‘Duck Dynasty’ Christmas Album Poised for Sales Boost Amid Homophobic, Racist Controversy

'Duck Dynasty' Christmas Album Poised for Sales Boost Amid Homophobic, Racist Controversy

It's a “White Christmas,” indeed

The old saying, “There's no such thing as bad publicity,” may be proven true once more as the “Duck Dynasty” clan's Christmas album, “Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas,” is poised for a sales uptick amid mounting controversy.

Music industry analysts predict that for the current week (ending Sunday), “Duck the Halls” is on track to sell 125,000 copies, according to Billboard. That number would amount to a 16 percent boost from last week.

See video: ‘Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson Anti-Gay Sermon Surfaces

Peculiar timing for sure. However, with the CD's titular holiday approaching, albums overall — especially Christmas ones — are on course for an uptick. So it is not really clear what role, if any, patriarch Phil Robertson's recent comments to GQ magazine will have on the album's sales.

In the interview with the men's mag, Robertson expressed anti-homosexuality viewpoints, claiming that gays “won't inherit the kingdom of God,” among other sentiments. The GQ comments have been classified as homophobic and racist, as the reality star spoke candidly on the topics of sin and the segregated south.

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For his quotes, Robertson is currently suspended indefinitely by A&E, the network that houses mega-hit “Duck Dynasty.”

“Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas” is currently the year's second-biggest selling Christmas album, trailing Kelly Clarkson's “Wrapped in Red” by just 3,000 units: 575,000 to 578,000, respectively.

The Robertson's Christmas offering is No. 6 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album was released Oct. 29.

  • Lindygw@ me.com

    As to what phil said its the truth its from the bible .what he called the parts of the body what would yo say it he called them by the names people called in public now. You would really cruifly him . He use the terms that any doctor would use. I dont judge people because the bible say u will be judged. God is the last judge so even us christans will be too if we dont ask for forgiveness

    • Jimmy

      The Bible says many things modern Christians choose to ignore because their too inconvenient. Cherry-picking the the verses that suit your own personal bias doesn't exactly make you a great Christian; it just makes you a hypocrite.

      • http://www.HeForgives.org StevePage

        And Jimmy of course you are probably thinking of Old Testament stuff that only ancient Jews were expected to follow and Christians never were. You are ignorant and uneducated which is as bas as being a hypocrite.

        • martin

          if you think followers of Christ are not to follow the Old Testament then you would be the one that is mistaken about who is uneducated

          • drinksometea

            Christians do not have to follow the laws of Moses as set out in the Old Testament. The sacrificial death of Jesus Christ freed people from the law.

          • frumpus

            And yet here you are telling people that they can't be gay (even though they are born that way). You are worst than Hitler.

          • Otis

            Show me the “queer gene” (I know you guys call it the “gay” gene), and maybe you will have a point about being “born that way”. Do you really think the convicts in prison were born queer?

          • tmaverck

            Very few people “are born that way.” I don't believe they should promote 6 year olds to be of the gay persuasion as in the case where the parents sued the school to let their 6 year old boy use the girls restrooms. One needs to go through puberty before even their own body knows what's going on. I support Duck Dynasty. (Yes ,I have 2 members of my own family who are lesbian ,who I care for ,but I don't support “gay marriage.”

          • musiqologist

            what book, chapter and verse tells us this?

          • http://www.HeForgives.org StevePage

            Martin you obviously know very little about Christianity.

        • frumpus

          Look at this cherry picker right here who doesn't understand the bible itself was cherrypicked by people in the 17th century.

          • http://www.HeForgives.org StevePage

            Frumpus stop embarrassing yourself.

        • musiqologist

          Christians were supposed to follow them. The old testament says the laws are forever, Jesus said he came with nothing new and Paul said an old covenant doesn't annul a previous one. Anything different is opinion and false exposition.

          • http://www.HeForgives.org StevePage

            The laws of the Old Covenant were given only to Israel. Not Non–Jews not Christians.

