What Does Phil Robertson's ‘Duck Dynasty’ Suspension Really Mean for Season 5? Not Much

What Does Phil Robertson's 'Duck Dynasty' Suspension Really Mean for Season 5? Not Much

You're going to have a hard time missing Phil Robertson in the coming months — because he's not going away

Calm down, “Duck Dynasty” fans; family patriarch Phil Robinson might have gotten a time-out from the A&E reality series after making anti-gay comments in a GQ interview. But as far as the upcoming fifth season is concerned, it appears that the “Duck” daddy will be taking very little time out.

When “Duck Dynasty” returns for a fifth season on Jan. 15, fans will be hard-pressed to tell the difference caused by Robertson's indefinite suspension. Which is because there won't be a difference.

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A&E has no plans to edit Robertson, even in part, from the upcoming season, a network spokesman told TheWrap. Nor does it plan to go through the episodes to look for footage that should be edited in light of the controversy.

Given that 9 of the 10 episodes have already been filmed for the season, at most, the “suspension” will amount to one episode, where Season 5 is concerned — which seems like more of a coffee break than a suspension.

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Sure, that leaves the next season of the series in question, but it seems unlikely that the situation won't be resolved by then. Particularly given the massive ratings success that the show has been for A&E. And the fact that the rest of the Robertson family appear ready to go to bat for their patriarch.

(On Thursday, the family published a statement asserting that they “cannot imagine” going forward with the show, and noted that discussions are “in discussions” with the network.)

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So, again, “Duck Dynasty” fans; you're going to have a hard time missing Phil Robertson. Because, for the time being, anyway, he's not going away.

  • Dale Latimer

    “[D]iscussions are ‘in discussion’ with the network”? Don't you mean “Family members” are in discussion?

  • Guest

    Reality tv?? This is more like a sitcom and everyone is scripted!! Just bad reality tv.

    • Smooth Groove

      Unfortunately, our country has become so degenerated and easily entertained by no talent, no quality meaningless drivel that completely uninteresting useless individuals are becoming millionaires while the more admirable and certainly more dignified entertainers are given little or no credit.
      I mean, really, a bunch of duck quacking hillbillies have “earned” an approximate eighty million dollars for what? It's a really sad representation of what our country has become. And, finally, consider the very real likelihood that several million people support this yahoo not because they respect his right to free speech, but because they are equally as bigoted.

      • robert lovin

        These “duck quacking hillbillies” were millionares before this show. These “hillbillies” are all college educated with a thriving business. A&E needs them worse than they need A&E.

        Can you say the same?

      • Shawn Patrick

        So in the name of tolerance, you decide to use stereotyping and bigoted terms? They didn't make their millions by being entertainers, which is hardly a profession known for its brain power, they have business degrees and started a company that became the premier company in the world for what it does. But I'm sure a random moron posting online, like yourself, is much smarter than they are.

  • David Perkins

    Exactly right. It likely means nothing, except that the show's ratings might climb some. Honestly, A&E's position on this is indefensible. Like other cable networks, A&E has chosen to become a bottom-feeder, and fill its air with garbage reality shows. And why not? These shows require little investment (compared to scripted shows), and the public seems to like them. The network makes millions from this dreck. A&E, and other cable nets, actively pursue oddball characters and situations and turn them into inexpensive-to-produce cash cows. Then, suddenly, the network feigns shock and awe when one of these oddball characters says something idiotic. Hey, your oddballs were given reality TV shows precisely because you expected to make big bucks from their stupidity. Are you actually surprised when your oddballs say something idiotic? Come on! If A&E would really like to avoid the current situation in the future, toss out the garbage. Get rid of the tattoo parlors and pawn shops. Fire the teen moms, and the celebrity wannabees. Tell parents who have a dozen or more children that you have no interest whatsoever in promoting their dumbass lifestyles. As a first step toward respectability, clean up your own act. Only then will you have a reasonable defense against bigotry, racism and outright stupidity. Otherwise, shut up.

