “free market”?
        Free market would obviously be shown as a dwindling in ratings and the eventual cancellation of the show?
        Do you disagree?

        • Lee Tanner

          His comments negatively affect the company that has him under contract, so they have every right to discipline him. It's the same as when new hires are given an employee handbook that spells out things that are not allowed.

    • Bougalee

      I agree and I am a conservative. I just hope they pay a high price for suspending him.

  • skunkdrunk

    As a drunk, I am also highly offended Mr. Robertson lumped me in with terrorists.
    I don't see where he ever said homosexuals won't get to heaven. Did he also say that about us drunks? i hope not.

    • Rev. Jeffrey White

      Friend, this is what God, has said through His Word (Jesus), and the Apostle Paul's writing(s):
      “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites,
      nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.” 1Cor. 6:9-10

    • Moby Dick

      Well I have done most of the sins that Mr. Robertson said, so as a sinner should I be asking for him to be fired? No, I don't think so. If a person says something that the word police don't like, I think they should get a least one pass. We should all be more tolerant of others.

  • FreeBird2

    A friend who has cable (i do not) just reported this:

    “Both Stewart and Colbert had the Ducks on their program, too. On Stewart's program, he pondered the reaction to Phil's interview with an “live and let live, let the guy say what he wants,” attitude. That was followed by clip after clip of the Friends of Fox (and all of the Fox Family) telling us that we had to say “Merry Christmas,” and that “Happy Holiday” stuff was just not Christmas.((That Megyn can get really nasty about telling us what to say). The ending– the punchline– were members of the Duck Dynasty, wearing their trademark “camo” and Santa hats, and they all wishes us, “Happy Holidays.” (hahahahaha!!)

    Since there isn't much news going on, this is starting to look well planned and staged– maybe a new contract? Sell more DD stuff at the Gun & Rod stores? Drive up viewership?

    WHAT GIVES A&E ?????????????

  • Danne Curtis

    Many educated and intelligent people believe the same as Phil. I am so tired of a small minority of people in our society…along with Hollywood…screaming about how their lifestyle should be not only accepted, but applauded by everyone. A&E network executives are spineless fools. GLAAD and the like have everyone scared and cow-towing to their agenda, and frankly, many of us are sick and tired of their whining. I will no longer support A&E, nor will I purchase any more items from their online store if they do not reinstate Phil Robertson.

    • AC

      Many people may believe the same as Phil Robertson….but that doesn't necessarily mean they are educated or even intelligent.

    • CJ

      I agree with most of what you said Danne, However I hope that Phil and the boys immediately stop the show. Live out the contract in protest of what was done to their father for stating fact, then move somewhere else because if they stay we'd still be supporting and making money for A&E and after seeing their true views and morals come to light, I hope that everyone who supports Phil and the Bible or even the Freedom of Speech will turn off A&E and not go back at all. That's how we make things like this change. I am tolerant but I'm also in disagreement and reading the entire interview I never heard the Christian man say that he hoped anyone would be anything but saved.

  • pat

    The bible what a joke, it was written by men who believed in
    slavery and hell fire. You people need to get a grip on life there is no real side
    to this issue he is allowed his beliefs and allowed to speak them. The one
    thing is his sponsors have the same right to take him off the air if they
    disagree with him and are afraid they will lose business because of his

    • Embedded_Journalist

      You probably like to take things only in the context that you desire in the same manner that the media is taking Phil's comments out of context. Do a bit of research on the Abolition movement in Britain and the U.S. you will find it was championed by Christians, their beliefs, and they found their support in scripture.

  • Robin Carpenter

    This is what is wrong in America anymore, We have the right to Freedom of Speech and when someone expresses that right or their beliefs and someone gets their panties in a bunch because they didn't agree with them, (mainly the celebrities or people in the public eye) their suppose to turn around and apologize. That's BULL! Not everyone is going to have the same opinion ever. Some people's parents “COTTLED” them to much and didn't prepare them for life. SUCK IT UP PEOPLE! He was asked questions and answered them honestly as he believed.

  • DeeDee13

    Phil has a right to voice his opinion as all Americans have. A& E has no right to suspend him. Us Christians hold the same beliefs as Phil.

    • Ezekiel

      Actually, they have every right to suspend him legally. But they shall burn in hell for it.

      • Nancy

        Are they burning in hell or the lake of fire? Which is it? You should read your bible.

    • Bougalee

      I disagree Dee, A&E does have the right to suspend him, I presume they have the right to hire or fire whoever they wish. I hope it bites them in the butt in the end.

  • no zealot

    You do not have to be a right winger, radical Christian, NRAer etc. to support Phil's RIGHT TO EXPRESS HIS BELIEF honestly and openly. What an irony that gay rights advocates do not see the contradiction. Boycott A&E, it should be easy since the majority of the programs are idiotic anyway. Nothing would make more sense than for the Dynasty family to tell these self righteous hypocrites to shove off!

  • Ralph Clark

    This is uncallede for!!!! He just spoke his mind. Did not say he hated anyone. He is a god fearing man!!! Bring hem back!!!!

    • Lee Tanner

      First, you should take some grammar and spelling classes, along with many of the people on this board.

  • Lisa

    Whether you agree with what Phil Robertson said or not, he still has the right to say it. Why is it if you voice an opinion that is different from what main stream media thinks it should be, your a hater. Just because you don't believe in same sex relationships doesn't mean you hate everyone who is in one. I have the right to disagree with my co-worker but that doesn't mean I hate them. Bet if the POPE said the exact same thing no one would censure him or call him a hater. If we keep letting the media tell us how to think, feel or act we turn our backs on what this country was formed from…..the right to not be oppressed and to voice how we feel!

  • JJ

    Victoria's secret displays are highly offensive to me, especially when I am talking thru the mall with my grandson, as close to porn as you can get, but that's ok, just don't mention believing in the bible and what it is says. I know a homosexual people that are really nice, but it offends me in the way they live. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

  • Shugs

    I hear that Fox News has refused to employ Nancy Pelosi as a spokesperson – free speech is dead!

    Either that, or the 1st amendment doesn't give you the right to demand that you are paid to speak by the organization of your choice….

    • jpowers29

      Had A&E suspended someone for their support of same sex marriage, this would be a civil rights issue for people like you and you would be seeking government intervention.
      Phil WAS exercising his 1st amendment right and he WAS punished by A&E for his religious beliefs. Those are simply facts. What his supporters are doing is privately organization to protest that. BTW, religious discrimination is illegal

  • whatup

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. If I may, let me share something with you that is not an opinion but true to life fact that no one gay or anti-gay can dispute. It is impossible for a gay couple to naturally reproduce and have children. If everyone, or a large portion of the worlds population were gay with homosexual ideologies then mankind as we know it would eventually die out and the only thing that would be left is non gay animals and insects that know the importance of re-producing and replenishing the species. Evidently the gay movement does not understand how they came to be. They came from a man and woman who were not gay and were engage in a heterosexual relationship. To those whose say they can be homosexual and heterosexual at the same time, they are very hypocritical and are really confused with their thinking. The fact remains. MANKIND WOULD NOT EXIST IN A GAY WORLD>

  • wsteele

    “Catch that? The “intolerants’” are the network executives who suspended Robertson for intolerance”
    Yeah I catch it… you agree with the network that Phil Robertson is intolerant so that make it alright to be intolerant of Phil Robertson…Liberalism is a disease!

  • BaltimoreDaddy

    Interesting… As I read all the press and think about what has happened here, I've come to a conclusion. It is not really a free speech issue. The first amendment was written so that government could not imping upon the rights of its citizens to say whatever they wanted about the government without the fear of reprisal. This is really a free market issue. A&E bowed under pressure from a minority advocacy group, GLAAD, and suspended Mr. Robertson, because A&E felt it was the best business decision for them, do not offend the LGBT. What A&E failed to realize was that “Duck Dynasty” had a bigger following of supporters than GLAAD had members. I also think that A&E feared for its other network, Lifetime, which is openly supportive of LGBT lifestyles. So, in my opinion, fearing a reprisals against Lifetime, they suspended Phil. Now they have to figure out how to “walk back” the suspension, save face, and save their other networks. We'll see how that works out.

  • John Hobson

    I have to admire all the people here supporting bigotry — something no actual Christian should even consider doing. But hey, he's just bigoted against homosexuals, so you pseudo-Christians have no problem with it.

    • Butch Clark

      Read your BIBLE, I will buy you one If need be–leave the address on my page..I also think you just wanted to use the word pseudo..

    • Bougalee

      Not supporting bigotry, just quoting scripture here and there, sorry it offends you.

      • John Hobson

        Sorry that you are also a bigot, which clearly does not offend you.

        • Bougalee

          No John I'm not offended at all, considering the source.

    • Phillip Victor Drum

      Well No… that's not all he said. He called out whoring and low behavior in general. Mentioning groups of men with one woman etc.. and more of the same.
      I'm now intrigued enough to actually go out and buy the actual Magazine!
      Remember when there were real news papers and magazines?
      People had to get up early, and stay up late.
      Printing presses and delivery trucks!
      Thousands of jobs.

  • Butch Clark

    It's all about a double standard–Sin Is Sin….He Is telling you what the BIBLE says and Is persicuted for It..He Is not Gay Bashing—I know thats what libs have to do and say because they have no real argument..They throw words around like gay-bashing–bidiot and racist to shut people down..Stand up and fight back..He also said he has no right to tell people how to live..he is simply telling you what the BIBLE says, It Is wrong .A Sin.Thats what they don't like!!!!!!

  • Steven

    Phil did not compare homosexuality to bestiality. He said morph out from it; as in begin with that, then move on to something else. It was the simply first biblical sin that came to mind, not necessarily the worst. That came later, with bestiality, etc.
    A&E will sue this good Christian family for breach of contract when they do, indeed, refuse to film their family show without their father. When that happens, they will see a boycott the likes of which has never been known to mankind.

    If anyone owns A&E stock, they had best sell now.
    I will predict, however, that WalMart will not be so foolish.

    • Steve

      No the worst sin to God, according to the new testament is Hate and Unforgiveness

      • Bougalee

        Actually no, the worse sin is unbelief. Hate and unforgiveness can be forgiven if there is repentance. Only way to repent from unbelief is to believe.

  • Realist in Midwest

    I predict that A&E won't back off as they have painted themselves into a corner on this issue. This will give the Robertson's and “Duck Dynasty” an opportunity to break their contract at A&E and shop their show concept around. I believe they will find MANY networks eager to b e their new hosting station. $$$$$$ for the Robertson's and the Network they end up with….. This could pull A&E down considerably in rates and earnings.

    • Lee Tanner

      Good luck with that. Who do you think wrote the contract they signed? A&E's lawyers, that's who. You really think they're not going to make it iron-clad in favor of the network?

      • Bougalee

        Guess there's no way that Phil's lawyers didn't insist on an escape clause, probably not because they were so poor before the show. Oh wait they were already rich and could have hired competent lawyers of their own. Guess we will have to wait and see how it pans out.

  • Connie

    A&E are now taking away our freedom of speech, we all have different ways of living our life, it is what America is suppose to be about land of the fee!! Shame on you A&E.

  • JenniJ

    Sad day when the bigots can't hate and get called out for it. Just because you can puke out bible verses from a book that isn't even necessarily true, doesn't make you right. Love how they all squeal when their stupidity is called out. Screw the conservatives. Gays are people and they ARE real. If your god doesn't make mistakes, then they are perfectly normal… get over it and deal with it… this isn't the America where you can bully up on people because the bible says you can. That's bull shit. Americans are protected from persecution by Christians. deal with that.

    • Tony


      Sad, Sad angry little JennieJ. You're missing the point grasshopper. This isn't about Bible verses dear. The point is that your clan can cry when we refuse to accept your lifestyle as “normal”. By it's very definition it isn't. Be that as it may, I for one am certainly not calling you bad. As I've said before we're all sinners and as God said, we're all in it up to here so to speak. No one has disputed whether or not gays are real, we all know that they are.