          • musiqologist

            You're contradicting the bible. It explicitly says a newer covenant doesn't annul an older one. And “Christians” were supposed to be a branch of Judaism. It says it in the bible. God broke some branches from the tree so gentiles could be included. It goes on to admonish the newly admitted gentiles to not think of themselves higher or better than the tree. It's all in there. Try rereading the Bible objectively instead of with a Christian centric viewpoint. Christ himself explicitly said he wasn't changing anything.

          • http://www.HeForgives.org StevePage

            The Old covenant was made with Israel and not Gentiles or Christians. Also Jesus was speaking to Jews and not Gentiles.

            However read the Book of Hebrews to see what it says, and if you read Pal's letters he makes it clear the Law of Moses wasn't given to anyone but Israel.

            Romans 2:14 For whenever the Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature the things required by the law, these who do not have the law are a law to themselves. 15 They show that the work of the law is written in their hearts, as their conscience bears witness and their conflicting thoughts accuse or else defend them…

            Notice he wrote Gentiles do not have the law.

            Hebrews 8:13 When he speaks of a new covenant, he makes the first obsolete. Now what is growing obsolete and aging is about to disappear.

            Hebrews 10:6 “Whole burnt offerings and sin-offerings you took no delight in.
            7 “Then I said, ‘Here I am: I have come—it is written of me in the scroll of the book—to do your will, O God.’”

            8 When he says above, “Sacrifices and offerings and whole burnt offerings and sin-offerings you did not desire nor did you take delight in them” (which are offered according to the law), 9 then he says, “Here I am: I have come to do your will.” He does away with the first to establish the second. 10 By his will we have been made holy through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.

          • musiqologist

            Once again, Jesus, the “son of God” explicitly says he's not changing a thing. That makes Paul's writings in direct contradiction to what his saviour said. And the laws were given to Israel… absolutely. And in the new testament, Paul says the gentiles have become a part of Israel. How can you reconcile this? If the laws were given to Israel to obey forever, and we become a part of Israel, aren't the laws then ours to obey? How can you explain this without contradicting the words of Jesus?

          • http://www.HeForgives.org StevePage

            Jesus was speaking to Israel, to whom the law was given. If you are unable to understand context you'll never understand scripture.

            The Old Covenant is gone the New is in place.

          • http://www.HeForgives.org StevePage

            Jesus spoke to Jews, Paul was the Apostle to the Gentiles. Paul knew the difference and you don't.

            You ignoring the scriptures doesn't help. Perhaps that's why you are so confused.

          • http://www.HeForgives.org StevePage

            Ephesians 2:14-15 The Messiah has made things up between us so that we’re now together on this, both non-Jewish outsiders and Jewish insiders. He tore down the wall we used to keep each other at a distance. He repealed the law code that had become so clogged with fine print and footnotes that it hindered more than it helped. Then he started over. Instead of continuing with two groups of people separated by centuries of animosity and suspicion, he created a new kind of human being, a fresh start for everybody.
            Notice that the Law was repealed by Jesus with His crucifixion and resurrection.

          • http://www.HeForgives.org StevePage

            I doubt you care about the truth at all but Acts 15 would be a good place for you to start.

            The Law of Moses are Old Covenant conditions, we are in the New Covenant and those conditions do not apply.

  • phobia

    homo phobic – I don't think Phil is afraid of anything – he did not say he feared queers, he just said it was sinful

    • Hate is disgusting

      NO he's just a CLASS A ASSHOLE.

      • THINK

        He never declared hate. He stated it was not his to judge it was God's and that he prayed for all humanity saints and sinners. He takes his beliefs from the Bible. Do i agree with his staunch beliefs and interpretation of the Bible NO. But I do not think he was being hateful and he was being honest to himself his God and His family. and I believe strongly in his right to do that. He did not just start spouting this off he was specifically asked. The Assholes are the ones that only take segments of his statements to cause harm and discord,

      • Otis

        Ha,ha,ha… YOU are showing more than your share of hate, and yet your handle is “hate is disgusting”. So, I conclude that you are saying that YOU are disgusting….. I agree.

    • Dantheman

      Robertson reads his Bible more than Charlie Sheen a violent wife beater and mentally unstable freak

      • frumpus

        People who read the bible are mentally deranged bigots who are the worst people on the planet. They are no better than the Taliban.

        • Otis

          Hate-filled bigots like you make the Taliban look good.

