‘Duck Dynasty’ Drops Nearly 2 Million Viewers From Premiere

'Duck Dynasty' Drops Nearly 2 Million Viewers From Premiere

Second episode of new season ratings slide continues in Week 2

Last week's depressed ratings for the season premiere of “Duck Dynasty” might not have been a fluke.

The second episode of the season dropped steeply from the season premiere, shedding nearly 2 million viewers.

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Wednesday's “Duck Dynasty” drew 6.7 million total viewers — off considerably from last week's premiere haul of 8.5 million total viewers.

While this wouldn't be the first “Duck Dynasty” season to suffer a ratings dip in its second episode, Wednesday's numbers do indicate a troubling trend for the A&E show. Ratings for last week's season premiere dropped 28 percent from the Season 4 premiere in August, which amassed a record-setting 11.8 million total viewers during a period when networks were heavy into repeat mode.

Wednesday's ratings were also the lowest-rated episode since the Christmas-themed Season 2 finale in December 2012, which brought in 6.5 million total viewers.

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The current season's premiere also came in below the Season 3 premiere last February, which garnered 8.6 million total viewers.

Last week's season premiere was the first “Duck Dynasty” episode to air since controversy erupted over homophobic comments series star Phil Robertson made to GQ. During an interview with the magazine, Robertson — who describes himself as a product of the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle who turned to God after hitting rock bottom — said that gay people “won't inherit the kingdom of God” and likened them to “drunks” and “terrorists.”

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Robertson was briefly suspended from the show, but quickly reinstated in the wake of fan backlash.

  • Guest

    Wow , like so many people even read the Warp. I mean the Pawr, I mean the Praw. Hey, HwatEver !!! Who really cares what this rag prints ? What a joke for journalism. Of course Double D slides. No one is going to continue to support AE. Or any other Cracker Barrel media that goes against righteousness for that matter. It is what it is.

    • Rob Barton

      You care, you commented

  • Worldsinmind

    Seems I've heard that CBS, ABC, and NBC ratings have also slid- – in an inverse relation to the increase in higher IQs filling the population.

  • wonderboy70

    The Wrap must really hate Duck Dynasty! You must want this show to fail giving the way you attack it. Yes rating have declined. They're still solid ratings though. Most ratings decline after their premiere. Checkout other networks shows ratings. I'm sure they're not where they once were. It's called competition.

    • simonenglish1 .

      Yes, but they were down 28% and then an additional 2 million, that's almost a 40% drop, that is nothing to ignore!

      • wonderboy70

        I don't think it's because of Phil Robertson's comments. The show just isn't as genuine as when it first started. It all seems overly scripted and staged now. I'm not a big DD fan but do like to watch it on occasion. I don't think the show was meant to last a long time anyway. The DD family are rich from they're business and won't be hurt financially if it gets canceled. Life will go on for them and everybody else.

  • John

    While Phil Robertson's comments likely caused some loss of viewership, the bigger problem is badly-written shows. In the earlier seasons, the show was genuinely funny, whereas the first three episodes of Season 5 seemed contrived. Last night's show predominately revolved around Si wearing a camera on his head to make a documentary. At first it was funny, but after 15 minutes it was just stupid.
    The show is supposed to be about the entire family, not just Si. Having a crazy character in a show is fine, but the whole show shouldn't be about his lunacy. I like the show, and I hope that it can go back to what it was like in previous seasons.

    • Andrea Maas

      too much Si not enough of the other family members

  • Marc

    It was just the g @ y and oversensitive wimpy crowed anyway! Duck Dynasty doesnt need them along with the rest of America. They can move to france if they like. Libs dont like to work and be sucessful like these people have and want to hate on them for having things.

    • Kevin

      I'm gay. I'm not oversensitive. And I think you meant crowd. Not crowed as a rooster does. His comments about blacks in the south in the '60's was equally offensive. But they are the descendants of the crackers that used their religion and bible as justification for opposing civil rights. And they are the descendants of the crackers that used their bible and religion to oppose the abolition of slavery. I'm white. I'm not moving anywhere because they and their followers are on their way out and it is scaring them. Have a nice day.

      • simonenglish1 .

        Hey Kevin, I was raised a Roman catholic and people using Christianity to enable their hatred/ignorance is the real sin here. I'm sick and tired of white Christians telling gays and minorities to keep quite, to stop complaining, keep to themselves, its just messed up…..these same people will say racist comment following a nasty gay comment, the world is sick and tired of people who hate!!! Especially tired of people who say “Jesus loves you, Jesus will forgive you, but gays will burn in hell and give Obama a banana(apparently calling black people apes/monkeys is acceptable)” these people are a joke and bring shame on the entire human race!! Me and my family stand with all our gay brothers and sisters, we love you all and we will fight along side you till you have the equality you are entitled too!

        I thought these guys were good ole boys(look like rednecks, but love everyone and just are happy go lucky) its sad these guys turned out to be white trash red necks!

        • Kevin

          Thanks. Fundamental Baptist here. Dancing, TV, movies, hair on my collar and ears were all classified sins. They didn't beat on homosexuality as much as today but it came up enough and I believed the indoctrination as a teenager and was convinced I was evil. I'm 52 and have been with my partner for almost 28 years. I grew up with an unwed and poor but working mother. I put myself through Virginia Tech and got my engineering degree and paid back my loans. My partner is a retired middle school math and science teacher who coached girl's basketball. We both took care of our parents and kept them in their homes until their deaths. We pay our taxes and live a quite and happy life. But all these people can see is an abomination, a sin or worse. But no more. Not now. Not ever. We have been denied basic civil and human rights. They are on their way out slowly but the day will come that we won't have to have these conversations. Thanks again for the support.

  • Zee

    The show is just not funny anymore. Period.

  • John Mckinley

    I can very rarely see it at its regular time and since the show also airs at a later time, which works for the time I can record it. Then I watch it at my leisure. Did anyone check those numbers? I'm also concerned about gays being told to keep “quite” but not as much as I am about gays believing it's OK for them to tell others to keep quiet. I do believe that the show continues to find real humor in the everyday weirdness of life.

  • Whyzup

    I'm not at all surprised at the ratings drop. As the scriptures say “You reap what you sow.”.

  • Feral Grognard

    Don't say. MSNBC and Al Jazeera ‘s monthly ratings combined has finally caught on is what you Progresso dictator propagandizing freaks really mean, right comrades?

  • MirrorMirror

    I knew that it would only be a matter of time before the hiIIbiIIy te@tards would get tired of this backwater, podunk, trailer trash show. It's sad…Even the Springer show is more popular with the Wal Mart-shopping, NASCAR-watching swamp people than this “tripe”.

  • Siddvicious

    of course this liberal site would shout with glee if ratings were declining… but the show is pretty much the same thing and it aint bad but better things to watch including NCAA Basketball, mens not UCONN fems… I am sure the Duck boys couldn't give a crap. but the pinks and libs want this show to crash so bad…lol