      The point is that this Duck Dude is PERSECUTED for speaking what he believes because it's considered Anti-Gay. If he did an interview lauding the benefits of gayness, he'd be applauded as some sort of a hero. Not Right that only your side's opinion counts. That's the point sister.

  • Andy

    These networks are business's, business's run on numbers and ratings, so lets put it into business numbers. Gay people in this country account for approx. 3.4% of the population/viewers. Christians account for approx. 78%. So some executive makes a decision to cater to the clear minority, sounds like someone should be in a different line of work. Note to that executive, a very wise business mentor of mine once said “if you can't count it, you can't manage it” business words to live by.

    • Tony


      Your numbers are good, but ‘business's’ is singular possessive. What you mean is businesses. That is the proper tense for your thoughts. FYI. Go Bother…

  • David

    Oh boo hoo all these poor uneducated white fake Christians crying. Boo hoo hoo. You are nothing but a bunch of pharasees. I bet you eat shellfish don't you? That is also considered an abomination. I bet you have also worked on Sunday. I bet some of you have cheated on your spouse and weren't virgins when you were born. I bet MOST if not all of you haven't even read your fucking Bible. If you did you would know that Lot threw his daughter out to the mob and it was heterosexual men who raped and murdered her and then when Lot's wife turned to salt Lot has sex with his daughters to continue the family line but hey you rednecks always marry your cousin so that's okay.

    • David

      correction – weren't virgins when you got married – if you did get married.

    • Tony


      You're totally a moron. Everyone is a virgin at birth. Nice grammar. You get an F. Probably looks a lot like your GED. Oh, that's right. Stupid F@#%s like you don't graduate. They cry until the government shovels checks & ‘Sconnie’ cheese down their worthless throats. Piss off Loser. FAIL!!


      Your Daddy

      • Tony


        Spellcheck Pharisees numb-nuts

  • MSDGP4

    Again the media LIES. HE wasn't comparing homosexuality with others.. Man, don't you people have a brain? He meant they are all the same as in MORTAL SINS. Not the same in appearance , but the seriousness of it. I think this is more MORAL BASHING than anything else. I hope the all quit A&E .

  • Hoyt Cranford Jr.

    From the MSN article I read there was no mention of gay people. Phil made a statement about what the Bible says is sin. The Bible never condemns gay people but it does condemn the sin of homosexuality God loves all His creation but he condemns sin and sin is sin weather it is lying, stealing, man laying with man or women laying with women. It is all sin and every sin is judged the same by God.

  • Yamaha R2

    Tim Molloy, how many biased articles are you going to hammer out this
    week about Phil Robertson? Roughly 52% of the country disapproves of
    homosexuality regardless of faith. Over 70% of our country identifies
    themselves as Christians, 25% of Americans are catholic, and
    disapproving of the 3.5% homosexuality IS a genuine part of the faith.

    While it may not be a “freedom of speech” issue, its certainly censorship at its best.

    PS, Miley Cirus should be shot. And I think you misunderstood the
    message. Miley does more offensive things on TV and portrays herself in
    a terrible, whore-ish manner. Of course, people of no values would
    love that.

  • Child of the King

    You know who despises the Bible and it's truths? Sinners. You know who embraces the the Bible and it's truth? Sinners that have admitted they were sinners and now they are forgiven! Forgiveness is free for all who will confess!

  • amy

    it seems to mean there is so much finger pointing and worrying about who is right. If everyone would just quit putting titles on each other and realize that there is no right side /left side. What wasted energy.. We are all in this together. No one is better than anyone else. We will all be judged in the end whether you believe it or not. Really , is it all that important to be able to ‘win’ battles on a side. Who do you help in the end.. Just look at yourself and fix you first. and try to help your neighbor. That's what we are here for..

    • Tony

      Here, Here…


      We have an accord…


  • cyclingjnkee

    It amazes me how conservatives continue to make the same missteps. The martyrs you choose, be they Phil Robertson or Sarah Palin, only further distance you from moderates, which in turn further assures losses come election time. Conservatives will continue to suffer until the conservative base finally realizes that the majority of the country no longer shares its values and narrows its focus on fiscal conservatism, which is what the party was built on in the first place. Until then, expect to continue to get punished at the polls.

  • roselon

    Way to go Phil. I agree with your right to give your opinion.Keep up being yourself. Boo,Hiss to A. & E.

  • steven

    As a christian I don't find a lot of what Phil said as a mirror image of things said by Christ. Funny how his redacted statement was much more inline with the love of Christ. I don't see this as an attack on Christians as an argument on Christian theology. First of all, Christian need to understand that the word Hell and Homosexual were added to the bible in 1964 when the NIV version came out, you will not find these words in the king james verson nor the original Greek text of new testament. Here it comes. I hope everyone this Christmas finds some time to actually read the new testament and take it to heart. Faith that does not manifest itself in Love is worthless. Hebrews

  • tina

    I don't watch the show but I agree with what he said 100% and choose to support him.

  • Cheri Jose

    leave Duck Dynasty alone! They are god fearing people, whom A&E knew what they were all about when thety signed them. If they cancel the show, I will block them on my TV.

  • John Tavary

    When and why has homosexuality become this great sacred cow that when one speaks up against it that they are put on a stake to be burned? it has been become such a double standard in this world where if a person whose faith stands directly opposite of the worlds opinion on a matter that they are persecuted for it. Mr Roberson was asked his opinion on the matter and was horribly chastised for giving an honest opinion. I suppose it would of been fine though if he had called those that believe homosexuality is a sin and morally repugnant, Backwards narrow minded homophobe simpletons. Now that would of been fine and infact he would of been made out a hero by the left leaning press and it's liberal allies. That is just wrong. It so narrow minded and intolerant in it's own right that it is shameful.

    • Phillip Victor Drum

      Man! That was well put. Thanks

  • john

    were is the petitions I can sign

  • DAngier

    I'm sick and F@@@@@@ tired of everyone shoving the pure every thought has to be pristine morons. People don't have the same morals and beliefs as the few and confused. Are we all going to round up and implant placed in our heads so big brother makes your EVERYONE has the same thoughts like love your brother, up to and including up his @$%.
    There are plenty of us that feel that homosexuality is wrong, the way it's going now being a fag will be so cool little boys will willing go to a strangers house and get his cherry popped a painful and leave the boys and girls want to go out and do the same to little children because it ruined their life why not destroy others.

  • Kenneth

    The gays are blatant hypocrites, they scream about pro gay this and pro gay that to the press and on tv and in front of groups of people and everyone is supposed to keep quiet and just take it. But if one person says something negative against gays like its their own feeling that its not right then the gays go off the deep end screaming about rights and haters, etc. It all has to go their way or they wig out. Fugggg them.

  • greg

    For all the people who feel homosexuality is normal get a clue if it was normal the human race would not exsist,if your parents were gay you wouldn't be here to whine and cry about Phil Robertson's beliefs you don't see heteralsexuals running around having parades because were not gay so quite trying to ram this crap down our throats we are sick of it!

  • surf

    people in the free world have the right to say what they believe if you dont like it change the channel or dont read the g q mag i dont like some of the tv shows soo i just dont watch …their are a few organization in this soo called free world that you have lost your right to express what you want to say but they can say anything they like when ever they like …..get real

  • russ jas

    Where is this partition, i'll sign it!

    • Lee Tanner

      Partition: The act or process of dividing something into parts. How does one sign something like that?

      • Bougalee

        Sign each part, how else.

  • Kenneth

    istandwithphil dot com

  • Mutha2X

    So, let me get this straight…Christians and Conservatives who align themselves with God Almighty, who follow and believe God's laws, written in the Bible, that homosexuality is wrong and a sin, are NOT allowed to voice their opinion, even when asked, but GLAAD and other liberal groups are free to indoctrinate the children of Conservative Christians through the public schools, and teach that homosexuality is NORMAL just because GLAAD says so? Don't think so!

  • Tina

    Like I said before, I agree with Phil . I am a Christian and proud to take this stand to show support for Phil and other Christians who are not going to compromise the word of God. And another thing, if homosexuality were right, why does one partner still have to represent the opposite sex.? Goes to show you right there ,it should be and was meant to be male and female.

  • balanced

    wheres does the biggest liar in the country weigh in on this “much ado about nothing”? im sure POTUS, can and will shift sides, depending on “elections”

    • Kenneth

      He was Pro Gay while in Illinois congress, it wasn't until Oblamer ran for President in 2008 that he said he believes in a man and woman in marriages and then after he was elected he then flip flopped back to being Pro-Gay.

      • Lee Tanner

        Cry on Mitt's shoulder.

        • Bougalee

          No need to cry on anybody's shoulder, better to just laugh at the flip flops of another self-serving politician.

  • fred

    Did this duckhead go to jail for his drunken rant ? So I guess he had his 1st amendment rights upheld,so why doea the Gov. feel the need to pipe in. He should be lucky Duckie didn`t bring up his thoughts about the Asian-Indian community that took cotton pickin jobs from his swamp buddies.

    • Dee Dee B

      bobby Jindal is the steppin fetchit of the indian community and the worse kind of ” go along to get along” sellout.. duckhead needs to bathe and learn how to use indoor plumbing before attempting to white wash history

      • Bougalee

        Don't like an Indian who goes against your grain D. Too bad. Jindal is a sell out to whom? Your crowd? Why should he care, he is loved in La. that's why he was elected twice as Gov. Would be for three if it was allowed in law.

      • jrdobbsjr

        Wow…you sound just like the Democrats the first time Jindal ran for Governor. lol

  • Torri Whitley Penny

    I thought we were in America, I'm beginning to wonder if it really is the land of the free.

  • Dfresh

    Hey TheWrap.. GLADD & A&E your in a “no-win” battle. Too bad you don't go after politically progressives, or other religious belief systems that don't agree with your thinking… How about going after Islam who also believes the same about the gay, lesbian, homosexual activities??? I'm just sayin… This Phil Robertson didn't do anything wrong.. break any laws.. or demean any single individual… yet you want to flog him… maybe you can actually save face and apologize to Phil for misrepresenting what he actually said. OH that may just be asking you to take the “moral” high ground and you couldn't do that because … because… hmmmm… you want to put your morality on others and yet not be held to any real moral standards… my best guess from what I've see out of you.


    If we gave them the rights they wanted,then why can,t they give us the same rights to say how we feel. that what their right are all a about how they feel RIGHT

  • Dee Dee B

    how is RACISM mocking the plight of Black people – during the GOV supported mass LYNCHINGS at will regarded as a ” Christian value?” This swamprat made the DISGUSTING remark that ” Black people were just singing and HAPPY” during the WORSE PERIOD in History of this country…. Its like claiming JEWS were happy during the THIRD REICH.. let swamprat run his beak all he wants.. I have organized a MASS BOYCOTT of ANY SPONSOR of that POS SHOW

    • Bougalee

      Ohhh a boycott you're sponsoring, bet that's got them worried. You go girl! You are too funny.

  • Lodg E. Cole

    Forget all the hoopla and go to bare basics. You have a protruding thing on males,be it an insect,animal or human. On a female you have an inlet,be it an insect,animal or human. The other outlets, or as some of you try to claim as an inlet, is for exiting crap. For the life of me, I can't figure how this can be misconstrued by anyone. Homosexuals, I'm not judging you, but it seems logical doesn't it. YES it does and you know it.

  • KR

    This is what the vice president of communications Rich Ferraro for GLAAD said. “I feel it’s more about the America we live in today. That is one where Americans, gay and straight, are able to speak out when people in the public eye make anti-gay and racist remarks.” Looks to me only Gay's & Minorities have the right for protest, or to speak out, the rest of us can't voice our opinion.

  • hillbilly jack

    before long we will no longer be able to say we are christrians without being persicuted and hung on a cross for the crows to eat. Phil is a great man, with great christian morals. Give them hell Phil. That is where they are going anyway. they are the works of Satan, in my opinion, standing at the gates of hell.

