Lou Costello's Granddaughter Lands E! Series ‘The Drama Queen’

Lou Costello's Granddaughter Lands E! Series 'The Drama Queen'


Hollywood manager Marki Costello will star on the reality show premiering in November

E! is tapping into Hollywood royalty once again with its newly announced series, “The Drama Queen.”

Starring legendary actor/comedian Lou Costello's granddaughter, Marki Costello, the reality series will debut on Sun. Nov. 10 at 10/9c.

It will follow Marki both at home with her family and running her company, Creative Management Group in Los Angeles. Over her career's two decades, Marki's clients have included Kelly Osbourne and Cee Lo Green. She specializes in building brands and coaching clients on how to surpass the proverbial 15 minutes of fame.

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“With a Hollywood pedigree that dates back for generations, Marki Costello knows firsthand what it takes to make it in the cut throat entertainment business,” said E's programming and development executive vice president, Jeff Olde in a statement.

“The road to fame starts with Marki and if talent can survive her unfiltered, hyper, honest point of view, they might just make it. But either way, it is fun to watch,” he continued.

At home, the series follows Marki's domineering presence among her family, which includes her longtime boyfriend Tommy, their young son Finn and her teenage son from a previous relationship, Lucas.

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“The Drama Queen” is executive produced by Jeff Collins, Mike Aho and Michael Hammond for Collins Avenue Productions, with Andrew Perry serving as executive producer.

Fans of Bravo's “Interior Therapy” will recognize Marki from a recent episode this past season in which star Jeff Lewis gave her family home a makeover and tried to help Marki's family create boundaries between them and her often imposing personality.

  • Jim

    Great body!

  • Stewve

    She was so annoying on the Interior Therapy episode. Couldn't take her anymore than that one hour. Watching a full show with her would be really numbing.

  • whatEva

    how many of those who would actually watch this crap even know who lou costello was? ..

  • true

    great body meaning: lake bell
    E! is such trash TV.

  • motherbug

    I know who Lou Costello is and I am certainly aware of who Marki Costello is, thanks to her appearance on Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis. SHE IS AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER. I CARE ABOUT HER HUSBAND AND KIDS, BUT SHE IS NOTHING BUT ANNOYING! I will not be watching this show for anything in the world.

  • foolmeonceshameonu

    my kids and I got conned into being “extras” on this show when it was dubbed an audition really terrible to rip off kids and tell them was an audition cheaply done piece of crap who would watch this train wreck of a monster was probably her assistant who was shooting I am looking into lawsuit.

  • missyb

    Dear God, please tell me it isn't so. A show about Marki Costello? The most neurotic annoying person ever to be shown on TV. Saw her on Interior Therapy. I felt soo bad for her downtrodden husband and kids. How anyone could stand to live with this self absorbed idiot for more than 5 minutes is beyond me. But a show about her..ugh. This is a new low.

  • Tom

    I can't imagine anything worse than watching a full hour of this screeching, shallow, narcissist. She's failed miserably at most aspects of this business and is now a ‘manager’ (her most promising client is Gretchen Rossi). So desperate. So sad. Poor Lou must be just spinning.

  • crystal

    Wow people really hate this woman……… I can see why haha

  • carlzzzzz

    awfullllll show! so scripted and hate her narration! she struggled thorough the entire show…its like they were forcing everything to sound “fun” and “crazy”

  • Sammy

    Somebody tell Jacobi to take a shower../ he looks like he smells of ass

  • joseD

    jacobi needs to shower that tan and figure out where he shops before he gives image advice. Marki= fake fake fake