‘Duck Dynasty’ Star's Anti-Gay Comments: Gay ‘Storage Wars’ Duo Responds

'Duck Dynasty' Star's Anti-Gay Comments: Gay 'Storage Wars' Duo Responds

Phil Robertson is wrong, “Storage Wars: New York” stars claim — because male anus are “tighter” than vaginas

Phil Robertson's reality TV cohorts have responded to the “Duck Dynasty” star's gay-bashing comments in GQ magazine, saying that he's dead-wrong … about the quality of vagina versus male anus.

Chris Morelli and Tad Eaton, an openly gay couple featured on “Storage Wars: New York,” explained to TMZ on Wednesday that the “Duck Dynasty” father has it all backwards about the sexual joy that various orifices offer.

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“We could give a s— what [Robertson] thinks,” the couple told the website, going on to explain that the male anus “is tighter” than the vagina.

Robertson kicked off a raging debate on Wednesday, after making several anti-gay comments in a GQ profile.

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Among them, Robertson — who describes himself as a reformed sinner turned devotee of Christ — theorized, “It seems to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man's anus. That's just me. I'm just thinking, ‘There's more there! She's got more to offer.’ I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I'm saying? But hey, sin: It's not logical, my man. It's just not logical.”

Robertson made several other comments disparaging homosexuals, grouping them with “drunks” and “terrorists,” and declaring that gays “won't inherit the kingdom of God.”

Morelli and Eaton didn't seem particularly shaken up by Robertson's proclamations while speaking to TMZ, noting that they're “not offended.”

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“You can't go through life worrying what other people think. That's their values and that's what they think … as long as they're not nasty to people … We're not offended at all,” the pair offered.

The pair also added that they “like Phil” and “like the show.” (Both “Duck Dynasty” and “Storage Wars: New York” air on A&E. )

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation was less forgiving, with GLAAD spokesman Wilson Cruz saying that Robertson is pushing “vile and extreme stereotypes.”

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“Phil and his family claim to be Christian, but Phil's lies about an entire community fly in the face of what true Christians believe,” Cruz noted. “He clearly knows nothing about gay people or the majority of Louisianans — and Americans — who support legal recognition for loving and committed gay and lesbian couples. Phil's decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E and his sponsors who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families.”

  • hruwtr

    Phil Robertson is right.Most faggots are pedafiles and rapeist and just sickos.I guess these sick sexual degenerates cant handle the truth that theyre sick vile unaccepted freaks.

    • Emily

      Aren't you a ray of sunshine. .troll.

      • jedclamppet

        Truth hurts huh lowlifescumbag

        • Norman Dostal


    • Norman Dostal


  • gramcandy

    Clearly, Mr. Cruz & and GLAD have no clue what biblical Christianity is. For once stop threatening any & everybody you disagree with. If you were a true believer, like Phil you would humble yourself & submit yourself & your ways to the authority of Holy Scripture. Phil is just the messenger. It's Almighty GOD'S message. Read it & believe it. If you don’ repent of this ungodly life style, you won't have to worry about the sponsors & A&E. Do not be decided GOD is not mocked, what a man sows, that shall he reap Gal.6:7-8.

    • Norman Dostal

      youre an idiot-you just think that stuff is true because your pappy and your mammy done told you

      • Stephen Hallend

        Every time you leave a message you vindicate Mr. Robertson. LOL

      • Maurice

        NO I'm sure he studies & reads his Bible. u should try Leviticus 18:22; Romans 1:18-32; 1 Corintihians 6:9-10

        • william boo

          Should it govern our laws also?

          • Maurice

            Should what govern the laws?

          • william boo

            the bible you were referring norman to.

          • Loretta Edwards

            Check your history – It does govern our laws! Ever heard of the Ten Commandments. Our nation was better when the laws of the Bible were what our nations laws were STRONGLY based on.

          • Eddie

            The 10 Commandments are not illegal..only murder/stealing. The other 8…no laws…come on…give us something else!

          • igotboost05

            we use it to govern violence, the golden rule came from there, and so did values, but oh, you just have to throw the baby out with the bathwater because you don't like the Bible's homosexual law?

        • Eddie

          You should try to live in the real world and not the old testament, and you should understand the whole story behind your little picked out quotes. And if you are going to go Leveticus, go for the WHOLE thing and not just one part of it…there are about 18 other things that are forbidden and abominations in Leviticus…How come you don't point those out? Oh yea…hypocrite bigot!

          • Maurice

            You dont know me so can call me a hypocrite but I wont waste any more time w/ u then this. I responding to what Phil said & comments that were in response to that. No where in my comments did i say thats the only sin in the world. we all fall short but sayiong that something is sin is not being true to my beliefs or Phil's. God is the same today, yesterday & forever so nothing anyone says about something is in the past doesnt go for what God says & that is that it still is not okay.

          • Maurice

            You have a good day Eddie & God bless you

      • chevblr55

        hey norman. can you read? The Bible is the most purchased book of all time with none other remotely close. If you can read you should pick one up sometime. you might learn alittle bit about what god thinks about homosexuality. it's all there for you to read. Don't blame Phil, blame the Bible.

        • william boo

          Maybe you need to learn what it says about God, Love, and what you SHOULD do, rather than what you should not do, and just how much you should and shouldn't JUDGE. How often to you think about the beam in your eye versus the splinter in your neighbor's?

          • Shawn

            Was he judging. Your an idiot it was his view not judgement.

          • william boo

            Was referring to Chevblr

          • william boo

            was referring to chev not king Robertson, and no I am not an idiot.

          • chevblr55

            It's my job to let you know that you need to seriously read what the Bible says about homos and lots of other abominations, but right now we're talking homo. Go read your Bible, study real hard, reread if you have to, but you will find that it's not only me that feels this way, God does also.

          • william boo

            I do read it daily. And I don't agree with you and your ilk. And I will not be quiet.

          • roper

            i like how you throw out there the word Homo, Thats real christian of you. by the way we're all Homo's. Homosapien.

          • chevblr55

            not you again Frank. The term homo is short for homosexual which just so happens to be what we are talking about here. get on course Frank. Stay in the game. With all the comments you have written , I would think you knew what the subject was. and by the way I should probably not pro create either because my kids might learn words like …….. I'm sure you get it.

          • chevblr55

            HOMOSAPIEN!!!!!! Ha

          • Gary Laster

            There was on judgement, he simply stated facts and how he felt. IF you read what he said, he even went on to say it's was God's job to judge and he would love everyone no matter what! God Bless him for speaking his mind and God's word! Don't like it, tough!

          • igotboost05

            Okay, i agree with you. We shouldn't judge. Who is judging though? Think about it, whenever we do something wrong-lie, cheat, steal, murder- do we not use judgment on that person? The original Judgment is directly from the Bible, we are mearly using it as guidance to keep things balanced. So know person is judging you, God is. People are just reminders, vessels if you will, of the Judgment upon such acts. Hate God if you want to…but don't judge Phil, he did nothing wrong.

        • Eddie

          ACTUALLY, the Bible says nothing about homosexuality, but it does say a whole lot about hetersexuals, bigots, idolizers, heathens, liars, thieves, divorce (which is very very very high today) and a whole slew of other things…if you are going to say Leviticus, then you need to also realize that along with that passage, there are about 18 other forbidden things that go with that and you should also understand the whole story, not just the one sentence. If you are going to preach, learn what you are preaching about!!

          • chevblr55

            Man Eddie…. with that IQ of yours you should know that the Bible forbids homo in numerous passages. You don't have to believe me….. just ask anyone in this forum.

      • rsa

        if there's an example of hate, it's in your emails. you're part of the problem but would likely deny that. You're not alone, Norman. But you could try to share your views in a more meaningful way that might gain you the respect of your audience, unlike in your comments here.

    • Stephen Hallend

      Finally someone else who is willing to tell the truth. Good job gramcandy

    • william boo

      Grancancdy, there were no threats in Wilson cruz's language and you know it. It is not for you to decide, nor I, how someone should live his life, nor is anyone's salvation your decision or business, only available from your church. Gays are finally speaking up for our selves, and being treated like first class citizens and people just cannot STAND that we won't be subservient to their whims and requirements.

      • chevblr55

        You gays all want everyone to hear your views on things, but as soon as you hear the truth, you get upset that someone is fooling around with your rights. Well we straight people have rights as well so take what the Bible says ( the scriptures that Phil quoted) and sit back, suck it up, and be quiet like you want all the straight people to do.

        • william boo

          We know you have rights, that is obvious. But we are NOT going to take your jackboot on our throats anymore. Nor do we have to live by “your truth” and I will NOT sit quietly by while you people poison others with your alleged vicious hatred disguised as “truth”. We are NEVER going back into the closet, and YOU are not the boss of me and that's a fact jack.

          • chevblr55

            your choice. You have that right to be homo if you want. this is America. But I can PROMISE you this. You are 5% of the vote. If your lucky, you will someday open your eyes and see the light. So sit back for now and let Phil have his say, close your fat mouth(your the one that said it) clean out your ears and you just might learn something that will someday be very beneficial to you.

          • Eddie

            We are 5% mixed with another 60% of tired and fed up other people. We will have a democrat government for years now because everyone is tired of the republishit!

          • chevblr55

            Ironicallly about 59% of those (other people) say those things so they don't have to listen to you cry about your rights. by the way, why didn't you comment on my “jackboot” comment. you would have liked that one. Oh. and also, I was once a democrat for years actually, until they became the homocrats, So I had to relieve myself from them. now I am non- denominational. LOL

          • Eddie

            Frankly, I didn't think the jackboot comment was interesting enough. Again, it shows your mentality level, and I yawn and feel sorry for you really :(

          • chevblr55

            Man Eddie. You should post on here instaed of my e-mail so you can get good advice from people other than me.

          • Eddie

            I am not posting on your email…you need to change your setting because these posts go to your email. I don't need advice from people on this site because I know the IQ of the duck dynasty followers…I don't come to low IQ for information, I come here to laugh at the stupidity!

          • chevblr55

            There you are. Now what was it about the IQ of duck dynasty followers you were saying…..listen up everyone, we are all about to learn something. DUH HU HU HU. Wait let me get me get pencile and slate board.

          • chevblr55

            You say you came here to laugh…. well this is not a laughing matter. You are messing with peoples IQ here.

          • Eddie

            I don't have to mess with your IQ. If anything, I could possibly RAISE your IQ if you paid close enough attention and got your head out of your duck's back end!

          • chevblr55

            there you go again….. taking me apart with that monsterous IQ……. when will it ever stop. Go read that jackboot comment again. you just might get it the 2nd or 3rd time around if you can see over that IQ of yours

          • chevblr55

            Oh by the way Eddie…..are you….you know….. c'mon man you know what I'm talking about….. I'm just wondering. where you born this way or did it come on you in later years.

          • Eddie

            I got it the first time, it didn't impress me, and frankly, I am rather bored now! Have a great life…perhaps you could read a book or something and you will be quite alright! I doubt it though…but, I can only hope. Maybe pray a little? Read some of that thar Buybull of your'un! I am frankly shocked you even know how to use a computer, but I guess that is great you can! Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS and may Jesus bless you! (THAT is how a REAL Christian works!)

          • chevblr55

            Man Eddie… now you went and hurt my feelings….. Meery Chrrisssmus 2 u and all the high IQ alternative style….( not lifestyle) ( as you and your dude cannot create any form of life without help from a girl) people in your arena….. (some good advice)……. Don't take any wooden nickels.

          • Eddie

            Well, a little fyi…I happen to be a biologist, and I know how the whole life thing works, and I know how creation of life works…and you don't even have to have a BODY to create a life….you just have to extract parts. Creating life is also not necessarily the scope of some people's life and what they want out of it. Also, just a little FYI…gay people come from straight DNA…put that in yer thinkin’ cap and waller it around in yer head a little!

          • chevblr55

            You know Eddie… since your biologist and all And I am cowpolk….. I should have known where that massive IQ came from…… It came from straight DNA…… To bad your gigantic brain hasn't got a clue. Kiss your old man goodnight for me Eddie….. And you need to stop being so mean……

          • mountainaires

            You happen to be a “biologist”? Yet you are an inarticulate, grotesquely adolescent, and clearly poorly read dunce. I pity the company you work for, Ed. If they're paying you, they're paying you too much.

          • Eddie

            Now you done went and told me did'nt ya?!

          • Neurodoc

            Eddie where does all your anger come from? Has someone tried to silence your freedom of speech or just not agreed with your opinions? Tolerance above all. Remember?

          • Eddie

            So, let me get this neurodoc…because I don't have the same opinions or agree with the things you or others say here, then I have anger issues? And, being gay, you cannot sit there intelligently and tell me that we have not been silenced! You cannot sit there and tell me that we have all the equality and rights that heterosexuals have! If we did, then we would not even be having the conversations today now would we? You would not know what it is like to have to sit and wonder if someone is going to jump you or murder you because of who you are. You do not have to wonder why you are not allowed to visit your loved one in the hospital or help make the medical decisions you both agreed on because of a family that interferes. You do not have to wonder why people are always comparing you to a child molester or animal fuckers on a daily basis, and now even times we are compared to terrorists. I mean really? You do not have to wonder if you are going to be fired from your job because of who you are. You do not have to wonder if you are going to not get that house you want to buy because of who you are. You do not have to wonder every single day what stupid something someone is going to come up with to try to make you more of the second class citizen that we already are. You do no have people voting on whether or not you can marry the person you love or breed with. You have not walked a mile in our shoes, so you do not have the right to sit there and question why I am angry! When you go through anything like that, you call me, we will talk, compare notes, and see who has the right to be the angriest. Til then, I suggest you just stick your face back in your bible and pretend to be that christian you claim to be! Leave the rest of us alone that are struggling hard to try to win our rights…yes win..we have to win our rights….why angry?

          • Eddie

            Try not to use words that you don't know the meaning of sir! Inarticulate for example; I am very articulate, and I am very clear in my presentation of my words! I write daily, am published many times, and I can definitely outwit a sycophant the likes of you any day of the week!

          • Tim Smith

            Hey “chevblr55”,
            Don't know whether anyone's every told you, but in the United States it's not required that everyone “creates life”. How about your straight married couples who don't want children? Are they outcasts too? You people keep believing that a family of hillbillies driving around in pick-up trucks out in the boonies represent “real Americans”. News Flash: Over 75% of Americans now live in the civilized world………..metro areas and their suburbs. These losers on Duck Dynasty, Swamp People and Hillbilly Handfishin’ can't make it around educated people. And “the uneducated” have always been drawn to medieval religious nonsense and the bigotry that goes along with it. Smarten’ up !

          • chevblr55

            what makes you think I'm a christian…… I'm not a christian….. I just believe in what Phil and the Buybull says……. So that must mean that I can officially read.

          • mountainaires

            Yeah, we're all rather bored with you Eddie, so please, do go fly your idiot flag, now, huh?

          • Eddie

            wow, thanks for your intelligent input there moutain! You are exactly the people I talk of when I say the illiterate white trash inbred sister marrying cousin dating losers of the reneck world…thanks for participating!

          • mountainaires

            You can't raise your own IQ, Eddie, and clearly that is the IQ that needs the work. The rest of us are more informed, and certainly more educated and articulate than you are in your wildest dreams. You're an idiot. But you're a proud idiot; so let your idiot flag fly, Eddie.

          • Eddie

            Trolled yet again? I must be of great interest to you that you pursue my posts to mark with your urine stained sentences, as if you are the alpha male…however, you will never overpower my greatness, no matter how hard you try!

          • chevblr55

            I still say that jackboot comment was funny even with your IQ you should have gotten it………SAD

          • mountainaires

            Yes, well Eddie is a very sad creature, not to mention a liar. He's no “biologist,” as that would require at least an IQ of 100, and I'm here to tell you that Eddie may reach 85, on his best day.

          • Duckfan

            Seriously? You know the IQ of the Duck Dynasty followers? Mine is 163, and I am college educated. I'm one of ‘them there’ Duck Dynasty followers. So where exactly do I fall into your silly demographic??
            I have gay friends I love dearly. Doesn't mean I approve of their lifestyle. Phil Robertson is entitled to his opinion, and that's all he gave. He bashed no one. He spoke no hatred. He believes, as do I, that judgement is best left to the The Big Guy.

          • Tim Smith

            Eddie……….you're ‘right-on'. This new “Hillbilly America” depicted with shows like Duck Dynasty, Swamp People and Hillbilly Handfishin’ caters to the Bible crowd who live out in the boonies or small-town people who hate everyone (especially one another) anyways. I welcome your comments…..Tim

          • Eddie

            TY Tim! My goodness, a voice of reason amongst these low quality comments I receive!

          • Michael Hogan

            so let me get this straight just because we would rather live in the quiet and beautiful wilderness away from the noisy and over populated corporate America where hillbillies? well if thats the case every one of your ancestors would be considered as hillbillies in your book and the sad thing is your probably one your self but probably also a gay that hasnt come outta the closet and needed a way to put you ignorant 2 sense into this conversation

          • Tim Smith

            Hey Michael Hogan,
            I hope we've come a long way since our “ancestors”. I'm a medical professional and live in the downtown of a big Florida city and, you're right, I am gay and I'm out to everyone, including everyone at work. This IS the year 2013 ! ! You know Phil Robertson can say whatever he wants, but what a person says in public, especially if he's representing a popular TV station (A & E in his case) has consequences. He seems to be getting himself in deeper ca-ca by the hour so they should just cut him loose from the network. Walk him over to the “Church Channel” where his rantings and bigotry will fit right in. His “latest” revelation is that African Americans were happier before the civil rights movement. Give me a frikkin’ break ! ! This guy is just a bigoted, homophobic, racist redneck………….who obviously lives out in the swamps of Louisiana because he can't get along with anyone other than heterosexual white people………hope he never goes to New Orleans……..he'll be offended by virtually everything and everybody around him……..answer your question?

          • Oreofe

            Speaking about IQs… well you can guess mine. Here's my stats: 23, black female, Christian, PharmD candidate 2014, Philadelphia resident, from DC Area, Duck Dynasty fan! You know well that Phil is not trying to suppress your rights to live, you just don't want him to disagree with you. Hallmark of intolerance and barbarism.

          • Eddie

            Frankly, I could care less about his thoughts or who he supports/suppresses! My only problem is with people who are cowards, hide behind the first amendment, then try to come across as if they are “Christian” in values! And, best of luck to you in school! I hope you make it far, become very successful, and use your knowledge to help others in your community succeed! It is better than using star status (loosely termed) to bash a group of minorities, and even go so far as to say the blacks were not mistreated in the South, and that the Jim Crow laws were their only comfort! If that is how you like to be represented as a young black lady, then by all means, continue to follow this asinine, low quality type of programming! Merry Christmas!

          • Oreofe

            So I read that part of the interview as well and I am not a bit offended by it. I don't know if you also read that he said he never experienced it. Him and his family love everybody regardless of their race. This is a man that will go pick up homeless people regardless of race and have miss Kay feed them and encourage them through the gospel. Truth is this man has had experiences in life that shaped who he is today and his believes, I do not expect him to lie about what he experienced or knows/thinks just to please me as a black person. I just wish you all will live and let us live too(Christians). It is a choice to believe in Jesus and if we do, we owe no one no apologies. The only thing we owe everyone is to love them and that includes not discriminating against them.

            Thank you for your well wishes, I am pretty much done with school, halfway done with rotations and so there's no hoping I'll go far here. God willing I will get a residency program and continue to trust Christ wherever I find myself in the future

          • mountainaires

            My God, you're stupider than I first thought. You haven't even read the article in GQ! Oh, maybe you can't read; yeah that could be it, so if that's the case, then I'm truly sorry for you. It's not your fault you're an idiot; it's your mother and father's fault for giving birth to such a stupid person and then allowing them to remain so stupid. Robertson didn't say that “blacks were not mistreated in the South,” or that “Jim Crow laws were their only comfort.” What he said was that he was picking cotton right alongside the blacks when he was growing up; and the black community was better off during the Jim Crow era because they had strong family values, not like today when they're shooting each other and aborting each other in Urban Hells and would rather take welfare than work for their pay. Believe me, Robertson is right. And, most black people know it; it's only the Race Hustlers and their Useful Idiots (that would be you!) who don't want the truth to get out about it.

          • camone3

            I doubt hardly any queers would watch Duck Dynasty anyway, it's a redneck show. Santa Clause is white so get over it.

          • Eddie

            You might be wrong on both accounts….

          • Michael Hogan

            Using star status is that what you think Phil did you do realize he was the starter at QB ahead of the very talented and successful Terry Bradshaw at SMU (southern methodist university) and quit playing even wit a bright football career ahead of him to duck hunt not to mention Who is the only one hat doesnt live in a gigantic house hmmmmmmmm that would be Phil

          • Eddie

            He is also the drunken alcoholic adulterer that left his wife and children for the bottle, and beat up and severely injured the people who rented him a spot for his bar. Yea, that would be the same hmmmmmmm Phil! The one who used drugs and is also a racist…hmmmmmm yep..still Phil!

          • Ang

            Do you take issue with what he also said about blacks? That you all were happy until entitlement programs and welfare destroyed you or blacks were never mistreated in the south? What a great guy!

          • mountainaires

            Eddie: You're dumber than dirt. You feel superior to the Duck Dynasty folks; you know their IQs. Really? You're here to laugh at the “stupidity?” Take a look in the mirror Eddie; that's the face of stupidity. Those Duck Dynasty folks you're laughing at live in mansions; yeah, they're millionaires, make that multi-millionaires. But they were millionaires BEFORE the show; they made their money the old-fashioned way–by being really really good at running a multi-million dollar BUSINESS. So go on and laugh you stupid little twit. Those Duck Dynasty folks are laughing too: ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.

          • Eddie

            My bank account suffers none itself sir!

          • Michael Hogan

            So by that comment I assume that you assume just because Duck Dynasty are a bunch of rednecks that there fans and followers are uneducated and apperantly your I.Q is not very high because you chose a mans ass over the very soft very wet delicious vagina of a woman that oh yea BTW has the ability to carry on a family blood line via reproduction something a gay couple CANNOT do period.

          • Eddie

            Well, you obviously do not know as much about procreation or common medical technology as you think you might! I have a child who happens to be 29 years old, yes, born from a woman's egg and my little swimmy fellers…in other words sperm. I also happen to know many gay people who have children that they created, and some even adopted because low life heterosexuals have babies all the time and throw them away because they can't afford them. They like to do the deeds, but they don't like the results. And, my man is the best person I have ever met in my entire life. I would do anything for him, and he would do anything for me. Yes, it is a great relationship. I am sure your wife just adores you as much! Now, I would use your little internetz you have and educate yourself on some things, because you just proved my point about how the IQ level of the duck dumbassty followers are! Thanks for your time. I hope I didn't use too many big words for you!

          • Tim Smith

            You know it's funny you should bring that up….about reproduction. I'm scratching my head lately wondering why gay couples want to adopt children…..what for? Back in the 70's and 80's gay couples didn't talk about having kids. My question: Why in the world do they want them now? By the way Micheal….I do not choose a man's ass and never have……………are you under the assumption that men are interested in each others asses? And for your info…..I'm not interested in “the very soft, very wet” ……..anything. What do you say to your straight married couples that choose not to have children? Are they some kind of sinners or something? I did not “choose” to be gay any more than you “chose” to be straight because in saying that people “choose” their sexual orientation you're essentially saying that everyone's bisexual and at some point when you're a teenager you simply choose to go down one road or another. So you're saying that YOU ALSO are straight and you CHOSE women over men. Now………..that's not true is it? That you were equally attracted to both males and females but you simply chose females because it was the easier road to take?

          • Bigger_Bull

            I hope you really think that, you are going down on the Titanic. Problem is your still listening to the music.