  • JF

    I say DD needs to fire A&E. How does a little station like A&E “fire” the leader of an empire?

    • Lee Tanner

      Good luck with that. A&E has an iron-clad contract with them, and at the very least will prevent them from using the “Duck Dynasty” title ANYWHERE.

  • marv

    What Phil said – AGREE. What A&E is doing-DISAGREE! Free Speech- AGREE!
    What libs and whomever are saying-DISAGREE! I'm just a sorry ass white male who somehow has become the low man on the totem pole. (Oh, sorry my Indian friends, don't mean to offend)

  • stone

    I am a christian and NO ONE tells me what i can say or not to say THIS is AMERICA we have freedom of speech so for the dictators and MEDIA i say this merry christmas god bless and WE WANT PHIL BACK ON DUCK DYNASTY AND BACK ON T.V and as for A&E and their financial backers you need to get a reality check of who you are i bet when you go home at nite things change so as i see it A&E and their financial backers are bigots and you can also leave the UNITED STATES TO THE REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  • Harley James

    It a sad state of affairs in this country when a person gets fired and attacked by those opposing what was said simply because they don't agree with it. Phil didn't speak those words-God did so the people who are upset about “feeling” condemned need to repent. Simple as that. Also why is it that the gay people can do and say whatever they want and people like Phil and I cant speak our minds??? Do we (Christians) have no rights in this country that has the motto “In God we trust we trust” on all of our currency? American people need to wake up and seek God before it is to late for them.
    Harley James.

  • MIke

    As a us Marine don,t ask don,t tell is Bullshit they should not be in the Marines. It about time somone tells it the way it should be. Phil is a real man that tells it the way he sees it.No pledge of allegiance in school,No GOD WE TRUST, No Merry Christmas, whats next no Santa.Whats next PINK DUCKS

    • Bougalee

      A gunny once said that when he joined the Marines being homosexual was prohibited. Later came don't ask, don't tell, Then came just let them in and adjust. The gunny decided he'd better get out before it became mandatory.

    • Tony


      AYE!! Over my dead body. Thank you for your service and protecting all of our rights. Even the fools who “swipe their cards” every day to have it happily removed with a smile on their uninformed ignorant faces…

  • willy

    Other than having no use whatsoever for Sarah Palin, I do support Phil and his right to express himself. He was asked a direct question and answered it. I respect him for being honest and not just playing the game like some would. I enjoy his show and will be very disappointed if he is taken off it. You have a lot of support out here Phil.

  • Sue

    I think God made and loves gay people just as he does straight people, They are born the way God intended. (God makes no mistakes) But I also believe in free speech and I think It is terrible that a man loses his job because he says what he believes. I thought this is a free Country!!! Gays are doing themselves no favor by stripping someone of their
    rights just because they disagree with them!

  • Concerned citizen

    folks, We in the United States have a right to free speech and our beliefs. it seems to me the Marist left and the Socialist Media have a fit every time there is a person who disagrees with them. They are the intolerant group this includes the Gay folks who would love to shut down all free speech in this nation. Phil quoted what the Eternal Word of God says.You don't have to believe it but it does not change the Laws of the universe put in place by the Almighty. he created very living thing on this planet and the universe itself. Phil said he is not the judge God is.He was only warning folks of the One who will judge all mankind. You folks better wake up and see who is controlling the Politically correct crowd it is Satan himself. These folks are out to take away every right our founders fought for. They are wasting time and your tax dollars every time they rant on the Air.Think about it folks they are trying to cram there Marxist agenda down very single person in the USA.Politically Correct is a buzz word to take away every right you have this includes the Gay folks.

    • Lee Tanner

      Who are these Marists, and are they in cahoots with “the Gay folks?”

      • Tony


        Agreed. TEXTING is the death of grammar and spelling. We're doomed…

        P.S. Concerned,

        She's referring to “Marists”

        • Bougalee

          She must only have three teeth.

  • SweetMomma

    I think it is high time Christians speak what the Bible says and what we believe. Everyone else gets to speak their mind and it is fine. When Christians speak out we are made out to be haters of gay people. Just as Jesus did, hate the sin and love the person. I am so very tired of Christians being persecuted in the very country that was founded by Christians. I am Christian and proud! I love the people and hate the sin.

  • Jodieann

    Hey Hollywood…guess what? I do NOT care what you think. I support Phil Robertson and his comments. If you want to believe what you believe, then I can believe what I believe. So backatcha.

    • Lee Tanner

      Better go out and buy all the DD merchandise you can; that way, you'll support Phil even more. You'll also make A&E plenty of money, LOL.

    • Dee Dee B

      aren't you late fer yer weekly cross burnin Jodi ann joe bob? toddle off now

      • Tony

        Dee Dee B,

        Seriously? Aren't you late for your Chairman “MaO-Bama” classes? Nice hat…Idiot. Anyone else smell Fish??

      • Bougalee

        Really clever D, is that all you have?

      • jrdobbsjr

        I doubt she's a Democrat.

  • johnniegts

    listen everyone of you are taking this out of context the man has the american right to beleave what he wants and has the right to freedom of speech if you are gay then thats your right if you are a religious person that is your right we feel how we feel about everything and that is our right. its as simple as that as americans we love you all no matter what color race or religion THATS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan P

    The man spoke his mind, This is a America, if you can't say whats on your mind here,Then what do we as Americans stand for. Grow up people if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen,The gay public want equal benefits
    , well you have to take opinion from people who don't believe you deserve them.

  • Allen

    This not a free speech issue. Phil said what he wanted and A&E said what they wanted. The government wasn't involved with this. The first amendment applies to government trying to stop people from speaking their minds not to private entities. Phil is under contract with A&E. In that contract im sure there had to have been provision to do this kind of thing. If he didn't like it he shouldn't have signed on the line. Also stop making it out like this man and his family is doing this reality show for Jesus. This is all about money.

  • tinman105

    Phil is a real brother in christ not like that coward joel osteen. I think he's showing love by informing the gays that their lifestyle is a sin and cannot enter the kingdom.Not just the gays need repentance the world in general, look at the TV stations they say “Happy Holidays” anything associated with CHRIST is disrespectful,but remember brothers and sisters in CHRIST no coward shall enter etheir Rev21:8.We are bond servants of CHRIST JESUS we are called to do Gods will, most Christians on Tv cant say what phil said their scared to lose ratings thats why I encourage all followers in CHRIST to stand firm in the faith. support Phil


    As a women and a lesbian I believe in the first amendment and believe A&E was totally wrong in suspending Mr Robertson, he was just speaking what he has been taught to think based on the Christian teachings. He has a right to voice his opinion and not be shunned for it. Everyone in this country should not be afraid to voice their opinion no matter how ignorant or upsetting it may be to others. If you do not like what he is saying do not listen to him. He is free to speak his mind just like all of us. In my opinion Mr Robertson and his family are nothing more then back wood rednecks who live among the inbreds of Louisiana. See I am free to voice my opinion as I am a free AMERICAN

    • Tony

      That's ‘cuz you're gay. You're probably nothing more than a misguided “city gal” who didn't get any love from her daddy. Or didn't have one to begin with. We're all sinners. Jesus befriended gays, prostitutes, etc. Bashing Doesn't do any good. It's OK to bash “Rednecks” as you say? People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  • jlj1975

    I believe that Phil has been set up and miss quoted. first of all they knew when they asked him the question about homosexuality that he was going to answer his bible faith based heart. second he is so miss understood just as Jesus is today Jesus hated sin he gave his life to pay the price for the wages of sin but he loved the sinner and if you look at what Phil said basically that's what he said but Jesus will allow us to choose our own destiny but sin will separate us from God so you all can water down Gods word and take out of context all the scripture you want and live any you want and bust hell wide open but you made that choice so you will have to live with it on judgement day there will be no excuse that will stand before God.

    • Allen

      yep Jesus is misunderstood. The Bible says that being gay is a sin meaning that gay people are sick perverts who should be burned and tortured for being gay and having gay thoughts unless they apologize to an unchanged god who also happens to be Jesus who said that gay people should be killed in the past but now just wants to throw them in hell. Christians believe that God/Jesus is the moral authority and think that everything it does is moral. So if God comes back tomorrow and says kill the gays to keep society pure like in the OT Christians would do it in a heartbeat. So yea Christians are misunderstood they hate themselves and others and believe that everyone should suffer for something that apparently happen a long time ago that no one living had a hand in; They also believe that a human sacrifice actually solves a problem and they also believe that this Jesus character actually lost something? What did Jesus lose actually ? You know Christians are more stupid than misunderstood

    • Lee Tanner

      Who is this miss who was quoted?

      • Bougalee

        your momma.

  • Bonnie McGuire

    Darn it I wish he had kept his hillbilly hairy mouth shut. Now my dog is cowering under the couch in fear of me ! His owner His companion! He thinks I am into breastiality now and fears me ! I warned Clyde (my 14 Year old Golden Retriver ) over and over to stop watching Duck Dynasty but he wanted to see Phil. Now Phil has him convinced I am into beastiality! Heck Clyde is NOT my type!~he is TOO SHORT !~
    Come here Clyde I willl not rape you I promise. Come on out Clyde I love you but not that way.

    • vaderslith

      Well you know dogs go around licking and smelling each others b-hole not much different that gay men.. just saying

  • vaderslith

    what your seeing is the silent majority getting sick and tired of being told what we can or can't say or do.. we're sick of politically correct and we're not taking it any more..

    we are done letting a small percentage of the population dictate to us… you only have your own militant selves to blame enough is enough.. Phil we have your back..

  • G. Partin

    Its called freedom of speech and much agree what was said. That would be like the right to bar arms, see what Ted would have to say about that! I myself will be locking A&E from my television until the commander and chief is reinstated. This my right, or is it? You damn right it is.

    • Lee Tanner

      Better get to the dentist and have him look at all two of your teeth.

      • Bougalee

        Yeah your three look so much better.

  • jiminsavage

    GLADD and their supporters are the new Nazis. If you do not support their beliefs and view of the world, you are evil and have no place in this country. Guess what. Lots of folks agree with Robertson, and I am not a bible thumper. This country used to be tolerant but the leftist now tell everyone what to think, when to think it and condemn all who do not support their views. Simply amazing. The world truly is upside down.

    • jrdobbsjr

      What do you mean by new? Most of the “Old Fighters” around Hitler were queer as a three dollar bill….and look at their uniforms.

  • Alfred Gardea

    There is nowhere in the BIBLE where it says author GOD!!!!

  • cheeriogirl

    It's a shame so many Christians are busy focusing on their hatred of “others” (whom THEY deem unacceptable) during this holiday season, rather than celebrating the joy and wonder of Christ's birth.

    Thank heavens Christ is nothing like so many of these “followers”, who refuse to follow Christ's commandment to “Love one another as I have loved you.”
    John 13:34

    • Texasfire

      It's not that we Don't love you like a brother or sister. It's the fact that you Are trying to push on us a lifestyle that goes against What the Bible teaches. And that you want us to accept that openly and be supportive. That's like a thief or murderer wantIng acceptance from the community for being a murderer. And to have the rightto murder as he wishes, freely and without prosecution or pursecution

  • Mrs T

    The gay community makes me sick only because straight people HAVE to listen to them whine about everything. They want equal rights boohoo!! Nobody would give 2 sh!ts about them being gay if they did not have to tell everyone when u meet them. Or whine when something doesn't go their way in life. News Flash: Not everything in life will go ur way whether you're gay or straight. Grow up. Or guess what gay community you're not going to like everything someone says. It's called freedom of speech. I'm a grown STRAIGHT woman and I don't cry to mommy every time someone pisses in my Cheerios. I get up and keep it moving. I agree 100% with the Duck Dynasty man. I'm sick of having homosexuality crammed down my throat every time u watch tv or listen to the radio. Gays know they are doing wrong that's why they are so sensitive about everything. Lil crybabies if u ask me.