          • http://www.HeForgives.org StevePage

            Frumpus is a spokesperson for the Gay Taliban (GLAAD)

    • Dan

      Phil reads his Bible more than Charlie Sheen – your run of the mill violent unstable wife and girlfriend beater – the respected authority on NOTHING.

      • frumpus

        Only an idiot would care about the bible

        • Otis

          You seem to care alot about it in your own way. Thank you for calling yourself an idiot; it means the rest of us don't need to say it.

        • Drew Smith

          why is that?

  • Destructo Rama

    Tony Maglio is just another Lefty propagandist pretending to be a “journalist”. In other words, a disease.

    • frumpus

      And you're a right wing bigot who would be a proud Taliban member.

      • Otis

        And you are a left wing Nazi bigot.

  • tomas candelaria

    what he said is what is the bible. I didn't know quoting the bible was a sin. ppl Christian are being persecuted and gays are being giving more rights. remember this country was founded by Christian. freedom of speech, and religion are being threating. wake up church of GOD!!!!!!!!

    • frumpus

      Christians deserve to be persecuted because they are terrible hate filled nazis.

      • Otis

        YOU are the only hate-filled Nazi I've seen here, rumpbanger.

    • Housecat99

      It may have been founded by some Christians and other Protestants, but the US was NOT intended to to adhere to ANY religion. How quickly we forget.

  • tomas candelaria

    if gays now have right!! we as Christian have had that right since the foundation of this country. we are not the north Korean, last time I check we stil freedom religion and speech. or has the right been taken away w/o me knowing

    • Proud Christian

      Yes we do. We have the right to believe in what we want. We have the right to be frigid, homophobic and racist. We have the right to hide behind the almighty word to protect us from the fact that although we should be evolving like God wants us to we aren't. We have the right to compare homosexuality (which is natural) to zoophilia (which isn't). We also have the right to suffer consequences for it. This man made the decision to state his uneducated and unpopular opinion so let him live with it because he obviously can. No one hates him we just hate his hate. I am so tired of Old Testament Christians ruining it for the rest of us. I am a man and I love both women and men. I also happen to love God and everything he stands for. He doesn't stand for that type of behavior! He stands for loving every beautiful part of who I am as a HUMAN BEING. I have the right to state all that I have and you have the right disagree. So please don't whine about your rights as a citizen of the United States because it's pretty obvious what they are. Face the facts, a change is coming that you're never going to stop, even an idiot can figure that out. I'm not saying lie down and take it: by all means FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN, but don't you dare act like a martyr because the only person who has suffered for my sins is Jesus Christ himself!

      • momboddie

        thank you thank you thank you

      • martin

        Jesus dying for you did not remove the obligations of the Old Testament read Matthew 5 go see that

      • ProudVet

        Read Romans 1:24-34 for your answer about what Gods says about homosexual behavior.

  • http://www.HeForgives.org StevePage

    Tony Maglio is a loser who spread lies about homophobia and racism just to get clicks.

  • John

    Classified as racist and homophobic by who?

    • frumpus

      By everyone

      • Otis

        Ha,ha,ha… the queer is here… way to go, rumpbanger.

  • Andrew Saint

    Lol at the bible is “the truth”. That's like saying the Hobbit is the truth. It's a book full of stories from the imaginations of men from centuries ago, none of it is real and to follow it is so incredibly foolish.

    • IvantheTerrible

      No it isn't but even if it were the Bible is a better guide foe life than people like you could provide.

      • Andrew Saint

        So telling people to hate others based on the way they are is a better guide for life? lol? How about this for a guide – don't rob, don't rape and treat people with respect regardless of sex, race or sexual orientation. Easy, right? Don't need a dusty old book to be a decent human being…

        • martin

          you don't need to Bible to go to heaven or hell but without forgiveness of God hell is where you rest

          • frumpus

            You are a retard for believing in those fairy tales.

          • Otis

            There you go again, being offensive! Why do you think it's ok for YOU to be offensive to others, but not have them be offensive (in your mind) to queers like you? One thing you've proven is that you're a hypocrite. I don't care if you try to offend me, because I know you're a hypocrite.