          • Eddie

            First off, this comment makes absolutely no sense, and secondly, it is “you're”…again, I realize the IQ level I am dealing with here, so I forgive you. It is not your fault! I blame the system!

          • Juan M. Villarreal

            More like, because of the freebies and the sweet Kool-Aid Obumbutt pisses into Dems cups.

          • Eddie

            Reread this statement you wrote and then tell me how I am supposed to take you serious?

          • Juan M. Villarreal

            I can ask the same about your stupid statement about having a Democrat government for years. Am I suppose to take that seriously? Ha.

          • Eddie

            Being of Hispanic roots, I don't see how you would choose otherwise. If the Rethugs had their way, you would be back on the express to Mexico! (Which for people like you..I don't think would be a bad thing…ever!!) Yea, I went there!

          • Juan M. Villarreal

            Got news for you dumb shit, I'm Native American Apache. How does that grab you.?.LOL Don't let the name fool you. My bad, it already has…..

          • Eddie

            yea..sure you are!

          • chevblr55

            I think a jackboot is the last thing you'll have to worry about destroying your throat.

          • lovinmygucci

            Oh, please don't!! We don't have to worry about you. God is going to destroy you, as he did the out “of the closet ones” in the Old Testament. Please repent and come to Christ before it's to late. He loves you in spite of your sin, but he will not wait forever. Come before time is done. He is coming soon. Please repent.

          • Eddie

            You do know that was OLD testament, and it had nothing to do with homosexuality? It had to do with idolatry and greed!? I mean, you quote the Bible, but you don't even really know what it says do you?

          • chevblr55

            Try reading the new testament somewhere around Revelations….. Don't bother listening to me though ……all the scriptures are probably written on lots of posts here.

          • chevblr55

            And this time I am being serious Eddie.

          • chevblr55

            I am not a Bible scholar….. I was taught some things when I was young…. But I do know enough to back up Phil in what he said about what the Bible says…. I am not a thumper by no means….. But I think he has every right as an America to quote what the Bible does truly say…… without losing his job.

          • Craig Bryant

            in old testament in the book Leviticus it clearly states that homosexuality brakes god law. God just punish a two city so much that everyone was afraid to do the act.

          • james

            So what about freedom of speech? You can be gay and break gods law but you cant voice your opinion.Sounds like the america we have become.

          • Eddie

            God's law, as you put it, is a choice to believe in. Freedom of speech does not come without consequences, if used the wrong way!

          • Eddie

            Homosexuality makes God's law come to a complete stop? You need to get a better understanding of that fable that you are trying to talk about, rather illiterately I must add!

          • Eddie

            Again with the old testament and the fact that you don't even know that story, obviously!

          • Tim Smith

            Hey “lovinmygucci”,
            If you were a Florida resident I'd have you committed under the “Baker Act”. You're certifiable! Believing in that medieval foolishness…………….smarten up ! !

          • Dave

            William boo – I have lots of love in my heart for you. I sense a feeling of hurt that you have endured. I am not a homophobe as most are labeled with, if one doesn't agree with the lifestyle. I feel that the homosexual life-style is destructive (my opinion). That doesn't mean that I hate you. I have nothing but love for you. I can't go in to all of the details but I had a brother that was gay and I loved him so much.

          • chevblr55

            I don't hate you either boo…. Don't let Frank mis lead you… He's been causing trouble on here all night

          • chevblr55

            Man Frank…. why didn't you tell everyone sooner….. I would have been way more compassionate

          • tammy

            It dont matter if your in the closet or out of the closet GOD will find you where ever your at and i sure do feel sorry for you because there is a special place for people like you and its called HELL look it up in the holy bible !!!

          • Eddie

            Tammy, you might as well pick out some summer clothes, because that same place you told that man he is going, you are going too! You are not the judge! You have no powers here! Be gone before someone drops a house on you too!

          • Larry Hibbs

            William Boo, We sentence you to read the Bible and start going to Church or suffer eternal Damnation for your deeds

        • Eddie

          Tell me some truth and I might listen. Making crap up and calling it Christian is not truth…it is hypocrisy hiding in a sack of horse manure!

          • chevblr55

            ouch! that hurt. Man dude , you need to lighten up a bit. You're killing me over here with that massive IQ of yours

        • Tim Smith

          For your information your “Bible” is nothing more than a bunch of medieval nonsense. And stop acting like a bunch of hillbillies riding around in pick-up trucks out in the boonies represent “real Americans”. Over 75% of Americans now live and work in metropolitan areas and their suburbs. “Duck Dynasty” type of people are those who aren't able to make it in the “educated” metro areas, just like those losers on “Swamp People” and “Hillbilly Handfishin'”…………give me a break ! ! The “uneducated” have always been prone to believing in religious foolishness and bigotry!

          • Eddie

            And let's not get started on their hygiene!

          • Neurodoc

            Homosexual sex is not hygenic . I thought you were a biologist with a high IQ . The majority of MD,s are Republican christians. I will talk I Q with you. Did you take A and P? Think about anatomy and reproduction. A biology degree is nothing to brag about. Get your doctorate in biology, do a eight yr residency and a two year fellowship before you speak of republicans and ignorance.

          • Eddie

            No sex is hygenic sir! And, I know plenty of Democrat drs out there….and people use the term “Christian” too loosely, because if you were really a Christian, you would know better than to attack others for something you don't believe in. And, being that you do not know my education level, how many years I have put in, and what I have done in my life, I suggest you not even give me a lecture on getting a doctorate, which I already possess. I have done extensive research on many things that affect our lives today, and I have many publications. I don't have to explain myself to you, nor do I have to explain myself to anyone else. Also, if you know so much about anatomy and reproduction, then you know that it doesn't always take a male and female for every species to reproduce. HMMMMMM…wow…imagine that!!! And, there are many species that exhibit homosexual behavior, and none of them put each other down. The only ones that seem to put anyone down or chastise anyone is the animal that kills half the planet off with its ignorance. (In case you can't figure that out, I am talking about man….) So, take your little republican Christian self, carry about your business, I will carry about mine, and all will still be fine in my universe. You actually contributed nothing to persuade me to think other than I already do. I suppose debate is not your strong suit? I don't have to do any of the things you suggested to speak of republicans and ignorance…the republicans make it so easy to do that without any type of fellowship, sir! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever you wish to do with yourself!

          • Eddie

            (and if your hygenic remark is in regards to anal sex, I know plenty of heterosexuals that partake of the anal sex. And, I know plenty that lick the anus….it is not just a gay thing!)

          • Sick of intolerence

            Aren't you the judgemental one Tim? You get pissed off and offended that people don't agree with your lifestyle and then go on to do the same thing yourself?
            If you don't like what you read here, you and all of the other gays and liberals have the right to go to another page and spout your beliefs there.
            You want everyone to agree with your choices, and yet slam someone that has their own views? Sounds like BS to me.
            I'll simply repeat a common saying. If you don't like a show, don't watch it. If something about a show, news item, story,etc., offends you-don't watch it. Let people watch, listen to, read what they want. If enough people do this, then the show, newspaper, etc., will ultimately go under. Simple enough.
            In the mean time, don't waste your time and ours coming to a site where people who don't agree with you post and try and insist that they believe in and accept your lifestyle.

          • Tim Smith

            Look, who cares. He mouthed off and suffered the consequences. What a lot of nice things he had to say just before the holiday season. I don't care one way or the other whether you “accept” my lifestyle. By the way, I have a “life”, not a life'style', and a pretty good one at that. How would you like to have a job and have to listen and laugh about everyone's stories about their husband, wife or kids and view endless photos on their smartphones but if you so much as mention anything about the person on this Earth that you love, people snicker or laugh behind your back…………you have to pretend that you don't have a life. In the past and even presently, gay people have constantly been assaulted, murdered, had their houses burned down, arrested, fired and much worse. Would a public figure or actor on a reality show say bigoted things about black or Hispanic people? I think not. Phil Robertson, himself, has described himself and his family as “rednecks”, “white trash”, and “Bible-thumpers”. By the way…..there are gays who believe in all that baloney too.
            As far as going to a site where people don't agree with you………why don't you contact Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church and tell him to stop harassing people, especially military families, at their son's funerals saying that their son got killed in Afghanistan because of American gay people. Have you even heard of this evil man? Probably not. Until you've walked in someone's shoes you have no idea what they've gone through or had to put up with. …………..don't want to hear from you anymore…………had enough of the hate to last a lifetime………….

        • camillapoof

          The truth? Now that is an open mind …just kidding

      • igotboost05

        I just have ONE comment to make for EVERBODY, homosexuals and heterosexuals. IF being a homosexual is perfectly fine and dandy, then why hasn't it EVER been okay at all, like ever? Homosexuality has ALWAYS been wrong. Since the beginning of time, and still until now. Gee why didn't someone think of that before? When did it become “wrong” to be homosexual? Oh yeah, that's right since for ever.

        • Eddie

          Actually, the Greeks and the Romans used to have very open man on man relationships, and the Indians (American) used to celebrate the “twin spirits” of gay people and marry them like any other relationship. It was the ignorance of white people that caused the hoopla we have today about it, just like any other sexual relationship. Americans are very ignorant when it comes to sex. Take an early Humanities class, you will learn a lot!!!

          • LoveNotHate

            It's also documented that early Christianity used to celebrate same sex unions. It was a combination of Christianities evolution through the dark ages, the period of intellectual darkness and economic regression that occurred in Europe following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, that led to the persecution of homosexual acceptance. Though, because homosexuals are BORN that way (after all, who in their right mind would CHOOSE to be such a persecuted minority, think about it?!!), this did not have an affect on the number of gay people, they only conformed and did what they were told, which of course was a lie. If you want to go Biblical, lying is a sin, so maybe now gays view being gay as LESS sinful then lying, lol!!

            Homosexuality is also found in over 450 species, though homophobia is found in only ONE species. All species have this as a form of built in population control, amongst other things.

            So here's MY question: What if you're NOT Christian, but practice some other form of religion (I only say that because if you're atheist, well you might as well be gay, with the whole burning in hell theory), then you don't prescribe to the Biblical teachings?? Do you simply burn in hell because you weren't exposed to the Bible??!! Here's my thought: God love ALL, the gay-haters as much as the gays. Though I'd put my money on a loving individual (homosexual or heterosexual) before I'd put a dime on anyone hating on anyone else, as far as getting into any Kingdom; God's, Buddha's…ANY!

          • Truthislove

            LoveNotHate, I believe that there are morally offensive behaviors that are so compelling to some that that they feel that they have no choice. Some will certainly testify that they've lost their power over alcohol, for instance. Some lie or steal compulsively. Some have sexual attraction for children. I believe they would also say that the urges are so strong that they cannot choose otherwise, but no one would say that those behaviors were acceptable.



          • Eddie

            I am sure A&E is just so disappointed that they are losing such a wonderful follower such as yourself! You hang in there though! You'll learn ‘em!

          • MD IS Not The Free State

            Hey Eddie, The Greek, Roman, and American Indian civilizations all fell. I wonder why………………….Stick your di%k anywhere you please but do it in your own bedroom, don't aim it in my direction, and please stop feeling compelled to tell us all about your lifestyle!

            P.S. Mr Biologist, bad genes affect the body in many different ways and nature has a way of keeping them from propagating.

          • Eddie

            The reason the Greek, Roman, and American Indian civilizations fell is pure and simple…greed! It has nothing to do with sexuality! And, a little FYI…gay people can and do reproduce every single day! No one is putting anything in your face any more than you are trying to put your religion in their face. Stop hiding behind a religion and grow a pair!

          • igotboost05

            That is fascinating. i am all about truth, so i don't like to blindly follow anything. i had know idea that homosexuality was allowed by Native Americans.

          • Eddie

            w ww . firstpeople . us /articles the-two-spirit-people-of-indigenous-north-americans . ht ml (put that all together and go to that site…you shall see)

        • Eddie

          Educate yourself…study Eros and go from there!

      • lovinmygucci

        Of coarse they are, because God said, as in the days of Noah so would the end be. God is allowing them to rise up into their sin. God destroyed the earth because of sin then, and he will destroy it because of sin, soon again. He also destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of sexual sin of homosexuality,. And he will do it again at the end of the age. Gen 19:24 Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven;
        Gen 19:25 And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.

        • Antierian07

          Yes because a book that has been mistranslated and altered by man (The council of Nicea) should be the basis for all of our actions. Let us kill those who have gotten divorced and stone those who had sex out of wedlock as well. Oh and if you've worn mixed fabrics or eaten shellfish you are on the same level as us lowly homosexuals.

        • Timothy8282

          It was not just homosexuality that The one true living God destroyed in Sodom and Gomorrah it was all kinds of sexuality that was going on even from man and women strait people can be just as perverted. We are all sinners and we have a cross to bare. And your ether you called out by the one true living God or your not.

        • Eddie

          He did not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for the sin of homosexuality…he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for greed, arrogance, lust, idolatry, turning away those in need, gluttony, and I am pretty sure that the whole “homosexual” thing you speak of has to do with the men trying to gang rape the angels to show dominance over them and humiliate them! But, what do I know? I am only an atheist who has read the Bible and understand all the context around the stories in it. But, I don't expect you to understand on the same level as I do. I expect you to pick out particular words and use them as you need them to fit your needs at the time…same with any so called “Christian!”

      • gramcandy

        Mr. Boo, the spokesman from Glaad, Mr. CRUZ I quote, said Phil ‘s decision to push vile & extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E & his sponsors who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for Lgbt people & families. Not only did Mr. Cruz promise to carry out his evil threat against Mr. Phil. With help from A.&E. they delivered. Mr. Phil has been suspended indefinitely. The liberal community in this country has a hatred for the God of the Bible & his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. God have mercy on your souls.

      • Tim Smith

        William…………you speak the truth. Haters (read: Bible-thumpers) see gays as the last group to get away with treating like sh..t ! Soon they'll move on to other groups…..I think Muslims are next. Keep on posting…………………Tim

      • mountainaires

        I thought gay people only wanted equal civil rights; turns out they want the right to dictate what everyone ELSE'S rights are. Shame on GLAAD, the GAY GESTAPO. They aren't going to win respect for their opinions by disrespecting others’ rights to their own opinions.

    • igotboost05

      I just have ONE comment to make for EVERBODY, homosexuals and heterosexuals. IF being a homo is perfectly fine and dandy, then why hasn't it EVER been okay at all, like ever? Homosexuality has ALWAYS been wrong. Since the beginning of time, and still until now. Unless you think Now, in the last ten years, is the time for homosexuality to be accepted. Gee why didn't someone think of that before? When did it become “wrong”? Answer that one.

      • Nick

        There have been instances of homosexuals through out time. And going with your logic, it is OK to own slaves too, because people have owned slaves since the beginning of time. I mean heaven forbid we learn as our race grows older. So yes it may have been considered ‘wrong’ years ago, but we learn as our race grows. So before you start preaching about how it was hundreds of years ago think about what else was acceptable back then.

        • Alecbighungry Hall

          First slavery wasn't accepted than if u read they were freeing slaves than it was people fighting for freedom many years ago slavery was never accepted. The bible say that homosexuality is a abomination. Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. (Leviticus 18:22 KJV)[. “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” (Leviticus 20:13 KJV). Read its there.

          • Kyu

            And Leviticus is the Old Testament, which by definition, was rendered as invalid when the New Testament was written.
            Also, Leviticus also claims that you can be put to death for wearing cloth made of two different threads.

          • Amie M

            The old testament was NOT rendered “invalid” the word was FULLFILLED with the death and resurrection of Jesus. This teaching that the old testament was rendered invalid or done away with is incorrect. It is as valid today as it was back then. I'm only commenting because it saddens me people not only teach this but believe it. Jhvh God loves all of us. The teachings are valid. Bottom line he knew our names before the foundation of the earth was formed. He is a Father teaching his children how to live. Either we listen or we don't. That is the choice we make. Hate is not one of his teachings. Nor was it Jesus teachings. Nor was it Ahlla's teachings. Nor Buddha's…etc. I don't think the Dynasty star said anything wrong at all. He didn't promote hate at all. He merely stated what the bible says. Today's media and TV shows are all based around sin, killing, lying, cheating, deception, and “G” damning in everyshow. This shows displays love, good morals, family based, good character…. I like it. It is refreshing from what else there is to choose from. A&E just made a big mistake. He is a good man.

          • James Tiede

            you are all geting way off track here its great that you can quoit the bible that has been rewriten many times over but phil robertson has the right to his own opion and to answer a qustion about his belifes without some silvlerights group jumping all over him and yes i know i dont spell very good

          • camillapoof

            I don't disagree that he has that right, but it wasn't a civil rights group that took him off the show it was his employer and the people who pay the bills. So they have the right to have people on the show who do not espouse those beliefs and he does not have the right to demand to be paid for them. You all do know that all these ducksters are multimillionaires right? They aren't in the food stamp lines and the hair and costumes and probably the accents are as phony as they are acting like they are living like Honey Boo Boo. Now there is another disgusting show with a family that should be arrested for child abuse allowing that little girl to be that obese.

          • Joel

            The New Testament doesn't nullify the Old Testament. Everything prior to Christ, (Old Testament) presented the question. Christ (The New Testament) revealed the answer.

          • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr


          • igotboost05

            I see your point. So do you believe that rejecting someones personal choice is the same as accepting slavery?

          • JesusForgivesTheRepentant

            The Leviticus law was for the Jews under goods covenant none of those laws apply to new testament gentiles.
            But God still says that if the homosexual does not repent and turn from it they will still go to hell.

            1 Corinthians 6:9-10 NIV

            Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

          • camillapoof

            Wait a minute…are you now practicing to rewrite the next version of the Bible? Surely you don't think what we have today is a first edition. If you are going to condemn all those people at least don't put them all in the same sentence. I doubt the penalty is the same for a swindler than it is for a murderer and adultery is our fourth favorite sport at least since we started living so long and couldnt get rid of the old nag or foggie by killing them off. It is human nature to spread our seed. That is how we evolve and how we persist when other species fail. And who among us is not greedy from time to time. If I believed in Christianity, which I don't, all those people you mentioned were forgiven and in any event were not to be judged by men. Thank the lord for the new Pope, I may not buy all he is selling but I sure like his humanity and his humility. There are a few here who could use a little more of the same

          • CAPT Tom

            Homosexuality is a life style choice and its a sex practice for gratification. Its not a handicap or race you are born with. No one knows how you have sex unless you tell them. There would be no discrimination for homosexuals if they keep their mouths shut. The problem starts with the homosexuals publicly glorifying their sex practices and filling the law books with stupid laws that glorify it. What if i went about telling everyone i like to do oral sex on my female sex partners. I want a law that makes a 69 holiday and I want a parade. I would be thrown in jail or locked in a loony bin. Oh an after thought… I could be president and get a blow job in the Oval Office. :-)

          • OLD AIR FORCE VET


          • camillapoof

            And wouldn't most of you men? Or are all of you members of the 13% who don't cheat at least once

          • tammy

            very well spoken CAPTom,i could not have said it better myself ,god bless each of the duck crew,

          • CAPT Tom

            Thank you Tammy! I spent 30 years in the Army. We learned quickly that there is no time for discrimination in combat. My first combat buddy was black and I am white. We were green. For many years we banned open homosexuals from serving. Later the military had to deal with homosexuality. That is why the military went to Dont Ask Dont Tell as a solution to being gay in the military. But the gays were not satisfied. They protested and lobbied until they could kill DADT. They wanted headlines and to advertise their sex preference. Obama killed DADT. That sucks! Now we have to worry about private Snuffy dressing up in drag and going down to the day room to meet his boyfriend. That causes hate and discontent in the barracks. Why do they have to make a big deal about how they have sex? If they don't tell, no one would know or care.

          • jesse

            Well said CAPTOM!

          • CAPT Tom

            Thanks, I think this event can be significant. The silent Christian majority that have been beat up by the leftists, pro abortionists, and politically correct crowd will revolt and take back our moral authority.

          • Harold Larkin

            sorry to tell u this… u live a big lie when u don't practice the basic tenets of Christ… and religion becomes just another label to stick on urself… like a catchy bumper sticker….

          • camillapoof

            Silent…are you kidding me? I have been battered about by every Christian faith from Four Square Gospel to Evangelical, from Baptist (both Northern and Southern) to Catholicism and it for damn sure hasn't been silent. Who do you think has been waving those flags and ramming belief's about choice down the throats of the women (and those are in the majority) of this country including the new onslaught against birth control…silent…you are completely nuts. The only thing the left has spoken loud and clearly on (and by the way there are religious liberals too) are on what our responsibilities are to the poor and to the elderly and to children. And, you really need to look at something other than FOX for your information because while most Americans do not favor abortion at will, most of us are not totally anti-abortion and understand that there are times and circumstances when it is an undesirable but necessary choice. And thank the lord, the moral authority you speak of is not going to last too much longer because the extremism is so close to totalitarian governments. Oh wait a minute…you all talk a lot about “freedom” but last time I looked it was only your freedom to believe what you want and force me to accept it. Isn't that the very nature of non free societies? You see, you have to be willing to allow others the freedom to deny your beliefs for themselves if you are to retain your own. Otherwise it is only a matter of time before the pendulum swings. We had McCarthy and now we have the Tea Party, very similar beliefs and practices. As the population of the US gets more and more brown (and there is no way to stop that demographic shift) and more female, your antiquated beliefs and the punitive and unsupportive laws they create are going the way of the dinosaurs. That is why you all can't be silent…you are too scared

          • Martin Garcia

            So when did you choose to be a heterosexual there Mr.?

          • CAPT Tom

            I have by choice been hetero since my teens. When I discovered the magic and beauty of girls. I have always considered gays as too shy or lazy to make the effort of romancing the opposite sex. Guys like sex any way they can get it. If they can not get it from girls they go to the next best thing other guys like them. Romans were sex addicts. They promoted gay sex as well as bestiality. Their society declined just like ours is today. .

          • theman

            Are you pre-judging all Romans? So you have other “hate” issues as well huh?

          • CAPT Tom

            Its called the “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” no hate just history. Secular humanists are leading Europe and North America down the same path of decline as the ancient Romans.

          • camillapoof

            Really? and just how do you explain Islam, can't get less secular or humanistic than that. Why is it that you have to have some deity to get on your knees to. Don't bring up the Bible, it wasn't even written during the time of the events it purports to describe and when you compare it to other religions they are very very similar in most instances. I truly do not understand how you could even want to worship a God who condemns millions of innocent children to die from hunger, disease and violence…who stands by and lets babies get mutilated and raped. If that is the God you worship…than thanks but No Thanks. That is just plain evil

          • Martin Garcia

            A choice to be straight? Really? I think you'll find most guys agree that they didn't have to think about it or choose anything. They just like girls outright. If you had to choose well that's another story and maybe there is more to you than you are willing to admit to. Just a thought.
            I for one didn't choose anything. It just happened when I was 7 years old. Had a crush on my Uncle Bruno. Like I said, there was no thinking about it or choosing anything, it just was what it was. Later in life I CHOOSE to date girls and even had sex with them. For me (not for anyone else mind you) it was unnatural, contrived and forced as would having sex for a guys would be for you (I assume).

            Also, you are right about men and sex. Most (not all) will get it where they can. Take prisons and just on long deployments. I've never been in prison but I have talked to guys that have been and yeah, there are straight guys that have sex with men there because they can't control themselves. I've also been on long deployments and there have been straight (some even married) guys who have to “get off” and they will do it with a guy if they have to.

            This is what the Bible is telling us when it states “thou shall not lie with a man as with a woman”. These straight guys that are married or heterosexual are not to have sex with men as that is not their nature. Also, in ancient times the Romans, Pagans and other cultures used temple sex as part of worship and thought it would please their Gods. This is something Jesus, Peter and other authors of the Bible preached against. It wasn't the act or of being a homosexual. Granted, depravity in its many forms (sex, gluttony, pride and in hospitality) all combined were the downfall of the Roman and many other empires throughout the ages and not just because they engaged in homosexual sex for whatever purpose.