    • cheeriogirl

      I wonder if you'd feel the same if you could be fired for being a heterosexual? Or lose your rights to name a guardian for your children of your choosing based upon your sexual orientation.

      Civil rights are “rights” and as such, Constitutionally belong to every American citizen.

      • Mrs T

        Sweety don't talk shit because I have been fired by an African American woman who did not like the fact that I'm married to an AA man. I had to file an eeo and got my job back and she was demoted because of this. But guess what I don't hate AA women because of this. This was 1 woman's feelings and because it was my job I fought back quietly. I didn't call a press conference. Everyone has their beliefs and I don't cram who I am down nobody's throat. Believe it or not I feel we are all equal. I just hate that if I don't agree with the gay community I'm basically called out.

  • Hd Obsiye

    I am a Muslim and this has nothing to do with religion. It is a simple biology; specific organs are for a specific reasons. For example. eyes are for sight and ears for hearing; vagina for sperm delivery and anus for defecation. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand.

    • Bougalee

      Hard to argue with that.

  • Texasfire

    The bottom line here to me is that A&E censored him for using his first amendment right to free speech. Which was not defamatory to any group, nor is it inciting hate towards any group. He was simply stating What his beliefs Are when asked about it. I am So sick of the gay community trying to force their lifestyle on those of us that believe God's word that it is a sin. Just as stealing,murder,adultery, envy, idol worship,and keeping the Sabbath Are all sins. God Does not prioritize sin! That is something man has developed. God hates all sin and all sins can be forgiven through Jesus.

  • Hd Obsiye

    I forgot add this; Imagine driving in LA rush hour with eyes closed expecting to go through the traffic with your ears. I would be like affluenza, wouldn't it?

  • John O'Keefe

    I Think Tim Malloy is more upset conservatives used a liberal tactic rather than the oppression of the first amendment

  • jerry

    This has nothing to do with homosexuality, it has to do with the right to say what you want to say. Why can people say what they want about Christians but not Muslim's or Jews? This goes for race, gender, age, etc., etc. The left, as well as the right, have gone so far over the edge none of us will have any freedom's 20 years from now. I am of the baby boom generation and I hate to say it but my generation has turned this country into a bunch of spoiled whiners. We even side with Ed Snowden because the government is tracking phone numbers. Hell, Google, Amazon, Sears, Home Depot, the phone and cable companies are tracking everything you look at, buy, post, etc. They even track where you are and at what time of day. But I guess that is OK. Wait until the next terrorist attack when the whiners will at it again

  • 2kd

    Miley Cyrus may have had a “Christian” upbringing, but she has clearly turned away from that! Lot's of people have been raised in church and didn't continue, just as those who never heard a word about God decide to read it themselves.

  • cw

    go girl has it right

  • cw

    Next thing ya know…calling the democrats morons will get ya locked up!

    • jrdobbsjr

      More like beaten to death in a cellar or shot and dumped in a mass grave.

  • meangene

    I am not the kind of Christian as Phil. I don't support his beliefs. Phil is a redneck and the people who watch the show are the same. Phil will never be politically correct. He has a right to his opinions. Phil may be insensitive but he is not a racist or a hater

    • cw

      He's a Christian man. They asked him a question and he answered. If you don't want to hear someone else's opinion, don't ask any questions of a man over 60 years of age, because they are going to give it if you ask.

  • mike

    Most all of us were born with the ability to make a baby! that is your one clue what your maker intended for us to do on earth.. you don't need the bible or Phil Robertson to figure these clues out… just a little common sense…

  • Ed S.

    It is a violation of his EEOC employment rights to be treated the way he was because of his religious beliefs. That is specifically a violation of EEOC laws by A&E….

  • mike

    the only reason most states and the government approve of gay rights now it for votes and they realized wow its really great population control.. same as cigarettes and alcohol that kill 500,000 people each year in the us..

  • Letsbehappyagain

    They had some gay guy on HLN news today saying that the MAJORITY of the American people want Phil Robertson and his entire family OFF of television because we are ALL FOR the GAYS and HATED Phil Robertson for what he said about them!
    He also said that the MAJORITY of Americans were backing the gays in this!
    It IS time for Christians AND AMERICANS who believe the FREEDOM OF SPEECH
    to stand up and fight for OUR RIGHTS and not just sit back and let the MINORITY take them away from us!!

  • God is Awesome

    I am a CHRISTIAN and I stand in Faith with what Phil Robertson believes & expresses, this country was founded on the belief that WE COULD BE FREE TO WORSHIP AS WE DEEM SUITABLE, without fear of persecution or retaliation.

    If the Gay & Lesbian community is offended that is THEIR PROBLEM, Phil has nothing to a;apologize about… God bless Phil Robertson!!

  • Lee Johns

    a and e is banned from my tv this is bullshit

  • Natalie Fox

    You rock Phil! We love you and your sweet family and will always support you. Keep on telling the truth. Society will hate you for it but then again society hated Jesus for telling the truth too. Keep being like Jesus :)

  • Tony


    I think you're right on the money. Life in a free society doesn't guarantee you the freedom from being offended, on the contrary, it guarantees your freedom to be offended and speak publicly against that offense. The 1st ammendment only protects against the government from interfering with that right. Not against others speaking in contrast to said opinion.

  • GOP_Hypocrites

    Hypocrites are also the Palin's of the world who talk about free speech but when Martin Bashir expresses his given right, the same people cry foul and got him fired. GOP HYPOCRITES!!!!

    • Bougalee

      Nobody fired Bashir, he resigned. Actually he did the right thing, surprised the heck out of me.

  • OhioforPhil

    This maybe what this country needs, Phil Robertson for President in 2016


    problem with this country,god has been taking out of it,duck dynasty is a family show,its basically the only show worth watching,this family does everything together,they dont drink,cuss,or abuse each other,its pure clean comedy,and at the end of the show this family prays together,what phil said was freedom of speech,which he has a right to,and most of what he said comes from the bible,i support phil 100%,and will sign all petitions to get him back on the show,these yuppies at AE AND GQ,need to get a life and read the bible for once in their life,and help us bring GOD back in this world,jus sayin

  • disgusted

    Yes, Tim Molloy, we get it…arent we lucky enough to have an intellectual like you to explain all of that complicated garbage….you suck and the wrap is a piece of putrid trash….stick to your usual petty scandals and dealing in dirt…..leave the news to the real journalists….the few that are left….

  • Earl

    Mr. Robertson (God Bless him), did not espouse his personal beliefs and opinions on his show “Duck Dynasty” and therefore he should not have been “silenced” by the religious bigots at A&E who fear offending “a few gays” more than fearing and offending The Living God (Who made us all male and female for a reason and warned against any other type of sexual relationship). Political Correctness, A.K.A. “Tolerance” of speech, views, beliefs or lifestyles goes BOTH ways otherwise it's called Hypocrisy. Something liberals and the media have yet to learn. Remember: “Truth is Hate, to Those Who Hate The Truth”

  • Chang Ling

    What happened to “Free Speech”? I'm sick of living in a country where people are constantly having to apologize to some group for speaking their mind and offending them. And while I'm at it I would like to state for the record that queers are sexual deviates. I love lesbians because I get them. I mean who couldn't love a woman. But imo queer men are sexual deviates. That's my opinion and I stand by it. And I'm sick of queers shoving their life styles down my throat. If they want to be queer fine I don't care, but quit trying to make me accept it. I don't want to see it or hear about it.

  • jomama

    Just as Phil Robertson can say and do as he wishes, A&E can also do and say as they wish. Case closed….

  • Matthew V.Tsien

    Liberals only bully people who won't decapitate them. Hence, their tolerance and inclusion of Islamic terrorists who murder Gays.

  • Jack Dogg

    The perverted gays have now pushed my family too far. Time to push back and push extremely hard against them.

  • Ely

    God bless anyone who believes in Christ, its the believes of Christians around the world we live in today that we are being criticized and being prosecuted like the middle east Christians being murdered for saying “jesus” but stars in Hollywood make fun and laugh at jesus but yet people adore them and don't dare get them mad. Its the money and power of some that we are even talking about this. If it were mohammed or Ibrahim teaching there would be no discontinuing of shows or people being fired, we cant say 1. Merry Christmas 2. gods name on bills. 3.courts taking name of god away from public. 4. schools not daring to stand and teach respect by teaching gods ways of life. 5. People in this great nation should stand up in unity and fight. Merry Christmas and Jesus Christ I love you and for give those who don't know what they do.

  • Freedom of speech

    GLAAD better known as the gay mafia wants to silence any person in this country who disagrees with them….it's time people stand up in this country and fight. Our freedom of speech and religious liberties are being taken away by this liberal left wing gay organization. E mail A&E, Disney and GLAAD and show them how angry the America people are right now. The gays have picked a battle and they will not win, Americans will fight to save our freedom of speech and religion.

  • david

    where do I sign the petition to support Mr Robertson?

  • david

    I am not idoit david.

  • Bonnie

    Finally!! Someone is speaking up!! It's about time someone wasn't afraid to speak out about what is wrong with this world, and what the BIBLE says about it. This GOD fearing man stands up and tells the truth and everyone gets upset. We should be more afraid of what GOD thinks then what the public says or thinks. This is truely a man of GOD and isn't afraid to tell it like it is, just the way the BIBLE says. I wish more people were like him, maybe the world would NOT be so messed up!!!! Good for you Phil!! I would vote for you!!!! KEEP PHIL ON THE SHOW-WE NEED MORE GODLY PEOPLE ON TV!!!

  • STAN


  • casepacker

    I'd like to add to this conversation, but there seem to have been a lot of good Christian commentators here already. Good job folks. Maybe I can add something I haven't seen much on here…How about the First Ammendment? Doesn't the First Amendment to the Constitution say that we have a right to practice our religion?

  • Wyatt Crawford

    gay bashing seriously!!! GLAAD needs to get they're facts straight. They made a statement on AP radio that being gay is a birth trait. NOBODY is born gay it is a lifestyle, and lifestyles are choices NOT birth rights. They think that they have the right to dictate what people can see or hear on the TV as offensive. If thats the case, then I think QUEER EYE needs to be removed from the TV line up because it offends me. GLAAD needs to stop forcing they're lifestyle on other people. It is written one men for every woman and one woman for every man. That is my lifestyle choice not there's.

  • Deb

    I sincerely hope Phil stands up for his beliefs and does not back down from one single thing he said. It's about time somebody points out (using freedom of speech) what the bible clearly says and God has never wavered from what was warned.

    • Wyatt Crawford

      I agree, the swift hand of judgement is coming soon for them.

  • rhage

    I believe the man is allowed to state his opinion on anything he wants. Not because of a piece of paper saying he can, ” constitution ” but because I personally think that As a human being you are given a voice a d it is your god given right to use it as you see fit. It doesn't matter if people disagree with you, or take offense to what you say, that is their god givin right to do so as well.

  • Anthony

    He is allowed to state what he believes, he just thinks it is wrong, that is his belief.

  • Ganiiga

    He did nothing wrong but speak from the bible that he reads. Our country was founded on freedom of religious beliefs. I side with Duck Dynasty! I may be no one, but I am American – I have right too!

  • Thinker

    Phil said what he said and although I do not totally agree with his views I have a great amount of respect for someone who is not afraid to speak his mind without any regard for the ramifications. I cannot imagine that he didn't know that speaking out like that on a liberal rag like GQ was not going to start a fire storm. Phil is not some dumb uneducated redneck: he knows that his Religious beliefs do not fly with the liberal world view so speaking out like that shows that he truly believes what he says and is not going to play the politically correct game because it might offend some people. If you do not agree with him that is fine but he has the right to speak his mind and if you are offended you have the right to not watch the show or buy any of their products. I like the shows message of family first and even though I consider myself to be an atheist I do think that there are certain values that are beneficial even if they are based on a god I do not believe in.

  • http://thaiprepaidcard.com/ Bryan

    The show is staged and scripted. Don't believe the hype.