          • Percy Malone

            Homosexuals are usually very offensive and disgusting, but that is their deal. they are just happy calling every who does NOT accept their lifestyle HATERS.

        • danny

          what phill said was not in said in hate to tell someone of their sinful ways is filled with love trying to keep them from dying and going to hell this is love not hate

        • Percy Malone

          Read the Bible there is nothing about hating homosexuals, but Hating SINS.
          hating their evil ways… not hating the people.
          You could hate BROCCOLI, but not the people who eats Broccoli… get it?

      • frumpus

        Hey fucktard, only an idiot would consider the bible to be good for anything.

    • Gods All You Need

      The bible ( which I don't follow) say's clearly that we are not to judge them for God has already condemned them. But we don't have to accept or follow them either.

      • Percy Malone

        If you don't follow the bible…Why do you quote it?
        Same as in the times of Lot and Abraham, Lot was surrounded by HOMOSEXUALS in Sodom, however Lot didn't mind to live in the middle of them, because He and his family knew that being a homosexual or a lesbian is a SINFUL LIFESTYLE.
        However before God destroy Sodom the homosexuals tried to rape the angels… God blinded the homosexuals and within hours of that the city of Sodom was turn into a pile of Sulfur until this day. Think about it.

    • Otis

      Why are you so hateful? Why do you feel YOU can offend so many people with your Biblephobia? You call others hateful and “homophobic”, yet you do the very same thing! Oh, I understand it's ok, for libs, to be hypocrites… at least in the mind of a lib.

  • pam muir

    what phil said was neither homophobic nor racist mr reporters. this thing grew wings and flew

    • frumpus

      You are a terrible terrible person.

      • Otis

        And your comments show you to be a totally ignorant, ignorant person. … Probably a homo, too.

  • Love the world

    Sales Boost? Whether its a good show or not,,With all the racist comments and hateful remarks in news stories, all over the internet and tv these days makes me think we are no better today than what we were in the past or the 60's during the civil rights protests. Its a shame how religion seems to be in the mix of it all when God is suppose to be everyones God and love all his children not just a select few! Everyone carries there own burdens and there own stories in this life. Whether you have a belief system or not. But one thing that can make this life difficult and for some unbearable are people making judgements about each other. Thinking there road is paved with gold while others are of a lesser value.
    Hate is a seed that when planted spreads like weeds in a field. And those weeds determine when and where the sun will shine or not for the other plants. But with alot of sunshine, care and less weeds make for a great enviroment for healthy plants. As for the human race. Hate is damaging for everyone! When children bring to school what they are taught at home is our future determined. If you show your children racism and disrespect it will be spread. Kids are like spounges The fear that other children will have when they go to school each day is scary. And not to mention if a childs thinks if mommy or daddy thinks this way about other people what will they think about me if i make a mistake or do something different or for that matter have friends that are different. A pretty scary world out there for these children. Just to be called names because others believe they are superior to what they think is the “normal.” Teaching children to be kind to others would be in our best interest as a society. To promote kindness, love and respect for others! Unfortunately this is not a perfect world and has always been a battle between good and evil but we can make this world a little better for humankind. For what i have been seeing on the tele & internet, I am seeing and hearing too many adults argueing and having total disregard for there fellow human beings and for our children. Its a very sad world we live in and i hope that during these holidays people can re-evaluate what they think about one another and be kind and love one another as you would love yourselves when that is what is needed the most instead of trying to play God by judging each other and pointing the fingers at one another as if we were better than the next. I hope we all can have a joyous holiday and bring peace to the world that is much needed! To “All” good people everywhere, whether you are African American, Caucasion American, Native American, Chinese, Spanish etc. etc. Whether you have different religions,, Catholic, Presbytarian, Baptist, Protestant, etc. etc. Who cares!!! Whether you are Heterosexual or homosexual, Whether you are handicapped or not. Whether you are green, yellow, blue, purple, pink. There are 4 leaf clovers. There are thousands of different kinds of species! There is a big universe full of undiscovered planets and living and non- living things. How can we ever begin to think that we are of the more superior or better than any other living species. We are all equal in this universe. Don't try to paint your world on someone elses canvas when you haven't finished your own masterpiece! Each and every one of us are different. No two are alike! I will not deny any person out of fear of what someone else may think or what they may or may not like. They are not in this world to judge you or I.