          • camillapoof

            You are wrong. Not just a little…totally wrong. It is a biologically influenced pattern that varies in individuals on a very wide continuum. There are loads of studies that have demonstrated the differences in brain structures of homosexual as compared with heterosexual males. (Females are more complex). Environment may cause the biological predisposition to be expressed but it certainly isn't a choice even then the same way we choose whether we are going to tell a lie or not. As for your oral sex fantasies, you seem to be doing a whole lot of bragging there. I've been around a few years and sowed a few oats and I can tell you at least from my experience that men who talk, don't do and if they do they don't do it well. I'm not any more impressed by heterosexual couples with their hands in each others pants and their tongues in each others throats in public. I think those things should be private but it for sure isn't any more common among homosexuals than heterosexuals. It just bothers you more. And let me ask you another question if you can bring yourself to be honest. When you watch pornographic video's on your computer (and we do know you do that) does a threesome with two women turn you on? Betcha it does, it does me and I'm a very heterosexual woman and it does my husband and he for damned sure is a heterosexual male. So what does that say about our beliefs about homosexuality. Is lesbianism different from being a gay male couple? In real life, it may be caused somewhat differently because of the rates of rape and incest in female children and there could be a variation in what it even means…maybe it is less about sex and more about emotional commitment than male homosexuality. I don't know for sure but it makes for really interesting questions to research and read about.

        • excavatoreddie

          Homosexuals have been around for hundreds of years. So have thieves, murderers and adulterers. However, that doesn't meat that it was acceptable then, or that it should be acceptable now. If you want to accept these things, that's your problem. It doesn't mean that I have to.

          • camillapoof

            Oh my God, you can't be comparing all of those people. Since when do you religious nuts hold adulterers with their feet to the fire. A good third of the right wing has been caught at least once with their hands and other appendages in the cookie jar and a few have even dilly dallied with prostitutes and I don't hear any one haranguing to condemn them. And how about the preachers who have been caught with young boys and drugs who took a two week cure and now are making more money than ever preaching to the choir. Homosexuals have been around for as long as mankind has been around and that is closer to millions rather than hundreds of years and it was acceptable at certain times and in certain cultures. It is our religious based cultures who have some cockamamie idea that sexuality is and either or thing. I hate to break it to you but scientifically, sexuality is on a continuum and almost no one is 100 % one thing or the other. I am sure it makes you squeamish but the brain where the site of sexuality is based is a super complicated structure made up of all sorts of hormones, chemicals, structures, electrical currents etc. And all of those are effected prebirth by the environment which bathes the developing fetus in many more hormones, chemicals, stressors etc resulting in various degrees of sexuality. It isn't a choice it is biology and for men at least can be shown to be reflected in different brain structures. As usual women's sexuality is a bit more finessed but we are still learning. It is just more likely to be more reflective of trauma in childhood than men may be. Either way, there is nothing to condemn. It isn't your right to condemn others for their biology nor vice versa. I'll let you in on another little secret….I did a research study in this area in graduate school and you know who were the most threatened and outraged by homosexuality….those who were afraid of their own sexual natures. Maybe if they understood that it isn't an either or or thing they could give a sigh of relief and let people live and love freely as long as they do not injure others. I'd be a whole lot more judgmental of pedophiles than homosexuals…and that group are almost exclusively heterosexual.

          • excavatoreddie

            Looks to me like it took you a week to come up with all of your so-called facts, in reply to my opinion. I feel sorry for you, that you didn't have anything better to do on Christmas day. I spent Christmas day enjoying my children and grandchildren, a concept of family, which I am sure that you have a tough time grasping. It is because of idiots like you, that have been brain-washed by our liberal institutions of learning, that our nation is in the dire straits that it is in. You are certainly welcome to live in your world of fantasy, as that is your right, however, you are very confused, at the very least.

        • pickles

          One thing is for certain-GOD has not changed!

        • Rick

          The bible vertion of slave it was nothing compare to the modern slavery, and most of bible would call them servant, they had rights. They would become slave themslves for various reason like not being able to pay a debt. but after their debt were paid they could become free or decide to remain being a servant of their master.
          You can not compare that type of agreetment with todays slavery

        • Larry Hibbs

          If it was wrong in Gods Eyes hundreds of years ago then it still is wrong in Gods Eyes today. God does not change

        • Shawn

          You are right some things do change but many do not. Slavery still exists today so too does sin. As for humanity getting better, do you realize how many people died from war in the last hundred years? You argument is emotionally based and is not factual. This is the method commonly adopted by left leaning people.

      • LoveNotHate

        It's also documented that early Christianity used to celebrate same sex unions. It was a combination of Christianities evolution through the dark ages, the period of intellectual darkness and economic regression that occurred in Europe following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, that led to the persecution of homosexual acceptance. Though, because homosexuals are BORN that way (after all, who in their right mind would CHOOSE to be such a persecuted minority, think about it?!!), this did not have an affect on the number of gay people, they only conformed and did what they were told, which of course was a lie. If you want to go Biblical, lying is a sin, so maybe now gays view being gay as LESS sinful then lying, lol!!

        Homosexuality is also found in over 450 species, though homophobia is found in only ONE species. All species have this as a form of built in population control, amongst other things.

        • Truthislove

          LoveNotHate, please provide documentation for this statement, “It's also documented that early Christianity used to celebrate same sex unions.”

        • Jae Parker

          And ancient Romans also openly practiced homo-sex. Where are they now? Flourishing lifestyle huh? As for animals 450 species from the total number in existence is a pitiful percentage if trying to prove acceptance as the norm.

        • maria nicolas

          I respect the gay rights, I have a lot of friends that are gay, and three relatives. But the only comment that I do not accept and have zero tolerance to justify homosexuality is “that there other species that have homosexuality”, with that criteria, evetually someone can justify incest and sex between siblings! In the human specie beside the ones that are really born homosexual, homosexuality has become more of a choice, and trend.

          • Larry Hibbs

            Homosexuality is a choice, I do not believe you are born that way.

          • camillapoof

            What you are saying just doesn't make sense. Homosexuality is biological not a choice or trend. The only trend is that at least in our country we are finally getting non judgmental enough to let people live openly. That doesn't mean that we have more homosexuality than in prior years and eras, it just means that people are freer to act on their biological natures. What I would love you all to consider is that it is ok to feel uncomfortable with a different lifestyle…what is not ok is to condemn it and compare it to incest et al. Do you really not know that incest is far more common in heterosexual males than any homosexual group male or female? I am a lot like President Obama…I am evolving in this area. I am not totally comfortable when I think about the sexual act in homosexual couples but I do totally believe that their love and commitment is no different than my own and if truth be known I am not totally comfortable with all kinds of heterosexual sexual activities either. I have evolved there too

        • igotboost05

          Another good point. I understand that ANIMALS do things differently than humans-that is what sets us apart, almost like we were created in another Image, to NOT be like animals. Christianity is a terrible thing to base God's message and intentions with. Christianity is nothing more than a label that has been ripped, torn, and stained throughout time. i know longer call myself a “Christian”, rather I call myself a follower of God and the Bible. “Christians” also murdered thousands, so just because they also accepted homosexuality doesn't make it right.

        • BarneyFife

          Please share in scripture where this is found as I have never found it in all of my years. You can't throw something like this out there without putting where you got it from.

        • Shawn

          I think you missed the writings of Paul in Romans on this subject. You are free to believe whatever you want, just allow others the same. As for some of your assertions, these are not logical. The history you present is not true, there has never been any proof anyone is born gay (see human genome study), people make choices others would find questionable everyday, and you are the one who is presenting untruthful statements as fact. I will not cal you a liar because I think you believe what you are saying, again return the favor. And lastly, you may be ok equating man with animals, I am not. Animals eat their young, is that ok for man? Again not a logical argument. I did enjoy the conversation, thanks.

          • camillapoof

            Do you know what happens when humans are isolated and have no other food or water? They eat other humans. We are not different just a little more evolved in some areas. There are some animals particularly whales and dolphins that may be as smart or smarter then we are and they have very involved parenting practices and what can only be compared to our moral compass. A hump back whale baby stays with its mother for close to 40 years in many instances and die in defense of their young. Elephants have a matriarchical society with generations of females passing on complex memories to newborns and with the exception of young males who are kicked out of the herd when they are starting to become sexually agressive, the female calves stay with the group for life. They have amazing memories and that includes remembering how we treat them. Thinking that there are no species here or on other planets that have our capacity for thought and creativity and thoughts of good and evil is really self centered and ridiculous.

      • NavyVet

        In the bible I think they say something about Sodom and Gomorra some guy named Lot. Something about fire from sky burning up the city because of Humm what was that again? Ohh Yeah that little sin call HOMOSEXUALITY!!!! Is any sin little? Hummm

        • Old school000

          If one actually takes the time to READ and UNDERSTAND the whole quote from Phil, he was paraphrasing, then one would know Phil was saying exactly what you unintentionally said. According to God, a sin is a sin. Whether stealing a valve stem cap from a car, telling a lie, or committing adultery, they are all equal in God's eyes. God passes judgement on the sinner, we are to love and respect them while we are alive. THAT is what Phil was saying. Phil, and A LOT of other people, hates the sin, and loves the sinner..

          • danny


        • Martin Garcia

          WOW Navy Vet! As one Navy Vet to another I ask that you really go back an READ and then more importantly UNDERSTAND your bible. First of all you didn't even spell Gomorrah correctly. Sorry just had to point that out with all due respect.
          Secondly, there is NOTHING in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah that says, “God is destroying you because you're a homosexual”. And no one can say it is plain as day because all of the men in the city, young and old came to rape the Angels. God had decided to destroy the city long before the infamous rape attempt as a result of their MANY wicked sins (Ezekiel 16:49-50), that's why the Angels were sent in the first place!
          Also, every single elder, able man and boy in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were gay? Really??? Seriously??? That krap doesn't even happen in San Francisco!!! LOL
          Finally, I challenge ANYONE to point out in the Bible where JESUS condemns LGBT people or says being a homosexual is a sin!
          Peace be with you brother!

          • jesse

            Leviticus 18:22 ESV
            You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.

            1 Corinthians 6:9-10 ESV
            Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

            Romans 1:26 ESV
            For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature;
            There are plenty more, if you know your bible that is. Men had given themselves to men, and women to women, why do you think the men wanted to rape the men? Because they were new men, and they wanted to have their way with them.

          • jesse

            That's ALL Phil was saying, you know. Exactly what the bible says, and it's wrong for him to do so? nope, only people who don't want to be told they're sinning are the ones who act like a firecracker has been put up their a**, oh wait, guess they'd like that too huh?

          • Brandy Lopez

            thank you for pointing this out to everyone who proclaims that the Bible doesn't talk about homosexuality as being a sin.

          • Octopus

            Non of those versus quote Jesus. What did Jesus say about Homosexuality or Abortion, for that matter. The answer is nothing

          • Melody Lowe

            “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he was drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matthew 18:10). Jesus tells us not to despise or look down upon the least powerful and significant (by human standards) of humans.

          • Eddie

            Leveticus 18 speaks of many many sexual relationships that are undersirable…it is not just about gays. Also, if you are going Old Testament, you then are living in the old age and it is not really relevant, which therefore tells me that you are not a real christian and you claim to be, because everyone knows the new testaments is where we live these days. Also in Leveticus, there are other things you can't do, eat shellfish, eat pork, wear mixed fabrics, cut your hair, if a child backtalks you are to stone it to death, adultery, then you are to be stoned to death…lots and lots and lots of things…but do you follow all of those? No, you just pic out that one damn quote and try to use it to benefit your stupid needs. Also, when you are picking out verses, you need to understand the WHOLE STORY that goes with that one verse. You can't just take that verse out of context and use it to your desires! That is why no one takes you Bible Thumpers seriously!

          • George Bassett

            I don't know what Bible you are reading out of, but my Bible has no such words, as to what you speak of. It does not say you can't eat pork, or sea food, never has, and never will, unles you have taken from the Bible, and wrote your Bible.

          • Eddie

            http :// ww w .11point s .com/ Books/ 11_Things_ The_Bible_Bans,_But_You_Do_Anyway

          • Eddie

            You are the one that does not know the bible..put together the link below and read Leviticus 11:8, which is discussing pigs, reads “You shall not eat of their flesh nor touch their carcasses; they are unclean to you.”,

            Leviticus 11:10 reads, “But whatever is in the seas and in the rivers that
            does not have fins and scales among all the teeming life of the water,
            and among all the living creatures that are in the water, they are
            detestable things to you.” And shellfish is right in that wheelhouse.

            You can't even wear a cotton/poly blend sir
            Leviticus 19:19 reads, “You are to keep My statutes.
            You shall not breed together two kinds of your cattle; you shall not
            sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together.”

          • Eddie

            Death penalty for using the Lord’s name in vain

            “He who
            blasphemes the name of the Lord shall be put to death; all the congregation
            shall stone him; the sojourner as well as the native, when he blasphemes the
            Name, shall be put to death.” (Lev.

            Prohibition against eating pork

            “And the
            swine, because it parts the hoof and is cloven-footed but does not chew the cud,
            is unclean to you. Of their flesh
            you shall not eat, and their carcasses you shall not touch; they are unclean to
            you.” (Lev. 11:7–8)

            Mandating of animal sacrifices

            “If anyone
            sins unwittingly in any of the things which commanded not to be done, and does
            any one of them, if it is the anointed priest who sins, thus bringing guilt on
            the people, then let him offer the sin which he has committed a young bull
            without blemish to the Lord as a sin offering. He shall bring the bull to the
            door of the tent of meeting before the Lord, and lay his hand on the head of the
            bull, and kill the bull before the Lord. … And all the fat of the bull of the
            sin offering
            he shall take from it, the fat that covers the entrails and all the fat that is
            on the entrails, and the two kidneys with the fat that is on them at the loins,
            and the appendage of the liver which he shall take away with the kidneys … and
            the priest shall burn them upon the altar…. (Lev.

            [NOTE: The first
            several chapters of Leviticus are devoted to mandatory animal sacrifices, such
            as the wringing of turtledoves’ necks, the cutting open of goats and bulls,
            and the vivisection of female lambs, for various sins.]

            Death penalty for spiritualists

            “A man or
            woman who is a medium or a wizard shall be put to death; they shall be stoned
            with stones, their blood shall be upon them.” (Lev.

            Human slavery sanctioned

            “As for
            your male and female slaves whom you may have: you may buy male and female
            slaves from among the nations that are round about you. You may also buy from
            among the strangers who sojourn with you and their families that are with you,
            who have been born in your land; and they may be your property. You may bequeath
            them to your sons after you, to inherit as a Possession for ever.” (Lev.

            Prohibition against eating fat

            “It shall
            be a perpetual statute throughout Your generations, in all your dwelling places,
            that you eat neither fat nor blood.” (Lev.

            Forbidding of hair and beard trimming

            “You shall
            not round off the hair on your temples or mar the edges of your beard.” (Lev.

            Prohibition against eating crab, clams, oysters

            in the waters that has fins
            and scales, whether in the seas or in the rivers, you may eat. But anything in
            the rivers that has not fins
            and scales, of the swarming creatures in the waters and of the living creatures
            that are in the waters, is an abomination to you. They shall remain an
            abomination to you; of their flesh
            you shall not eat, and their carcasses you shall have in abomination. Everything
            in the waters that has not fins
            and scales is an abomination to you.” (Lev.

            Death penalty for adultery

            “If a man
            commits adultery with the wife of his neighbor, both the adulterer and the
            adulteress shall be put to death.” (Lev.

            lists four other kinds of adultery for which the death penalty is also

            The profanity of disabled individuals

            “For no one
            who has a blemish shall draw near, a man blind or lame, or who has a mutilated
            face or a limb too long, or a man who has an injured foot or an injured hand, or
            a hunchback, or a dwarf, or a man with a defect in his sights or an itching
            disease or scabs or crushed testicles; no man of the descendants of Aaron the
            priest who has a blemish shall come near to offer
            the Lord’s offerings by fire;
            since he has a blemish, he shall not come near to offer
            the bread of his God…He shall not come near the veil or approach the altar,
            because he has a blemish, that he may not profane my sanctuaries…” (Lev.

            Other prohibitions

            shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse
            kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment
            mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee.”
            (Lev. 19:19)

          • Summer

            Does this now mean that God is a homophobic bigot? I mean, the Bible contains his words. According to the gay community, that would be the logical conclusion based on their reasoning.

          • OLDMAN

            The promblem of using the Bible to condemn or condone is really just a reflection of the inner strife between churches.Drive down most main streets and there are churches galore each with it's own agenda…..tell which one really has the truth.One eats pork the one down the block doesn't,one wears vestments the other no,the other baptises one way the other must be wrong.History tells the real truth the texts that condemn homosexuals to say really refers to pagan religions that were neighbors of Israel that used prostitution male and female to enchance fertility and good crops etc.A hundred and so years ago the Bible was used to commit Indian genocide and slavery in our country that Christians never really address in their discours these days.The decline of western civilization is not Gay rights or anyboby else's rights it is that because in the inner divide among the holier than thou crowd is simply no one is listening anymore so it's time to attack the most vunerable.after all they have too believe in something right ?

          • Larry Hibbs

            OK Martin, I think Jesse accepted your challenge and found a lot more then one instant and there are other she did not mention. Peace be with you also, but you are wrong

          • Martin Garcia

            Not at all my friend. JESUS himself did not say anything about homosexuality. In fact, the language at the time did not even have a word for “homosexual”. Jesse cites part of the verse “nor men who practice homosexuality”, that is not an exact translation!

            If you want to talk Leviticus, it is widely accepted that we are not bound by that covenant/laws anymore. If that were the case, everyone who (yes that means straight people) has gotten a divorce and remarried, both people are going to hell.

            People who wear modern clothes of different types of cloth are an abomination. Insolent children, and everyone who works or goes to a football game on the Sabbath should be put to death. You can't say we'll those things don't apply but for homosexuals it does. That's just not the way it works.
            With I could play more here kids but I gotta run off and do more important things than try to change your minds about religion and social tolerance.
            One thing I leave you with it that Jesus was one of the biggest Socialist the was. Think about it.
            Peace to all!

          • Robert Wayne Wood


          • Brandy Lopez

            I pity you on judgement day

          • Martin Garcia

            You're not judging there, are you Brandy?

          • Brandy Lopez

            like everything else you are misunderstanding a point… No I am not judging I am just pointing out that I feel sorry for you when it comes to judgment day and you have to come face to face with the almighty because you will have to answer to him and I would not want to be the one there and have to answer for mocking him and his word.

          • Martin Garcia

            Hi Brandy, Forgive me but you proceed from a false assumption. You assume that your words are not hurtful. Not only to me but to all the LGBT community. You have concluded that Jesus has already and or will condemn me to something else than salvation. This is not else but judgment on your part. The fact that you don't see this is unfortunate and a bit sad and I shall pray for you that you not judge others “least ye be judged” by the same standards. Also, if you, I or anyone thinks that you are already saved or will be saved for sure you may be mistaken as, and I repeat, only The Son of God has been give the authority to judge (John 5:25-27). I forgive you for your judgment and love your for your love for God and our Savior Jesus Christ.
            Be well and peace be with you!

          • Brandy Lopez

            I do not mean for my words to hurt anyone and I am not judging anyone because I am not perfect and I have to pray every night for God's forgiveness. I am just stating that the Bible talks about homosexuality is wrong. However I do not dislike gay people, in fact I find that they are usually some of the nicest people that you will ever meet. I have had some very good gay friends and they knew how I felt and it did not come in between us in any way, we didn't dwell on it. I am sorry if you feel as if I am judging you or anyone with the LGBT community because that is not my intention, just to point out that I don't believe in it because of the Bible. However this is America where we both are entitled to our own opinions and beliefs and we should all respect everyone's right to their own beliefs and let God do the judging.

          • Shawn

            Martin you have very little Bible understanding at all. If you continue to have a closed mind you will never learn anything new. Wise men understand there are always things to learn. Fools miss that completely. I hope you wise up because you will give account one day just like we all will. There is hope out there even for you. Merry Christmas buddy.

          • camillapoof

            When I was a teenager I became involved with a group called Youth for Christ of Billy Graham fame. Truth was my best friend at the time has a cute brother I was dying to date. But it did allow me to go to huge events over and over again 10,000, 20,000 even 50,000. I was saved so many times I would have to go through many reincarnations to use them up. And I can't think of a single non Christian person who was less altruistic, judgemental than that group. You don't have to look far, just look at the beliefs of our so called Christian Congress who think that letting little children starve will keep them from being takers on the dole for the rest of their lives. My exhusband thought it was a great idea to refuse to give me child support for almost 3 years and if it weren't for Food stamps we would have starved. I said thank you and have never been anything other than grateful for the help of my neighbors and government than I was then

          • Shawn

            I'm not sure how your post relates to what I was saying but I appreciate the discussion. You admit going to the crusades for other reasons as I'm sure many a young person has done. I may have attended a service or two for similar motives. But being saved is a personal decision between you and God. if someone let you down and you blame Christians I can understand that. But they are not the ones you need a relationship with you should not allow them the power to make you turn away. We are all imperfect and we make mistakes. Some of us are just plain bad people. That is why your faith should only be in God and never in man. As for the posting, I do not recall being against aid to those in need, I was the product of a similar situation when I was young. Also, keep in mind this country is majority Christian according to every poll ever taken. So if you have had government help it came mostly from Christians. That is why it is there, to help those in need. I hope the best for you.

          • camillapoof

            Shawn, you are, as is often the case,lpicking and choosing both from the bible and from my discussion. Just as the Duck Dynasty elder picked and chose from the Bible to excuse his nasty discussion of homosexual relations (he needs to remember that there are also female/female relationships as well that have nothing to do with male anuses), you seem to pick and choose from my discussion of the lack of empathy and care for others so dominant in the GOP controlled Congress and their constituencies. I do not hear any sort of rancor and determination from the “liberal wing” to espouse positions that make children go to bed at night without food…elders choose between their medicine and their heating bill…unemployed workers who are being age descriminated against or have butted up against the wall created by off shoring labor, having nothing to put bread on the table let alone putting presents under the tree.

            And all this approved of by a vast majority of so called Christians who dominate the right wing politics gerimandered into place for an abominable length of time. So you say well “I am a Christian and I don't disbelieve in government help” is just an excuse. Even if true, if you are not out there calling out your fellow “Christians” who are certainly not quiet about their ridiculous beliefs like “creationism”, the superiority of Christians over people of other faiths; a willingness to take away non-religious liberty; the ability to quietly congregate and protest government (when it is not Christian rights that are being infringed or white rights that are being infringed or homosexual rights that are being infringed upon), then you should be quiet about your so called Christianity because you are far from abiding by its most basic tenants.

            As for being a Christian nation,. I think you should take some closer looks at the demographic breakdowns by age. The antipathy against Christianity that has supported the murder and killing of thousands, tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands of Muslims and even other Christians is growing and growing stronger every day especially in college age youth. And you also have to look at the states. But more importantly you need to get the point that the appelation “Christian” is the acceptance of a way of living that is far from that practiced in North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, Georgia (but changing a bit), Louisiana, Mississippi where being non white, non heterosexual, non “Christian” results in treatment that is not far from the time when an African American going to get gas had a rifle put to his head to make him stay in the line until all whites had been served, instead of leaving the line to go elsewhere.

            The people who call our President a monkey, a liar, a communist, a traitor…the list is almost endless do so at the same time professing their Christianity. They wear that badge to make themselves immune to repercussions due them as the result of their gross untruths and even their encouragement of violence against those who do not share their beliefs. The people who murdered doctors and nurses and unwitting patients thought it was ok to kill to perpetuate their beliefs even if it took the right to believe differently away from others. Oh my lord, it is so hard to stick to one thing when there are so many horrors perpetrated in the name of Christianity. I would be so ashamed if I were a Christian living in these days that there would be no way I could attach myself to the group out loud.