    • Robert Williamson

      right on

    • Heather

      Duck Dynasty is not honey Boo Boo child… and while it may be that Duck Dynasty can be grouped with the other mindless reality shows out there it does not mean that those on the show are odd balls or stupid. I admire Phil for his values and the amazing amount of work put into building his company into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Phil Robinson even said, “We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about Jesus” it's his beliefs get over it. some people are not going to agree with you. having said all that please don't mistake me for anti-gay I an pro freedom of speech. I believe LGBT community deserves the same rights and I think that what they face is a major human rights issue. but people just need to quit getting thier panties in a bunch every time someone says something that differs from thier way of thinking. get over it!

    • American

      You sound like someone that should be on Honey Boo Boo, you have the Dumb comments part down pat, and I'm sure you don't have a college education like the Robertson Family do. I'm sure we could get someone to listen to your idiotic ranting

  • ldmoss1

    They might try to fill in episode 10 with a girls softball game. I don't think the family will act without Phil.

  • jim

    When it comes right down to it it is about the money A&E is not going to suspend him from the show, just wait till this sillyness blows over then back to buisness as usual,.

  • ProudVet

    If GLAAD doesn't like a answer to a question, they suddenly are victims of discrimination. How much power and influence does this organization have with the media? They should not have any, loyalty should be to the shows viewers, not some off the hand political organization. That is just what the are, a Political Group feeding on influence and power over your lives and viewing choices. They ARE NOT a humans right organization, they sent that down the river with out a paddle.

  • NotAFanOfPhil

    If they did what was right, A&E would apologize and take the show off the air.

    • Frank Brent

      take it off the air and why would they do that, also why would A&E apologize. How is all this right may I ask… Who cares if you are not a fan of Phil what about our freedoms are you a fan of that. Are you a person that has never said anything that was directed towards someone.. I highly doubt it.. did Phil offend you? is it his character? or his looks maybe?

  • http://themorningafter.us/ Pharmer1

    I suspect that Mr. Robertson (a very intelligent
    individual) persisted in his blunt style of message delivery with
    the full knowledge that A&E might volunteer to remove its
    troublesome self from his family life. Duck Commander certainly
    does not need that network.

    • wendy

      I agree with Pharmer1.

  • Dennis Zellaha


  • LiberalLies2012

    The problem is that gays want acceptance for a lifestyle that is full of decadent behavior, lies, materialism, and downright dirty. Anyone who has ever been involved with the gay community knows this is the most intolerant group we have today. They preach inclusion in society but then scream the loudest when tolerance is expected from them.

    Most gays are very vindictive and know little about what it takes to really forgive someone. Most are sexual adolescents and will hop into any man's bed that makes their penis hard. This is what makes the gay lifestyle so deviant in the minds of most people. If people saw behind the gay curtain as to what really goes on at their parties and such they would be disgusted and appalled. I know I was and that's why I have nothing to do with them anymore.

    • Robert Cotton

      sorry honey the real reason you don't bother with Gay party's is your husband most likely had good sex at one, For the 1st time in his marriage to you.

      • American

        Robert; does the truth hurt. spawn a child, be a man, to be Gay is a sexual preference. it's not a race or a religion, just a sexual deviation and one that is not productive for society. So stick that in your best sex ever BS.

        • Stephanie Eickelman

          Have you seen all those out there procreating who shouldn't be? Gay couples also adopt and raise them with more love and acceptance then any being offered at that time. If that doesn't help society, I don't know what does. Also, its not a sexual preference. Its the way they were born! As I was raised by my parents, to not judge others, there is only one who can judge. And it sure as hell isn't you or me!

    • blameitallonmyroots

      Your ignorant! I believe homosexuality is wrong as well as you do but I'm not going to go as far as to place them all in a stereotypical group. Yes, there are some who are the most liberalistic, intolerant, hypocritical people on earth. But that goes for straight people as well. Although, so many gay or bi people I know are the nicest, most accepting people you will ever meet and when you tell them you believe their lifestyle is wrong, they still love and respect your viewpoint.
      The promiscuity you have also described also plays a huge roll in heterosexual man or woman's life so don't point fingers at gays.

