Dailies | Dumb Starbucks Founder Nathan Fielder Fires Back at Health Department on Kimmel (Video)

He also warned actual Starbucks that they risk “losing a customer” if they continue bad-mouthing his “art gallery” in the media

Comedy Central star Nathan Fielder's Dumb Starbucks was shut down by the Los Angeles County Health Department on Monday for operating without a health permit, so the businessman fired back at the department while appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” later in the evening.

“What they don't understand is that, technically, legally speaking, we're an art gallery and the coffee we're selling is considered the ‘art,’ so art galleries don't need health permits,” Fielder, star of comedy docu-series “Nathan for You,” said in an interview with Kimmel (above). “But also, by not having the proper health permits and paying those fees, we're able to pass on those savings to the customers.”

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Despite the set back, the comedian promised he would be going forward with plans to open up another Dumb Starbucks in Brooklyn to serve the coffee shop's signature selections, including pastries, muffins and coffee that employees bought on sale at local grocery stores.

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And Fielder issued a stern warning for his biggest competitor, Starbucks, which is “evaluating” how to respond to the art gallery's use of the company name.

“Starbucks did say some things in the news and the media outlets that weren't so positive about this. It's fine. I am operating 100 percent legally using parody law, but I don't appreciate it,” Fielder said. “And I should say that if they do continue down this road, they risk losing me as a customer.”


  • TwiggyB

    Sounds like Starbucks is pissed off and using the Health Dept. to close Dumb Starbucks.

  • Michael Difani

    A funny parody of an expensive coffee shop…I go back decades to the late 60s and early 70s with cheap shops such as Sambo's (for Sam and Bo, the founders) when I was a student at San Diego State and UC San Diego (no tuition) after five yrs. in the army, incl. 30 mos. in W. Germany. Starbucks has been mocked before, but this one takes the prize. Four (five?)bucks would be accurate considering the prices.

  • quoique

    You're dumb – anytime you deal with selling food items to the public you do need a health permit – art or not. You have copyrights on those pieces of art? – from an artist!

  • CNU

    Given this line of reasoning I supposed the meatballs at Ikea are considered furniture…

    • AJ

      Have you tasted them?