            So I have to say to you that excusing behavior as “we aren't perfect” that is just so atrocious as to the denying health, and food, and shelter just makes me sick. And to white wash that with “Christian” really makes me want to give in to my baser self and just smack you silly until you approach acknowledgement of what so called Christians are getting away with now. I won't do it because like most liberals I know, I have an over developed morality that won't let me lower my standards to that level. But the frustration and anger at this self serving, self congratulatory and holier than thou group is growing.

          • Shawn

            Dear Lady, if I were to accept the things you have put forth as fact then the only logical decision would be to hunt down and destroy all Christians. You seem to focus all your anger towards this group and I am left wondering why you have such a high moral opinion of yourself. You speak as though every conservative wants the poor to die and go away. This is such utter nonsense it is not worth defending against. Each of us chooses our path and then we live by that choice. Your issue is clear, you are by your own words self righteous, “I won't do it because like most liberals I know, I have an over
            developed morality that won't let me lower my standards to that level.” Unlike you, I saw I was in need of help and I trusted in Christ to pay for my sins. Who will pay for yours? I will pray that you will find some peace and realize you are not the arbitrator of righteousness, you are a sinner just like me. I see only anger in your words and I have never done anything to you. I served this country and now volunteer in the community as I have done every week for the past 10 plus years. My son is 12 and has been with me in the work since he was 5. I am about to graduate from Nursing school so I can help in providing care for those who need it. You attacks are blind shots at a target you nothing about. I know many other conservative folks who are just like me. We do not hold meeting to see who we can discriminate against next. We leave the demonetization to others who act as though they are some higher moral authority. I have no ill will toward you but I think you have a jaded view of the world and Christianity. Has the rest of the world always been fair with you? I think not. I hope you find happiness and let go of whatever has angered you so much. You call it frustration, I sense another cause but i am guessing. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

          • camillapoof

            Yeah well Shawn, if such is not the case, what is the explanation for throwing 1.3 million families off of unemployment insurance (and do bear in mind that that insurance was bought and paid for by earned income) at Christmas time. And who was it who voted to abandon the food stamp program that provides food for children and the elderly. It certainly isn't the left side of the political equation. And you know, I will stack my moral compass up against you or any other Christian. I don't spout do good pat myself on the back holier than thou rhetoric. I volunteer in food banks, donate to homeless shelters, donate books to libraries and to retirement centers, volunteer when I can at the ASPCA and donate what I can to the campaigns of individuals who support working families and the poor across the US. So yeah, I do think I have a sound moral compass and it makes me sick to listen to so called Christians refuse to take care of the young, the poor and the elderly and think it is great to advocate treating our President with disrespect or worse. You want the name Christian…then act like one. It is people like you that drove me far far away from churches who talk about being all about the family and at the same time ranting about the sins of others.

            As for some of the other things I put out there. I teach Developmental Psychology in college and the development of religion, morality, creation etc is all part of the curriculum. So I've got loads of books and practical research to back me up, not fanciful theories that aren't supported by reality. I don't know everything, I don't claim to, but I read and try to learn and keep my mind open to new ideas every day (as long as those ideas are supported by facts not fancy)

          • Shawn

            Again you prove my point you are self righteous and can not see beyond your own sense of self worth. I have read some of your other postings and you have a new story every week. If there is one thing that marks a militant liberal it is their capacity to lie. Your own postings show you to be completely dishonest and a person who weaves new lies to fit the rant of the day. If you are a teacher of anything it should be how to be an intolerant hateful prejudicial bigot. Do ever read the crazy stuff you post? It is pointless to converse with you because you are not honest. You were never honest with God and that is why you are still lost today. Has it ever dawned on you that if I am wrong about Christ I will suffer no consequence outside of having to put up with closed minded people like you. If you are wrong, you buy your own choice suffer eternally for your rejection of the one who died for you. Despite the hateful things you spew, I hope you do not suffer this fate. I still believe we are all sinners, some just have difficulty admitting that. Have a nice life I feel very sorry that you have so much hate in your heart. Do you ever wonder why you are so angry?

          • Martin Garcia

            Sean, The fact you say I have a closed mind shows you know me not at all. I have to disagree with you on you comment of “very little Bible understanding”. You seem to take the Bible a bit more literally and that can lead to a misunderstanding of scripture. I invite you to research scripture in as close to its original languages (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek…depending on old or new testament) and be sure to consider each writings context. There are many things to consider when contemplating and understanding scripture. Things like culture, customs, whether or not the writing is a metaphor, story or literal example. The entire writings cannot be taken literally. Ask any learned scholar or theologian and they would agree.
            I know you have a true and wonderful relationship with our Lord and Savior and ask that you too open your mind and consider the Hold Scriptures in a context beyond your experiences.
            Merry Christmas to you and your family as well buddy!

          • Shawn

            Martin, it is funny you mention Greek, I have studied some but am no expert on it. I did attend a Bible College and have studied rather extensively on the subject. I have learned enough to know how much more there is to know. When I get the English stuff down I may look at the Greek again. As I get older it becomes easier to accept my imperfections. You are right I do not know you and I was glad to read you say our Lord. If nothing else that was what I was most interested in. I look forward to our next discussion and hope for a great year for you and yours.

          • richard F

            Martin, the old testement still stands but because Jesus gave his life for our sins it gives us a chance to be judged rather than instantly be stoned to death for our sins. We all have sinned and every day I pray for god to forgive me of my sins so I can walk with him in the kingdom. Just because Jesus died for our sins does not give us the ok to sin. The rules did not change, the punishment did.

          • Shawn

            Jesus came to Jews and that is where he spent his ministry. He would not waste his time telling them what the law already plainly stated. If you want to justify behavior that's your call. Don't bring Jesus into it he would not have agreed to breaking the OT law period. You never knew him at all.

          • Martin Garcia

            So you knew him personally Shawn? What was that like?

          • justtryingothelp

            Martin, you've mistaken what Shawn was saying. He was not claiming to have lived 2000 years ago and to have spent time with Jesus back then. (Obviously.) Rather, he was making an allusion to a biblical statement. To understand it, look up “I never knew you” in the Bible.

          • Martin Garcia

            Jeez!!! That was a joke. Lighten up…it's the holidays! :-)

          • Shawn

            I do have a personal relationship with him, and I can read. You would like him, he died for you too. If you can counter what I said about his ministry please do, if you were attempting to be snarky then good job. I just don't know it does any good.

          • Martin Garcia

            That was a joke…I was hoping you got that. Sorry! :-D

          • Shawn

            Not a problem, sometimes going on just what you read make it difficult to know where someone is coming from, no visual cues to gauge intent.

          • Danielle

            Alecbighungry Hall Nick

            • 2 days ago

            First slavery wasn't accepted than if u read they were freeing slaves than it was people fighting for freedom many years ago slavery was never accepted. The bible say that homosexuality is a abomination. Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. (Leviticus 18:22 KJV)[. “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” (Leviticus 20:13 KJV). Read its there.
            Thanks Enough said Challenge complete. Please read all of the bible before challenging people

          • Paul Cormier

            Very good research and explanation, Danielle! I do believe that few of us in this world will inherit the kingdom of God. We have all committed sins. So, that being said, let's respect each other for who we are. Let's forgive those who have committed sins, and wait for God to ultimately decide our fate. I, however do believe that an adulterer and a thief and the greedy were not born with those propensities.

          • Robert Wayne Wood

            EXTREME MORON

          • Paul Mauricio Velasquez

            Garcia, here is the ANYONE that you ask for. But first, let me ask you a question? do you think that is Morally wrong to drive drunk? Why is morally wrong? First, drunken people endanger themselves and endanger others. Do you will send your kids into a car with a drunk driver? If you answer is “no”, you're morally correct. Then we have the other aspect: the human Law: Why the Law prohibit drunk driving? So, Moral and the Law support each other in this real life sample.
            Now, just “imaging” for a moment, that in the days of Yeshua aka “jesus”, the people have cars, WINE and beer was abundant on His days. Do you REALLY believe that will support Drunk Driving or Opposed ? Because the Bible teach that He is the LIFE HIMSELF, He lives forever, so today His stand in the issue is the same, EVEN if in His times people don't have cars. Now, because He don't speak against crack cocaine use, then is RIGHT to use cocaine today?
            Let me explain you something that you don't understand about the Bible.The Bible is not a Manual like we are used to have today, is a a Living Fountain of Moral and Spiritual Principles. Was given by G-D to all the Humanity of ALL times, including us today. The Bible is a Living Book, unique in the universe. The all the 66 Sacred Books=bible, are like the members of a living body.
            When Yeshua said ” no even an iota of this Torah (Word of G-D) will pass, until ALL has been fulfilled ” Mathew 5”17-20 READ IT!, He mean the Holy Writings of the First Books of the Bible (iota the smallest letter of the Greek language, YOD of the Hebrew) When He say “This Law” that mean the Divine Command to no practice the SIN of homosexuality, as shows Leviticus 18:22, 20: 13, and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra for engage in such “sexual oirientation” as shows Genesis 13:13; whole chapter 18, and 19: 4, 5 verses. In specific words of Yeshua/jesus, about SEX, He define sexuality/marriage ONLY between ” a Man and a Woman” in Mathew 17:4. He also spoke about the DESTRUCTION of Sodom and Gomorra for their SIN, not only, but including homosexuality, as clear He said : Mathew 10:15, Mark 6:11, Luke 17:28.
            As the Bible, Yeshua/jesus say very clear, the Holy Spirit is the same with Yeshua/jesus, He Yeshua by His Spirit, inspired all the Apostles to write their Letters to the Churches on the I Century. By the Spirit OF JESUS, the apostle Paul, wrote a very clear letter to the Romans, defining homosexuality and ANY sexual deviation, as perverse, sinful, degrading,by those who HATE G-D!!! the homosexual, ROMANS chapter 1, also the apostle JUDAH/jude in his letter Chapter 1: 7,8.
            So the time and the space is not enough to show the whole Biblical evidence of Yeshua/jesus AGAINST all sexual perversion. Sex was created by G-D to be a blessing, between a MAN and a WOMAN, in the Covenant of Marriage. You can deceive yourself if you want, but the evidence is more bigger and brighter than the sun. YOU CAN’ USE MY BIBLE OR MY G-D TO JUSTIFIED YOUR SIN, you better look for a pornographic book and admit that your “god’ is satan, the father of all LIES, and all sexual depravity.
            Garcia, your “rationale” like all liberal here arguing about things that you don't have a clue, only show the crass ignorance and moral decay of all of you. By your own ‘rationale’ you can have sex with your mother right? After all “jesus don't said anything about it” Right Garcia???My last word: Threre's Not peace for G-D's Laws violators.

        • neura

          preach, preacher, don't make me shout!!

      • herp

        it was accepted though, why do people ignore things like the fact pagans used to marry homosexuals, and they where accepted by them, also tribes in Africa accept them and they dont see it as strange or weird. ITS NORMAL to them.

        There are worlds outside your bible and cultures vastly different.

        • igotboost05

          Um, you do know what “Pagan's” are i hope. The word pagan is commonly used to referenced the Pagan people and their unruly, uncouth, acts of barbarism. If someone performs a uncommon, particularly odd act, we call it a “pagan ritual”. Do you want to take part in something associated with Paganism? I think even the Bible references that a person without God's guidance and truth is a pagan.

        • Larry Hibbs

          There may be, but that does not make it right!!!

        • camillapoof


          I know but to these people those so called “pagan's” are not as good as us. I am not certain “pagan” is the right word here. Many cultures have some form of homosexuality for at least part of life as a normal behavior. These cultures can be very complex, they are just not Christian or Islamic etc. We certainly aren't at the top of a cultural pyramid. God forbid if we are

      • ZeevQ

        Incorrect homosexuality being a sin is relatively new to the larger world. While always a sin in monotheistic religions it was considered acceptable behavior in Ancient Greece, Persia, and Rome as well as ancient Celtic sects as far as we know. It was not uncommon in many Asian cultures either. Widespread distrust of homosexuals has only been going on the past millennia or so.

      • Aaron Henry

        Hi there, igot:

        Actually, up until the 5th century when the Christian emperor Justinian slaughtered all of the pagans and Dodekatheists, bisexuality was a common practice in Greek and Roman culture. In fact, homosexuality was part of military training and taught in schools. A simple “Google” search will provide ample support for that.

        I hope that answers your question.


    • Eddie

      So, a drug user and alcoholic who is probably an cousin inbreeder knows all about God and his ways?

    • Buckhunter101

      Mr. Cruz should put his man pants on….

    • Darrell

      ABSOLUTELY RIGHT,,,The BIBLE is the Guide Book and God will be the final JUDGE,,,Believe the Bible or every thing they do is for nothing,,,GOD BLESS PHIL,,,,

      • Antierian07

        Guidebook doesn't equal absolute truth. If that were the case divorce should end in death, a rapist should be able to purchase the woman he raped if she was a virgin, sex before marriage should result in death, wearing mixed fabrics and eating shellfish are compareable to being gay as it's stated in the pesky old Leviticus chapter everyone seems to use just the one verse out of.

        • Dwight Upton

          Here is an update for you. Christ came and the New Testament for human guidance was written. Jesus stopped a stoning and said that a certificate be issued for divorce. Peter is better to be quoted than Leviticus as he is under the guidance of Christ.
          2 Peter 2:4-11 For if God did not spare the angels who sinned, but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment; and did not spare the ancient world, but saved Noah, one of eight people, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood on the world of the ungodly; and turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes, condemned them to destruction, making them an example to those who afterward would live ungodly; and delivered righteous Lot, who was oppressed by the filthy conduct of the wicked for that righteous man, dwelling among them, tormented his righteous soul from day to day by seeing and hearing their lawless deeds— then the Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations and to reserve the unjust under punishment for the day of judgment, and especially those who walk according to the flesh in the lust of uncleanness and despise authority. They are presumptuous, self-willed. They are not afraid to speak evil of dignitaries, whereas angels, who are greater in power and might, do not bring a reviling accusation against them before the Lord.

      • Tim Smith

        You're delusional. If you were a Florida resident I'd have you committed under the “Baker Act”…………believing in such medieval nonsense……….smarten up ! !

        • Larry Hibbs

          When the end comes Mr. Smith I hope the state of Florida can save you because up to now Florida does not have a good track record. God bless you because your own beliefs do not deserved being blessed.

          • Tim Smith

            I have to agree with you about the sorry state of Florida. It doesn't have a good track record with anything. It's the backside of nowhere as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately I fell for the “Great American Scam”…that it's “important to live near family” and moved back here from Seattle…… which is light years ahead of Florida. And what do you know about “my beliefs” ? ?

    • topryder1

      He only became a true believer after he spent years as a drug addicted buffoon…now he got Jesus and hate all at the same time

    • whoshotdp

      So True I couldn't have said it any better. Nick just come out of the closet , at least before you get aides.

    • shellman

      My name is Ron and I am straight and I believe that we all believe in freedom of speech. Mr. Robertson didn't bash anyone, he was asked questions and he answered them as he believes. He should not be taken off a show because of his beliefs. I will be boycotting the A&E net work and hope all who agree will as well. That may not be right either but its my God given right! Thank you Mr. Robertson for speaking from your heart. I do have friends who are in same sex relationships as well and even though I disagree with that lifestyle I don't hate them or put them down its their choice.

      • BaltimoreDaddy

        I agree with your take on this shellman. I too have gay friends and I respect their choice and I don't bash them. In this case, Mr. Robertson didn't bash them either. He spoke from his heart which is based on his religious beliefs. Too bad you can't have your own opinions about LGBT. As long as it's good for them, you're free to exercise your right to free speech, otherwise they want you to shut up and sit down. Free speech is only free if they agree with it

        • Eddie

          Yes, when someone goes and says something against these so called Christians, then we are being intolerant of Christians. We are trying to keep you in the closet and make it so you can't speak freely and openly full of hate in public. Well, you know, sit and thing about how hypocritical and double standard that is. It seems to me that free speech is only free if YOU agree with it!

          • danny

            so called Christians do not have the boldness to speak out like Phil did he was telling the truth according to God's Holy word and his beliefs .So when you say so called Christian's don't look at Phil or his family

          • Eddie

            Give me a break…this is not God's holy word…this is nothing but homophobic bigotry at its finest and all you sheeple following this shepherd of lost causes deserve the fiery furnace you will all get when you go and ask for your rewards you think you are going to get!

          • Paul Mauricio Velasquez

            So, if the Bible is not the word of God, hum, really? so you never lie? never hurt another person? never steal? never have a evil tough? never get sick? never been angry? never covet another person money, woman, men, car, job, never? you will never DIE? If the Bible were not the Word of G-D you will be complete FREE from any of the above!!!!!!
            Do you don't know that all above IS TRUE about you, because the Word of G-D say so.
            Why liberals don't know the mean of words??? Christians are really “homo-phobic”? Do you really believe that Bible believers FEAR homosexuals? Bible/G-D believers are and had been the Most Brave people in History. We FEAR ONLY G-D, no putrid quasi-men.

          • Paul Mauricio Velasquez

            Hey the whole issue is simply; you have your kind “coming out’ almost everyday, and Christians don't hate you or turn the hell because you “came out”. In what country or planet do all of you live???? You never heard about a Holy Book called bible, that teach CLEARLY against ALL sexual perversions, including Sodomy?????

          • Eddie

            another nut job who can't speak plain English…..tell me when you are done so I can finish baking my bread and making my wine….your sermon is of the utmost interest for communion….shall we? I think the Bible teaches CLEARLY against ALL sin..and GOD gave FREE WILL…so, what is your point moron?

      • casey

        Wrong again. His statements were incendiary. It's funny how you have to clarify your sexuality. God doesn't give you a right to this or that, it's your own conscience decision. I would think that, if God was in direct contact with you, you would put that “will” to helping humanity, after all, you would be within God's Ambassadorship, right. Furthermore, you have no knowdege what he met from the heart. I, do not fear the thief, the drug addict, mishap or the inevitable, I fear the religious fanatic and there sophistry. I believe in life, nature, love and egalitarianism!

    • VigilAnteAngel


    • Tim Smith

      You sound like some insane bible-thumper……….and I suppose you think you're “all American” too, right?

    • Ninjachick

      I'm an atheist and a social liberal… I disagree 100% with what Phil said and with what you believe as a Christian, however, I am also a member of the military and I will defend, to the death, your rights to express your beliefs. It was wrong of A&E to suspend Phil.

    • jesse

      Thank goodness gramcandy, finally a Christian who knows exactly what the bible says. People who practice homosexuality are NOT and CANNOT be true believers, they just don't like being told the truth. Their practice of their Christianity is a wishy-washy gospel where “I” do as “I” wish and call myself a Christian. Sorry guys, Like gramcandy says “God is not mocked”, HE knows whats going on and if you duo think youre saved, you've heard a gospel that has been preached by a demon. Get it into your heads, being told the truth is not being mean or ugly, just truthful.

    • Macus Walker

      You cant tell the truth, because the devil, the prince of all evil and lies, hates it. So, he gets his soldiers to whine and yell, be intolerant, bigoted and hateful, and fight those who know the truth, have morals, and know right from wrong. Just an extension of Good vs. evil, God vs the devil, etc. We know who wins too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    • Casey

      There have never been wars over homos, There is always a war, even as we speak over religious differences or for its defiance. I don't believe in your God or your zelious, fairytale like beliefs, yet, I am civil and love nature and I don't fear hell as you do. You were not born with the instinctive knowledge of God or Hell, you have been instill that doctrine through time. Now, it's so intreched in your conciseness so you account it as Natural and God sent, Wrong. And of course, your statement reeks of hate and the anticipation of damming the unbeliever, as usuall. And you name yourself a christian, right.

  • Peepn Tohm

    a stink hole is better than a vag? babies can't come out of stink holes…

    no baby makers (same sex) = no existence = logic that can't be refuted

    • Norman Dostal

      idiot-stop thiking of gay sex-no one is thinking of your drunken fat ass fumbling for a hole

      • Peepn Tohm

        if there wasn't a mommy and daddy there wouldn't be a norman dumpstal…
        you can be gay all you want, take it in the derriere, get married,
        march in your parade but that still doesn't change the fact of the
        irrefutable TRUTH! If your mommy was a lez and your daddy a butt driller
        would there be a norman? case closed…

    • william boo

      So have you had a vasectomy peepn tohm? What's up with that odd nickname? BTW, most of my gay friends can keep a lobster souflee from collapsing in the oven. I think gays can figure out procreation.

      • Peepn Tohm

        souffle, mouffle… GOD already figured out procreation, so no need for gaycreation… This April I made a commitment to GOD, I made a commitment to live for him and not for myself. I was born in the wrong body and always will think that and GOD knows my heart. For 45 yrs I said I would never NOT be who I am. On that day, I said, GOD, who am I not to make a commitment to you when you gave us your only Son to die for our sins…

        I accepted JESUS in my heart as a 12 year old, I remember begging and crying every night that I wanted my mom to be saved because I didn't want her going to hell. Well, my mom, after several years gave her life to Him. That was around the time I turned my back on GOD when people started telling me I was going to hell for being me. I know, deep in my heart, no matter how I tried to deny Him, He was always there watching over me and trying to get my attention. When I made that commitment to him, 4 months after that day my mom did a 360 and came back to being the strong woman she always has been, as a matter a fact, even stronger.

        For the past several years I got into a deep dark place because my mother started deteriorating, my rock, my everything. I went through the stages of loss, cried more than ever before, almost lost everything and just didn't want to exist any longer. I cried, begged, pleaded, I was angry. Every night when I prayed it never failed, this thought of who I was popped in my being and I would tell GOD, I can't promise you that because I would be lying, I was born in the wrong body and if anyone knows my heart it is you and you know I would be lying. I was literally brought to my knees, humbled as never before. April 30, 2013 I ordered my bible online with two scriptures engraved on it, Matt 4:10 and Psalm 23. I read all the old testament and started the new testament and the devil got a hold of me and I started questioning, WHY ME, why has GOD done these things for me? It is a struggle everyday, for 45 years the evil spirit ruled my life but the Holy Spirit was always there, I just have to live one day at a time and every day I have to seek Him.

  • Konstantine7891

    Robertson is entitled to his opinion. Just like Muslims, socialists or anyone else is entitled to theirs. He is not being hateful. He is quoting his holy book which is also the point of view of thousands upon thousands of people. Its not a thought original to him. Jesus was explicit about what sin is and how you become saved. Sinners cannot but by the grace and saving work of Christ become saved. Homosexual sex is sin according to the scripture. As is adultery or lust or stealing.

    • Norman Dostal

      its hateful dumdum-no breeding, pig fucker

      • Stephen Hallend

        Norman, you are an idiot. What he said was not disrespectful. It was his opinion. Which as an American we have a right to, or that's right unless you are white and straight. I have friends that are gay who say far worse things to each other. A&E is squashing freedom of speech. He is a gentle man, you are an ass who must know about pigs first hand or should I say first butt!

        • william boo

          Stephen, whoever these “friends that are gay” are probably not public figures, and it is their prerogative to say nasty things to each other privately….and it's probably not to cut each other down. Society does a good enough job at that. Especially if you were born before 1980 one should know that. BTW…do you say nasty things to your straight friends, and does that justify things? A & E is disciplining their employee for acting a certain way they find unacceptable.

          • chevblr55

            Wow! I have to comment on you again. This is their number 1 show. Who do you think watches this show? I kind of doubt it would be on logo channel in other words. If any person believes in the truth they will stand up for His right to freedom of speech. It could very well be that this is the time for all people to see and start standing up for what they believe. Problem is as soon as the straight christian guy quotes the Bible he loses his job on the show, but the anus lover above will be on next week.