  • Cowboy

    A decent man gives his personal view and because others do not feel the same way he is to be hung? Gays can spout all they wish about straight people and that is their RIGHT? but this mans gives his honest view and everyone wants to condemn the guy. This is sick ! when a man cannot state his personal beliefs, he did not degrade gays he just does not follow their views.

  • William Guzman

    It's not conservative
    It's the truth

  • hbk72777

    It's about time America realized Obama, GLAAD, NAACP and others are a cancer.

    They promote hate and want to keep us separated, it's good for business.

    A&E weren't expecting this, but I'm so happy people are standing up for our freedom of speech.

  • chuckyj

    What racist remarks did he make? I know that he made Anti-gay remarks (which, free speech should cover), but some article said Racist remarks too? Is that true I bet it's not and the Anti-gay are also racist remarks as well?

    • Les

      He had remarked before that black people were perfectly happy, their lives fulfilled in the Jim Crow days before the Civil Rights movement.

      • eponymous1

        Specifically, he said in his experience, the blacks he worked with in the fields seemed happy to him.

        You are not allowed to have had experiences of blacks who where happy before 1964. The official line is all blacks were completely miserable before that date.

        Also, black Americans are all happy and joyful now.

        • Les

          I lived in Louisiana in the early 1960s. The KKK were very visible, Buses in Baton Rouge were segregated. Only a few years before were blacks able to ride on street cars in New Orleans. They had only just started desegretating public schools in New Orleans in 1960, but not elsewhere. By 1965 only five LA parishes had even submitted plans for desegretation. Full integration of public schools didn't happen until the mid-1970s, and then only due to Civil Rights laws. Universities and professional schools were not fully open to black students until 1998.

          Blacks who wanted to vote in Louisiana during the 1960s were subjected to an impossible literacy test. White people could vote with no conditions whatsoever.

  • LLeone

    This mealy-mouthed Lefty author, Tim Molloy, expresses more open contempt for conservatives than Phil ever did of homosexuals…Why does he get to keep his job?

  • Bafromet

    Well sooner or later this furor
    was bound to happen. Any time a Christian stands up for the Light and
    the Truth the dark side comes to steal, kill and destroy. This show
    isn't about duck calls, beards and hunting. It is about modeling.
    Modeling a Christian family living by Gods word. And they have gotten
    the message out. A&E knew this ultimately was a powder keg waiting
    to blow for them but they supported DD and didn't tamper too much with
    the Robertson's. A&E gave them some leeway not because they share
    the same values but because they crave the ratings and in the end the
    advertising dollars they generate The execs at A&E have a plan B,
    if they don't they aren't very competent.

    As Christians we have to take a stand. America, as we Christians
    know, is becoming a Sodom and Gomorrah. For there to even be a group
    (insert GLAAD) to have the podium to create chaos from a man proclaiming
    God's word is so sick and repulsive it is unfathomable.

    I have tired head over political correctness. Wrong is wrong and A&E's decision is the epitome of the demise of America.

    Stand resolute Phil, we stand in the gap for you and your family.

  • Jhon 3:16

    I think Phil Robertson should sue ANE network for violation his freedom of SPEECH and violation freedom of his religon RIGHTS Chistian (Bible) base, KJV. I don't see any where in the constitution that glaad or gay lifestyle persons have more rights than Christians!!!!!!

  • K. Michael Caruthers

    The very things they are slamming Phil over is the exact language of the
    Bible in Romans 1:26-32. The media wants to paint these things as
    “anti-gay” and “racist”. It is time for all this foolishness to stop.
    We as Christians have the right to believe what the Word of God says,
    and if asked about our beliefs, to respond in kind. At no point did
    Phil hate on them, nor has any other Christian, when quoting this
    Scripture. The LBGT has done everything it can to trample the Word of
    God and His Precepts. They are flooding our churches attempting to
    force the Christian community to accept their perversion of the marriage
    sacrament, they attempt to force the Christian community to accept LBGT
    pastors, and in the meantime, should any of us say anything contrary to
    their agenda – they scream “hate” and “racist”. This is enough. It is
    a SIN to be homosexual, and it always will be! If you don't like it,
    take it to God, it is His laws and commandments and petition Him to
    change them. BTW, good luck with that. I'll stand with Phil any day,
    anywhere, any time.

  • Les

    “God's word”, huh? As one commentator pointed out, tattoos are forbidden in Leviticus, yet all the Duck Dynasty men have them, and so do Sarah and Bristol Palin. They eat pork and other unclean animals. They do not atone for breaking “God's law” by sacrificing a female goat or lamb for every transgression. Planting different crops in the same field is a sin. So is drinking “wine or any strong drink”. So is eating any kind of shellfish (crab, shrimp, oysters, etc). So is swearing. So is wearing linen or cotton mixed with wool. So are pride and envy (James 1:12:18).

    According to Leviticus, anyone who is not in perfect health cannot go to church – that includes people with disfigurations, cuts or scabs, diseases, skin rashes, people who need eye glasses or have hearing problems and people with injuries of any kind. “He…shall not come near the veil or approach the altar because he has a blemish, that he may not profane my sanctuaries”.

    The Christian religion would never have taken off in a big way if we mere mortals were held to these often impossibly high standards. Where would this leave an unmarried mother who works three jobs to provide for her children or a homosexual who volunteers for a cancer charity, or a tattoo-wearer working in a soup kitchen? Whether real or invented, early Christians framed Jesus's teachings, words and actions differently than the strict laws allegedly dictated to Moses on the mountain. He did not shun cripples and lepers – He embraced them. He did not stone the “fallen woman” – He protected her. He did not condemn sinners – He loved them.

    I don't hate Phil Donaldson (don't even know him, neither do any of you, but as a Christian I am commanded to hate no one). Still, you guys are cherry-picking from the Bible in his defense – that's hypocricy – a sin in itself, according to the Gospels:

    1 Peter 2:1: “Rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind.” Matthew 23:23-24: “Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you tithe mint, and anise, and cummin, and have left the weightier things of the law; judgment, and mercy, and faith.”.

    I am not in a position to judge anyone. Neither are you It's a MAJOR tenet of our Christian religion.

  • William Reith

    I will probably be hated but while I don't agree with all the Phil Robertson does. I believe he has a right to express his beliefs just as a gay person does. You can't pick and choose who has a right to voice their opinions and who doesn't just because of your own beliefs. Everything I've seen on TV's “Duck Dynasty” shows the Robertson family to be peaceful people who give thanks.

  • eponymous1

    Phil Robertson 1) expressed a personal preference for women, and 2) recited a litany of behaviors that would count to him as “sinful” behavior (Yes, Tim Malloy, his general list not only included “drunks” and “terrorists” but also heterosexual promiscuity. Your bias is showing)

    So preferring women and/or expounding basic Christian morality is now deemed “vile” and homophobic by the media and their political minders.

    So must men now publicly avow a preference for other men, and denounce biblical moral teachings to not run afoul of the kultur stazi?

  • micnic7

    There was NO bashing….simply a statement of belief. Why is that not considered free speech? So GLAAD can publicly make comments regarding their beliefs but everyone else is “anti.” People need to get a grip and quit thinking they are the only ones that are right and everyone else is wrong. Phil Robertson — you have my full support. I will not watch A & E anymore.

  • B

    Kick GOD out of our lives and see what destruction will follow!!!!!!

  • Bob

    “See what he did there? He positioned Cyrus as a symbol of social
    liberals — who might be surprised by that news, given her conservative
    Christian upbringing — while branding Robertson a victim of overzealous

    Yes – and I also see what YOU did there. It doesn't matter how she was brought up when she is smearing her vagina all over every TV camera she can. Accept it. She is one of yours. And Jindal makes a point, despite your attempt to deflect it.

  • tlmasejr

    Rate off the bat the writer of this story written by Tim Molly says “social conservatives eager to paint themselves as victims”. Out the door to bash Christians. Please, what of the homosexual community always throwing they're disgusting life style in our face and our children's face? The Homosexual community is VERY MILITANT wanting us to accept them by force, the homosexuals act as Muslims do, accept them or face the consequences.

  • Ulansan

    Spent 53 years as a US Marine. Three tours in Vietnam just so Phil could exercise his first amendment rights. You people are some wimphy-assed idiots to allow any group to shut down free speech. He did not go off on some unabashed rant, he merely answered a question with truth and honesty.
    In the Corps we would call you bosses of A&E “pant loads”, an apt an appropriate definition of your position in life.
    Grow a set and stand up for Phil's rights. He did nothing wrong. Though he does not speak for me, he echoes my sentiments.

    Semper Fi!


    • Les

      There is nothing in the First Amendment which requires an employer to keep on an employee who breaks the terms and conditions of his employment contract. That's what this is. There is no government interference here.

      If you had broken the terms of your employment contract – you would be disciplined. Same goes for me.

  • CARL

    No one wants to harm gay people but we get tired of being forced to accept it. They do disgusting things. I was molested twice as a young man by wonderful gay family friend but never by an older women.

  • wbrown

    Atheist and Christians are the same. Their beliefs are based on Faith. Atheists have faith there is no Hell to go to and Christians have Faith there is. Neither can show any physical evidence to prove their beliefs. This bantor on this thread is a good example of the inrolerance on both sides.

    • Les

      If an atheist said the same or similar, the atheist would be put on probation, too.

  • Steve Fillmore

    Mr. Molly I admire your ability as word smith and spin doctor. Where did you come by such stupendous talents. You managed to take ever single point and twist it to show how the liberal press, the LGBT community, and GLAAD are the victims.
    Work-place expression issue? Sorry didn't realize Mr. Robertson was working for GQ.
    Remarks widely considered offensive? Uh what's widely, you and your liberal friends? If the conservatives are a majority doesn't that mean their not being offended is rather the widely considered?
    War on Christmas not a war? If every effort is made to remove the religious basis of the celebration up to and including protesting the expression of that belief from public view doesn't consist of attacking exactly what does? Consistent persistent attacks make up war, of words, of deeds, of trying to impose a belief system. It's what you have said of the conservative right for years.
    History channel showed an epic program “The Bible” shows they aren't ant-Christian? So showing a war movie shows they aren't antiwar either right?
    It doesn't involve the government so it's not 1st Amendment? Lets see, any agent or agency licensed by the government is subject to the same restrictions as the licensing agency. Ever hear of the FCC, federal government agency that licenses A&E Shall I go on?
    Oh and just to make sure you can comprehend the opening of this post. That is called sarcasm

  • grunt1968

    I fought in VietNam to preserve our rights. What a JOKE. What happened to freedom of speech. Might as well throw out the constitution and move to a war zone where I can express my self and keep my weapon. Good luck Phil

    • Les

      This is nothing to do with the constitution. It's an employment matter.

  • John Lewis

    This real southern educated American is free to his religious belief and including freedom of speech. The lack of morality only serves those that have none. Read Rules of Revolution to understand why this nation is under attack. We still have that song that goes like, God Bless America my home sweet home.

  • Denny

    Remember when barrack Obama was running for President in 2008. He said his belief was marriage was between one man and one woman, I am a Christian, and believe in the bible, he was quoted saying. Did the Bible change since 2008 or was it political?

  • Temperance_Tucker

    The very use of the word
    “homophobic” is an untruth and erroneously accuses its target of
    being insane. It is an exact analog of an anti-gay
    slur. Believing in traditional marriage is not a mental condition.
    The term “homophobe” is nothing more than a cheap smear to discredit
    a person who believes and supports traditional marriage and values for
    themselves. It should be thrown out on
    the trash pile of discredited words and epithets. It is beyond credibility to
    see news readers and analysts (and college professors*) continue to use it
    without any consideration of what the word actually means.

    *These people know what it means and
    still use it.

  • save Jordan

    comes down to GOD vs. satan….period. our enemies our enjoying watching our downfall within….

  • Richard Mekeel

    I'm damned tired of the “Christophobes”. How do ya like that, those of you who are faygala's.

