Dylan Farrow Responds to Backlash – and Brother's ‘Evil’ Betrayal – Over Woody Allen Sex Abuse Allegations

Dylan Farrow Responds to Backlash – and Brother's 'Evil' Betrayal – Over Woody Allen Sex Abuse Allegations

Allen's 28-year-old adopted daughter swears her only motivation for detailing sexual abuse at his hands “is the truth,” and is bothered by “victim blaming” backlash

Less than a week after the New York Times published Dylan Farrow's essay detailing sexual abuse at the hands of adoptive father Woody Allen, a heartbroken Farrow is responding to her critics — including her own “evil” brother, Moses.

“These lies – this betrayal – is unfathomable to me coming from a brother I loved and cherished and grew up with,” Farrow told People in an article published on Thursday. “He has betrayed me in the cruelest way imaginable, and betrayed my family and my mother who has loved him since day one. His betrayal is the lowest form of evil that I could ever imagine.”

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Moses told the publication earlier this week that Allen did not molest his sister, and echoed the arguments of Allen's lawyer, who asserted on NBC's “Today” that their mother, Mia Farrow, may have planted the memories of abuse in Dylan's mind. Moses, who has repaired his relationship with Allen since his parents’ bitter custody battle in 1992, actually turned the tables on his mother by suggesting she was physically and emotionally abusive.

“I don't know if my sister really believes she was molested or is trying to please her mother. Pleasing my mother was very powerful motivation because to be on her wrong side was horrible,” Moses said. ”She went into unbridled rages if we angered her.”

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Dylan told People she knew her letter would spur “backlash,” but didn't expect the “betrayal.”

“I knew there were people saying I was a liar and that this was part of some smear campaign – some bitter vendetta of my mother's,” Dylan said. “I didn't realize that it was going to be a betrayal of this magnitude.”

She blames the backlash on society, in which “victim blaming” has not only become all too common, but “accepted and excused.”

Allen's lawyer is among those calling Dylan's timing “suspect,” since Allen's latest film, “Blue Jasmine,” has been a major contender during Hollywood's award season. She maintains, however, that getting “the truth” out into the world was her only motivation, but admits it was her brother, Ronan Farrow, who inspired her to write the letter.

During the Golden Globes broadcast, when Allen was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award, Ronan reignited his family's feud with Allen by tweeting: ”Missed the Woody Allen tribute – did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7 before or after ‘Annie Hall'?”

“After the Golden Globes, my brother Ronan showed immense bravery for standing up for the family,” Dylan said. “And I realized it was my turn to stand up and to tell the truth.”

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And the truth, she promises, is all she has.

“It took all of my strength and all of my emotional fortitude to do what I did this week in the hope that it would put the truth out there,” Dylan said. “That is my only ammunition. I don't have money or publicists or limos or fancy apartments in Manhattan. All I have is the truth and that is all I put out there.”

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  • MoiraB

    Sad, sad family. One of those Hollywood family sagas that will be examined and re-examined for many years…and the real truth may never be known.

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  • DougW

    She didn't “confirm,” she repeated an allegation. So Woody's evil, and now Moses is evil, and Mia is a wonderful Mom. And she wonders why so many people don't believe her.

    • hupto

      Not to mention she waited 21 years to bring it up again–right before the Oscars and the opening on Broadway of the BULLETS OVER BROADWAY musical. Sorry, Dylan, but your timing stinks.

      • Saffron Azreal

        There is something called repressed memories. And before you fire back about me for saying that, I know this from experience. Its usually a trigger that makes you remember. Now I'm not saying her verson is the truth, just that it is a possibily, even after 21 years.

        • Edaw

          As is everyone's- so do we attack and destroy based on who we find more believable? Well yes we do actually. But should we?

        • hupto

          Yes, it's possible, but as I said, the timing is suspect.

          And again, there is not one actual, concrete piece of evidence backing her story. This was thoroughly investigated in 1992. Until said evidence turns up, it's just accusations, allegations and hearsay. And last time I checked, a person is still innocent until proven guilty.

          • Dean Jameson

            There's plenty of evidence. Eyewitnesses confirm that he took her to that attic, corroborating her story. You just don't want to believe your hero's a perv.

          • hupto

            First of all, he's not my “hero.” Secondly, where were these “witnesses” when this first came up over 20 years ago? Thirdly, Allen's a world-class claustrophobe, and it's unlikely he'd go into an attic for any reason. Again, show me some actual evidence and I'll promptly change my mind. Until then, he's innocent until PROVEN guilty.

  • 2tall4u

    I believe her. Check out TMZ – they have a 40 y/o video of Woody stating that he'd like to have an orgie with five 12 y/o girls. He's a pedo.