          • william boo

            I think you lost me on “a-us lover”. sad.

          • chevblr55

            I was right. you can't read. I'm sorry but I could have swore the guy above loves anus more than vagina……. or maybe I forgot how to read. Oh. that's right ……wait how does he know how tight a vagina is. He must have not been born gay, he just became gay. HMMMM seems awful strange to me.

          • igotboost05

            reminds me of a billboard with a picture of a dog going “moo”…the add said “Born different”. I turned to my wife and said when was the last time you saw a mooing dog?

          • igotboost05

            you are a homosexual right? Perhaps you rather he say butt lover lol.

      • Nunya

        Pot calling the kettle… real classy. Typical though. The more liberal you are the more you are entitled to your misguided opinions.

        • Bwa Ha

          Given today's media groups you're absolutely right! They're all liberal as all get out! Fox is even watering things down these days.

      • Bwa Ha

        norman, do your parents upstairs know you're on the computer again?

      • jon boy

        Like your mom, dad, son, daughter and don't forget your family dog.
        Thank you so much for your input.
        It's not often you see a dick talk.

      • shawn canter

        There was not hate in his comments. He is just stating his beliefs. Just because they are different beliefs than yours its not hate. In his comments he said he shows love to every one and its gods place to judge.

      • george.dean

        its hateful dumdum-no breeding, pig —–
        Wow that sure is some non hateful language!!

    • Antierian07

      As is divorce, eating shellfish, wearing mixed fabrics, sex outside of marriage…

  • fruitycakes

    Well I would never guess those two were gay, lmao

  • quietus

    wow, all this over one mans opinion. Its not like this problem isn't going to correct itself eventually.

  • crony-capitalist=USA

    WOw Norman do everyone a favor, Go in the garage and suck on the exhaust pipe

  • Jeanie M Ward-Coudriet

    Whatever happened to free speech? I mean, you may not like what a person says, And as long as they don't promote violence, everyone is entitled to their opinion! I know al ot of Gay people, and have nothing against them none whatsoever. But in America we have free sppech, and it seems to be taken away!!! A lot of our rights are being taken away! Now you say the wrong think it can ruin your life forever

    • Bwa Ha

      We have no right to speak our mind if you're a conservative. Us conservatives tend to keep to ourselves and not make waves. We're quite often too tolerant in order to avoid offending folks.

      • igotboost05

        Wow, good point. Hence the dark side is getting stronger as the liberals allow it to happen…reminds me of something I read in the Bible about being “lukewarm” and the harm it causes… Stand strong and speak the Truth.

    • igotboost05

      I just have ONE comment to make for EVERBODY, homosexuals and heterosexuals. IF being a homo is perfectly fine and dandy, then why hasn't it EVER been okay at all, like ever? Homosexuality has ALWAYS been wrong. Since the beginning of time, and still until now. Unless you think Now, in the last ten years, is the time for homosexuality to be accepted. Gee why didn't someone think of that before? When did it become “wrong”? Answer that one.

  • Auggie Doggy

    That's right, sh*t on a stick, and licking it afterwards, Perfectly normal, perfectly acceptable. Yepper.

    • william boo

      When you point your finger at others how many point back at you? Is this what you are an expert in or something?

  • Meg

    No freedom of speech anymore. The fact is he told the truth. They should all quit A&E. They have the highest rated show on that station. A&E will get plenty of feedback over this. They are taking this gay thing to far. I, for one, am sick of it. Next thing you know if you use the word fat to describe someone you will be chastized.

  • Auggie Doggy

    A day of reckoning someday.

  • Auggie Doggy

    Anus was designed for one thing, per proctologists: resorption of water. It was not designed for penetration. Or absorption of seminal fluids. AIDS gets in there what, 15x more likely. Perfectly normal, perfectly acceptable!!

  • Auggie Doggy

    Sign me up, I'm switching over today!!!!!

  • Karyn

    Why is it that homosexuals have the right to live a perverted life, and broadcast how good the male anus is, but straight, and christian people don't have the right to express their feelings and values?America, and her media are becoming sickos. I just hope that the Robertson clan just tells the network that without their dad, there will be no show. It is way past the time that ordinary Americans start being as vocal as these perverts, Come on America, stand up for your values.

    • rsa

      THANK YOU!!!
      i would add that it's a shame that we gather the country together to support gay rights to marry but do nothing to protect what marriage is and always has been.. Why can't I have the right to protect marriage but others, who don't understand it's religious roots, have the right to destroy it? We are in serious trouble!

      • william boo

        Marriage does not look like it did 200 or even 100 years ago. Can your usband lawfully beat you for being disobedient? Adulterous? Are you his property? Does he get to decide if you take the birth control pill? (Oh wait, that's only been around 40 years). The people the destroyed marriage and the traditional family are not gays. it is if anyone, those that are not married, having 10 kids by 9 different fathers, and not being able to support them.

        • chevblr55

          we are not talking about those sins. we're talking about homo. stay on course. don't overlook your sin by watching or comparing other sins to your sin.

          • Antierian07

            All sins are equal in your Christian God's eyes so we may as well discuss them all. You can't pick and choose (even though that does seem to be the Christian way.)

        • gaga

          I would like to know where the freedom of speech that we have had in America went, oh i know it went out with the rule that our kids cant say the Pledge of the allegiance in school anymore because it had God in it. We love this show and it brings back the feeling of family tradition again. We are behind you Phil, freedom of speech is the American way.

      • RICK

        Karyn – you need to read a lot more factual history about REAL people. You sound immensely naïve (better than using another word). NO ONE “PROTECTS MARRIAGE” except the people who COMMIT TO IT, no matter who they are. Sexuality will NEVER be the component that dictates ANYONE's “right to marry” or to have some LAW(?????) that sets the grounds to “protect it” – how naïve, if not simple-mindedness.

        • igotboost05

          I just have ONE comment to make for EVERBODY, homosexuals and heterosexuals. IF being a homo is perfectly fine and dandy, then why hasn't it EVER been okay at all, like ever? Homosexuality has ALWAYS been wrong. Since the beginning of time, and still until now. Unless you think Now, in the last ten years, is the time for homosexuality to be accepted. Gee why didn't someone think of that before? When did it become “wrong”? Answer that one.

          • RICK

            Dude – are you ***Fk'n***serious ??? You sound like some handcuffed retard sitting in a corner somewhere trying to say something, and sounding even more retarded at the same time.
            How'd you figure that one out ?
            The only thing that has been “wrong” since the beginning of time is shearing idiots like you making such ridiculous and brainless comments.

            Go back to your corner and Sh**** your pants

      • Antierian07

        Marriage has not always been what it is today. There is proof that homosexual relations were sanctioned by the Christian church in the past. You talk about understanding religious roots, but know nothing of the roots you're trying to make a stand on.

    • william boo

      Christian people have the right to express their views, stop being a crybaby. By the way, in most states it's legal to fire a person for being gay, deny us housing, services, and credit. You cannot do that to someone based on religion. I own a home….I cannot tell a right wing Christian or muslim that I as a gay man in FL don't want to live with a right wing Christian because I could be sued for discrimination. Ask a lawyer.
      FYI….I have never, nor have any of my friends ever broadcasted the merits of the a-us.
      It's a shame, because this show used to be very heartwarming. We liked it.

    • giving up on society

      Its thoughts like this that make me hope people like you stop reprodocing someday soon

      • Colt

        I agree completely with you ha

        • chevblr55

          Good. then go do it now while you still have a chance. Life is short.

      • chevblr55

        Man Frank. Another stupid comment. You are talking all this love for everyone yet you bash this girl for telling the truth on how she feels, as to not reproduce, you really do need to get down on your knees and pray for you Frank

        • Apc

          I pray that all you bible thumpers that are haters have a gay or lesbian child. Maybe you would open your eyes. God does not hate, in fact the haters are the ones that will go to hell. You can preach all the bull you want but it only shows your shear ignorance. It is really time for society to wake up.Enough said.

    • jds1987


      • Antierian07

        They can, but as we are a country that supports religious freedom and tolerance if you are a public figurehead and want to make your discriminatory views public you should expect there to be some backlash. A&E has every right to hire and fire who they choose.

  • Fedup

    GLAAD is just a bunch of overly sensitive crybabies. A&E is making a huge mistake taking him off the show. So tired of all the PC crap. If you wanna be gay that's fine just stop whining about it every time someone disagrees with your lifestyle choice.

    • Bwa Ha

      glaad only exists to line some libs pockets and to annoy conservatives.

  • Poppa j

    I can’ speak for anyone that believes in Adam & and Steve. Seriosly what is wrong with people, have we become a society where the minority rules??
    Phil speaks for speaks for more people than A&E can afford to lose.

  • down south

    what does GLAAD stand for??

  • John

    Everyone knows what Christians think about homosexuality. What's the big deal? Some of his remarks were over the top but so what, the man's harmless. By the way I've had sex with women both ways and the vagina is, without question, much tighter. I don't know what these gay guys are drinking that they don't know better.

  • James Baird

    A&E is the one who's bias. As with all media it's open reason on Christianity. Let's just turn off our TV's and spend time with our families. See how A&E likes that.

    • Bwa Ha

      Just so norm knows… James meant to write open “season” on Christianity. We all know what you meant James but norma might take “reason” and run with it…

  • Haley

    A&E didn't just make a mistake for taking Phil off the show, they also basically just ruined the show. May I remind you Phil OWNS Duck commander and Buck commander, and that's what the show is based around.. Without Phil, the show is going to go downhill…

  • Al Waishard

    So tired of the ‘easily offended’ act by the gays. People have opinions/preferences and the First Amendment. If you can't take it – go back in the closet and nail it shut.

    • william boo

      You really cannot stand it that we are demanding being treated like people and respect can you? The first amendment is doing fine. The government is not going to co and arrest phil.

      • Tired of Intolerence

        You earn respect william, you don't demand it, which is what gays are doing now.

  • Timothy8282

    He does have the right to his on opinion, but we are all sinners and many gay people have been called out by the one true living God. Anything is possible with God.. And salvation is just that. We all have a cross to bare. And if you truly are christen you would realize that being a homosexual is something that can be overcome. Even straight people fall from the grace of the one true living God everyday. May we that worship the one true living God grow in wisdom & understanding.. And may the holy spirit of god be with those that belong to our lord and savior Jesus. Sheep on the right and Goats on the left.

    • Bwa Ha

      I wonder what a mooslum would have to say about your comment.

      • Timothy8282

        Some Muslims have become Christians. They may be descendants of Ismael But they believe in the virgin birth of our lord and savior and that Jesus is a profit of God. Where must true Christians no that our lord and savior Jesus is the son of the one true living God.. And that he was born of the virgin birth. Muslims are anti Christ. Historically Muslims and Christians do not get along as we can tell by what is going on in the middle east. Again your called out by the one true living God or your not. We are living in a lost world where even today many Christians still practice many worldly things like TV and movies, Christmas. Again if your gay it can be over come with the one true living God anything is possible. May those that are true Christians keep growing in wisdom and understanding.

        • Bwa Ha

          Timothy, if “some mooslums” have become Christians and truly believe in Christianity then where they're concerned this is a non-issue. They are no longer mooslums. So, back to my original question… I wonder what a mooslum would have to say about your original comment. I shouldn't have to qualify what a mooslum is. I'm fairly well versed re: islum and Christianity… their clultural, historical, religious differences at least. I'm wholly aware of the mooslum hatred towards all “other” religions including Christianity. Folks can water it down all they want but the underlying theme is all other religions, well we're all infidels and should be dhimmified or slaughtered. Pretty simple.
          So, I wonder if even gay mooslums believe practicioners of all other religions should be dhimmified or slaughtered… possibly a second thread to my original question.
          But never mind, I'm really not that interested anymore. mooslums do as mooslums do.

      • Bwa Ha

        Timothy, you should've posted your reply to me here on this thread. You're giving the mooslum “faith” far too much credit. Out of respect for your willingness to respond to me I'll stop there.

        • Timothy8282

          Your right sorry. I'm not use to responding to these post and I don't no how to do in privately.. And I do not think that I will keep doing it because this is a very worldly thing and the temptation for lustful thing is all over this page. But in my opinion some straight people are just as perverted.. I have enjoyed reading your post you seem very informed about the bible. And as you no many are called but few are chosen.. May the one true living God bless you and your family and may we keep growing in wisdom and understanding.

          • Bwa Ha

            Timothy, it's not my intention to dissuade you from participating in an ongoing “discussion” online. I appreciate your candor here with this post. You're right, the temptation for lustful things is all over this page as well as daily life including the internet. You simply have to realize they're temptations and quite often perverted thoughts. As you well know, you alone are the only one who will be ultimately responsible for your actions, good or bad. Just try to stay your course, you seem like a very responsible, reasonable, God loving individual. Don't let people (like me and my quite often pointed replies) prevent you from speaking your mind. May God bless you and yours and yes, may we all keep growing in wisdom and understanding.

            Thanks for the interaction.

  • down couth

    this our society today….say the wrong thing and you get “crucified”, I mean “stoned”

  • down south

    oops meant ass f@#c*ed!

  • theomoneandonlyone

    Whats next, See's candy wont be able to hire gays to pack their fudge boxes

    • Bwa Ha

      Now that was funny!

  • T.j. Mack

    This is the new McCarthyism.

    • Bwa Ha

      Actually the new obama-ism.

  • gkauff4343

    Christians need to take a stand. Tell A & E to put phil back on the show or else. Freedom of speech is still legal the last time I looked. The Gay and Lesbians have no
    problem voicing their opinions anytime they feel. A & E just made a huge mistake. Please to the person who wrote this article don't assume that Christians and Americans accept this kind of life style. Christians love the sinner but hate the sin.

    • Bwa Ha

      So you actually believe A&E cares what you think? They know the libs run the show. Hollywood, television, radio… heck, MEDIA… it's all about the left, LIBS! Owned by libs, produced by libs, bought by libs, sold by libs, watched and read by libs… They don't care what we think. Their numbers have grown because they've been indoctrinating our children… our parents children for generations, a little bit at a time. They're just getting bolder these days and they're not caring what we, the conservative folks think! They'll just run to their lib watchdogs and turn the goons loose on those of us who won't carry the water or refuse to condone their nation wrecking behaviors!
      Personally, I speak my mind. I always have and tend to do more of that these days. But I've noticed lately very few people will support me up front. Later, out of the earshot of the libs they'll tell me they agreed with me but in the heat of the “battle” they cowered like the good puppy dogs they've become. They've allowed themselves to serve as living subjects to this friggin’ liberal mindset we have going on out here in the REAL world.
      Face it, this ain't the America we once knew and still love.

    • angel

      if they don't put him on or take the show off ill never watch A&E again .
      we need to make a stand

  • Frank

    Msn page is showing a picture if uncle sy with the caption “duck dynasty star makes anti gay comments” MSN remove sy pic

    • Bwa Ha

      Why the hell are you even looking at an msn page?

  • Frank

    Since when is freedom of speech illegal. It may not be right but everyone is entitled to their own opinion

  • AmazedandAlarmed

    Duck Dynasty is too poor a show for me to care much about. Phil seems to have started actually believing that “ignorant, religious, backwoods inbred redneck” act they put on and spoke his mind about gays. Personally I think he should be able to say what he wants on the subject. Me, I think gays are disgusting perverts that don't belong “out” but should be left alone as long as they act decently in public and stay away from all children.

    • Bwa Ha

      Just so you know, I thumbed you down for your second paragraph. It tainted the rest of your post in my ignorant, backwoods, redneck opinion. I totally agree with the last two sentences of your post and could care less about your first sentence though. So in the end a quasi good post.

    • william boo

      Thanks for sharing you moron. Have a merry Christmas you vile piece of humanity.

  • down south

    agreed 4343!!

  • Kartman 101

    typical liberal TV they want to push a gay agenda but someone speaks out and they go nuts and teabag the guy.
    Sin is Sin end of story. Being a homosexual is just as bad as stealing, adultery , porn , cussing , terrorism , and so on and so on.
    I treat every person the same based on their attitude and well being but gay or not you tread on me I will kick you in the nuts :)

  • Debra Elwell

    Duck Dynasty is a show about a family that is obviously Christian. They love to hunt and fish. They do good work in their community and in their church. They are just a good family. Persons that watch this wonderful family know that they will see people praying so why would they not think that this family has opinions that they share as well as sharing the gospel not according to the Robertsons but according to Jesus Christ. They preach in their church so what makes anyone think they are not going to state the gospel when asked. As for my family, If you take off Phil or Duck Dynasty we will never tune into A & E again.

    • Chad Adkins

      Good, stop watching!

    • Judy Bearbower

      I am with you on that.Will not watch anything on A&E again.

  • down south

    we are sitting here making a big deal about a few hateful, yet truthful words. But what about the REAL ISSUES WE HAVE HERE in “the land of the free”?

    • Bwa Ha

      Agree! FAR bigger fish to fry out there!

  • down south

    just a few : homeless, unemployment, taxes…….hungry children….etc…!!??

  • Maurice

    Thanks Phil for being brave enough to speak the truth

  • down south

    someone famous speaks his mind and the whole society gets in a uproar

  • Frank

    People need to lighten up. He's probably a good man and he has the right to say what he wants, like all AMERICANS. Wal-Mart will be the first to pull, Boo hoo. What I bet the one who complain have NEVER said anything disparaging, yea right. Get over it, idiot's. FREEDOM of SPEECH. You can't say anything in this country without people getting offened. Grow a pair.

  • down south

    why not use all this energy to help those who “really need it” ?

  • The Dog

    Disgusting Fa66ot PUKES!

  • down south

    like this intelligent statement from “the dog”

  • Frank

    Dogs sniff butts

  • down south

    lol==== 4343

  • T.j. Mack

    This is the new McCarthyism.

  • down south

    “butt” like it says — freedom of speech so go ahead little dog speak, speak away!!

  • Frank

    Did the media forget we have troops fighting for our country. The media seems to forget about our brave troops, what are they all of a suddon not news worthy ?? What about how our wonderful banks approved loans then took us all for a ride and ripped off our country and our polititians let them without consequences.
    But we all had and have to pay for bank fraud. Nice SEC, way to watch our backs.

    • chevblr55


  • John in Albuquerque, N.M.

    A lot of us do belive that having sex with the same sex is wrong. We are allowed to have our say in the matter. Don't say we are wrong, just to make you feel that's your right. I'm not the one who has to pay for my sin against God!!

  • chevblr55

    I could not find anywhere to comment on the msn page that this article was posted. But I have to say that it's about time someone had the guts to tell the truth. Everything Phil said was exactly true quoting the Bible. The Bible says Adam and Eve not Artie and Stevie. Way to go Phil. I would back you up all day everyday.

  • Angela Colburn Jean

    Phil Robertson and family have my support all the way !! I'm proud of him for standing up for our Christian
    values/beliefs !!! It's nice to see that someone has the ball's to speak up ! Pardon the pun !!

  • stella dora

    Really they're going to BASH Phil for his opinion? A&E is wrong and Freedom of speech still exists. Who cares if someone is gay anymore. Keep what you do in your bedroom private it's nobody's business. Straight start making noise!!! Gay people have the same rights as straight people, as human beings. Shut up already. 10% of the population is gay what does that tell you? Just keep it private NOBODY CARES!!!

  • Connie

    I believe 95% of us feel that Phil is right. How do the other 5% have such a loud voice….You 5% climb back in your hole or his hole…..

  • Landon

    This is just bullshit, in that case these two faggots should be suspended from A&E also. If Phil can't have his opinion then neither can they! Read the Bible… stupid Fagbags.

  • theoneandonlyone

    A&E is ran by a bunch of fudge packers.

  • chevblr55

    I myself, and hopefully lots of other people, am boycotting any A&E channel in my home until Phil has his freedom of speech respected, as all Americans should have, We all have to listen to all the gay propaganda and stand back and say nothing or we're gay bashers. So how about this time everyone has to listen to the opposite side of that coin. You kick Phil off the show, You have guaranteed yourself at least one less viewer. By the way A&E you better hope this works out for you, you idiots are screwing up your number 1 show on your sorry network. Everyone here shoul;d join me now, spread the word boycott A&E until they come to their senses.

  • dwayne

    I agree 100% with Phil What happened to his constitutional right for freedom of speech A& E is totally wrong

  • Ross Trilly

    Gotta love liberal/progressives and the gays….they can be vile against christians, heterosexuals, conservatives, etc. and laugh about it, get shows about it, get print about it, but if one of the above states their personal beliefs that is contrary to the liberal/progressive gay agenda, then there's heck to pay.
    This is why at liberal/progressives and (most) gays are, well pigs.

  • chevblr55

    Im still trying to figure out why I couldn't comment on this on the MSN page that delivered it to my PC. Are they scared that a couple of us straights will come out and tell the truth for once. I had to go here to comment. Ironically, it appears that about 98% of the people here have a clue at least. BOYCOTT A&E !!!!!!!!

  • Lamar Dice

    If you suspend Phil, I will suspend your sorry butt. A&E, Phil speaks only what the word of GOD speaks, as pertaining to this article. If you remove him from the show, the same will happen to you.

  • Ames

    I am with Phil on this one, stand up for the truth, Homosexuality is an abomination before GOD and it is contrary to the natural order of things. I cannot describe the depth of my disgust reading the vile remark concerning the “tightness of the male anus” Gross, vile, wicked and disgusting! I call on the Robertson clan to stand together and support the man the began it all. Tell A&E to shove the show up their anus. I am a DD fan but GOD and family come first,

    • chevblr55

      Nice comment.

  • theoneandonlyone

    Thanks Phil for being so forthright, happy happy happy.

  • chevblr55

    In this perverted world, it is okay to talk about how tight an anus is compared to a vagina, but completely wrong to quote what the Bible says about homos. UNREAL……..BOYCOTT A&E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tcidda

    Not very politically correct in this age of political correctness.Show producers had no choice.

  • Concerned

    This is the stupidest thing I have every heard. A&E know that the Robertson believer in God and are Christians. If A&E reads the Bible for which Christians live by they would see that homosexuality is wrong in God's eye. I think it is about time Christians voice how they feel about things and it should be okay like it is okay for those who are homosexual to express how they feel. I think A&E needs to rethink this.

  • Brent Parrish

    I think Phil for President

    • joeyh

      haha for sure

  • Louise Cobb

    As I was thinking about this discussion God brought Ephesians chapter 5 verse 12 to my mind. “For it a shame even to speak of those things which are done in secret”. I am rightly dividing the Word, I started with the first verse so see who God was directing this portion of scripture to and it is for Christians. He's not speaking just of homosexuality but various other sin such as fornication, and all uncleanness , covetousness, whoremongers, idolaters, and more. God is commanding Christians to walk in love as Christ has loved us.

    • chevblr55

      Are you a gay Christian? If you are, you need to go to Bible study class badly. You have a whole lot to learn. Phil quoted what the Bible says about homos. He didn't say that he judges or hates anyone. He was just doing what was right by the laws of the good book

  • Jeff

    Norman: I don't think you are winning over anyone with your language or antics.I think you are causing more damage than good. You may want to think before you write.
    I like the new pope's view( and I'm not even close to being a catholic). We are not the ones to judge- we will all face the ultimate judge sooner or later and our actions will be held accountable for. This goes for everyone, whether they believe it or not. Don't fool yourself Norman. This will happen even if our mammy or pappy taught us this or not.
    A and E has just as much of a right to oust anyone to extend their view. We also have the right to not give our business to A and E. I will not support A and E to extend my view point. I am sick of corporations and their “modern” viewpoints.
    Why do people think the United States has been attacked so many times by religious extremests? As I understand it: because of the moral decline that runs rampant here.
    Another thought to think about: for all of you gun ban people out there; how many guns were used on 911? Guns don't kill people; people kill people one wayor another. Some use guns, some use planes, some use knives, some use their hands, some use cars, some use bombs, etc. Get the point?
    Good luck on your judgement day Norman. Try to use some bigger words or thoughts if you have a retort to this. If you don't or can't; you are really showing your abilities and intelligence.