    • Leonie Coward

      I am glad you came to your senses….Now i hope you are seeking the Lord and His forgiveness !

    • AzGirl

      You know so much about gay/lesbian people and thier beliefs and lifestyle that you MUST BE gay/lesbian

  • LmnwU

    this is all about the media!!! — if they don't make waves their ratings will drop.. so of course they cant complain about the things going on in the world because, all those things please everyone,, the sex on Tv, the disobedience of children towards the parents and the immorality all a reflection of where this world is going or gone already…so they have to stir the pot with something….

  • Ferrell Rooster

    It doesnt matter if he misses one episode or 100. No one that I know in Louisiana will watch the show on A&E. A&E has shown that they must be the most stupid people in the entire world. I mean they have taken the highest rated show and basically handed it to another network with their inferior business skills. And as for Phil saying anything racial? He quoted the bible. You dont have to like it but you dont have to hide it either and he shouldn't have to. I guess it would have been OK when asked about his religion that if he quoted the Karan and said its alright by him if gays do it on his coffee table that A&E would have been fine with that statement. Hang in there Papa Robertson. It'll all come out in tha wash.

  • Big Phill Fan

    You know, PHILL just expressed his constitutional opinion, what the HELL is America coming to when you cant do that anymore, you know it seems like these days its got to what ever the F— you say it gets twisted the F— around to be racial or something, somebody is looking to always stir up sum S— sum where or the other, I say quit worrying what the F— everybody else is doing and worry about what the F— you are doing and this would be a better dam place, thats my opinion and if they don't like it they can kiss my constitutional ass! uh, thank you very much.

  • what happened to us

    Why is it that in this country people have to live in fear of offending certain groups, everyone has the right to an opinion and the right to express that opinion, this man was asked a question and gave an honest, answer, now even some of those who are defending him state he did it because of ignorance, he has a masters degree, all of his children are well educated with college degrees and he and his family run a business worth 400 million dollars. he is not stupid, he just has his own beliefs, I want to add that the stereotyping him as dumb because he is southern and lives a rustic lifestyle is in itself a form of bigotry, I don't agree with some of what he said, but he has the right to say it and if anyone thinks losing your job because of expressing an opinion isn't infringing on your right to self expression imagine how you would feel if you got fired for answering a question with an honest answer. if this was a someone promoting a lifestyle he did not agree with and he voiced an opinion they would be told to watch something else, so glaad members watch something else. everyone doesn't have to like you.

    • Mike

      Very well said……Phil robertson is a GOD fearing man who i believe trys his best to live as close to GODs word as he can. GOD has blessed the Robertson family in so many ways. JESUS CHRIST is as real as the air he allows us to breath. GOD is using Phil Robertson and many other christians to tryn wake up this messed up world by spreading the word of GOD. One of these days every person on this earth that knows right from wrong will stand before JESUS and answer for his/her sins and GOD will either say depart from me i never knew you, or enter in my humble and faithful servent for the kingdom of GOD is your reward. Heaven and hell is as real as the good ol USA.

      May GOD bless

      • JaiGuru

        Jesus is a jewish zombie. God doesn't exist. You're a moron for thinking otherwise.

        • lydia987

          Jesus is the son of God. And God does exist. You're a moron yourself. I hope one day you will find out that God really exist in time of your need and you call for His help.

        • Leonie Coward

          Are you going to have such a surprise, when you come face to face with Him. I would have loved to see the expression on your face!

        • Mike

          I feel sorry for you. You just dont know how wrong you are.

      • Leonie Coward

        Well said, Mike. you have a bless year……

        • Mike

          Thank you. GOD will bless you and everyone who believes and has faith.

    • JaiGuru

      Oh poor you, living in fear because your society doesn't sanction you being a senseless twat 24/7 on public networks. How will you ever go on?