  • MIC

    Just shows their are more people who do not by into the Government, LGBT, and Main Stream Media!

  • Buggs56

    Thanks for stirring the fire with your stupid article title. You obviously are just interested in ratings and sales

  • Momboddie

    Thank you True Christian, thank you!

  • Rick

    Phil is not homophobic. Phobia means fear and he has no fear of them. He's only afraid for their souls.

    • laurie

      So he wouldn't be afraid to shake a “gay” persons hand?

      • Otis

        Pesonally, I'd hate to get a disease from a homo; it could kill you.

    • frumpus

      Rick you must be the stupidest person on the planet.

  • pilgrim

    1) “i'd kill my son if he was gay” ~tracy morgan (quietly kept his job at NBC)
    2) “c**ksucking f*g.” ~alec baldwin (not only did he keep his job at NBC, but they gave him a talkshow afterward on MSNBC where he made MORE antigay remarks)
    3) “old white people who disagree with obama need to die off” ~oprah winfrey (she wasn't punished, and the president gave her a medal)
    if phil was a muslim, reading passages from the koran (homosexuality is islams #1 sin) …you wouldn't hear a peep from the left, because liberals can't use the koran to attack the right (unlike the bible).

    • laurie

      That's because none of the examples you quoted above used any reference to religion. While that does not make them any less ignorant, they are not bringing in the bible, koran or any other religious text. Had they done that, I imagine the response would have been the same. I hope that whatever god is out there, he loves everyone equally. Just live your life without shooting up a school.

    • Percy Malone

      Whoever said tracy morgan, alec baldwin or oprah winfrey were Christian?
      Normal people tend to disapprove this disgusting lifestyle, Muslims kill homosexuals, so there must be something there, Don't come to tell us that doing it with a cow or a corpse is alright because just like homosexuality, all those other aberrations are NOT normal.

  • Percy Malone

    I don't believe it's BAD PUBLICITY, because it was a GREAT PUBLICITY to stick to your morals and beliefs, we as Christians won't have to abide to the man's law, if HOMOSEXUALITY AND DRUNKENNESS are SINS… that is what they are… If you are a homosexual you are sinning against God, If you are a DRUNK you are sinning against God, If you don't Believe in God Don't try to shove your ideas into our Christian beliefs, and that is what HOMOSEXUALS and SINNERS are doing ALL ALONG, we are NOT HATERS, we are Christians and we don't like nor approve your DISGUSTING HOMOSEXUAL lifestyle, and we speak about it. same way as when you WHINE about every little comment any Christian does and blow it out of PROPORTIONS, we are NOT HATERS if you want to lay with a person of your same SEX or lie down with your pet dog or whatever, is up to you, we are NOT GOING to bash you, we just feel DISGUSTED about it when you bring the issue on TV while my children are watching, and I keep reminding them that kind of lifestyle is wrong, same as when you pervert children into believing being a sinner is OK, and one more thing A&E does NOT make the RULES about MORALITY nor decide what SIN is, also THEY can NOT take away our FREE SPEECH amendment. TRUTH IS that Christians and the rest are NOT going to agree because we both go for different goals, HOMOSEXUALS go for ANARCHY and DEPRIVATION a FREE FOR ALL LIFESTYLE, we as Christian go for Family Values and morality, and a CONSERVATIVE Lifestyle, we take our road you take yours.

    • Otis

      Very well said, Percy… Virtually all of us will agree with you. But, it's the LOUD anti-God crowd, the ones seduced by Satan, who will come and blast you.

  • monday morning quarterback

    I'm thinking that A&E actually encourages the Duck Dynasty cast to do outside interviews. More publicity for the show, more money in their pockets. From what I've seen of Phil Robertson on the show and in interviews, he would prefer to be home doing his own thing rather than sitting in some office in a large city answering intrusive questions. He seems a little uncomfortable with the interview scene. I don't believe he sought out the interview, and I am sensing more and more like the reporter/interviewer researched Phil's past sermons and decided to try to elicit an incendiary quote or two in his interview.