  • JOEY H.



    The gay population needs to wake up. There is no difference between forcing people to agree or accept their lifestyle choice, or choosing not to agree or accept it. Though I don't believe they should be persecuted or harmed in any way because of it….. There is not a single line in the constitution that says you have the right not to be insulted if someone doesn't agree with you or your lifestyle.
    If they have the right to choose to be gay, other have just as much of a right to disagree with that type of a lifestyle.
    It is just as courageous to say you don't agree with that lifestyle as it is to say you do. So, hats off to duck dynasty dude…. A&E will be on parental block from now on.

  • Freebird_52

    Once more Freedom of Speech and allowing one to say what they belief gets flushed down the toilet! If A&E supports the LGBT community, they should have known what Phil Robertson's thoughts were on that matter long before the interview. It okay for the LGBT community to voice their opinion, but not Phil? And were does the LGBT community get all that stuff about Christians lovey-dovey with homosexuality? Read your Bible folks, very clear! Love the person, hate the sin! If we were keeping score; LGBT community 1 Christians 0…Bad move A&E!

  • Allen

    Phil is just like most of the Christian's we are commanded to love our brothers and sisters in the world but God says homosexuality is a sin in his eyes plainly through out the Bible many times. They do not have to answer to us as Christians but will one day stand before God for their choice of being sinful. God destroyed a entire city (Sodom and Gomorrah) because of the sin of homosexuality. We still have to love one another but it is wrong in God's eyes and he is the one we all will have to answer to some day.

  • Colt

    Phil is completely right. True Christians know any sin is the same as another! I hate how gays can be open but straight Christians we are prosecuted! This is ridiculous. . . I guess they'll find out in the end sadly.

  • 80s Rocker

    Everyone should stop watching the show until Phil returns. The only way to make A&E see they made a mistake is to hit them in the pocketbook. If people stop watching the show they will lose advertisers. The very thing they hoped to not happen by suspending Phil.

  • RICK

    I'm a “gay” person, and personally I think the label is repulsive, and in fact the “far-extreme” gay population isn't the “community” I consider myself a part of – all it does is alienate more people from being themselves, choosing for themselves. The people who “represent” the gay ‘community’ are always feminine, extreme and hardly represent the whole of what simply is a population of alternative lifestyle's that simply don't “fit’ the extreme right.
    And the New Yorker fag's don't speak for everyone either. I think their reply is juvenile AND repulsive. WHY AREN'T THEY “ON INDEFINITE HIATUS” from A&E ????

  • Betty Evoy Perkins

    WOW!! Won't these people that are condemning Phil & his statements be shocked when they kneel before God on Judgment Day??? Besides, I thought we lived in America – home of the free, to be able to say what we as individuals, believe without being kicked off a show that has brought this network a whole lot of money. Guess I'm wrong and only the gays & lesbians are allowed to voice their opinions without any consequence. Shows where our country is going – to hell in a hand

  • shane

    He expressed an opinion, he has that right, the very same way that the gay people have the right to express theirs. It amazes me how this country of “free speech” has managed to stifle any talk that does not agree with liberals point of view.

  • Allen

    It is not about fitting in or being labeled political right – gay – lesbian – Christian – its about doing what is right and wrong. How do we as people know what is right from wrong, look at the truth and light of the world “Jesus” if you believe in what is right as what our constitution and America was based on when America became a country it was the following “In God we trust” – “Ten Commandments from the hand of God” – Gods command to Love one another – The Bible which has been around for 1,000 of years! Why not fight this battle on our knees and win with prayer and let the Holy Spirit of God fight the battle……

    • chevblr55

      LOVE your brother…..HATE sin……it is our job to spread the word of God. If you feel that it is not politically correct, then maybe you need to get down on your knees and pray for you.

  • James Turpin

    Phil for president !!!! We need more role models like Phil on TV. He speaks the truth according to the Bible and doesn't sugar coat it . If we all as a people voiced of opinions then that would be one thing but if we all as a God fearing people voiced our opinions based on what the Bible says then it would sound a lot like what Phil said. Preach on Brother Phil.

  • Madison

    Every person has a right to their beliefs, and Phil was stating his. Calling homosexuals “terrorists” and “drunks” seems a little much for a public interview, however. This seems like more a result of bad PR than his beliefs themself. If he had said that his religion doesn't allow homosexuality and he believes it to be a sin, then I believe he would have gotten way less backlash than he did by adding crude remarks. This isn't a war against Christianity, it's a war against discrimination of all kinds. (By the way, I am a straight Christian).

    • chevblr55

      The Bible says that they are all in the same catagory in Gods eyes. Theives, Drunks, adultery, fornication etc.

  • Jerksgirl

    At the end of the day, it was probably written in a contract between A&E and the cast of the show that “Hey – don't bash anyone and don't say anything that would put A&E in a bad light…”. Most likely he violated some agreement and they are punishing him for it. He offended somebody. And Somebody didn't like it and is taking action. There is certainly such a thing as free speech, but if you said you weren't going to do it – and ya did, then you suffer the consequences. Whether they are right or wrong. Same thing happened to Paula Deen… Somebody that paid her salary did not like what she said either. Doesn't make it right, but it wasn't up to us to decide.

    Everyone has an opinion and they aren't afraid to say it. Cant stand all you folks out there bashing each other. Christians are bullies. Non-believers are bullied because they are different from you. Gays are bullied because they are different from you. The definition of ignorance is bliss… Get a life yourselves.

    • chevblr55

      the only people he offended was the gay community. Paula Deen don't count here. Read the article to get some insight. He spoke about what the Bible says about lots of things not just homo. But because he offended a group of gays, does not mean you kick him off the show. These idiots at a&e will pay for this move. He didn't bash anyone, he only spoke of what the Bible says about homo.

  • Grifzdad

    Phil has a right to his own opinion. We love the show for what it is and Phil is a huge part of that. Obviously Chris Morelli and Tad Eaton, the openly gay couple featured on “Storage Wars: New York have a differing opinion regarding the male anus. Why is it alright for them to express their views and not Phil? Why are Phil's Christian views unacceptable?

  • Stiven700

    Just a short one liner.

    I think the Duck guy just likes using the words ” anus and vaginia ” end of line.

  • Selena D. Stubbs

    Mr. Cruz,

    It is my observation that you are speaking out of impulse and behaving in an immature manner. I believe that you are wrong about Mr. Robertson according to your quoted statement here! “Phil and his family claim to be Christian, but Phil's lies about an entire community fly in the face of what true Christians believe,” GLAAD spokesman Wilson Cruz said. “He clearly knows nothing about gay people or the majority of Louisianans — and Americans — who support legal recognition for loving and committed gay and lesbian couples. Phil's decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E and his sponsors who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families.”

    Mr. Robertson doesn't as you stated “CLAIM” to be a Christian that's who he is. You didn't just address him you attacked his family and included them in what he alone said…Is that right?? Since you are speaking about the subject of Christianity then why are you coming across resentful, belligerent, judgmental and speaking falsely about him… Do you know him personally to make such broad and loaded missile statements????….What does the word say about what you are doing? Those of us who serve God and Jesus do so through the Bible's qualified examples and teachings because we have sworn to Trust in, Adhere to and Rely on it's STANDARD for living. The BIBLE Says…. that among other things homosexuality ( it does not say that it is okay if it is a committed & loving same sex relationship) is wrong and this is GOD'S words not MAN (MEANING NOT WHAT CHRISTIANS SAY IT IS) is an abomination in God's eyes and He does unequivocally hate it….along with liars, horemongers, those who practice witchcraft and the fearful, they will have their part in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone.
    This Mr. Cruz, includes me if I choose to participate in them! See Mr. Cruz, when you have a belief system it cannot properly serve it's purpose if one “Cherry Picks” the part that fits their own personal preferences while purposefully ignoring and discarding the parts that challenge areas in our life that are not lined up with God's standard for living. Most Christians attempt to apply the entire word of God to their life through faith & discipline in what is taught through our RELATIONSHIP with Christ not religion!! You have every right to dislike what he said but why not use responsible words to voice how you feel not falsehood and immature jabs that make you appear prideful not prudent. Consequently, It seems to be upsetting to the LGBT community and others when a Christian stands up and speaks out for what they believe in: calling it hate and discrimination but when the LGBT community and others stand up and speak out it is applauded as freedom of choice! I felt it was time to speak out because as a Christian I have the right to say what I believe is not right without being penalized for expressing my beliefs.
    In my opinion, networks and businesses COWAR down to your agencies veiled covert/overt threats because I believe they're greedy for a DOLLAR instead of having to take a stand for something that doesn't mesh with what call some call right. In addition, We do not all have to say the same thing or believe the same things. I do not deny a Gay individual from working in my business or from coming into my ministry or from spending time with me….Hence, is why I am not afraid of anyone. I think it is wrong for LGBT organization to try to “Prevent Freedom of Speech” while inadvertently causing someone to lose their lively-hood or denying them the chance to regain their lively-hood back because companies will lose your support! Mr. Cruz, be careful that you or this great organization are not becoming the very beast that you are ultimately fighting to stop.
    Lastly, as a Christian I don't want you to be silent about the way you want to live that is your BUSINESS. However, I refuse to stand by idle when what a fellow brother of the faith says is promoted as being a personal attack against Gays (their is a difference between personal attack & Christian beliefs) and spread in the news to shame and defame him! There is not one person (you and me included) that has not said something that was misconstrued & taken out of proportion. Love demonstrates that you be the bigger person share with Mr. Robertson your thoughts about what he said and then show LOVE and CLASS by speaking to A&E producers about reinstating his employment this is the LOVE OF CHRIST AND THE MARK of a (TRUE CHRISTIAN)..SHOWING MERCY WHILE BRINGING understanding through communication. ALLOW LOVE TO RULE OVER THIS SITUATION NOT HATE…”HE WHO HAS BEEN FORGIVEN MUCH, FORGIVES MUCH” Mr. Cruz

    With Love,
    A FOLLOWER of (Yeshua) Jesus Christ

    Prophetess Selena Deavaureux-Stubbs

  • K.J. Pierson

    While taking neither side in yet another reality tussle….nowhere did “Phil” weight in on legal recognition GLAAD. He said a certain set of people wouldn't inherit some magical kingdom.
    They seem to want everyone to be accepting of their members, but never want to accept someone might have a different view.

    As for the “Arts and entertainment” channel's “suspension”…does it really matter? In the last few years they've dropped the arts, threw in reality shows, thrown in questionable business practices as pointed out by some of their starts then defamed them in the media (this seems to be starting to a trend for the network)

  • Laffy10316

    Phil has just as much of a right to disagree with homosexuality as homosexuals do to agree with it. Why is it ok for a homosexual to voice & say what they believe but it's not ok for a Phil to do the same? Seriously? Homosexuals are all for having equal rights so why do they persecute Phil & his rights as an American?

    me: I like to pick my boogers, do you?
    you: no
    me: I'm angry now because if I'm for it you have to be too.

    Are people really so single minded that they believe just because they agree with something that everyone else has to agree with it as well?

  • theoneandonlyone

    A&E are just out to make the homo's happy happy happy

  • piciforme

    What it really boils down to is you either think one man putting another mans penis in his mouth and anus is normal or it isn't.
    Well, it isn't. Not morally OR naturally.
    Just goes to show that the left talks about how tolerant they are… as long as you believe what they want you to believe.
    A reckoning is coming. A resurgence of values and morality. In one form or another the left will be turned back. I am sick of fringe groups and minorities of perverts calling the shots in this country.

  • Dana

    There is no free speech anymore… Not being PC comes with a price in these liberal times! They asked the man what he thought and he told them with absolutely no PC BS… That takes guts! I have more respect for folks that aren't afraid to speak their mind than I do the groups they piss off! At least the storage boys got it right… They don't give a shhhht about what Phil said… Too bad others don't see it that way.

  • jaco

    Ok. Its as simple as this . I want one of those bastards that thinks its right for a male to be with another male to answer this simple question. { CAN A MAN GIVE BIRTH TO A CHILD} God gave you that dam thing between your legs for more than pissing out of. He gave it to you so that you could have the most important thing in the world bring forth a child . Not a dam turd. You are sick people for even thinking that you should have any rights what so ever. Have you ever heard a child ask which one is my mother . What you do is just not right.


    why the attack on the Robinson family and the views , no one complains when they watch shows that call women bitches and every other word is a cuss word . but when they pray and when they have their own views they what try to close it down . where is his freedom of speech ? I love the show and I don't agree with all he said ‘ but he's entitled to his views if u close them down ill never watch that tv channel again and will make every chance I get to warn other not to as well . I love that family and that show they have morels .

  • Dana

    Being gay is nothing new … It's been going on for thousands of years! What is wrong is how it's been flaunted recently and put on a pedestal and made out to be natural and acceptable. Just go back to being humble about it and most of the hate will simply disappear !

    • joeyh

      mud and pickles just do not go together , It defies common sense.


    leave phil alone if u don't like him don't watch . love the whole family ! I don't like family guy its garbage so I don't watch it !

  • lovinmygucci

    Rom 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;
    Rom 1:19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them.
    Rom 1:20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
    Rom 1:21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
    Rom 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
    Rom 1:23 And changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
    Rom 1:24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves:
    Rom 1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.
    Rom 1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
    Rom 1:27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.
    Rom 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
    Rom 1:29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
    Rom 1:30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
    Rom 1:31 Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
    Rom 1:32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

    • SarahlovesJesus


  • Michael

    Phil has the constitutional right to express his opinion without fear of reprisal.

  • Buckhunter101

    We hear about Gays, Gays, and more Gays on the news. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH… What makes them so special. Just because Phil and millions and millions of Americans don't believe in it, Phil has every right to express his opinion. I'll say the same thing as Phip says and back him 100% .A&E are you going to suspend me from watching Duck Dynasty?????? – **GET REAL A&E** (FREEDOM OF SPEECH) It doesn't mean he should be suspended from the show. IS A&E saying that GAYS are more important than GOD IS????? Hmmmmm How many Gay viewers are there compared to Good Ole American Guys & Gals. Phil maybe you and your family need to go to another network. A&E need to put on there MAN PANTS and get real.
    If Phil Robinson or his family reads any of this – I give a thumbs UP FOR Phil!!!!!! Keep Preaching the message of the cross Phil. You just woke everyone up. BIG THANKS!!

  • normalguy007

    who wrote this crap article …where is the gay bashing people he had opinion and there was no bashing people need to quit crying when someone has a different opinion then them. Live and let live love who you want speak your mind but stop attacking each other we should all get along as a human race not separate ourselves by color sexual orientation religion if there was just more respect and tolerance by everyone the world would be a better place.

  • Zachary Chase

    Its not right. How can he be kicked off his own show? A and E just want's the attention. Go look in the bill of right its called freedom of speech.

  • Buckhunter101

    Turn your TV ON – there is more disgusting programs on our television – even commercials are getting distasteful. Horrible language and other X-rated programs. Sooo what's the BIG DEAL!! about what Phil says about Gays etc…I don't believe man should sleep with another man, or women sleeping with women. I'm sure many other Americans don't think so either. I love watching Duck Dynasty, the reason why ratings are up is because at the end of the show Phil says a prayer. It's a good clean, fun show for a change.

  • Plus soccer

    Why don't the gay couple from storage wars get suspended for saying the a males anus is tighter than a woman's vagina. Way more offensive

    • Bigger_Bull

      Because they are assholes and they think theirs smells better than yours, problem they sniff theirs and each others. I don't nor will I sniff another's.

    • Dontbelievethehype

      And how would they even know this? Did they actually penetrate a sampling of vaginas and anuses and make a rational decision?

  • Buckhunter101

    I think we should VOTE ON IT – Phil should stay on the show

    • Bigger_Bull

      I vote Yes

  • Bigger_Bull

    Life upside down, I stand with Phil, not because of what he said after, but because what he said at first. He don't hate the gay guys but he don't love he either. He has a message that he wants to get across that I agree. Vagina or Anus? Duh, Vagina! All you ass goblins hate what he says, but you cant have what he has. Pure satisfaction with the vagina. Do like it, suck an anus.

  • Derrick Stewart

    Gay people listen, the Bible and Christians e completely against being gay. I mean do you really think that god will negotiate with you about being gay some you may enter the gates of heaven?

    • Bigger_Bull

      What we have here is a failure to communicate!. 2, 5 10, 20, 50, 100 years ago did they want the gays. nope. You think, they want them now being gay? Maybe they want to be Christian with all the benefits and keep their way of life. Problem for Christians is they don't believe in what you do. Some are trying to have it both ways and it don't compute, sorry. Love who you want to love, Vagina or Anus. Don't mock and try to get a person fired for what he/she believes..
      A few years ago a person could get fired because they were gay. Now if you don't like the gays you can get fired. WTF, let free speech ring.

  • austin

    ever heard of freedom of speech. Phil was standing up for what he believes in. biblical truths. I would be surprised to see another season of this show after this crap…

    • Bigger_Bull

      Yea, at least one more season on A&E, they just finished filming the'14 season. After that, they'll move on to another. I wouldn't be surprised if the move over to the Blaze… They got the top rated show on cable. If you own a station and had that, you wouldn't for all its worth, sorry those cable channel owners don't want to make money, they want to be righteous.

      • austin

        yea they have three other shows as well duck commander and buck commander both very good shows. do you hunt or just fallow the family?

        • austin

          two other shows..

  • gayrights

    You all are bigoted morons hiding behind a book that you know nothing about Ttfn

    • Timothy Bridgham

      Are you not being a bigot for hating those that have a different oppinion than you. Or is your oppinion the only one that matters?

  • Dontbelievethehype

    This non-story about Phil Robertson is, sadly, just another leftist nail in the coffin of American white-male-Christian culture.
    I never heard of Phil Robertson before this made-to-order-story-for-liberals became worldwide “news” to defer our collective short attention span away from the real pressing issues of the day, such as the Unaffordable Scare Act, the left's war on babies, and the entitlement mentality sweeping the nation. I'm a gay man, but I will NEVER align myself with this twisted,anti-God, anti-American,anti white-Christian-male culture that is promulgated by the left-wing media. I mean, how DARE a HETERO WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE ( a big strapping one no less!) have the audacity to admit PUBLICLY to a preference for vaginas over anuses? And then to refer to bible verses which in fact DO say that homosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Hell, let's just re-write the bible and give the man a lobotomy!
    Was he filled with hatred and vitriol directed towards those men who prefer anuses? He probably wasn't, but so what if he was? Doesn't freedom of speech include American hetero white Christian males? According to leftists, it does NOT. In fact, if they dare say anything that is not in lock-step with leftist ideology, the leftists go into “destroy mode”, and won't stop until the offending American heterosexual white Christian male (and by extension, his wife and children) has been neutralized.
    Mind what you say! The thought police are listening.

  • hri8840

    This is absolutely ridiculous! What ever happened to freedom of speech? Why is it alright for gay people to say to the masses that it is ok for them to be gay but when someone steps up and says it is not ok to be gay it is a big deal. He did not say he hated gay people, he actually said he loved everybody. Freedom of speech has officially died, if what you say does not go along with popular opinion then people jump off the handle and make rash decisions. Like I said before, some people have the OPINION that it is alright to be gay and others have the OPINION that it is not alright. The main word in that sentence is opinion, and it is not fact. I hope that the Robertsons cancel their show on A&E and go to another channel that is not scared to have a great Christian family on their station. Keep your head up Phil!

    • Juggernaut1969

      Not sure it has to be popular opinion as you stated as much as it has to be the PC stand on the issue.

  • john

    Why can't we get these two banned from saying anus and shit like that? Phil got banned for saying what he believes in and here we go we have 2 fudge packing fags saying what's on their mind and nothing being done.
    What has happened to America? 1st adm freedom of speech?

    • Bigger_Bull

      Can't have it both ways. you can speak and they can too. Unpopular speech is the best speech..

  • jake

    of course storage wars would know that

    • Bigger_Bull

      a mind boggling show about people who buy others people crap. no wonder they like anus. Smell like crap in this one, SOLD

  • nate

    animals aren't gay so why should we

  • Deane

    what is storage wars? boring homosexuals being gay?Ive never watched it and I never will now.

  • Keith Goodman

    different strokes for different folks, as for me, I will keep my strokes for the women folk

  • pist

    Phil Robertson has the right to say what he wants . These A+E politically correct assholes should go fuck them selves. Dropping Phil off a great show because of Gays shows how fucked up this country is getting. Gays are trying to rule this country. I think A+E and the gays could go fuck themselves literary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Facebook2013

    What a double standard there is for ‘free speech’ and expression within the left-wing community. For example, in Islamic countries (and some of their communities in America), being ‘outed’ as a gay man is the same as a death sentence; conversely, in secular America being ‘outed’ as a devoted Christian is the same as granting a license to the ‘lefties’ for the ‘personal & business reputation assassination’ of that Christian by the left-winger mafia. Yet, the left-wingers in America are silent about condemning anti-gay Islamic religious doctrines; in fact, the left-wing embraces Islamists under the mantra of celebrating America's religious diversity in the Christian-Judeo culture of America. There should be room in America for everyone, regardless of their beliefs, so long as they don't harm our violate the Constitutional rights of others. Despite that left-wing tolerance facade, actual diversity is not to be tolerated, especially if the subject person is a devoted Christian. By that standard, faithful Christian doctrine preached in fundamentalist churches each Sunday is now classified as ‘hate speech', to be silenced by any means necessary. The ‘GQ’ interview was a total ‘set up'; if Robertson had said he was pro-gay he would have been unfaithful to his beliefs and also, alienated his conservative viewers. If Robertson had said he didn't understand the same sex attraction, he was to be labeled as ‘intolerant'. It was a ‘no win’ situation for him. So, now the A&E network & Duck Dynasty show sponsors are attacked and intimidated by the left-wing mafia, to drive the prayerful Robertson family off the airwaves. Christians are easy targets, because they are non-violent, even though they disagree with the ‘same sex’ neurosis. So-called Progressives that are forcing their ‘political correctness’ fascism upon secular heterosexuals and devout Christians will only erode the very tolerance that the GLBT community receives now.

  • pist

    A&E could of stopped the show from airing . So who's really bashing the gays and putting the blame on Phil FUCK YOU A&E !!!!!!!!!!

  • Lolaz

    Phil & Miss Kay and the Robertson Family, I applaud you for caring more what our Creator thinks than what this world thinks. As Jesus said when he was on earth, that his followers were to be no part of the world and that they would be hated. This is just a sign of times we are living in at the end of this old system or in other words Satan's world and reign. I look forward to the time we are all living in paradise under Gods Kingdom where we will again realize his purpose. Agape’ to you and your family.. Stay Strong!!

  • 100percentHETnNONreligious

    I guess he's Happy, Happy, Happy, not Gay, Gay, Gay. So frickin what, I think A&E is over reacting, just like some other people. I think this is a free country, I think. He has a right to his own opinion, religion, ect. Much worse things have been on network movies, including A&E, ridiculous. I myself, well, I will stop watching A&E, for their prejudice reaction and I invite others to follow. BANISH A&E from your cable watching.

  • CrimeBoss

    You Go Phil Robertson! Personally I feel Like we are all entitled to our own opinions!!! If someone is offended that's too bad. Not everyone excepts certain life styles of others. But we as people all deserve our own individual preferences. With that said I'm so sick of hearing those out there that cry just because someone says something that offends them. Just wanted to tell the Robertson's tell A&E to stick it where the Sun don't Shine and just have one of those Homosexuals Pack it in for them. I personally think you can produce your own show. Love Y'all Brothers!!!!!