    • lydia987

      I agree. these people are so sensitive with this kind of topic.

  • Brett Howard

    I would not worry another network will pick them up for sure. I never watch A/E until Duck dynasty. I back up Mr. Robertson 100%. Want to see decadent behavior go to the French Quarter in New Orleans. Someone should post a video of what they express out in the streets of the French Quarter. They will shut up Quick

  • Eric Talbot

    Mr. Robertson's absence “will have little affect” on the show – should read, “…will have little EFFECT on the show.” News reporters aren't carefully proofreading their work these days, or they simply never were taught the difference in meaning between ‘affect’ and ‘effect.’

    • Jim

      What kind of question is that anyway-what about whats is store for season five-is the family gearing up for Christmas-how many sweet potato pies does Miss Kay bake for Christmas-hows the hunting. As for season five Phil will probably be in the episodes already filmed-BUT where will the FAMILY be after that ?

  • shirley

    Oh the cost of freedom of speech it isn't really free…Live and let live you should still have a right to your opinion..

  • Justiceseeker

    Attacking and libeling an entire group of people is totally uncalled for.

    • https://www.facebook.com/ritchietheriveter Ritchie The Riveter

      Phil wasn't doing that … but the Progressive Left does that to those they disagree with on a near-daily basis. They are our new fundamentalists.

      • Justiceseeker

        Wrong. Being Christian does not make anyone a target for employment discrimination among any lgbt people I know. In fact most lgbt organizations these days have Christian organizations it seems. The fact of the matter is this mans behavior is simply libelous and uncalled for.

        • https://www.facebook.com/ritchietheriveter Ritchie The Riveter

          So quoting Scripture, then declaring that it is God's job to judge, is libelous and uncalled for?

          I guess that as long as a Christian remains SILENT about what they believe, they are all right with your friends? We know what the community thinks when we speak … they call it “hate”.

          And you might want to check those Christian organizations within the community … methinks they are cherry-picking Scripture to justify their Leftist fundamentalism.

          • Justiceseeker

            You are not god any more than anyone else is . Furthermore ,
            common sense is my guide and it shows clearly that two people who have affection for each other is harming nothing.
            You on the other hand, are a different story.

  • Mark Yancey

    Everybody has a right to their opinion. It is called freedom of speech. It is our constitution right. And it is ashamed that a man or woman can not give his/her opinion. And for A&E to say that they will suspended him from the show. It is his show and it is called “network suicide”. Does some of the people want to go back like the way it use to be with no type of rights what so ever. And my opinion on gay rights, a person has the right to love who they want to. My daughter is gay and I still love her for who she is, and my wife and I stands behind our daughter. How many of us is forced to marry or be with a certain person for the rest of our life. None

    • https://www.facebook.com/ritchietheriveter Ritchie The Riveter

      What we want, is true respect for the unalienable rights of all … including the right to criticize what one sees as wrong, while still remaining respectful of the human being that is facing the criticism.

      What GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign want, is to muzzle their critics, to facilitate a creation of a “new normal” where their mellow will never be harshed with even principled criticism … perhaps even with its own version of the Race Card.

      Do some people think we need another deck of those, handed out?

  • TheTruth

    As to the ignorant comments about the gay lifestyle. You SO CALLED God fearing people A MAZE ME!
    Their is nothing that goes on in our community that does not go on in yours. The only difference is that we are not ashamed of it and do not try to hide it.
    Their are more adultery, prostitution, child molesters, rapists from heterosexual males and women, of any color.
    Its ok for Phil to talk about gays like we aren't people and to condemn us to a book that proves nothing. But Paula Dean said one racists remark and she's immediately boycotted.
    You people need your so called Jesus in your life. Sin is sin not one is greater then another. So your bible says. Don't throw rocks while your house is built of glass. ..
    I'm sure you want like my comment.
    But it's my right as you stated.