  • Pissed Off

    The only reason why people care what he said is because he is on tv and making money…there are so many people probably including someone who works for A&E who agrees with everything he said..there are so many people who believe that men should only be with women & women should only be with men but you dont go blasting them all over the news or tv..so let the man say what he wants believe what he wants just because people are making a big stink out of this wont change his mind at least he wasnt scared to voice his opinion like half these stars out there..I dont agree with what he said but i will stand by him & support him

  • tweety bird

    Where are the petitions? I would sign in a heartbeat. I am all for equality, but I am also for free speech. I support LGBTQ rights, but I'm tired of seeing people forced to be quiet about their own personal feelings. You can't expect others to respect your rights if you refuse to respect theirs.

  • Snellville bob

    Its time to visit the trauma of the people who's last name is Gay or Gaye. This fine name was seized by the homosexual community 40 years ago without their permission. I doubt if Enola Gay would have approved. Or George Gay, the shot down aviator in WWII who watched 4 burning Japanese flattops burn at the Battle of Midway. I have personally seen two different people have insults thrown at them from the homosexual community for protesting the use of their last name. One Homosexual was so brazen that he stuck a middle finger an inch from one's nose. I think large reparations are due.

  • crusader1234

    Phil Robertson was punished by his employers for stating his religious beliefs, something which many religions, including my own religion (Catholic) share. He can certainly sue A&E for anti-religious discrimination.

  • imagine being human

    Why does every introduction have to start with hello hi I am _ Christian, gay , black , white, etc.? Why do we define ourselves what ever happened to just being human and tolerant? It seems to be that all religions teach kindness and forgiveness and not being judgemental . If you are clamming to want a tolerant world live it

  • Bjongo


  • Richard Mekeel

    I don't think the problem is ‘Homophobes’ but rather, ‘Christophobes.’

  • haroldenewelljr

    Just like the incident with Martin and Zimmerman, the media is running wild and distorting the truth and twisting what Phil said. And it is going to cause public out cry over the too much freedom of the press. But like a lot of other Americans, I believe that people’s religion as well as their rights with the freedom of speech are being violated and trampled more and more everyday. I really do hope that good does come out of all of this.

  • Joseph

    How bizarre that a man expresses his opinion (an opinion I share, albeit in somewhat less crass language), then says that he would never treat anyone with disrepect just because they are different from him, and goes on to urge universal love. Then he's fired for it. And the article above thinks it's the man who urges respect and love toward those whose lifestyle he disagrees with that is intolerant. Incredible.

  • 6thSense

    GLADD is a mean and consistently cruel BULLY. The press and news outlets gladly lap up the shit that GLADD passes out as wisdom , and then amplifies and vomits out GLADDS bigotry against ordinary Americans. This Duck Dynasty issue is the last straw.
    GLADD and the press have joyfully sneered at ordinary American's views. SCREW GLADD, A&E and SCREW THE PRESS. It is TIME TO OVERTHROW AND CRUSH the POLITICALLY CORRECT, BIGGOTED & CRUEL MASTERS who have done so much damage.

  • GWM

    Why don't they just switch to The Outdoor Channel and tell A&E “BYE”

  • ben dover

    fricken queers

  • Ellis

    Phil didn't say anything controversial except by those who are not followers of Christ. The Bible is clear about sin and homosexuality is a sin. Same as many things that I have done or continue to struggle with. We are all sinners. But Christ came to save us and died on the cross to to pay for all of our sins. Faith in Christ is what is required on our part for forgiveness of our sins that seperate us from God. The other side of the coin and an essential part of that faith is repentence, to turn away from our sins. The gay lobby that is so upset does not understand repentence and wants to make their lifestyle choice, which God clearly finds offensive, to not be a sin and therefore not require repentence. It simply doesn't work that way. Phil most certainly loves people but hates sin and for that he is punished by those who desire to remove God from our lives. Jesus has already won and Phil certainly knows that and I suspect he knows he has already won this battle no matter what A&E does.

  • EBE

    This is the Bible passage in full context. Some just choose sin over God.
    God’s Wrath Against Sinful Humanity – Romans 1:18-32

    18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

    21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.

    24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

    26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

    28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

  • Rev. White

    “Gay,” once had a very different definition than it has today, and “Christian,” alike!

    So, let us make sure that those of us who want to be “Christ Like,” make sure we do as He did; separate ourselves from the world, Fast and Pray, and be willing to only do and say what we have heard the Father say. Jhn 12:46-50 NKJV – “I have come [as] a light into the world, that whoever believes in Me should not abide in darkness. “And if anyone hears My words and does not believe, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world. “He who rejects Me, and does not receive My words, has that which judges him–the word that I have spoken will judge him in the last day. “For I have not spoken on My own [authority]; but the Father who sent Me gave Me a command, what I should say and what I should speak. “And I know that His command is everlasting life. Therefore, whatever I speak, just as the Father has told Me, so I speak.” This includes 1 Cor. 6:9-10, 1 Tim. 1:5-11.

  • Dee Dee B

    This unwashed racist swamprat is not more a “MARTYR”..than Bin Laden was.. Backwoods hate mongers like the tea turds ( led by mensa member palin) I'm sure will try to elevate this knucle draggin cretin to sainthood soon. I don't give a rats butt about what he thinks no more than I care about the grand
    dragon kluxing Cyclops thinks..
    In fact I give more credit to the hooded kluxer because at least he ADMITS what he is..
    As far as A& E is concerned.. they have a bizarre fascination with all things “redneck” from dog the bounty hunter to this garbage show..
    The fact that a show about some backwood duck killer has ANY popularity clearly illustrates the dumbing down of this nation

    • Ellis

      A&E thought people would laugh at the Robertsons but it turns out people laugh with them. The show is hugely popular because most Americans identify with their family and Christian values and reject the hypocritical pc view that entertainment venues like A&E try to push as mainstream. The Robertsons have won this kerfuffle because they represent the majority of good people in this country.

  • VAN

    Robertson is my hero and champion of faith. He is being fired here but he has been admitted into heaven for eternal promotion

    • Dee Dee B

      um.. reality check.. there is no place in heaven for kluxing hate mongers.. Now hell? yes you will find him there soon and you will join him for your idolatry of devils and evil.. along with thoses who followed Adolph Hitler..
      You are every bit as ignorant as the Muslims who think they and bin laden will come into glory with their 40 virgins.. wake up idiot

      • Ellis

        I just prayed for you Dee Dee.

        • disqus_GT7T3lvswe

          As did I, hate clearly pervades her soul. She is intolerant of speech, and straw manning logic out of existence.

  • Dee Dee B

    This unwashed hate mongering swamp rat is every bit as “Christian” and ” self righteous” as the klan purports itself to be.. Hate and racism in the name of religion- An all too familiar scenario which plays itself out everyday with religious extremists both here in the usa and abroad in the middle east.. same ignorance.. different continents.

  • monkx

    I am not a Christian. I left Christianity this year for another faith of the lineage of Abraham.

    As I am reading this story and its backlash, I am amazed at several things:
    One: a man is asked to give his opinions on several things which he freely does. Then the media (GQ) hands his comments of the article/interview to the masses. GQ needs to shoulder a lot of the blame for starting and fanning the fire here.

    Two: this Christian man is being punished for expressing his views and his faith?! So a person who believes in God (Jew/Christian/Muslim) and professes it and stands firm on it is okay- AS long as he/she shuts up and doesn't say anything that goes against another group? And before people make snap judgements: I am a minority that is making this comment.

    Three: we are forced to change and mute our religious beliefs because others feel like we are forcing our beliefs on them? From the events that transpired, GLAAD, LGBT and others aligned with them of like mind, forced their beliefs on A&E and ultimately Phil, by stating that he can't say these things… He can't express his beliefs?

    There is no justice here folks. A decent law abiding man who has morals and values and isn't lighting up on stage and speaking with swear words and loves his faith is being OPPRESSED for voicing his personal beliefs when he was ASKED to.

    America is becoming a great country of contradictions, hypocrisy, lies, greed and loss of Godly morals.

    As a man of Abrahamic faith, I am very sad for America. I am a minority born here and raised and educated here. But lately, this country is spiraling out of control into darkness in a scary fashion.

    • Dee Dee B

      um.. nobody called u a Christian.. your kluxing ” hero” thinks he is though..
      Nothing is more defamatory and sacrilegious than a hate monger who justifies his actions and words hiding behind religion ” Bin laden ” did it.. The Tea party does it..The crusades did it.. and this unwashed swamp rat does it.. Do NOT hide behind GOD to spew hatred racism and evil… You are actually doing the bidding of Satan – not God.. read your BIble and educate yourself..
      This isn't about Gays or People of color it about YOU and your HATEMONGERING..

      • disqus_GT7T3lvswe

        You obviously have a personal vendetta against Christians who disagree with your views. Your hatemongering is of a different flavor, my friend, but hatemongering nonetheless. Intolerance, will not be tolerated.

  • shant

    I'm 100% with Mr Phil Robertson's believes, i did not find any thing wrong what he said. As I'm Christian Orthodox we believe in the bible you can find gods good wisdom thoughts the book regardless the religion And race , God Created Adam and Eve Not Adam and Steve God did not say Hate, Kill, rob, steel ,Those religion and Racism and other negative patterns been invented by individuals since beginning of the history mankind for their Political motif self interest. yet what happen to our constitution rights? that we believe,then we can say certain things and we can not say other things because the media has the last say !!!!! Media are controlled by certain corporations which they support those groups which created by them that's why we here in this beautiful country United State Of America land of freedom and opportunities so A&E is trying to score points with those groups? for their success i thought the media is base it on Constitution rights not on profitable Political interest, Go Mr Phil Robertson i Salute you.

  • penny conn

    lets not turn this into another Paula Deen…let Phil speak his own mind…..

  • Fred Martinez

    Why should 98% of the people be intimidated by the 2% comprising the homo mafia? Many people feel as Phil does, democrats and republicans. The homos will see tolerance for their deviate lifestyles erode.

  • tarts052

    so sick of ” offended Americans” Shut the hell up and move to a country that doesn't allow free speech

  • usmcdoc5050

    phil did not say “hey I hate gays” he voiced his bible s teaching… which is still free to speak about

  • Me

    In this land of “Freedom of Speech” how can we allow “Dictatorships” like GLAAD and A & E to function. If a Media Magazine asks a question, and it is truthfully answered,; then there shouldn't be anything wrong with its publication. It is the fault of GQ for publishing the answers given, if they knew it would cause someone to get upset. I see Arsinio Hall is able to make fun of “White People” with his skit “Spelling of White People's Last Names” and the KKK does nothing about that? But if Jay Leno did something like that about “Black People and how they spell their First Names”, it would start a riot. So what if Phil said something about a bunch of gays or lesbians, we have children starving in our own backyard, and War Vets being mistreated by our own government; yet we do nothing about that, because we are worried about hurting someone's feelings, wake the F*&^ UP America, and get of your High Horse.

  • TNutZz

    All this bickering over silly man-made fairy tales. (pun intended)

    The Old Testament also says we should kill our children when they talk back to us. And a woman on her period should be banished, soldiers whose genitals damaged may never enter a church, condones slavery and bans eating shellfish, etc…

    For those religiously inclined, the Old Testament was replaced by Jesus with a new Covenant -who said to love one another. Jesus never said anything about homosexuality – ever.

    He did, though, often speak about inequality. So why aren't Palin and Hannity and all the conservative pseudo-christina loons angry about the staggering wealth inequality and rising homelessness?

  • Hbg,pa

    Personally I've never step out on this form but I've stated why do I have be subject to others ways of life affecting mines. I believe in a man and a woman relationship period. what you do is your business and I still have love you. I be damn if I'll let you or anybody else tell what, where I want to speak freely of anything. Your pushing it and it's going to get ugly if you just don't go on about your on freedoms and stop pushing up on others.

  • Crystal

    Phil is NOT A MARTYR!!!!! HE IS A WARRIOR OF JESUS! <3 I Pray with out Ceasing FOR US ALL!!!!!!


