Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars Monologue Pokes Fun At Jennifer Lawrence, Liza Minnelli (Video)

The crowd-pleasing host tweaked June Squibb for being old, J-Law for falling, and Liza Minnelli for being Liza Minnelli

Ellen DeGeneres was more or less mild with the shots she took at Hollywood in her opening monologue at Sunday night's Oscars, though she did take full advantage of Jennifer Lawrence‘s repeated inability to stay upright.

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The host, in her second go-round as the master of ceremonies for The Academy, reminded the audience — and the world — that Lawrence fell as she went to retrieve her award for Best Actress at last year's Oscars.

“I am not going to bring up what happened last year,” she teased. “It's ridiculous, I mean something like that happens, and it's embarrassing, and people just talk about it. It's just, you know… for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, Jennifer Lawrence last year, she fell on the way up, tripped. I don't know if she got caught on the tip of the dress, but… let's show the clip.”

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She didn't show it, but she made sure that everyone knew that Lawrence was caught slipping again tonight.

“And you know the thing where you fell out of the car tonight? No one needs to know that, I'm not going to mention that,” DeGeneres joked. “If you win tonight, I think we should bring you the Oscar.”

Other highlights included making fun of June Squibb‘s age by intimating that she's hard of hearing, calling Liza Minnelli “sir” and joking that, if “12 Years a Slave” didn't win best picture, the whole Academy was racist.

  • lovemovies..hatethehype

    you don't understand irony. did you listen to the pre-oscar talking head fashionista wonks? they REALLY couldn't stop talking about Lawrence tripping!!! ellen was clearly ragging on them and every other fool who'll have nothing better to talk about incessantly tomorrow and all week!

  • David Perkins

    “Humiliates?’ Not the headline word I'd have chosen. Entirely misleading. Ellen's humor was, as always, pointed and good natured. Why make it sound ugly?

    • hupto

      Indeed. All of her targets were laughing heartily and clearly going along with the jokes.

      • Ray Prescott

        Not liza

        • hupto

          Just rewatched the tape. She laughed and then raised a quizzical eyebrow. And besides, you think that's the first time she's ever heard that joke?

  • David Perkins

    ‘Pokes Fun’ is so, so much better. Once again, The Wrap proves it is the best (and, clearly, the most responsive) site that reports on the entertainment industry.

  • Anon

    Sneaky choice of headline wording: “humiliates”. Just to get people to open the article.

  • Anon

    Ah! They changed the headline to “pokes fun”! Thank you!

  • Jim


  • Moviefan9999

    I like Ellen Degneres. Her opening monologue was funny except for this comment on Liza Minelli. It was cruel–unlike Ellen:

    “Ellen took notice of the best Liza Minnelli impersonator she’s ever
    seen, sitting in the crowd … who was actually the real Liza Minnelli.
    What really made this joke hilarious was when Ellen said that the
    impersonator did “really a great job, sir.” That wasn't hilarious to
    me. Liza Minelli looked hurt.

  • Jim

    Jennifer Lawrence should own a stuntman union card for falling down or mail a royalty check to the producers of “The Dick Van Dyke Show”

  • 90milestocuba

    It was clever given the drag queens who adore Liza and impersonate her. That said, there is no other way to view this joke other than cruel. I love you Ellen, but you owe Liza an apology. Not nice. Lately, Ellen seems to me to be a little…I dunno…angry? Anyway out there agree?

    • stopkidding

      Yes, she is angry. She is a phucking gay bitch who is not happy with the opposition to homosexuality that the gays are getting from the normal people in this country.

      • Claudia Hula

        stopkidding – why don't you just shut up and go away.

      • Claudia Hula

        Tell me stop then why is gay marriage being approved in many states?
        Opposition – do tell me.

    • aferdinanda@hotmail.com

      Kinda reminds me of the decline of Rosie's career. At one time a daytime talk show megastar only to be driven away from a pedestrian panel talk show. The joke was pretty mean-spirited. Hardly anything fresh as well. Minelli hs been the butt of jokes for awhile (Gaga on SNL anyone). And to target her on an Oscar Night honouring her mother was in especially poor taste. Then again, at least Degeneres ddn't spend a signiifcant amount of the show hawking products under the guise of entertainment.

    • sundrop2204

      I love Ellen too but yeah I have to agree that joke on Liza was kinda out of line. Not professional. Not normally like her. Bad choice of joke prob?? The rest was funny and great tho! :-)

  • Marge

    I could make fun of Ellen. For example, at a distance I couldn't tell the difference between her and Ronan Farrow. But knowing her, she might find that flattering.

  • stopkidding

    Funny how she doesn't poke fun at her ugly-assed, flaming gay self. She looks like a very ugly man with very large ears and a very large nose. How ironic that she was making fun of Liza when SHE is the one who is pretending to be a man because she loathes herself for being a woman, and she even looks like a man. She is an annoying twit whose life work is to promote the gay agenda of desensitizing this country and our children to gays and homosexuality so that it will be completely acceptable and viewed as normal. Can we stop giving this no-talent, ugly, annoying gay waste of skin any more attention? It actually hurts to look at her.

    • Kimmie Kidd

      Well, stop looking at her!

    • Claudia Hula

      You sir or madam are a bigot, chauvinist and full of crap. This is from an ex-nun. Remember God said “judge not, least you be judged”. And, I am sure stopkidding if you had the nerve to post a picture, you would be the ugly one.
      Get a life and stop judging people for the lifestyle they choose. It is none of your business. I am sure you look like a fat ass bigot. Good night and don't bother responding to my comment because frankly I don't give a damn what you think, feel or even say except that you are making fun of a woman who happens to love other women. Why is that so wrong for you. I feel sorry for your husband if you are a woman and if you are a man, your wife. I am sure if you are a man, you still believe women belong in the kitchen. Why not post a picture of yourself instead of hiding in the shadows. Good night.

    • Claudia Hula

      Question for you stopkidding – what would happen to one of your kids if they said they were gay? Would you shoot them on the spot or learn to accept others. God made everyone.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Comics need to grab any item that might get a laugh even if it embarrasses or puts off their friends and she most likely felt no malice. Ellen did a pretty good job as host but she needs to give thought to RELEVANCY. Sadly many fine actors make lousy presenters and whoever picks them needs to be more selective. As for Jennifer, I suspect 90% of the women felt old and inferior. Jennifer is a breath of fresh air. It has been many years since anyone as refreshing and delightfully attractive has graced the red carpet. Hopefully Hollywood won't affect her negatively as it does too many other performers. I'd like to pick a husband for her – Prince Harry of England. He, too, has a fun and refreshing air about him and they would make beautiful children.

    • Claudia Hula

      Don'tMessWithAmerica – you made me laugh. Maybe you should contact Harry and send him Jennifer's picture – you could be the matchmaker made in Heaven. Thanks and you are right about Jennifer and I agree Harry would make a great match for her, but he has to stop fooling around like he does. William is much more settled, but he is taken by Kate. Good luck in playing matchmaker.

  • Claudia Hula

    Ellen is a hoot – they should have given her an Oscar for best performance at the Oscars.