  • Laird

    What “racist” comments?? Let's see the EXACT quote that you say is “racist”!!

    • frumpus

      How fucking stupid are you?

      • Otis

        Frum, you're the idiot…. you and your deviant friends.

  • Dan

    I am certain Robertson reads the Bible more than the wife beater Charlie Sheen an embarrassment to himself I can't stand Sheen

  • DantheMan

    Kudos for you Phil! I bet you read your Bible more than Charlie Sheen a violent unstable wife beater

  • Simone Houlihan

    I am sick of seeing product with these trash Neanderthals an the shelf. They are disgusting and a disgrace to America!

  • MsChips

    The Bible, IMO, much like the Grimms Fairy Tales, is a selection of stories meant to teach us how to live our lives in a society of mankind. The difference is the Grimms brothers had enough common to call them “Fairy Tales”. The purpose of the Grimms Fairy Tales was to scare little children into behaving properly. While the Bible is still considered “The Good Book”, it is IMO a selection of stories. Stories edited and chosen mostly by monks who lived a very sequestered life in Monasteries far removed from the “real society” they hoped to guide us into a meaningful and productive life. The purpose of the Bible, IMO, is to scare adults into behaving “properly”.

    If, for example, you read the Bible and still believe in the “Immaculate Conception”, knowing what we know today, then I say to you, it's time to re-read the Bible and come to terms with what hidden meaning these monks intended us to learn. Fact is, we do not know how Mary became pregnant with Jesus, but by all accounts, Joseph was not the biological father. That pretty much leaves only two other possibilities: either she was raped and buried the memory of that experience, or she had a love affair that went wrong. I prefer the later, in which, Joseph, knowing this woman to be a good woman, married her in order that she not be stoned to death, as was the custom during this time.

    Knowing what you know, if you still believe that Lazarus was truly a dead man whom Jesus “brought back to life”, please consider the following interpretation – which is my own. Lazarus was a “dead man walking,” his life had become meaningless, he was listless and non-communicative, none of his friends could pull him out of his deep depression. His friends and family sought out this man named Jesus, known for his charismatic personality (much as we might seek out a psychologist today). Jesus assessed the situation and said just the right words to guide him out of his depression. And the family rejoiced.

    If you believe, as is stated in Genesis 9 that “And all the days of Noah were nine hundred and fifty years: and he died.” is anything other than a “fairy tale”, it's time to revisit the bible and ask yourself “what possible explanation” could there be for including this in the passage. How else can be populate the world unless “chosen ones” live to the ripe old age of 950 years?

    There are “seekers of the truth” out there. They have studied the bible and history. Some tell us that Jesus actually married Mary Magdeline, known by all accounts, to be a prostitute. Perhaps to save her, much as his own Mother had been saved by Joseph. Jesus said NOTHING about homosexuality – perhaps because he was unaware of it. So called “scholars” put those stories in the bible most likely because they were exposed to it and were personally repulsed by it. But ask yourself “WWJD?” (What Would Jesus Do?) Would he marry a prostitute and yet turn his back on a homosexual? I prefer to believe that Jesus would not turn his back on anyone, regardless of their race, creed, or sexual preferences. WWJD?

    • ripeforchange

      That was sooooo gay!!!!

    • Witness

      MsChips, I take it that you are not a Christian. Therefore what do you base your beliefs on if you have no Bible. Grimms? The Bible is the book that our beliefs are based on, when I hear a Christianphobe speak on things Christians believe I have to ask forgiveness for their non belief. Jesus wants the sinner to repent, turn away from their sin and sin no more.

    • LT

      I am a physician, conspiricist…what you said is very intelligent , thought provoking. Wish there were more people like you on this planet. Unfortunately, there is not only the abuser will rule this world.

    • michelle b

      And still you can say that and don't get harassment. Enjoy the freedom. It might not be here one day if this world keeps on the way it is. History is a great teacher, indeed, to exactly what the future will look like ;)

    • Tom Maloney


      Although I don't entirely agree with you, you do make some valid points. Allow me to make a few of my own. In the interest of disclosure, I was raised a Catholic but there is much about Christianity that I question.