    • rose528

      agree but too many don't want to think their hero is really a pedophile

  • mlp

    Um, did people forget that Allen married one of mia's other adopted daughters when she came of age? Kept it in the family/dark long enough and tried to make it look legit by putting a ring on it. The farrows have the right to keep thier resentments. Allen has preyed on them and the trauma will never go away. They just chose an opportunity where it will get the most coverage. Its Hollywood, folks.

    • Madlymad

      Allen DID NOT marry one of Mia's adopted daughters. The daughter is Andre Previn's adopted daughter. If the facts don't impress you, then perhaps you're just adding to the mele.

      • rose528

        who cares who cares who's adopted daughter she was. he still is a pedophile

      • JJ5306

        He most certainly did marry HIS OWN ADOPTED DAUGHTER. She was not Andre Previn's daughter but his and Mia's.

        • aomalp

          Uh… There's this thing called Google. You can use it to actually find out useful things like facts. I suggest you try it sometime, preferably before you shout nonsense.

      • Miss Krys

        Yes she was Andre Previn's adopted daughter AND Mia's adopted daughter, who was in a relationship with Woody Allen when he started taking naked pics of this girl, so maybe you need to do a little googling so you can get your facts straight. Bottom line this dude is a pervert.

      • Genia W-m

        Mia and Andre's daughter. Perhaps you missed the nude photos Mia found of Sun Yee that Woody had taken. He preyed on her while he was with Mia. A dirt bag! That sets up the premise for other molestation in the family too. Sun Yee was slow cognitively too.

  • Suzanne agnew

    she didn't write it, her brother ronan did, those are his words. now, who's encourging what?

  • JJ5306


    • rose528

      YES, YES

    • Caley McGuire

      Thank you, doctor.

  • JJ5306

    Perverts always vilify the victim, especially famous ones. The fact that these other Hollywood perverts are sticking up for this molester is beyond belief. People who have been molested do not always tell for this very reason. He's famous, she's not and who in the hell do you think wants to be famous because they were molested. His son is a bought and paid for stooge. He has betrayed his sister in the worst way possible. So what will you say when in five years from now he admits that he lied?

    • Saffron Azreal

      I'm only going to say this in response to the son denying and ‘betraying’ his sister…some times you repress memories you don't want to remember. There's a damn good chance he's repressed the truth. And yes, in five years he could turn around and say he was wrong.

  • rose528

    AND ANOTHER PEDOPHILE WALKS because men and some women who would rather blame the victim instead of the “poor man” says it's all lies old woody is a pedophile

  • nancy

    She was 10 years old when woody became Soon-Yi “Stepfather” in 1980 and 10 years later mia found naked pictures in his house of Soon-yi. How can you help raise a child from 10 years old then only once you are busted with naked pics of them and your longtime gf leaves you that is when you say you are in love with this person and have been for 2 years only once she turned 18. He is not a good looking guy so this 18 year old is not going to be romantically wanting him and having a consensual relationship with him unless he had been molesting her and working on a “secret relationship” from the time she was very young. Wake up people!

    • Disgusted by Woody

      Thank you, Nancy! From the time he “married” the child he had raised with Mia Farrow, he should have been boycotted and prosecuted. Our society is disgracefully biased against women when they try to call attention to the rampant sexual assault and abuse that goes unpunished across the board. Being a woman is a liability and a danger in this society.

      • frank cannon

        Victim mentality. Good luck with that. 75%+ of divorces are initiated by women. Being a man in this society isn't a picnic, sister. The most vindictive people I've ever known are women. Mia farrow is a scorned woman. Tell me what do you think of her saying that Ronan could be frank sinatras son? She's admitting to cheating or is that ok in your world? Wiody Allen is a genius and his films are works if art, he's not my friend. It's not anyone's place to judge him. All he gives us our his films you can like them or not. His personal life shouldn't be any concern to anyone. Mia farrow destroyed those children. It's called emotional abuse. Imagine growing up with that psycho “mom” and getting on one her bad sides? It's a shame that this mans legacy is being tarnished by this evil vindictive woman and her petty jealousies. Can't wait for his next movie…

  • Bballfan

    How can the ‘real’ truth not be obvious, since he molested his other daughter and took nude pictures of her, Soon Yi, while still with his family. Because he married her to save face doesn't change his pedophile predilection. Pediatrician statement, psychiatrist statement, son statement, daughter statement…

    • nancy

      Ohh but Hollywood and the stars that make money from his movies believe him because he is a Icon… It all unraveled for Jerry Sandusky think about all the people that not only denied he was a molester but actually made it possible for him to molest more boys. People (Actors in his movies)would rather turn a blind eye if they have something to lose.

  • grkgirl

    I am just curious on how a then 7 yr old would even know about Allen going to a therapist and what his therapist's comments were unless someone has mentioned it to her now. I don't know what really happened and I feel sad for all of them that it has to be done like this through the media.