‘Duck Dynasty’ Clan Has a Very Cautious NYE After Phil Robertson Controversy

willie and korie robertson

Scandal has surrounded the reality TV family recently, but it was nowhere to be found in Willie and Korie Robertson’s New Year’s Eve appearance on Fox News

Apparently the Robertson family’s New Year’s Eve resolution is to choose their words carefully in 2014.

Willie and Korie Robertson, of the hit A&E series “Duck Dynasty,” appeared on Fox News Channel’s “All-American New Year’s Eve” special Tuesday night, in their first interview since family patriarch Phil Robertson was reinstated on the series. The elder Robertson’s suspension was sparked by anti-gay comments he made in a GQ interview.

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Anyone hoping for fireworks would have to wait for the pyrotechnics display that might accompany the ringing in of the new year.

Despite the attempts of Fox News’ Bill Hemmer and Elisabeth Hasselbeck to prod the Robertson couple on the controversy, a sexy soundbite was not forthcoming from the reality TV sensations.

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“Well, we’re just glad to be back to work. And A&E and us are fine,” Willie Robertson offered. “The Robertsons, we’re looking forward to getting back to making some funny shows, and it’s a new year. So we’re ready to break in a new year and start it all over again.”

Hit with a follow-up question on the family’s decision to stick with A&E, Willie Robertson — who leads the family duck-call business Duck Commander — offered little beyond the fact that the family was “ready to move on” and that they “all learned a lot” from the drama that unfolded over the previous two weeks.

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Robertson also reminded viewers that a new season of “Duck Dynasty” is nigh. (Mark Jan. 15 on your calendars, fans.)

“We’re just ready,” Willie offered. “I mean, we’re ready to get started. We got a new season coming up in a couple of weeks, and we’re really excited about that …. We’re ready to move on, you know? I think we all learned a lot and we’re just ready to move on, and the family’s happy and we’re ready to go. I gotta make sure my guys are back there building duck calls!”

Wife Korie, meanwhile, chimed in that she’s “just glad the family’s all together and that “we’re happy, happy happy.”

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Phil Robertson found himself in hot water after GQ published an interview in which the reality star, among other things, lumped gays in with terrorists and drunks. A&E initially put Robertson on an indefinite suspension, but reversed that decision shortly thereafter, following protests from fans and conservatives.

Meanwhile, Gawker reports that the Robertson clan has paired with weapon manufacturer Mossberg for a “Duck Commander Series” of guns. The line of 12 guns come with an appropriate camouflage pattern and the words “Faith. Family. Ducks.” stamped on them.

Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.


  • Steve

    I am sorry the A & E network choose to bring back Phil, I think they made the wrong decision, Money was the answer. He still a racist preacher, I will not watch the show.

    • Doris Bradley Capps

      How can you say Phil is racist? He grew up with blacks, worked alongside them in the field. Stated he doesn’t ‘hate’ anyone. No, he’s not racist and if you don’t watch the show you only hurt yourself. You certainly won’t be hurting Phil. His family has all the money they could ever want, They own the Duck Commander empire and will continue to make millions of dollars, with or without Duck Dynasty and A&E

      • Guest

        Ha! Ha! “I’m not a racist I have black friends” said every racist ever.

  • machgman

    Let me exercise MY right to Free Speech – there is no scandal here.
    Let me support Robertson’s right to his Free Speech. He is entitled to speak and voice his opinions, even if the gays do not like it one bit. If the gays have the right to push their choice for their life choices, Phil and everyone else should be able to. It is the ultimate hypocrisy for gays to deny Robertson his right ot free speech and expect them to keep theirs. If you deny someone their rights, then yours are in danger of being denied to you. Of course you have the right to disagree, just as the rest of the nation has the right to disagree with the gay life choices. Your rights are not more important than the rights of others.
    As for A&E’s decision to reverse themselves, that is their right as well. If it is for the money, that is not wrong as they have a business to keep going in order to keep money coming in so they can pay their employees’ paychecks so they can keep feeding their families. Why is that wrong just because some disagree with their decision?
    If equal protection under the law and our Constitution is not there for everyone, then it is in danger of not being there when you need it.
    I applaud A&E’s decision to keep going with their hit show. I applaud Phil Robertson’s right to speak his mind. This is still the USA and not North Korea where madmen execute you for expressing your opinion.
    Gays should not be such hypocrites and so short-sighted. As long as Phil Robertson has the right to speak his opinions, you do too. Once he doesn’t, you won’t either.

  • Michael

    @ machgman

    First, his freedom of speech right was not infringed. He SAID what he wanted to say. However, just because you have the right to say what you want, doesn’t mean you are free from the consequences of what you’ve said. Which leads to my second point… The freedom of speech right to which you refer is mentioned in the Bill of Rights – amendments to the Constitution – which are meant to protect an individuals free speech rights from infringement BY THE STATE. News flash, A&E is not the State.

    Which leads me to – in certain cases an “employer” can rightfully infringe an “employees” free speech rights. If you don’t believe me, go to your work tomorrow and start yelling racists, homophobic and anti-Semitic rhetoric at your colleagues and see how fast the door hits you in the ass…

  • Amazed

    It was a publicity stunt! Just in time to launch their new line of guns! Wake up people.

  • Deceived Poet

    What really is behind all this hype? We will never REALLY know. I do know what the Bible says about certain attitudes and lifestyles. It is not Phil Robertson, but GOD who loves all mankind, but has certain requirements for those who want to live on a paradise earth, ruled by Christ Jesus as King of God’s Kingdom. You may want to look these scriptures up in your Bible. 1 Corinthians 6:9, Matthew 19:4-6. Romans 1:26-32, Genesis 2:24, and there are others. What people today are not interested in is God’s view of matters. He is the Creator of the Universe, and he determines what is right and wrong. And yes, every individual can decide for themselves if they are going to conform to His teachings and be physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally well, or they can decide to “do their own thing” which in the end leads to death.

  • Deceived Poet

    Oops after I read my post, I want to clear something up. I didn’t mean that Phil Robertson doesn’t love people. Sorry if I mislead anyone.

  • Anonymous

    My God, can all of this ‘controversy’ stop. Phil doesn’t like gay people, he is an elderly, highly religious man who was raised in the deep south. Did anyone not expect his views to be radical? Yes, he has the right to say whatever he wants. But when you make claims like that on a magazine, a magazine that pulls in thousands of viewers, if you honestly think you’re going to get away scotch free with it then sorry, you are mistaken. We live in a political correct world now, and you have to realize that if A&E let Phil say this and not do anything about it then A&E would be in serious trouble and, more then likely, lose many sponsors. Just be glad they brought him back, don’t complain about how they ‘infringed’ on his freedom of speech. Because if that show was not as successful as it is then he would still be in suspension, and there would not even be this ‘huge’ controversy on lack of freedom of speech.

  • http://www.tedflicks.com Ted Faraone

    The kicker is too funny for words. Nice job, Tim.

  • pops

    its about time somebody stood up to the homosexual perverts