    Kerry 10 minutes ago
    Phil doesn't need to sit down with gay families and learn their lifestyle, they are entitled to their lifestyle BUT so is Phil and his beliefs.


  • Michael Wisz

    Phil Robertson has every right to express his views. Just like every American doe's, it's in the first Amendment. Duck Dynasty must remain on T.V. or we live in Communist Russia, or Socialist Obama America which is becoming more and more communist everyday becuase of the far to the left people and Obama himself, the Anti-Christ.

  • ravenred

    You go Phil, you have every right to speak your mind about the subject, i couldn't agree with you more about the issue. Take your show and go to another network! these liberals don't deserve your show's success….A good God fearing, Christian Conservative has every right of freedom of speech!!

  • john

    political correctness is the smokescreen by which the press uses to silence free speech that they do not like. i have stopped my subscription to our newspaper.

  • Lynn

    Agree with Mr. Robertson. Anal sex leading to AIDS and other undesired outcomes is not an attractive picture. Having to have my family listen to gay this and gay that on almost every TV program when the apparent gay population is about 3% of the total is ridiculous. A “sales” job by the few “anything goes” population in an attempt to promote and attempt to sell that it is OK for all to taste the joy of non-reproductive anal sex is sickening. By the way, it doesn't take a Christian to see the destruction of moral boundaries in America. About the only thing remaining for GLAAD to promote is beastialty.

  • Will Pablo

    There was a time when people in America could say what the **** they wanted. Now you can't say anything about Blacks, Jews,, or Gays. But somehow you can talk about Whites, Asians and everyone else. OH BY THE WAY I'M BLACK SO THIS ISNT A RACIST COMMENT.

  • Steven Hahn

    I do not necessarily agree with his comments, but I will defend his right as an American to have these opinions and be able to freely express them. This amounts to nothing less than outright censorship. It seems that freedom of speech applies only so long as ones speech is deemed politically correct. For once, I side with conservatives on this issue.

  • Jesus

    Phil has his views, the gays and homosexuals have they'res. So what, let it be, Phil has done nothing more that state his opinion, anymore than the gays state they'res

  • Richard

    All Christian take a stand and lets put an end to this bashing of Christians.

  • Politically Incorrect

    I Am Gay But I Was Raised Christian And Although My Way Of Thinking Presents Me As Contradicting…I Honestly Don't Care. I Know My Lifestyle Is An Abomination By Biblical Standings And I Do Support And Stand By What Phil Robertson Says I Wish The Gay Community Would Quit Being SoHypocritical. We Want EveryOne To Conform And Accept Us But We Can't Accept OtherS, Its Stupid. Gay Or Not I Believe In Gods Word And ISupport The Notion That If It Were Any Other Religion This Wouldn't Be So Bad Because That IS True. I Was Christian Before I Made This Decision I Am Christian Now Just Dealing With A Spirit. A&e Should Be Ashamed, GLAAD too.

  • geezer

    I do not think that the source of Robertson's beliefs concerning gays is relevant. Those are views that have been held by most of mankind throughout history and are held by a majority of Americans today, to judge by internet comments. That some 2% of the population can somehow impose an opposite set of views is beyond belief.To hell with the PC nazis.

  • JMB

    I don't think you people get it. This debate has no answer. It's all about drawing a line in the sand. Constituents of the same organization won't always agree. Basically, I think we are looking for a harmonious way to live … complicated by individual rights to their beliefs. I'm sorry, but we as an intelligent people, will need to understand the concept of compromise. “My way or the highway” is for dictators and isolationists. I am not religious, but I don't argue it because I realize that it's existence is probably what has saved humanity from the barbarians. As a human race, we are not evolved enough to live in peace without religion.

  • Destitute Dick

    I am offended that Phil threw us drunks into the same category as perverts. Oh! That's right! HE DIDN'T! God did! I will accept that. Now you perverts need to accept that.

  • sparrowhawk58

    There is a big difference between condemning a person (which Phil didn't) and condemning behavior (which Phil has a right to do). Also, he was quoting the Bible, not pulling statements out of thin air. GLAAD should be honest and come out and say they want to outlaw the Bible.It's the source of hate speech, according to them. Let's see what happens.

  • LoudGuitr

    Is Conservative a euphemism for ignorant redneck? I though it was a political ideology. I can't believe the stupidity and hatred in these posts. Two people loving each other scares you that much? Very Christian of you. Sheesh.

  • Pegasis32

    Our church pastor said not long ago that we would have harder times ahead for being Christian and expressing our beliefs. Phil never advocated violence, and he only voiced his opinion when he was asked. I think Phil was set up. I hope AMC or another network takes the show and A& E will be out a lot of money. I also say boycott Cracker Barrel since they dropped all Duck Dynasty products.

  • alex


  • Jill

    The Gay lobby is letting power go to their heads to where they are becoming the oppressors they claim they are fighting. They are becoming what they claim they are fighting. It is time to stand up to them before they demand all our freedoms!! I wonder if the Gay lobby is even attacking our Second Amendment rights?

  • Salmon

    When President Obama was inaugurated…on what book did He place his hand on???
    The TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH…

  • Salmon

    When President Obama was inaugurated…on what book did He place his hand on???
    The TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH…

  • s

    I support The ‘Duck” family 100%. Why should anyone be penalized for saying what they believe, good or bad, right or wrong. You don't like it, turn the station!! A& E is dead wrong on this and I will not watch their shows ever again if they continue this nonsense.

    • Robert Cummings

      Their completely worried about you not watching pegasis.

    • grace

      Everyone else is saying what they believe loud and clear Obama is personally calling people to congratulate them on ‘coming out’ Miley is twerking all over the world. The Gay Agenda movement lets us know daily whats on its mind I think Phil Robertson can say whatever he wants to. I f you dont like it switch it off or dont read

  • Peter Babinski

    The Left loves to call conservatives “Homophobic”, “Fascists”, “Nazis”. There is a reason that Libbies in our awesome, exceptional country run the media and are able to do exactly what's been done in this case: THE TRUTH HURTS!!! Phil Robertson is right and it cuts Lefties to the rotten core. Open a TRUE history book, not what is being taught in most of the schools in the USA today and you will see that Obama and the Left are in perfect goosestep with the piece of human garbage named Hitler.

  • stacy

    What Phil Robertson said is the truth in my eyes. It is wrong to engage in homosexual acts. I have friends and family who are gay. I still love them and spend time with them but hate their life style. Saying something is right does not make it so. If you believe being gay is ok and all is good then you do not believe in the bible. Plan and simple. I hope Phil and his family stay just the way the are.

  • Dale Cordell

    Heavenly Father, We ask of thee to watch over and give assistance to the Robertson family. We ask that you touch those who do not believe in free speech and fill them with the knowledge of what “God given rights” are. We ask that you touch the hearts and minds of the A&E executives, so that they may realize and acknowledge free speech rights, as these are rights You gave us. Father we ask this in the name of your Holiest of Sons, Jesus Christ. ~~ Amen

    • Robert Cummings

      Please Dale think God can hear you better if you use thee and thous…..lol.
      God should answer I have zero time for such garbage I'm too busy with the sick and poor.

      • Dale Cordell

        Never hurts to offer a prayer up to the Boss. Sorry to hear you don't have time for such “garbage”.
        My wife and I worked our careers with Developmentally Disabled adults and Mentally Ill adults. Since, we volunteer time to help with Special Friends Advocacy Program. Some of the folks are the best people I've ever had the privilege to know…. the D.D. ones anyway. The SDMI are a very tough population to reach, for obvious reasons. Glad I'm not working with them anymore. Twenty years was a plenty.
        Glad to hear you DO work with someone who needs your help.


    I like watching people get their panties in a bundle over a book of fairy tales.

    • Destitute Dick

      That's what makes you happy? I understand.

  • guest

    christainity sucks, your about the lamest people on earth. doing what a book of fairy tales tell you to do

    • Destitute Dick

      How….Tolerant…of you.

  • Robert Cummings

    If you don't realize this was a setup your an idiot. Wal-mart and Target have sold out of duck callers and anything that has the name Robertson on it. Don't you know the questions that were asked Phil was known to him before. It wasn't some spontaneous answer morons. So now you've been had how does it feel suckers. A&E is in on it as well.

  • Joe

    Just an observation. The thing I've noticed about “Gays” I've worked with or was acquainted with, they never seemed to be happy or satisfied with their situation, whatever it was. Most came across as overly sensitive about daily things and they always seemed to be depressed. I wonder why they chose to be called “Gay”, unless it was simply a clever way to avoid being called a homosexual. Anyway have a thought about this?

  • Baron_von_Medwick

    Let me take a wild guess here. The writer and The Wrap are “progressives,” like the rest of the vermin who muck about in the cesspool that is Hollywood.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

    What this has shown is that when it comes to social and moral norms, there are two Americas, the urban centers of the Northeast, Florida, the West Coast, and Upper Midwest, and then there is the rest of America (the Robertson family reside in West Monroe, Louisiana, in the “Bible Belt”), typically called “middle America”. In the past, the saying was “will it play in Peoria (IL)?”, representative of how well a program will be received in middle America. However, one must now wonder if television can still be programmed that can satisfy both middle America and the more populous urban areas.

  • I call BS

    A & E executives are reported saying the following.., “The executive also said that arguments that A&E had somehow taken Robertson's free speech away were ridiculous, as a suspension from a television show did not curtail his ability to speak out freely”

    Seriously? So if someone says Boo in a way I do not care for, I can use my assets and power to impede their livelihood for disagreeing with me and NOT have it called denying their free speech? What a Country! ……………. Hey! Wait! That does not make sense outside old Russia or Nazi Germany.

    A & E, do you really think your viewers are that stupid?

    • Destitute Dick

      They (A&E) still have that “Right”. Thank God!

  • Mike D

    I cannot believe this writer wants to even go down the road he did, or has he forgotten how the left treated Palin over her daughter getting pregnant?

    He uses the “classic argument technique” that he claims people like Jindal used, then turns around and does the same thing.

    Somone should fire this writer.

  • bubbinator

    I differ with the reporter that the comment were “widely considered offensive”. The piss ant LBGT group we never heard of complained to a TV network with LBGT sympathies about comments that the vast majority of Americans actually agree with and cause this incident to happen. I never really cared too much about gays, but now that GLAAD has caused this the whole LBGT communitycan kiss my #^^ and you have lost any sympathy or consideration we ever may have held before or especially in the future! I'll never eat in a Cracker Barrel again-their service sucks anyway.

  • Ken

    I could understand if the Bible were just sitting on a fig leaf when mankind arrived, but it wasn't. Man wrote it, compiled it, and edited it.

    For centuries people have used “selective bible quoting” to prop up their ignorance and bigotry. Just off the top of my head I think of the Klan, American Slaveowners, the Women's rights haters..etc. There have been a spate of child deaths recently because Christian parents have been applying the abusive lessons of the vile book of “To Train up a Child” which is based on bible verses.

    I think the bible is a great book that offers great lessons on how to live our lives, but if after reading it you feel that women are less then men, you are a sexist. If after reading it you feel that you can beat the hell out of your kids to the point of death, you are a child abuser. If after reading it you feel that whites are superior, you are a bigot. If after reading it you believe that gays should be lumped in with terrorists and drunkards, you are still a bigot. Period.

    You don't get to hide behind your “Christian beliefs” because you are reciting lines from a book written by man. You have “freedom of speech” to say whatever you want to say, you also have the right to be shunned for it.

    • Destitute Dick

      You obviously have not taken that, admitted..leap of faith. Try it. Might be worth it. Then again, I am probably ” casting pearls before swine.” Does that offend you?

    • StSq99

      Yeah, you tell us Ken. The Adam & Eve of ‘Genesis’ ate from the ‘tree of knowledge’ (the tree of ife, …or is it ‘sin,’ since all of us are “sinners” in a world of dog must eat ‘dog-'meat just to only survive (have you watched PBS’ “Nature” recently–?). So,nowadays whose to say vegetarians aren't also themselves killing the living consciousness of vegetable matter, given recent research into the ‘consciousness’ of plants??…You can then begin to see: all of life is & must remain “in sin.”