      “… a selection of stories meant to teach us how to live our lives in a society of mankind”. I can't dispute that. Although I'm sure there was more to it, your analogy of the Bible is spot on. It is a combination history book and guide book for society.

      Your interpretation of the Immaculate Conception neglects one possible interpretation … literal. To ignore the possibility that it was as described is every bit as blind and ignorant as those who do not consider the possibility of what you say. Nobody knows for sure. It's a matter of faith – or lack thereof.

      Lazarus – Again, I consider the literal interpretation as a possibility, but I always thought it was a case of CPR. In those days, if somebody successfully gave CPR, (s)he would have been worshipped.

      Noah – You seem sceptical that Noah lived to be 950. We can look to science for this one. Astronomers have identified several young planets similar to ours. These planets have a heavy layer of water vapor in the upper atmosphere. This water would block UV radiation from the sun, allowing people to live much longer than we do. 1200 years would not be uncommon. Evidence indicates that as the young planet cools, the water vapor suddenly collapses in the form of a heavy rainfall. This would explain the Biblical flood and the fact that those who came afterwards did not live so long.

      Finally, you ask “What would Jesus do?” You are correct, he would turn his back on nobody, especially sinners. He would minister to them. He would tell them in no uncertain terms that their actions are sinfull and they must repent. He would tell them that if they repent, then God will forgive them because he loves us all.

      We can debate whether homosexuality is sinful. Personally, I don't know. What I do know is that it was Phil's stated mission to minister to the sinful and bring them to God so they may be forgiven. Isn't that what Jesus would do? He should not be persecuted for his statements any more than you should be persecuted for your opinions. Phil was not calling for anyone to take action against gays any more than you are calling anyone to take action against Christians. You are expressing opposing viewpoints. In the America that I love, we are ALL allowed to do so.

  • Charles

    Freaken liberal Nazi's! You openly support sexual deviants, you support the anti-God movement, and you don't call that controversial. Anyone who defends the Bible you label “controversial”. It just shows how sick you freaks are. You're freaken bullies and hate mongers. You believe in free speech for the haters you co-exist with, but you don't support it for those who disagree with you… that's FACISM!

  • debbie

    forget all the gay crap he was spewing what about making all that money practically overnight by making stupid little duck calls to lure all of the innocent little ducks to there demise that's what im pissed off about the shallow minds of people who made that dumb show popular watching a bunch of hay seeds dressed in camo looking like zz top killing animals amazing !!!!!!!!!

  • marylin

    Remember this along with all you take from this, Not all that wonder are lost…
    Jesus forgives us all of our sins, no mater what they are.

    • danny

      Amen God hates the sin not the sinner he sent his only son to die for all sins no mater they are or who did the sin forgivness comes from asking Jesus to forgive them and turn from their sinful ways

  • tmaverick

    How come no one made a big deal about what Opra said about whites? IAM OFFENDED by that . pure RACIST statement!!

    • LT

      The reason why there was no back lash against Oprah because what she said is the truth.There is only 4 race on this planet and the whites have not been the nices of the 4 race. The use nucleur bombs, destroy the environment, wear white gown hats and burn crosses in front of peoples home. The other 3 race did not create the burning chambers for Jews or Gypsy…the whites did that. So look at the white race and all the crime it has commited against humanity and you will be enlighten.

  • joanm

    Mr Robertson did not make these things up, and if you love God you would not talk or persuade anyone else to live immoral lives,I was not going to buy album but now I will.Anyone remember” Chick Filet”?

  • L.T.

    It also said “Thou shall not kill…Thou shall not commet adultery..thou shall not STEAL or LIE..Thou shall HONOR Thy Mother and Father…” so as many as 99% of Americans will go to HELL. More than Half of AMERICA is Divorced. Cheating is rampant in this country. Lying and stealing…Look at Obama / Clinton/Bush…your so call leaders of the World. How many have you thrown your parents in a nursing home. How many of you have cheated on your spouse. Many arm forces in our country will go to hell as well. How many have they killed in the name of so call FREEDOM…To go over foreign lands and murder them in their OWN land. Hypocrites….most of YOU are…many SHALL not INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. SATAIN IS waiting for you. And he has a warm and flaming room to torture you in. Don't worry..I will be tortured as well. I am no angel I have my faults.

