‘Duck Dynasty': Twitter Apologizes for ‘Mistakenly’ Blocking IStandWithPhil.com

'Duck Dynasty': Twitter Apologizes for 'Mistakenly' Blocking IStandWithPhil.com

Phil Robertson fans accused site of censorship

Twitter has restored users’ ability to link to the pro-Phil Robertson site “IStandWithPhil.com” and apologized for what it says was a mistake.

Supporters of the suspended “Duck Dynasty” patriarch had accused Twitter of censoring the site, which hosts a petition that has received 200,000 signatures. Those who tried to link to IStandWithPhil.com on Monday received a message saying, “Oops! A URL in your Tweet appears to link to a page that has spammy or unsafe content.”

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Twitter later lifted the block.

“The URL IStandWithPhil.com was mistakenly flagged as spam tonight, by an outside organization that tracks spam sources. We have restored access and apologize for the error,” Twitter said in a statement to news site Marketing Land.

The site did not respond to requests from comment from TheWrap.

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Faith Driven Consumer, the group behind the petition, said in a statement Monday that the blocking of the IStandWithPhil.com site appeared to be intentional, noting that Twitter also blocked links in two other pro-Robertson social media campaigns.

Robertson was suspended from his A&E show last week after making anti-gay remarks in an interview with GQ.



  • Uncomfortably_Aware

    Twitter attended the same PR course as did Cracker Barrel.
    Both have learned the power of numbers.

    • Rick

      That's right! We Christian conservatives are typically humble and not so outspoken, allowing the radical groups to think they can do what they want! We've been quiet and we've been fair, but we have had enough! We have been pushed to far! We are the majority and it's time to take back our country, and we will. We are 80% of the country! Thank you Lord for our strength!

  • HALO101st

    Oh, shut-up Twitter, you bunch of left-wing liberal fairies.

  • barfomer

    Liberals are such a tolerant bunch. . . NOT

  • delight

    I support and agree with Phil Robertson he stands for God not for anyone, just read the Bible and let the Truth speak. America is becoming like Sodom & Gomorrah destroyed with fire because of their wickedness.

    • Steve

      Delight, GOD speaks to you or Phil, next time can I come over to talk to God. What the hell do you people smoke or drink. Religious Zealots.

      • rubbermetstheroad

        Steve don't you have anything better to do? Homosexuality is wrong! Murder is wrong, Lying is wrong, stealing is wrong, etc….. and where did we get that they are wrong YOU GUESSED IT: GOD!!!!

      • notstevieboy!

        fuck you steve,u fuckin smart ass idiot!!!!

      • iatethebunny

        Steve you can't argue with hypocritical, ignorant, redneck hillbillies. Didn't you know that it's okay for them to issue discriminatory statements in public forums, but the rest of us aren't allowed to? They need to be careful though because their 3rd grade education is starting to show in these posts. And their lack of compassion.

        • David

          third grade education ? look whos talking here? Im on phils side for what we believe But gay people walking on the street I have to hide the grandkids from seeing perverted minds doing afterward

        • Kel

          Your 2nd grade education IS showing. Starting a sentence with a conjunction like “and” relates that sentence to something outside of the sentence – which implies that the sentence beginning with the conjunction cannot be complete. Retard.

      • delight

        Yes God speaks to a person through His Holy Spirit, seems like you have no knowledge of God, go smoke your dope if you don't know the Bible, if you have problem with the Bible open, read, study Pray for the Holy Spirit to interpret it for you.. the truth hurts and don't matter what anyone think only matters what God's Word said..

  • delight

    good for twitter they recognized their ignorant errors, avoiding the Truth just let people voice their human rights opinions, this sites is for the public views so hush up and hear the message from this born American hero..

    • Steve

      He is not the American Hero? He is a racist Idiot.

      • KennyB

        So gays are a race now?? I thought they were a sexual preference? O.o

        • rubbermetstheroad

          He is so crazy and besides ANTI WRONG not anti Gay

        • Bob Johnson

          Gays like to pack that fudge and then lick the spoon!

      • ridiculous4sure

        You win the prize for that and your remarks should be purged because you being a homo don't believe in free speech.

      • delight

        the devil is angry because we saw his lies. and he's furious about the TRUTH!!!

      • delight

        Phil Robertson is for God and a hero, and idiot is an ignorant hippo..

  • marylin

    The only problem with what Phil said, was no body else has the big gonads to say it them selves…

    • ridiculous4sure

      Hopefully on a different network.

  • Mike Conner

    actually most of the fairies i know have been conservatives , here is a test . How many republican politicians have been caught in same sex relationships since 2000 ?

    • JimmyDarmody

      I don't know Mike. How many?