  • Lolaz

    Oh and by the way A&E- You are officially removed off of my television and I BAN you for your prejudice of the Christian beliefs and for your prejudice of freedom of opinion and speech. People like A&E are way more dangerous and destructive than a man standing up for what he believes, because they stand on the premise of wanting freedom for all when in fact only want freedom for their own opinions and views.

  • Idon'tdiscriminateudothesame

    Wowie….so much b.i.g.o.t.r.y….so little time. (Don't bother responding to me personally…I won't see this) Save your breath and deal with your own issues to those who can't stand that others have their own values outside of your own “bubble” values. Nothing will happen to you if you hear that others don't have the same exact views and lifestyle as your own. As well as just because someone might prefer and/or profess the are attracted to the same-sex….doesn't mean they act on it….so get your minds out of the gutter. Maybe YOU should stop thinking about sex so much….focus on your own insecurities about it and quit quoting scriptures where scriptures can easily be taken out-of-context, used for personals own uses….there are just as many scriptures that can be quoted to support any lifestyle. Remember, for those who believe in Jesus that he did walk amongst all people. And, don't forget, that the Bible that you might have in your home is not 2,000 years old…so the words you are reading are not necessarily what came directly out of the mouths of Jesus and his Disciples, etc. There is the need for translations into English, for each and every Religion to interpret it as each and every Religion sees fit, etc. Be more interested in Jesus’ philosophy for those who believe in him and walk amongst everyone and do no judge lest be judged yourself. WWJD?

  • NavyVet

    I will not watch any of your network programs till you bring Phil back. Your website says BE ORIGINAL? That is a farce. Ever American has the constitutional right to freedom of speech, religion, etc… Have you even read the constitution?

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Where is the Justice when you pulled him?
    Where is the insure domestic Tranquility by pulling him? You pissed off MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!!!
    Where is did you provide for the common defence of Phil for peaking the truth?
    Why did you not promote the general Welfare by taking Phil Robertson's rights away by punishing him?
    It is God and fellow Americans who fought and died to make us secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves. Who is A&E to take Phil's Liberty to himself of freedom of speech, religion, and so on? You did this by pulling him.

    Two times God is mentioned in the opening of the Constitution. With the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    God gives Blessings and Ordains. Why don't you A&E DAMN our Fore Fathers like Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and all the others who signed the Declaration of Independence like you have done Phil Robertson. Did they to not speak the truth and voiced their minds? They did this with the treat of being hanged. Of being killed for speaking out. Did Phil say any lies? Did he also not say that we must still love them? That is God to judge not us but we as Christians are to go out and spread the truth? To quote scripture?

    I personally am filing a BOYCOTT WAR against you A&E. I will push that A&E be Boycotted 100% of all programs you have. You Boycott Phil, we Boycott you. People watch Duck Dynasty because of the Religious Faith as a family and their Moral Values the Robertson's show the world.

    Where is your Moral Value A&E??

  • Theresa1222

    Gay bashing? tsk tsk. This is his personnel religious opinion, you know what most of our ancestors came over to this country to have the right to practice and express? When a country oppresses you for your religious beliefs, that is called a religiously oppressive country. Wake up, Freedom of speech is dead in this country.and this time it's not the Government that is oppressing it's people, but the people themselves..People talk about intolerance, and the only intolerance I see is coming from A&E and the gay community and their supporters..Good job! Land of the free my ass!

  • Amie M

    The old testament was NOT rendered “invalid” the word was FULLFILLED with the death and resurrection of Jesus. This teaching that the old testament was rendered invalid or done away with is incorrect. It is as valid today as it was back then. I'm only commenting because it saddens me people not only teach this but believe it. Jhvh God loves all of us. The teachings are valid. Bottom line he knew our names before the foundation of the earth was formed. He is a Father teaching his children how to live. Either we listen or we don't. That is the choice we make. Hate is not one of his teachings. Nor was it Jesus teachings. Nor was it Ahlla's teachings. Nor Buddha's…etc. I don't think the Dynasty star said anything wrong at all. He didn't promote hate at all. He is not attacking the Gay community, so Why is he being attacked? Just because of his own beliefs. He merely stated what the bible says. Today's media and TV shows are all based around sin, killing, lying, cheating, deception, and “G” damning in everyshow. This shows displays love, good morals, family based, good character…. I like it. It is refreshing from what else there is to choose from. A&E just made a big mistake. He is a good man. Someone stated how if something is said, shown, or based on bad, on sin, it seems to be protected by freedom of speech rights and is promoted by media/TV. This is soooooo true. What happened to all the decent shows that promote good moral character and love. Love for all! This is what we need. It is not our job to condemn or to judge. Let's leave that up to the Holy Spirit and our conscious. The only fight here should be good against evil. Just because you are gay doesn't mean you ARE evil. It is a sin, but so is smoking. So what is the problem…. Oh, I remember what the problem is now… the lack of love and compassion humanity holds…not only for one another but for creations by the hands of JHVH God. Hate and division is evils little secret…

  • Bill

    why is it that in todays world no one can say anything about anything without offending someone. what happened to being able to have your own opinion and beliefs. everyone just needs to get a life and stop whining about things like the pledge of allegiance praying in school, gay rights, black rights, and everything else that they consider offensive. That being said those of you that think being gay is ok tell me why in the bible it says that man will not lay with another man as a woman?? that pretty much says it all I would think. But even though that is what I think too I just don't care I'm just soooo tired of everyone whining about everything under the sun and Phil should be able to say what he wants and Shame on A&E for not allowing that if I was him I'd be telling them to get bent. Reality show not really when you can't have an opinion unless it doesn't offend anyone.

  • duckfan

    I didn't really start to watch the show until a few months ago. I love it. If you watch it you realize that even though they might be “redneck” Phil is a religious man. He goes back and show on the show that he even reads the bible. This is not a surprise. He quotes what God says in the show as well, which in turns God do not believe in that. He has his own opinion and can show that. The only reason everyone is in a big huff is because he is “famous”. Does half of America look at all the other people who are not for gays? I personally have no problem with gay people but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. “freedom of speech”

  • supporter of Phil

    i don't agree with gay and lesbian belief that's why i don't watch shows that publicize their beliefs as acceptable. It is their choice and I am forced to listen to them express their rights, so why can't a Christian express their beliefs? No one is forcing gays to be straight, they are just being informed what is coming on judgement day.

  • Harry Houdini

    I didn't read the mans comments, but doesn't he have the right to free speech? how can these two men from another show talk about the tightness of an anus and not be suspended as well?
    We don't need the media or Mr. Robenson to teach us right from wrong or of morality. I believe that being gay is a sin. I have the right to believe that, I have the right to believe that it is wrong. If you believe differently, that is also your right. As it is our right to say what we believe.

    • Amie M

      You said it Harry. That comment from the Storage War New York boys was absolutely over the top and beyond offensive…
      Hey but they are gay so it's ok…..

  • Warriorman

    I feel that Mr. Robertson's comments are first of all his right. If one read the article then one would read they are his opinions. He acknowledges that. He was paraphrasing the bible. He was also in an interview with a gentleman's magazine,GQ. I feel that GLAAD has it's own agenda and needs to reevaluate that. The hatred that was expressed is deeply troubling from an organization based on educating the public. A & E should remind its leadership that freedom of the press and freedom of speech applies to ALL, not the few. I have read nothing to suggest the majority of American's support the way of life GLAAD supports. Most of us do not wish harm on anyone but do not think this retaliation and the pitiful submission of a network to one agenda is unnoticed.



  • legend

    god created adam & eve. not adam & steve..

  • Smr820

    Don't ask if you don't want to hear someones opinion! People have different beliefs. Clearly whomever ask this question either never watched the show or set Phil up for is departure. If we all thought the same this world would be very boring.

  • DBP

    Phil is not “pushing” anything. It is his opinion. I will tell all the libtards the same thing they tell us. If they don't like him or his comments don't read them and don't watch the show. That simple.

  • Luz Cartagena

    The fact of the matter is is that none of this really matters. I am a believer in God but it is not my place to tell people what they can and cannot do and who they can and cannot love. I also can't tell people what to think. If that's how Phil feels then he is entitled to his own opinion. That doesn't make him a bad person, he's just set in his ways. As a true Christian, I pray for everyone to get their heads out of their own butts on start focusing on the things that really matter like the war….our financial situation…and providing more jobs and shelter for our hard working Americans who have nothing to do with any of this nonsense and are struggeling simply to survive. Shame on all of you who feel this crap is more important.

    • Juggernaut1969

      I cannot say that this is more important then the other issues you mentioned. However, it is at least as important. In this country we do have the freedom to speak and say what we think, feel or believe. When that freedom is under attack it rips away the vestiges that keep us free to do the things that you do such as believe in God.
      As it sits this country has many of its freedoms under attack and sadly most people do not realize how much they have already lost. They buy into the mantra that this is a free country and do not notice the increased militarization of the police, the growing number of laws on the books (in fact the average person now breaks the law 7 times a day without realizing they have actually broken any laws), The NSA collecting information on every call made, the NSA collecting all the browser info they can, Homeland Security grabbing up hollow point ammo, Lest not forget the NDAA where the re-writing allows the president alone to detain a person,not file charges and not let the persoon go, Domestic drone use, and H.R. 347 that makes protesting the government illegal any time the government chooses to make it so by simply placing a Secrete Service Agent in the protest. This agent does not even have to identify themself.
      How free are you feeling. This issue on A&E is only a symptom of a much larger problem that we all need to notice before we see how much worse it can get.

  • Bill

    I wish people could humble themselves enough to quit trying to be their own god in this temporary life.[ I will be praying for the ones responsible for promoting profitable gain] rather than standing up for God.. Unfortunately a gay in every show seems to be what sells, Sorry gays but according to Gods word you do not have a place in his kingdom [ I'LL be praying for you too] Lots of love

  • personnot

    “anus is tighter” sick bastards…

  • personnot

    Homosexuality is a mental disorder. It was legitimized by a homosexual pair of phyciatrists. The part that bothers most people is that the sick bastards push it on the normal…we will NEVER accept it, pushing it on me makes me push back harder.

  • Alethia

    If you care about someone you will not hide the truth. That's what Phil did. As a believing Christian I have a choice. I do not have to watch A & E or support any of their advertisers. It is clear that they will fire any Christian who espouses their belief when if it is directly out of Scripture. What will you choose?

  • Jokingypsy

    The man is entightled to his opinion whether we like it or not. I am an aethiest, I do not believe in god, but him speaking of god doesn't offend me. People need to lighten up. I will say this, any company that pulls his endorsements I will boycott them and their products. As for A&E, they suck! This is America, we have a right to like or not like whatever we want to. It's illegal to discriminate, not to hate.

  • Jae Parker

    And a miracle is delivered from a vagina and from the anus is … waste, much like these two males meandering nonsense.

  • Me

    Homo's and gays? Just like any other Cry baby they can't take any truth towards them self's. You people are allowed to flaunt what you do anywhere and every where.Why cant people who believe the word of God say what they want.Yes in bible terms it is wrong but God still loves you.Christians have to have a permit in some places to just tell people about the Bible.T.V. today is scared to even mention God or show any one who does, Because idiots out there cry about it.Wow whats this world coming to?I am liking Russia more and more.

  • taylor

    Okay , so in the bible (the old testament) these men came up with 600 laws like homosexuality adultery and such was wrong (Leviticus was one of those men that came up with those laws) that if you broke one it was punishable by death or something less awful (depending on law that you broke) god never wrote those laws, Jesus Christ never did either. That’ the old testament was invalid when the new was created. So I believe some of you either need to read for yourselves instead of beleiveing every word that comes out of your preachers mouth. Im 15 years old and I have better sence than half of you clearly.
    oh, and im a lesbian.



  • OGRetired

    Whatever happened to “freedom of speech'? Phil is entitled to say what he wants in an interview. Shame on A&E! Who made them judge and jury and supreme court anyway. Only the creator can judge. As long as Phil isn't yelling “FIRE!” in a movie theatre he can say whatever he wants.

  • Sparky

    It appears that there are many on this discussion thread that have spoken directly to God and know what is going to happen to everyone on the planet. For all of those condemning others because they are different in any way ( not just Gay or whatever it sis you don't agree with) , ask yourself if you have done everything as the ‘Bible’ (a book written by man) dictates you should have? I am not for or against anything , nor will I sit here and pretend to be an expert on deciphering the meaning of what is written in the Bible or what God wants or doesn't want us to do. We are all God's children in my mind and as I am sure you would not turn your back on your child (or at least we would hope not ) , I'm sure God will not turn his back on his children regardless of what they have done or not done.

  • mrs. d

    you all forgot one thing – God said love one another.

  • pete Slaydon

    Romans 1:21 When they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Verse 26; For this cause God gave them up unto VILE affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against NATURE, and likewise also the men burned in their LUST one for another! The Liberal's of today mirror the Gentiles of yesterday!

  • Don'tCare

    His (Phil's) comments are supposed to be bad while their's (Morelli and Eaton) are fine. Seems like a double standard is going on to me. I don't really care what they say one way or another, I just think it is bull to cave to an interest group's way of thinking. You (A&E) know what you are getting when you sign these people to do the shows.

  • GTO

    Seems to me that Satan didn't like to see Christianity being promoted on nation TV. Family Values, Love, Respect, Tolerance and Joy. That's what Phil has obviously been teaching his family, and successfully so from the way his grandchildren behave. This battle is of the Spirit. Satan doesn't want the world to know the truth.

  • Robert George Jr.

    I'm glad they are not offended. I'm glad that the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation acknowledge that their sexual preferences are “vile and extreme stereotypes.” But they are wrong when they assume that the majority of Americans support that kind of perversion. I am totally in agreement with what our creator says about men with women. I can choose to watch what I want and change the channel when I don't want to watch something. They Need to Put Phil Robertson Back on the Show!

  • Tim in Pa

    Guess my only comment here would be its ok to be Gay but its wrong to be a Christian ???How & when did this happen shame its ok for every group to have rallies parades etc but if a Christian has a view or opinion we are wrong (and yes I believe myself a Christian but wish I walked in the way of the God more devoutly.)

  • Nickole Henderson

    People have there right to there own opinion but the media has been programing the next generation of children to ignore there faith and believe in homosexuality. They want to make homosexuality main stream and the norm when if fact homosexuals make up a small percentage of the population. Nobody should discriminate against ones sexuality, but the homosexual lobbies agenda is to promote there beliefs into faith base groups like the Boy Scouts were no one would know or care that your a homosexual unless you are promoting your life style and beliefs to others in the group. When a religion dose not cater to the homosexual life style there attacked. Religion is far to big and the comments of Duck Dynasty Phil will fuel the silent majority of people in this country who believe he has a right to his opinion, faith and have the same thoughts about the homosexual life style.


    Eddie, I bet my good genes can whip your bad genes!
    I've come to the conclusion that gay people are just so unhappy on the inside that they are compelled to force their misery on the rest of us. After all, misery loves company!

    Can't sway me away-I'll stick with the hetero lifestyle. It's more pleasing to God AND nature. And that my friends is sound eco friendly policy! If you aren't interested in making God happy, surely you must at least be kind to mother nature! Ahh, I feel better getting that of my chest. All of the global warming green house gases are lifting away…..relief from junk biologists and global warm-mongers at last!

  • Christa Colquitt Harris

    I am glad he is standing up for what he and I believe in. And he did not just say homosexuality either, but the media is going to try to highlight that to try to make him look like this evil person that hate gays. Just like you have the right to chose your lifestyle we have the right to disagree as long as we are not verbally assaulting or physically hurting anyone. What happened to our rights?

  • Disheartened

    I bet if it were a gay that said something about straight people the network wouldn't have suspended them. This country was founded on God and we have the freedom of speech. He was merely stating his opinion. Its funny that only gay people have the right to freely express their thoughts and opinions. Freedom of speech goes both ways. It's for everybody. Not just the gays. It's not right for the gays to force their beliefs on straight people. They need to read the Bible and see what God did to the gays back in the day. Their day is coming. It is wrong. I have gay friends. I don't judge them but I don't force my beliefs on them either and vise versa. Just read the Bible.

  • gauss

    The last time I checked we all live in America and one of our rights is freedom of speech. I may not agree with what he said but he has the right to say what he believes.

  • Mal51

    Really Phil is dumped but the two homo's from Stoage wars can say it is better get fucked up the ass than a womans vagina. Clearly politaical correctness is a one way street. we see it everyday from the can't have a show without blacks or gays but Tyler Perry can make shows and movies without whites!

  • Larry Crist

    Mr. Cruz and Gladd promote indecency and immorality and that homos, faggots, lesbos are Lucifer's children plain and simple. The bible speaks the truth and Phil was speaking what the bible states and utilizing his freedom of speech. Yet, homos cant handle the truth because their mind is so warped by insidious immoral acts that goes against Gods plan. His plan was to populate the earth not depopulate the earth. Yet, homos would rather do Lucifer's biding to go against Gods plan. Even more so, some will state they are Christians which I say and will call are Hypocrite as to the true meaning of the scriptures and have been led to read otherwise. Granted God wants us to be happy, populate the earth yet also love one another as to be peace, friendly, courteous not sexually. So as one can see homos always twist the truth because they will never ever be able to handle the truth because they have to carry their pathetic feelings on their shoulders and not man up or woman up. Those who agree with homos are just as guilty plain and simple period.

  • Dee Dee Smith

    A&E has no right to suspend Phil, he has a right to speak his what he believes.
    I can agree with him 100%.

  • VigilAnteAngel

    WOMEN should be VERY ANGRY at what these GAY on storage wars said about the woman's VAGINA and a man's BUTTHOLE!!! is this really what it's come to??I got NEWS FOR YOU, YOU BUTT JOCKEYS!!!! the ANUS won't be tight for long…after you wear the muscle out YOUR PARTNER will be needing DIAPERS!!! for the LOVE OF GOD!! you men are SICK!! nevermind that's where your feces is located!!~ HOW SICK!!! DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH PHIL!!! WE ARE WITH YOU AND GOD IS TOO!!

  • VigilAnteAngel


  • VigilAnteAngel

    I got news for the STORAGE war gay guys….your mama HAD You through a vagina not A BUTTHOLE! then again you guys are pieces of S***!

  • Craig Gorsuch

    So the “Storage Wars” guys said they “don't care what Robertson thinks”… I think GLAAD and GLSTN and all LGBTQs need to develop thicker skins.

  • Middle Road

    Why are you people arguing about the Bible and Christianity? Save that for Sunday. People have their beliefs and values on both sides. Just like some believe that homosexuality is right and nobody should force them to change their lives others believe it is wrong and nobody should force them to change their lives either. It is not a problem to have a belief unless you try to force others to conform to your belief. Is Phil using his platform on A&E to force others to believe what he does, No. He is even quoted as saying that is just his belief. Do they suspend Sunday televangelists for their views on society, No. We are told that we are a nation of all races, creeds, etc, etc, and that we should be tolerant of all. This is Phil's personal belief and life according to his interpretation of the Bible. Aren't we supposed to be tolerant of his beliefs and religion as much as we should be tolerant of anyone else's? A&E has suspended Phil because “his belief's do not necessarily reflect those of A&E”. So, because Phil has a belief on one side of the issue he is suspended? Why not suspend those that vocalize their belief for the other side of the issue as well? In the end we are supposed to let people live their lives as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. Phil has not infringed on anyone.

  • eastward

    Seems A&E has a double standard here! You promote a show that has christian characters, but yet punish him once he speaks his beliefs? WTH is that all about? YOU failed the man! You milked him to put money in YOUR pockets! Grow a set of testicles and back the man being you profited from him! America is watching! Though the media, left, libs and gays have forced some change to the country with their agendas and political correctness, and think they have the country at bay, they haven't changed the hearts or souls of those who actually built this country and pay much of the bills! The common man will notice A&E for their move here..AND, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! I'm now blocking A&E from my home…can't have bad examples of humanity allowed that live by a double standard, can we? LOL…GOOD BYE!

  • Matthew De Voe

    New Testament here: Romans 1: 24-27 states: “Therefore, God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshipped and created things rather than the Creator – who is forever praised, Amen.
    Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations with unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.”
    That is New Testament…the unchanging Word of God. Pretty crystal clear where Christ stands on the matter, but it is an individuals choice!

  • pickles

    So it's okay for gays to talk about anus’ versus vaginas but not for a Christian to talk about his beliefs? Let's get real! I'd rather hear someone rant about gays than to hear about orifices. I have a brain…I'm not going to believe something just because someone else speaks their minds….why are gays so sensitive? Stay in the closet if you don't want any comments from people who don't believe as you do. You have no more rights than anyone else and if it's okay for you to say something is right then it is okay for someone else to say something is wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and feelings. Stop whining!


    Hey Queers…… disagree with Phil all you want but all he is doing is repeating the word of God….I love it how queers and liberals try to come off as so enlightened, refined and sophisticated until someone else comes along with a different opinion. then they attempt to silence you….. hahaha! Good job Phil. Thanks for sticking up for what you believe in!

  • adoukit

    I think it would be only fair to suspend these guys from this show “indefinitely” since that was the repercussion they placed on someone else for speaking his beliefs. Otherwise, this is complete and utter hypocrisy, double standards and unfair.

  • JDB

    Phill Robertson shared his opinion in a interview with GQ mag, about gay people, now A&E wants to judge Phill the same way he jugded the gay's. Sounds hypecritical to me.

  • VigilAnteAngel

    HEY to the gay guys on “STORAGE WARS!” you should be banned, I am a woman and VERY offended about the NASTY comment you made about women and their vaginas..got news for you, your partners will soon need a diaper after they wear out the muscles in their nether regions. Your MAMA gave birth through a vagina NOT a butthole…but then again you guys are acting like pieces of S***.

  • Just Me

    What happened to Good Ole Freedom of Speech???????

  • Tracy

    TO ALL PHIL'S SON'S (and Family) Your Father is a good man with a good morale standard. I feel he has the right to his opinion. Gay's want their rights but object to his. I think you should stand behind your father and refuse to continue the show without him. I would miss the show, however I would be happy for your support of your father. He is right.

  • steve todd

    This is all bull shi##.This is a FUC%% up world, Government tries to tell us what we can do and not do. one day we will not be the land of the free. Are we really free is the U.S.A. is it a good place to live? every day you turn on the news people are killing people, Government cuts low income so the poor will stay poor, cut the food stamps so a kid or mother father will skip a meal to feed there kid. government tells farmers they can sell this and not this much, that's why we pay $4.00 $5.00 for a gallon of milk. so our kids do with out. We will put up with the Congress ,Senate president, will give them self pay raises, vacations. IS that right and fair?
    WE are not free to live the way we want , all comes back to who will tell us what we can do and not do. President , Congress, senate telling us what to do. when they live the way they want on our taxes. News they will report what they want to say any thing they want to. and don't give a dame who the hurt. But when it comes down to a story about one of them it short sweet and you wont hear anymore on it. its a fuck# up
    The right, guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, to express beliefs and ideas without unwarranted government restriction.

    Constitution guaranteed freedom of speech and expression to the citizens of the United States with the First Amendment,

    one day all gays are going to say they did not get the job because thy are gay, or they will have a baby and then go after child support. it all comes down too money, what am I going to gain from this…

    wake up people , who gives a dame what you are or is not. does not mean I agree with it or disapprove of it. that's my right to say what I think or believe. I never watch this show and I wont. just a bunch of guys that are getting rich .

  • tasa18

    I think A&E needs to cancel the Storage Wars show for their detailed comments.

  • BaltmoreDaddy

    It's a shame that people can't have their own differing opinions and then get fired over it. It seems as if free speech is okay as long as LGBT agrees with it. Mr. Robertson was asked a question and he gave his opinion. Now since the LGBT crowd doesn't like is opinion hey get him fired. I guess free speech is only free if you keep it to yourself.