  • Ted Frowd

    Typical liberal attack piece. liberalism and tollerence aren't the way to maintain a healthy moral society.

  • John

    Saying you didn't observe racism as a child is NOT a racist comment. Believing what the Bible says about homosexuality is not homophobic either.

  • seafrog

    Ok, so what was racist here – or is that the usual slander thrown in because he's white?

  • M

    how Is this racist? unless somebody on the wrap now considers homosexuals a different race, this article is a load of BS

  • http://www.HeForgives.org StevePage

    So if I say incest is a sin am I an incestophobic? I'm against bestiality so do I have a phobia?

  • John Don

    A & E is run by a pack of ass-hats. Period

  • http://www.HeForgives.org StevePage

    GLAAD = Gay Taliban

  • Tony M

    Racist comments…do your homework instead of copy and paste. he said he never saw ant black people complain about mistreatment in he 60's. He DID NOT say that they're was no MISTREATMENT of blacks then! Big difference! I also agree and saw the same thing in the 60's and was about the same age as PHil, doesn't mean there wasn't but not in my circle of friends and my life, Black, white and hispanic we were all brothers and no we did not mistreat each other!

  • Paul Agria

    What homophobic or racist comments? Quoting the Bible where homosexual, bestiality, and out of wedlock sex acts are sins? Saying as a boy he was poor (white trash), worked with blacks (doing the same work) in the fields and they seemed more godly and happier than today, and for that this idiot calls him homophobic and racist? I doubt this clown ever watched the show or he would have seen Phil's black grandson (adopted by Willie and Kori) being shown caring love by Phil. No he's a typical Democrat media elitist – ignorant and arrogant. Go Phil.

  • lakawak

    More money for the owners of the show and the trademark…A&E.

  • Wayne Washburn

    Yadda Yadda Yadda , much ado about nothing ….. how in the Hell does ” It's not for me , or I don't approve of it ” become ‘ racist ‘ or ANTI ! ‘ anything ? . If you people could get off your knees long enough to stand up and look around you would see that your being PLAYED . Quit tying up the feeble minded msm with this stupid shit .

  • tlhawthorne

    When will we learn? This has little to nothing at all to do with religion. The Duck Dynasty patron was not suspended because A&E agrees or disagrees with his opinions.

    Duck Dynasty makes a lot of money for A&E. A ton! When one of the stars says something that effects public opinion and viewership the producers have to take action to protect their investment. Angry public equals absence of sponsors (purchased commercial air time).

    It's all about the money. If the public hated gays as a whole there would be no consequence, but this isn't the 1900's and Duck Dynasty's producers want to keep the money coming in.

  • Richard

    You are all very confused, without wisdom and knowlege this is what you get….mass confusion….Just bare with me.
    Acts 11:26……And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch
    By reading the articles below there is not one Christian responding…A Christian is a disciple of Jesus, dedicated to study and practice…In our modern times everyone has been labeled a Christian and it is simply not so……One of the reason why there is much confusion on all sides…
    1st….The Church of Christ is a cult religion and has always been one, Phil has every right to pratice what he wants to right? sure he does.
    2nd….Phil is correct that God condemns homosexuallity, but forgets to mention that Jesus died for all…..right……regardless of who you are……
    3rd….Phil's rights were not violated…….Phil and A&E are under contract with one another…period…..he gave up his rights to make millions with A&E…….SO A&E is his boss…..the boss says don't do that……Phil did it anyway……and got fired……plain and simple……Phil gave up his lifes work and exchange it for money…..to hollywood…….what a shame………
    3rd….What a great way to clear out inventory……start a big fuss and let the panic begin…..
    Look folks who cares about Phil…..he is on his way to hell like all sinners…because he refuses Christ sin payment on the cross…….that is fact
    If you call yourself a Christian then get to studying God's word and stay out of all this mess…..

    • http://www.HeForgives.org StevePage

      Jesus died for all but only those who believe him and who live in covenant with him will be saved. Practicing sinners (homosexuals, thieves, adulterers, etc) who refuse to repent or to even make the attempt are not in covenant with Jesus.