    • https://www.facebook.com/ritchietheriveter Ritchie The Riveter

      So instead, you get to jam YOUR viewpoint – which may even include elements of faith, perhaps in your own omniscience, down our throats as the One and Only True Way?

      You are right about Paula Deen being maligned … but dead wrong about Phil Robinson. He was respectful in his criticism of the lifestyle choice – and yes, it is as much of a choice to practice it, as it is for me to choose to remain monogamous in the face of my male biology. He specifically said that condemnation was above his pay grade … that God will sort things out.

      I for one, believe that the gay lifestyle is wrong, but I also respect the unalienable rights of the individuals in their choice to practice it. I expect them to respect my unalienable right to criticize – with respect for them as human beings – their lifestyle choice if I find it to be wrong.

      Intimidation like Phil Robinson is facing here, does not meet that expectation, even though the First Amendment may not apply.

    • Leonie Coward

      Truth, you need to seek the Lord…..rid yourself of all that anger and more.

  • dynasty1

    A&E will be missing viewership though. Due to the decision to suspend Phil. I will not be watching. The advertisers will start pulling out without viewership.

  • Robert Cotton

    This has nothing to do with Gay or straight !! Its all about the Ignorance of hate !! I truly hope this brings down their career !! The show portraits nothing but ignorance anyway ! so sad that most of the human race are stupid and ignorant. Just look at ALL the reality shows ! total Ignorance ! the smart ones do something called reading a book and do not support the trash on television ! But when you have no life and you all are on welfare and sucking off the government you will always have jerry springer that resembles all your family members

    • https://www.facebook.com/ritchietheriveter Ritchie The Riveter

      Succeeding in honest enterprise (no welfare here) … establishing and maintaining a loving family … even treating those you disagree with, with respect and not condemnation … yes, you may be ignorant about what hate really is, if you think this is “hate”.

      Get off your high horse, and stop being a follower of the Cult of the Credentialed and Connected Omniscient. Instead, embrace Callahan's Principle of Leadership: a man's got to know his limitations.

      Phil Robinson knows his.

      Those who seek to silence him, do not.

  • kel

    just to show how many people gay or not watch the show and have purchases his products. Gays hunt and fish to with the flare of designer garments from under armour. that support Phil Robertson as well.

  • Maddie

    This is the most ridiculous thing ever! EVERYONE has the right to their own opinion. There are WAY too many sensitive people these days!! It's ok that the gays throw their way of living in everyones face, but someone's religious belief against them cant be said? PLEASE!!! GROW THE HELL UP!!

  • Rob Mitchell-Blough

    Everyone claimed “Network suicide ” when DOg used the n-word as well and got suspended that didn't happen either hahaha. Phil can say what he wants the network can do what they want in the end does it really effect any one of you idiot commenters personally. Phil and his degenerate family will find another network and life will move on. When will people realize there are consequences for what you say and do.

    • https://www.facebook.com/ritchietheriveter Ritchie The Riveter

      Your bigotry shows through in the word “degenerate”.

  • skeet

    he is right,,thay should be a faget shoot ever year,,,its anom n eve,,,,not adom n steve,,,,phil hang in there u just speaking gods word,,,and thay will be no queers,,thay need 2 make a new law and let us kill a least 5 a year,,wiith in a few years thay wont be herd of,,,jesus is the anser,,,,and so proud 2 have a brother to tell it like it is,,amem,,,u go phill,,u are the best red neck ive seen,,amen

  • skeet

    if thay would just kill all the queers,we wouldent have this problem..

  • Paul

    What Charlie Sheen trying to be relavent!!!! After his stint on 2 and a half men, his popularity has plummeted. Cursing out producers and blaming that they were Jews and did not like him. No one cares what Sheen thinks or progressive liberals who just want to be relavent!!!! Liberals calling people names and cursing those who disagree with them, have lost their relavence. They act worse than children if you don't agree with them. Get over it liberals……everyone has an opinion and you don't have to agree with them. LIBERALS CANT STAND THAT !!