  • Curtis

    I read the comments on here and for the most part I find them to be really sad. So a free American made his personal opinion and beliefs public, AGAIN. And the gay community acts like this is news, guess none of them ever saw the show. Phil has always been very clear in his faith on television, and his belief in the bible as well as it's teachings and what it stands for. And if you ever saw the show you would realize it is not just Phil, but his entire family that joins him in his belief. I personally am straight, I believe in god, And honestly, I don't care what your preference is concerning sexuality or religion. Over the years I have watched and learned that you can not teach a closed mind anything. If your opinion is not in agreement with many of these “rights organizations” then you are wrong and if you state your opinion in public they want you either hung or sued. So what if we have different opinions? Only time will tell, I wish I could remember where I first heard this quote, “I would rather live my life as if there is a God and Heaven then die to find out there is not, Rather than live my life as if there is no God or Heaven only to die and find out there is.” It is a choice, -my choice-, you make your own choices, I will answer for mine, just as you will answer for yours. But the bottom line is , this USED TO BE a free country, where people could state their opinion as they see things without every whiney little organization coming out to the SPOTLIGHT to make a name for themselves at the expense of someone else. I personally am embarrassed and ashamed of what our government has allowed this country to become. You can't even state your opinion or confirm your religious beliefs publicly anymore with out being penalized. This action by A&E is a joke, I will not watch the show anymore and probably not the network itself if this is their reaction to such an honest response to a simple interview. While they are taking actions, maybe Phil should sue A&E, for discrimination against Straight Christian Men. In the end I would say, if you don't want to hear the answer, or I am sorry, If the answer Might “OFFEND” you, then don't ask the question.



  • JDB

    Are the Storage War gay guys going to be suspended for thier opinion? DOUBLE STANDARD!!!!!!


    fuck you lgbt you are all going to hell also stupid buttpokers

  • Craig Bryant

    most true Christians will say that homosexually is a sin. every sin just a bad as another sin in god eyes.

  • Tim

    It is a great day for standing for what you believe in regardless of the consequnces. He did not bring a new idea OF FREE SPEECH to our country I think it is in our constitutional rights. He did not take away anyones rights he just told everyone how he felt. I would hope someone that is honest and straight foward as Phil would run for Pesident!

  • :)

    I enjoy watching Duck Dynasty because of its biblical background. Perhaps this is why Duck Dynasty has more viewers then any other reality tv show. This is just what America needs!!! I'm sure Phil is not loosing any sleep at night… he didn't do anything wrong. A&E should be ashamed!

    “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

    John 16:33

  • Juicy

    The Tooth Fairy, God, Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, all fairy tales made up for children and ignorant or stupid hill jacks!

  • earthman

    Interesting article but I still don't think it's going to help Duck Sucks Dynasty's ratings.

  • jose

    Well i am gay proud be gay. i love enjoy when married man cristian come to my bed are alot, guys i no feeling bad for this guy because in 60 an d70 he have enought orgy and fk with alot people eatheir he dont remenber bad for him , dont remenber now after he have got tired of fun and fun …

    • Neurodoc

      What was that? Gays are a great minority and A and E should have considered that before firing Phil. It seems that their are so many more than their really are because they are so vocal and the TV stations cast them so often

  • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr

    Tad & Chris proud homosexual activity is a sin and God's Word convicts them just as it convicts all sin. And yes, even as much as all you progressive, humanist, morality challenged atheists don't wish to believe and instead force you sickness on the rest of society it is true.

  • CAPT Tom

    The ban on Phil Robertson is absolutely unfair and historically stupid. There are many more redneck Christians and WALMART shoppers that are fans of Phil and his family than there are queers in the universe that watch the show or A&E. I and my friends will not watch or buy products advertised on A&E. Queers have the right to marry or use any type of sex perversion in their own homes, but don't mess with Duck Dynasty!
    Just in case anyone is interested:

    Abbe.Raven@aetn.com – CEO

    Whitney.Goit@aetn.com – Sr. EVP

    Robert.Debitetto@aetn.com – EVP

    Colleen.Conway@aetn.com – Director of Non-Fiction Programming

    viewerrelations@aetv.com – General E-mail

    212-210-9007 – Telephone Number For Abbe Raven (CEO of A&E)

    212-210-1400 – General Telephone Number For A&E

  • jack

    All I can say is, read the bible, it plainly speaks against homosexuality. So if you say your Christian, then you need to read your bible. A penis was meant for a vagina, whether your religious or not. An anus was meant to for getting rid of waste on every animal in the world. Throughout the bible it speaks against it, I'm not judging anyone, just saying it is against it.

  • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr

    Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

  • jack

    The New Testament speaks against it in several different places. Why can't I be against homosexuality? As long as I'm not abusing anyone's rights, you can say it's OK, you can have a gay pride parade, but I can't say I believe it's wrong, where's my parade? You can shove your beliefs down my throat, but when I oppose, I'm the bad guy. That's NOT fair to me or anyone else, remember I have a freedom of speech just like you do.

  • Pat

    A & E should get ride of the two N.Y storage war gay couple. .I find their comments about their sexual preference for the the male anus to be more offensive than Phil's comment. I wish theses people would have stayed in the closet!!! I do not appreciate how society is embracing their behavior. There is a statement that I hate and that is “politically correct” That means a bunch of mindless people follow what a few think is okay and are afraid to speak up!! I Trust only and follow only Christ !! Do these people not read the Word of God that tells us sodomy is an abomination with male or females. I do not hate them but do their practices. I think too many are doing the “politically correct” thing and following the lead of a few and not thinking of their more permanent existence with our Father!

  • lorenzo111

    Why is all this such a big deal, who cares what you do with your sex life and why is it news? Phil has an opinion, so does everyone else. No on agrees on everything.

  • Williewiskers

    In the Bible, it was the people who rose up against what was taken place in Sodom and Gomorrah so God went down to check it out. I think you know how it ended He didn't say he said they won't enter the Kingdom of heaven.God said They won't enter the Kingdom of heave. “There is no GOD”says the fool. A direct quote for GOD. You can take that to the bank.

  • Jack Konkol

    A-E what the hell is wrong with you!
    Can't find fault in Phil's honesty. What's wrong with free speech. Last time Iooked it's still legal in the USA. Oh I for got the libs are trying to shut the door on that too!!
    Too bad the Gay's can't handle the truth. God said it is a sin it still is. So I guess there going to hell until they repent.

  • Pat

    what happened to my comment A & E ? Can'nt find it? Did not like my comments??

  • mslogic

    it seems to me that in actuality Christians are the ones who are being treated unfairly. Maybe instead of GLAAD there should be CAAD. Why can the gay and lesbian community express their opinions in the open such as “male anus are tighter than vagina” but it is something horrible when a Christian expresses his view. Well, as a Christian maybe I just might be offended by that remark and maybe Chris and Tad should also be suspended….hmmm….where is the freedom of expression? To sum it up, if the now emerging gay and lesbian community has the freedom to live, believe, be open about and state their believes and lifestyle, then logically, the Christian community which has been around for thousands of years should more so be able to live, believe, be open about and state their believes and lifestyles. I'm not from America, but wasn't the American country founded upon Christian beliefs? ..hmmmm….maybe in theses times, there should be a Christian Rights Movement!……..You go Phil Robertson! Speak your beliefs! Love Duck Dynasty, and Phil is one of the best! A&E bring back Phil!!!!!!!

  • Sarge

    Does any other American find it strange that under the guise of political correctness we have lost our first amendment rights? If you don't believe it read what this article is all about.

  • Samine J

    I just say he gave his opinion. He did not ask for everyone to join his side. I don't feel we should get upset because he gave his own opinion. We all give our opinion when we post our comments. We are all human.



  • MIC

    I don't watch storage wars its a pos show!

  • mustang6984

    So much for the American right to FREE SPEECH! He's right…perverts are just that…PERVERTS!

  • commoncenz

    We have free speech in this country. I will defend Phil( who I don't watch) as I will defend GLAAD. When did it become the norm in this country to only have one side able to speak out?

  • HuntingMomof2

    I think that he answered the question as he felt was right not everyone is ok with same sex couples. I know some people who are like that and as long as they don't do it around me or my kids that's fine with me. I don't want my kids growing up thinking that its ok to date the same sex, I was not raised like that and neither will my kids. I don't believe that kids should be told about it in schools esp. elementary school they are to young for that. My family and I completely support Phil and the whole Robertson Clan. We still live in America and last I checked we all had freedom of speech. THE ONLY REASON WHY THIS IS SUCH A BIG DEAL IS BECAUSE HES ON TV. But that's not going to stop us hunters from going to Bass Pro, Cabelas, or Walmart, and buying there duck calls, or cups, or shirts, or pretty much anything.

  • Educator

    First, lets start with some education, yes, homosexuality has been around as long as mankind, and is not going anywhere, no one chooses to be gay or lesbian, they are born that way! There is a large spectrum between heterosexual and homosexual that we are born into! And for those comments below: a woman's anus and a man's anus are biologically identical so is a mouth, women have an amazing vagina as well, a plus for those who enjoy it! Stop trying such weak comparisons. We are born as all humans. The same as being born Caucasian, African-American, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese and yes there is a difference!, or any other nationality. We are all born one race, human… and should be treated as such, we all bleed the same, we all have the same emotions and then there are environmental conditions that effect everyone as they grow up. Some live happy lives with loving parents, some horrible abusive lives including sexual abuse which runs rampant here in our society effecting all our children and all past has a bearing on that person's future. Many religious books, written by mans perception has many controversial passages that contradict and was not meant to be taken literally and out of context. God offers love and forgiveness to all. We should be trying to educate society to the behaviors that effect our precious children and help and respect adults by offering help to educate not ridicule.

    • Stephen

      I guess there are 2 genders because we aren't suppose to pair up?

      • GBT34

        that's a good point, there is actually a physical purpose to a man and a woman being together (ensuring the future of Mankind) not that I have a problem with Gay relationships, they just seem like masturbation.

  • steve

    Since when is having your own opinions and simply stating your own opinions “bashing”?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?

    • john

      I guess its ok to have your own opinions as long as they are the same as everyone else's

  • bam3856

    OK you said what you think that's great, thankfully I've never seen you two Rump Wranglers. Now its your turn to get shit caned.

  • redwhite&blue

    Perhaps Phil could have chosen his words a little more carefully but if you read between the lines his message is to love every person, even though…no one is void of sin and sin comes in many forms, fortunately God sent his only son to die for those sins. God is an extremely forgiving God, whether you believe gayety is a sin or not, I do believe if you are an inherently good person, gay or not, God will except you in to his kingdom.
    I know God knows your heart and if your heart is good he will accept you. I believe the bible is a reference of valuable information and stories and cannot be deciphered absolutely literally. God knew there would be sin and in doing so gave us “free will”, to live our lives as we chose, in his glory. So many people want to stray from God because they don't want to be held accountable for their actions, or they want to blame God if something bad happens to them or a loved one, but if God were to lay his hand on us every day we would not be free and we need to learn from our mistakes, just as any child does growing up (and we are all Gods children). That's why when we think our prayers go unanswered, it is simply Gods way of letting us work it out and we have to be strong enough in our faith to know God is listening and watching.
    I think this country had gone too far from religion and it shows, our founding fathers knew the importance of God and wrote in on all the significant symbols of the United States. Our justice system doesn't hold criminals accountable with the stiffest of punishments, therefore no one has to “pay” for their actions and it shows!
    Hollywood and the media tout acceptance, tolerance and the like, but now it has created an air of superiority and made people hyper sensitive to criticism of any kind and that is where the discussion or debate ends and when it ends there is no middle ground, and with gayety there used to be a middle ground, simply keep your personal life personal and you don't have to worry about being openly judged. What a concept.
    My gay friends, yes friends, don't act lewd or flamboyant around me or anyone else (that seems to be a Hollywood-esc trait). They are just kind and considerate of my feelings, as I am of theirs. Duck Dynasty portrays a loving and caring family with good solid, core values and religion to back it up, this show is popular for a reason, the majority of the public are not Hollywood types and too many people watch the television believing a lot of the Hollywood hype, forgetting it is all “entertainment” and not real life. Duck Dynasty is at its core, real life. It is “good” wholesome entertainment, funny,silly and endearing, after all doesn't everybody have a crazy Uncle Si, ha, ha.
    Loosen up people, don't be so serious, I do believe God has a sense of humor, he would have to, otherwise non of us would go to heaven, think about that!!

  • melissa

    Phil is right: according to the BIBLE gays WILL NOT inherit the Kingdom of GOD. it plainly states that in the end days..quote “people will turn to the lusts of their own flesh. man will lay with man and woman with woman” and neither shall enter into heaven unless they change their ways and repent of their sins. now if this offends the crew members of A&E i'm sry but get a bible n read it then u will c that Phil is right

  • Jim

    Oh I get it. Your dick is supposed to smell like shit when you are done making love. I am sure that is the way this planet got populated

  • Aint no yuppie girl

    I am for Phil 110% and I have never watch the New York storage wars but I love these guys response. They realize that that is Phils opinion they disagree and that is how opinions work. Congrats guys!

  • fp374k8

    If A&E suspended Phil for his comments and beliefs, why havfe they NOT suspended the GAY duo from STORAGE WARS that are spouting about their gay ways and beliefs. To quote them in their headlines. “Phil Robertson is wrong, “Storage Wars: New York” stars claim — because male anus are “tighter” than vaginas”
    I agree with Phil.

  • Dale Seitter

    OK A&E when will these two be fired? Their comments are highly offensive to any rational person, gay or straight and a personal attack on Mr Robertson. This is exactly what Phil meant when he said that sin has become the accepted behavior. Maybe it's time for citizens to file a lawsuit for discrimination on behalf of Phil.

  • Me

    Sick bastards

  • Ashley Lawson

    Fuck you Morelli! Fuck you Eaton! Fuck you A&E!

  • Macus Walker

    Never liked the ny version from the first 2 episodes. Had no idea these things were on it. But, being ny, figures. You cant even leave hgtv on now without them shoving the devils agenda at you in over half their shows. Home and gay tv is all it is now.

  • ginger

    I am disgust of the public lewd remarks made by Storage Wars actors Chris Morelli and Tad Eaton.

    It is of my opinion, that we as Americans are entitled to our civil liberties, BUT to make lewd remarks as the one that Chris Morelli and Tad Eaton stated is utterly intolerable.

    To publicly make a statement about anus and vagina is absolutely inappropriate and unprofessional.

    & e took action against Phil Robertson for expressing his religious
    views, yet I find it hypocritical that the executives at
    A & E not to take reprimanding action against Chris Morelli and Tad Eaton for using offensive words to our fragile society.

    can a society as ours continue in prosperity and dexterity if we lived a
    double standard by condemning and violating ones 1st amendment rights
    while yet condoning the very offenses of individuals that do not hold civility and proper manners in public?

    hope this will cause A & E to think about the many Americans who
    are divided by this issue and stand for principle as well as values.

    Wars actors Chris Morelli and Tad Eaton should be absolutely held
    responsible for their lewd public comments and should be made an example

    by A & E of the importance of Public civility.

  • jbr

    Know the funny part is not one thing will happen from these remarks from these guys and it shouldn't but aren't they being coarse as the Robertson's described Phil as being? Of course in pun on the subject, yet I guarantee not one thing will be said to these two men.

  • Wisdom

    Phil says he likes vagina, gets suspended
    These two say they like anus, no action taken?

  • Kelly

    A&E….you gonna fire these guys too?

  • ololuge

    Play in a sewer you deserve the bugs you get. And don't demand we taxpayers pay for your medical care.

  • Henry

    The gays said shit worse than Phil kick their ass for freedom of speech

  • whatever

    These guys said they weren't offended, every gay I know said they weren't offended.. Of course they knew the truth about what he said, not the twisted lies GLAAD are throwing out there..

    Robertson made several other comments disparaging homosexuals, grouping
    them with “drunks” and “terrorists,” and declaring that gays “won’t
    inherit the kingdom of God.”

    LIE!!! He said it was a SIN and so yes, I guess he see's drunks and terrorists as sinners too, he also said prostitutes and anyone, man, woman, hetero or homosexual that sleeps around is a sinner… So that includes a lot “straight” people of different genders, race and sexual preference.. He didn't JUST single out Gays or vilify Gays. The last part about “won't inherit the kingdom of God”, He was QUOTING the bible, and it was about ALL sinners, not JUST GAYS and not intended ONLY FOR the GAYS.. So where does GLAAD get off LYING and trying to ruin his reputation over something that didn't even “offend” most Gays??

  • Kate convo

    The joke of all of it, really, is that Robertson and the rest of us ultimately answer to higher power than A&E and GLAAD.

  • Misty Sue Roads

    What part of I Cor. 6:9-11 did A&E not understand? “Don’t you know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, your were sanctified,
    you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”

  • Common Tator

    Why don't you people leave gay people alone???? Why do you have to quote YOUR religion and constantly condemn their way of life/? Fine, live your perfect, sanctimonious, sin free life. Why must you comment on theirs?? God this. God that. They don't have to believe in YOUR god or your version of religion. Quit SHOVING your beliefs down their throats!

  • jai

    This story is proof positive. The WRAP has sunk to a new low.

    If A & E has any sense at all, they'll fire Chris Morelli and Tad Eaton for their public comparison of the circumference of gender orifices. Firing those two would be a much wiser business move since nobody watches SWNY anyway. And they can always find more interesting gays. They're on every street corner in NY.

  • buck

    wow guess the queers on storage wars got pissed u like fucking shit holes fine but then when HIV/AIDS came along well wasn't heterosexuals who got it first. oh well when u wake up one morning to find u have this disease don't complain it was fun while it lasted. funny how queers have the right to say what they want but straight people don't. by the way where Is erik holder on this matter. oh yes he is so liberal and works for OBUMA who loves th brotherhood more than Christians he cant say any thing probably agrees with queers also. take away my free speech but u keep yours. what an ass. omg which whole do u enjoy ? yea it is the ass hole. lol what the hell is gladddddd any how

  • jai

    Nobody CARES what homosexuals do in private. And we don't hate them for doing it. We just want them to SHUT UP about it.
    As a whole, they do not appear to be perverts. Instead they appear sexually frustrated. Looks like marching around in public dressed like idiots, obsessing constantly about their sexual preference and taking offense at every heterosexual thought seems to be their primary source of sexual release.

  • Elizabeth

    Independent Voter
    Los Angeles

    The casual viciousness of Phil Robertson's comments stagger the imagination. It really does not seem possible that any person could be so profoundly dissociated from simple understanding, awareness and human compassion. Had I not read his words in GQ, I would have thought his aw-shucks commentary was a satirical bit from Jon Stewart or the smug musings of white power lunatic.

    It's bad enough that his TV show is totally fake, contrived and scripted and as far from “reality” as it is possible to get and still be connected to this planet, but the fact that he actually believes that blacks did not suffer under the brutal apartheid of the south – apparently he did not see the young black men dangling by their necks from trees and was blithely unaware of the slaughter of 14 year old Emmet Till – indicates that either he was in a permanent state of drunken stupor at the time or is simply a poster child for moral degeneracy.

    Phil Robertson lacks an evolved soul. For all his “praise Jesus” posturing, I can only imagine that at the sound of his voice, Jesus weeps.

  • dac

    “Phil’s decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E and his sponsors who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families.” ……Perhaps it is GLAAD who needs to reexam their public disdain for someones religious beliefs. Who is really being intolerent here???

    Americans are sick and tired of being called a racist, a bigot or intolerent simply because one disagrees..

  • Old Rock and Roller

    I find the comment that “male anuses are tighter than vaginas” and therefore apparently more attractive to men, a very offensive remark coming from a gay couple. I thought you were gay because you were born that way, or some such thing. If you are only gay because you like a tight anus, why not just use your hand which you can adjust as you please? You guys are disgusting. Now you think it is perfectly okay to degrade a woman's anatomy because you don't like what someone said about you. What hypocrites! A woman's body is made the way it is in order to give birth, which two males can never do, just as two females can never do. Stop bashing women and maybe people won't bash gays and lesbians.

  • FedUpWithLibritards

    Isn't it just wonderful how an organization like GLADD, who used to be good, has turned into such a bully?

    Either you accept us or we destroy you.

    Homosexuals and Non-homosexuals have just as much right to liberty and free speech. You don't have to attempt to destroy someone who doesn't agree with you. You want to stamp out inequality then act and do unto others as you want done onto you. All Mr. Robertson said was HIS OPINION. The GLADD organization wants people to accept gays and their views, then maybe they need to start accepting other peoples views, especially if they don't agree with yours, as well.

    You don't like what he or anyone else said, that's fine. But instead of crying for blood why not take time to calmly start a discussion instead of blowing everything out of proportion.

  • Dennis Boswell

    Storage Wars Guys Ya'll are sick.. I know your hormones are messed up.

  • Dennis Boswell

    All shall bow before the Lord Thy God when he returns to claim his people who believe that Jesus Died for our sins. He died on the cross so that you may be saved from your sins and sin no more in your doubt, idoltery, lust, lies. Repent for your souls sake. I was once lost but now I see. For the non believers you to will believe one day when the Holy Spirit Comes Into your life. All you have to do is ask and you shall recieve but it has to come from your heart..

  • Paul Fullerton

    WELL I personally think you are sick and I will stand with Phil Robertson, ,and I have watched my last show on Storage wars END OF STORY

  • Marme

    Right on Gramcandy! I will continue to pray for those with wayward ways that are not pleasing to our God. And He will be the ultimate JUDGE for all! More power to Phil Robertson for speaking his beliefs. I truly believe that Phil loves all people and will do all that he can to preach the Good News to all people.

  • tazman

    Just a general comment related to those that want to recite the bible to justify their hatred. We all know english is not the language the bible was originally written in, and that it has been transcribed hundreds of times. How do you know that what you read today is what or how it was originally stated or intended? How do you know that someone transcribing didn't decide to change the statements? How do you know that the persons transcribing really understood the language they were transcribing? Words in the english language have had changes in their meanings within the last 50 years how do you know the transcribers understood language changes with each transcription? Just some things for you to ponder….

    • Shawn

      Your comment is based on many false assumptions which is exactly what you seem to be saying about those who accept the biblical accounts and doctrines. Accepting what the Bible lays out as a moral stand is not justifying hate. If anything your statement is hateful because you assume to know the intentions of all those who are posting. Seems prejudice to me and very narrow minded. Liberal minded people always use these types of arguments so they can avoid rational discussion and resort to emotion based rhetoric. As for you assertions about the translation, again only half true. Everything you read which was written in times past has been translated or updated at some point including any textbook they use in any school. There are however many different manuscripts which do exist and are from a number of sources. When compared and translated they tend to be very similar in the accounts they offer. This is how accuracy is checked. If you choose not to accept the Bible as accurate, so be it. But some folks have spent many years studying the book and have come to a different conclusion. I will step out on a limb and say you have never read the entire book yourself and therefore your opinion is worth very little due to being based on second hand knowledge. If you spent some time on the book and still have the same opinion, it would be more valid.

  • savant

    Perverts, championed by Liberals.

  • d.

    My ex daughter claims she is gay. I have no feeling for her. I will never allow this filthy thing in my life ever. Filthy period. Glad she doesn't use my name. When im asked if I have children I reply No. I pray she has NO kid's EVER. WTF DO I CARE WHAT YOU THINK SO SAVE THE COMMENTS.

  • kauer426

    the BIBLE the word of GOD….REALLY people wake up the BIBLE was written by a bunch of old men to scare the shit out of people and control them.IF you really believe there's some being in the sky looking down on you that cares what happens to you wake.You must believe the easter bunny and santa claus can come down your chimney.