    • captdot

      Wow, we certainly are tolerant, aren't we? “Fairies” would light up the the folks at GLADD real well. You can find listings of Republican & Democrat sex scandals online going back to the 17th century. Interestingly, there were many Democrats who had sex with teenagers. What's worse? A gay politician soliciting sex from an adult gay guy (or one he believes is gay) or an adult molesting children?

      • Steve

        The Democrats don't go back to the 17th century, You must be thinking of the Romans. Missed the question in History class.

        • captdot

          Thanks for the correction. I meant the 18th century (1700s), and should have said “politicians”.

    • Steve

      Mike, there has been three I know of, but I am a democrat.

      • Bite Me

        What? You say your a dumbascrap?

  • tkhermsen

    im with phil ever here of freedom of speech

    • Steve

      Not in this case, This is Racist Views!

      • Boggie

        “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.” Voltaire

        This is what freedom is…allowing everyone the right to speak, even if you disagree with them. Once you start making exceptions for this group or another group, freedom of speech is gone.

      • Bite Me

        Pull your head out of your ass stevie and take a good look around you fool.

      • nancy

        seems ur the racist idiot and stupid too!



  • CableNewsGuy

    The people saying that Phil made “anti-gay” remarks are nothing but a bunch of heterophobs.

  • Josey Wales

    What difference does it make about who is right or who is wrong? Everyone has to answer for their sins when they die and that is not for us humans to decide or judge. The issue is Americans should be able to speak their minds and voice their opinions without everyone getting their panties in a wad. Opinions are just like assholes; everyone has one!

    • Steve

      Butt, some people think their ship doesn't stink? Free Speech is not free, it give you the right to speak but only in a way as to not harm others, in words or deeds. Speaking about others who are not like yourself is Hurt'Full.

      • Boggie

        Grow up! Life is not always fair. It is not the job of the rest of the world to protect your feelings. People get hurt all the time; sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. Get over it!

  • Mikki Mousse

    Mistake? Hardly.
    A + E, Cracker Barrel, Twitter and all the others have seen
    the huge support for the Robertsons.
    Their “moral compass” points straight to the cash register.

    • Try thinking sometimes.

      yep, yep, yep

  • marylou

    Twitter did not “make a mistake”…it was deliberate censorship!
    They know it and we know it!
    It only became a “mistake” when they got caught…and outed!

  • blessed girl

    I totally support Phil and have watched Duck Dynasty and glad he has been reinstated. As a Christian and a child of god, Phil's statement is the truth as written in the bible.

  • blessed girl

    if you love JESUS, say amen! Welcome Phil!

  • Steve

    I think you all are a bunch of Racist Bigot!!!

  • Steve

    You should not be allowed to preach your hatred against the minorities or other races, just because you have a TV show. First Amendment doesn't work in this case.

  • callemhowiseeem

    SURE, A MISTAKE. I'll Say it was a MISTAKE.

  • dedeone

    I will fight for the right for any responsible adults to live in piece as long as there are no children involve-but stop trying to change the words of the bible to benefit the life you are involve in and this statement is for all groups whites,blacks, gays,all other races, leave the faith books alone..the bible speaks for itself. If you continue to try and remove the bible from americans it is going to backfire also every man,woman,all races are tease and we laugh at ourselves stop trying to bring comics down when they tell a gay joke give me a break. This getting to be to much I have went to comic shows and when they use the N words my gay friends laugh as hard as we do but when the comic start joking about gays then they get sensitive.

  • KennyB

    I personally don't care if someone is gay or not, even though I agree with Phil's statement, I'm fine with accepting the fact that you're an adult and you accept the responsibility of your actions. What I don't like or will ever tolerate is Groups like Planned Parenthood demanding we teach 5th graders how to have oral/anal sex! I will not accept it, nor will I ever want to see some dude in pink panties, with angel wings screaming “I'm gay and I'm proud!” If gays want to be left alone, fine, but don't scream it in my face, or teach my kids about anything that has to do with sex until they are old enough to comprehend the consequences, and accept the responsibility that comes with those actions!

  • Boggie

    If anyone still has doubts that “public opinion” is being manipulated, this should put those doubts at rest. There are some subjects we are not allowed to discuss in the land of the brave, home of the free and apparently ALL media are participants in this conspiracy… and it IS a conspiracy! I bet the gay community thought it could ruin Duck Dynasty as easily as it destroyed the career of Paula Deen. Glad they failed this time.

  • Bite Me

    Twitter must have a twit in charge.

  • John

    If twitter blocked a pro gay or anti American site imagine the up roar there would have been from the liberal anti American, anti Christian media !!

  • will

    I support Phil. People should stop trying to change what God has said. America Is being taken over by people that want to world change there way ( from a blk man)

    • rubbermetstheroad

      Well said! At worship service's last Sunday preacher, evangelist made a great statement he said:” we are to become like Christ not Christ become like us”.