      In the Bible, human-kind metaphorically was ‘originally expelled from the ‘Garden’ of a presumably once beneficent God, condemning everyone of us as ‘sinners’ to work ever after for our meal-tickets…A fairy tale or unavoidable wise allegory??

      We are all condemned to work for bread in this life (it is not provided by ‘big government,’ which actually produces nothing and must take from virtually all those who actually do so).

      Genesis condemns the spilling of the seed of Onan as ‘hedonism’ without any redeeming child-rearing purpose within procreation. Catholics, along with all other parents up to my generation at age 65, have always discouraged if not always condemned masturbation (though everyone does it and cannot help but do so!). Is homosexuality then a kind of ‘masturbation’ (particularly when too frequently bouncing between many psrtners?). Such, Biblically, and for eons has been considered a wasteful & hedonistic path down which real addictions over unproductive pleasure principles can too often ensnare, and even exploit many further sins (such as of very real slaver, which yet exists still today in the world!!!).

      I think what Duck Dynasty's Robertson most appropriately has been condemning is ‘hedonisms’ encouragement of inevitably selfish & all too often exploitative sex, including most often with many multiple partners as he pointed out, … all irrespective of any one, single, & loyal marriage partnership meant for the very long-term raising of the next generation to carry on the vitality of life on our planet earth.

  • Thetruthhurts

    Wait a second…you mean to tell me that politicians use rhetoric?!?! I had no idea! I would like to point out how conflated “he doesn't believe they'll be joining him in heaven” is in the article. GLAAD's message is, “there's nothing wrong with us,” and Phil's message is, “there's something wrong with all of us, including me.” Homosexuality is clearly frowned upon in the Bible, a fact that Phil (albeit tactlessly) wanted to bring up, and he shouldn't be getting fired over expressing his beliefs. I don't know why anyone thought that Phil would be subtle or PC.

  • john

    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are complicit in the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, and lead the disgusting, pathetic cover-up, that followed, and they both kept their jobs.

    This guy says he prefers vagina to male anus, and he's crucified.

    You have really become a bizzarro place America.

  • Fed Up

    The media's attack on anything Christian — from Nativity Scenes to Crosses erected to honor veterans to Phil Robertson's remarks — has finally accomplished what it should have accomplished when the media started its crusade against Christians, and that is to finally get Christians organized and outraged. This is just one more example of how badly Christianity threatens the US media. They just can't stand to hear anyone, especially a national celebrity, speak out against one of their favorite causes. If Christians would counterattack in organized militaristic fashion, they could bring these fascists to their knees.

    • how about this

      sex, or, well, Sin sells. I mean, violence, greed, gluttony, and vanity are constantly sold to us. Christianity is a big downer, thats why they don't want Christianity.

  • Rob

    We have freedom of speech in the USA, or at least we used to. We need to stop worrying about offending someone and worry about our country as a whole. Since when did we become a nation of wimps. Lets put our balls back where they belong and go back to the once proud USA.

  • GODFearingMan

    I understand if you “feel” that homosexual sex is normal” and you choose to engage in homosexual or other type of behaviour that another person feels is improper, immoral or sinful based upon their ” feelings” ” they” are is bigotedy and intolerance and haters, not YOU? It is clearly those that have have condemned Mr Robertson that are the intolerant ones. Those that condemn Mr Roberston for his ” feelings” have their right to their opinion on homosexuality and other behavior, but it is solely based on their “feelings”, and Mr Robertson has his right as well whether based upon his ” feelings” ,1,000's of years of history, or based on a several 1,000 year old letter that many chose to believe is inspired by the creator of the universe and indeed created man himself.
    But the Glaad crowd has their persoanl “feelings” and their intolerance and their bigotry. I have never seen Duck Dynasty, nor know much of Mr Roberson, but what writen lately, but The secular left with few exceptions have never shown the same tolerance they ” demand”. In fact they have in general show antipathy hate ignorance and bigotry for those who disagree with them, especially for anyone of biblically based faith. Mr Robertson ending words of his opinion on “tolerance” and ” love” seems to trump in multitudes the hatred and intolerance from those who disagree with him. Maybe, just maybe, this can be the beginning of realizing we can have our feelings and faith, without the hate. I doubt the agenda driven secular left will allow that, but I will pray and have faith they will someday, as do most ( not all) of the ” non secularists”, that always have had that love and tolerance. .

  • Melissa Account

    IT SAYS, “Also read: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Bashes Gays” NO ONE WAS BASHING GAYS!

  • vietnamvet

    ” … “Disapproving of homosexuality appears to be genuine part of Robertson’s faith.” … ”
    That would be Robertson, and all of the REST of Christianity … which makes up the largest religion on earth, dip wad.

  • Devon K

    It is all good. It is about time that the public stood out and defined how this Country stands in terms of values. We all agree that we are tolerant of each other…We accept that everyone has a right to practice their faith and to express their values without retribution as long as those values do not place others in immediate danger. Yes, we know there are contracts that include gag clauses, but we seem to agree that those clauses do not supersede .the essence of our nations’ values.

    It's time to step back and take a deep breath… I have faith in Phil and his family. I am sure that they will do what is correct for God and Country. The nice thing about good people, is that they tend to do the right thing.

    May God Bless Phil, his family, A&E, GLAAD and everyone that has been touched by this situation. Let's take a few minutes and learn from Phil: Love everyone… and pray for Gods grace.

    Peace. Happy Holidays.

  • Pat Jutte

    I'm done with a@e won't watch them again. Hope the Robertsons find another network for their show. I also will boycott the advertisers that leave the Robertsons.. Reality TV consists of dissfuncttual families, cheating spouses, drug and alcohol; abuse, and every other disgusting example of American life, good going a@e , you showed them.

  • Will Shire

    The way I see it is America has become a nation of minorities and special interest groups rule. This country was founded on the beliefs of many civil liberties, which freedom of speech is one. We can no longer speak the truth about anything without choosing our words very carefully in fear of offending someone. Its time we put One nation under God back in the pledge and the 10 Commandments back in the court rooms.

  • Bob

    This article is right. Phil is a terrible example of a “martyr”. How about we talk about actual Christians martyrs who are being murdered for their beliefs. Let's start with Syria, where the worst Christian massacre—complete with mass graves, tortured-to-death women and children, and destroyed churches—recently took place, at the hands of the U.S.-supported jihadi “rebels”; and the U.S. government and its “mainstream media” mouthpiece are, as usual, silent…

  • B. F. G-M

    I do not disagree with some of his comments being a Christian.Such as his he choice for candidate simply because he was from Utah well Utah is now marrying gays. And the only person I fell that carries off the bearded look without looking scuzzy is Z Z Top.

  • merleliz

    As a mostly social Liberal (fiscal Conservative), I support and have supported equal rights for gay people for decades. But GLAAD does not have my support on this issue, not at ALL. I've never watched Duck Dynasty, but the way Mr. Robertson's comments are being misrepresented and twisted, the way he is being demonized for his religious faith, is intolerant and bigoted in the extreme. Bullying someone because you don't like his views on homosexuality is not one whit different from bullying someone because he endorses homosexuality. Not one little bit. If you don't want Christians to be able to fire you for being gay, then you damn sure better quit trying to get people fired because they prefer heterosexual sex and have Biblical beliefs that you don't like!

  • J. Townsend

    There is nothing under the Sun more important than God and his road map to life which is the Bible. We all fight over free speech and others wanting to be right, What some people don't know is pride goth before the fall. If you have pride in that eye pluck it out. Jessie Jackson is no more wrong than the Beatles comment of them being more popular than God. Were the Beatles wrong? They talk about giving peace a chance and to come together and also about love. John in one of his songs even talks about the mind guerilla. If there a part of the devil or man's way of showing there ignorance to God's word than yes love is the answer. People take things out of context and look at things the way they want to….. a small example for this would be a lie is a lie….. which is better to overshadow the lie or to uphold the lie… People don't like people for speaking up for the truth…
    The bible talks about the truth so is the truth in you?

  • Derp

    Just curious…but when did being a bigot become the criteria to become a martyr? Do the people that watch this stupid reality show not realize the entire thing is scripted. Set up. Fake. Half the shows on A & E have been flat out busted and the rest are plainly obvious. They've even admitted as much as the network told them to grow the beards and dress like rednecks. Before the show they were Izod wearing yuppies. 99.8% of the people commenting on Phil base it solely off what they see on their TV screens. Why on his show he is a …. REALLY PEOPLE? You are watching ACTORS ON A TV SHOW. That's pretty much like waiting for Jack Bauer to come save the day. But people want to call him a martyr…a FINE CHRISTIAN MAN. This is someone who impregnated a 15 year old girl when he was 20. Then he was ‘saved and born again'.. And after that he waved a Bible around and said it was advised that all men do it because hey, by the time they're 20 they're just after your money. That's not a fine Christian man, that's a damn pedo. And I've asked a hundred times – where is the scripture in the Bible that says gay people fornicate animals and murder people? It's claimed that he only spoke with the Bible yet no one seems to be able to produce that scripture. No one.

    So then it's freedom of speech right? No. He freely said what he said. No one stopped him. Freedom of speech only applies to the government against us. A & E is not the government – they are private enterprise and they can do what they want. But for conservatives that doesn't matter. Just a week ago a ton of Conservatives – professing to be Christians… demanded Martin Bashir be fired because he said someone should crap in Sarah Palin's mouth. Ignorant but not racist, biased, bigoted or even directed at anything more than one person. They demanded he be fired and apologized. He did apologize and they demanded he be fired anyway. He did not attack millions of people – he attacked ONE PERSON.

    So Phil is in the same seat. He came out and while speaking of his beliefs expressed it in a way that was neither polite or religious. He don't like them and he made it quite clear. The Bible does not hate. It does not condone hate and most importantly should never be used to shield hate. His incident involved way more people in a way more blatant way. Not just in the one GQ interview but consistently in videos across the internet. This was not an isolated incident.

    I used to be a Republican myself. Now I am an independent. Why? Because what remains of the conservative movement is being decimated from within. The party is now known for idiots like Wang Dang Ted Nugent's 14 year old poontang or Uncle Phil and is child-daughter. The 2012 election was a clown show on roller skates with Newt, Ron Paul, Romney, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachman…. it showed me a lack of good candidates because right now people want ‘the more extreme right the better'. When the GOP calls the GOP ‘The Party of Stupid'. it's time for some soul searching.

    Phil was wrong. Not in the basis for what he said but for the way it was said and for clearly interjecting his own beliefs into something that should not be interpreted. The fact that he won't even so much as apologize for a clear error on his part shows me all I need to know about the man. Screw everyone but rednecks and of course by the grace of God. He realizes those people who watch a scripted reality TV show believe thats who he is and why not play the suckers for all they are worth. Then he will quit the show like he said he was about to in June with a fat half a billion dollar check.

    God himself says you should bear no false idols. This story proves you do..so stop pretending to care about your ‘Values'. .

    • How about this

      “The Bible does not hate. It does not condone hate and most importantly should never be used to shield hate.”

      Prov. 6:16-19: 16 There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him: 17 haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, 18 a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, 19 a false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers.

      God hates Sin. And has said that Homosexuality is detestable

      Leviticus 18:22: 22 “‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.

      So, you should keep in mind… “a false witness who pours out lies”

      Saying that Homosexuality is ok, is a lie.

  • onlymetaz

    why is it that GLAAD can say or do any thing and any one that feels different is then butchered in the media? Personally I have friends that are or all walks of life what they do for love is up to them but I wouldn't be shoving how I feel down their throats so why is it ok for GLAAD to shove it down ours?

  • Rey T. Escalante

    Jesus….. my friend and Savior…
    You must be in tears and sorrow…
    When you see and hear that they have done to…
    Your teachings….
    Christians sinners are always the first to
    throw rocks…. to cover their own evil…
    Eagle Elk of the Apache Nation