  • MR. Jakob Scott

    I toke A&E so far with movie,s & TV show,s Phil just pushed it i had to suspend him for a month duck dynasty fan,s of Phil im sorry i had to he had it if he does it again he never aloud on public tv for a long long time he will be back on in january 2014 .
    ThankYou for reading please subscribe to A&E CHANNAL


  • Jonnyx

    They can't suspend Phil Robertson for his opinion on gays, I mean come on he has his rights

  • truth b told?

    Dont you just love Hollywood publicity stunts…thats all this was. it exploded 3 weeks before premiere episodes that were already filmed begin airing. Phil on “suspension” yeah right! The whole show was already on scheduled hiatus for Duck hunting season when all this went public. So Everybody is a winner…
    1. GQ for the interview, mags are gonna fly off the shelves.
    2. A&E for marathons the next 2 weeks and premiere eps stating 1/15 airing right thru the February sweeps period, so A&E will adjust their ad rates way UP.
    3. All the TV News shows thats covering this “scandal”, their ratings go up also.
    4. lets not forget DD merch., Bet those shelves will also be clean come 12/26.
    A&E and the Robertson clan are Genius…
    So why all the viewers are watching the new shows starting in January “supporting Phil”. A&E and the Robertson’s will be counting all their greenback made from this “Scandal” and laughing all the way to the bank…again the 1% living off the backs (or eyes and attention span) of the 99%.

  • dan

    they don't think it will effect this season, I know I wont be watching, A&E pooped in their nest and i'm not sitting in it

  • william lucas

    if your gay fine…but you make jokes about straight people and its alright…then when a straight man says something about you ..you break out in tears..man as old saying goes..if you talk the talk…walk the walk..a and e…shame on you..duck dynasty should leave you and go to another station..but wait that would bring your rating downs right..you better read the bill of rights next time you supend someone–like the second one…the right to free speech…also must have not read the orginal…we shall have no kings but king jesus…read it

  • American

    It is time that we realize this country foundation is
    Christianity. We need to support these core values to make this nation strong
    again. We can accept that others may have different beliefs. But we must hold
    Christian values in the highest regard. We must turn the tide on organizations
    like GLAAD and the NAACP that actually promote racism and oppress freedom of
    speech by threats of monetary ruins for any one that disagrees with them. The
    majority of America needs to know that they can be proud to speak of their
    heritage and beliefs without being persecuted by the minorities of
    America. Let’s all learn to live
    together in peace one nation under God…….. Not one nation under gays.

    • lydia987

      I agree with you American. God bless us and God bless America. We really need God's help.

  • JaiGuru

    What a classless group of hacks. Everyone, including myself, who is involved with or in discussion of this fiasco is a cocksucker.

  • Rob

    I don't even watch Duck Dynasty. What pisses me off is the audacity of GLAAD that they think they can shut anyone up that doesn't accept their lifestyle. Now it back fired and they are seen for exactly what they are. I read what Phil said, and he didn't say anything wrong. He expressed his opinion.
    Now there is a very vocal backlash against the gay community because they tried to kill freedom of speech. Now me and many other have a problem with the gay community that didn't before. Way to go GLAAD.

  • Josey Wales

    What difference does it make about who is right or who is wrong? Everyone has to answer for their sins when they die and that is not for us humans to decide or judge. The issue is Americans should be able to speak their minds and voice their opinions without everyone getting their panties in a wad. Opinions are just like assholes; everyone has one!

  • Lori

    Don't like what someone says on TV turn the channel. Don't like what you read in a magazine article, read something else. Don't like listening to what someone says, listen to something else. Stop whining and get some thicker skin. You have choices. They might not be all that you want, but you have them. We all do. Stop being a
    self proclaimed victims and acting like rainbow terrorist. The way you have been behaving I can't help but wonder if you all enjoy being a victim. That way you can blame everyone else for your issues without taking any responsibility.

  • 007scallywag .

    As the saying goes,
    Leave the rest of us alone, that just need a smile.