  • Hattie

    people think it is bad what Phil said about the Black people maybe we should look at it another way maybe we should see the strength of the black people of how beat down they were but they still found happiness in their heart to sing and have love in their hearts because of the Lord could we see it that way? If you don't want people to know who your sleeping with don't make it so public if your in the public be ready to be judged Jesus was in the public and look what happened to him you need to not worry what everyone else thinks and get on with it.

  • Viv

    He's the product of an insulated society, and Christianity has taught him to hate and fear the unknown. Poor guy.

  • Dave

    Way to go Phil, and who in the hell is Jessis Jackson

  • JJ Slator

    I have no feeling one way or another to this situation, but I do remember back to earlier this year and the Paula Deen scandal, which she made the comment years and years ago before everyone was so cautious that they might offend somebody, unlike what Phil has done just recently, but now getting away with a slap on the hand. Probably has to do with what is in his pants and what she does not have! Just saying, sometimes the truth can hurt!

  • ridiculous4sure

    Mistake my ass. Fork twitter a non free speech outfit dedicated to immoral values!

  • Shadow

    wow this is filled with a bunch oof ignorant people…now that things have been proven and that we have come along way from treating others as subservient classes its ignorant intolerant people llike you guys that make every country hate America..even Americas allies don't like America that much. but more to the point, phil's so called “apology” is shit. its a lie. Any person who speaks like that in an interview clearly has been doing so all his llife. this is just another redneck guy they found who doesn't know crap about compassion freedom and equality all things god wants his children to have

  • mellied55

    We al know this was no mistake. For the first time, in too long a time, people of faith took a stand. Christians make up 80% of the population (per the 2010 US Census) and when we include our Jewish friends, the umber rises. Homosexuals make up less than 5% of the population. Why have we allowed such a small group intimidate us and even influence legislation because of what they choose to do in their bedrooms. A sex act should not be a protected class! Now that we finally have some momentum going, we need to stay strong and VOCAL on all issues of fait. Let the world know that as the majority, WE control much of the economy! This is one area here we can make advances!

    • Rick

      Exactly! Christian conservatives ARE America! We have allowed this foolishness too long! It's time for us to act! We cannot let up, keep up the good work!

  • Karen Ptacek

    Does not the Muslim book also speak against homosexuality? Are you going after them?

  • doz

    I have to agree with Phil because if you watch TV now their are shows on that show guys kissing each other and then when someone speaks their mind like Phil they jump all over him but nothing is said about two guys or two girls kissing on TV. So I have to agree with Phil

  • nancy

    SHAME on you Twitter for your EXTREME BIAS and for trying to censor free speech! SHAME on you A&E for not allowing reality to be real! There are many opinions and points of view…ALL of them deserve to be heard and expressed! Majority of the population either agree with or respect the right of Phil to express his beliefs. Get with the program you “social media” and “entertainment exec's”!

  • Joan Starke


  • Joan Starke

    hi im new I don't agree with the shows view but I love the show my God never taught me to hate anyone an I go thru life not agreeing with all but turning to my faith in all human beings

  • Mike Conner

    I agree with Phil Robertson, men need to get these little girls at 15 and 16,Get them pregnant and into the kitchen before they get worldly ideas

  • lindannrock

    This man is absolutely crazy—boys marry teenage girls? What the hell is wrong with him? Our youth need to go and develop and grow and learn and live – not be tied down at 19 with kids, babies on the boob, and the bleakest of outlook on their non-existent future….not to mention the immaturity level at this age – these kids don't understand what a real commitment to someone else is for a lifelong union to exist in harmony and happiness. Hell, most of us these days look for the slightest thing to head to divorce court. Could you imagine a 19 year old couple of kids ? Get a F******* grip! And what about promoting interracial relationships? And what about the young boy or girl who have feelings that they can't quite understand themselves towards another same sex partner??? What about those folks?? Shove them in the closet for eternity or they break down and some other worse fate befalls them??? People WAKE UP – what are we doing to our future – those right young people that need to find their own way in their own time …. and experience the magnificent life that is their right to choose and determine how they wish to live it.

  • Janet

    Jesus says to love the sinner and not the sin. Didn't Jesus walk among sinners showing them the way. Remember we have been given the right to choose through the blood that Jesus Christ shed for us. We all have a free will – period! We all will have to stand before God and be judged for the choices we have made and God alone will judge us. So I say, let us not throw stones at one another but love one another instead as Jesus Christ so loved the world.. Let the light in each of us that has excepted Jesus as our Lord and savior shine for all to see not only by our words but also by our deeds. I love the Robertson and enjoy them greatly. They bring not only laughter to the world but also try to let their light shine in their own way. May God's love and light shine in us one and all. God Bless.