Ellen Page Says She's Gay on Valentine's Day: ‘I Am Tired of Hiding’ (Video)

Actress comes out in Las Vegas speech

Ellen Page has come out as gay in a speech to the Human Rights Campaign in Las Vegas on Friday, Valentine's Day.

“I'm here today because I am gay,” the 26-year-old star of “Juno” told the audience. “Maybe I can help others to have an easier time… I do it selfishly because I am tired of hiding, I'm tired of lying by omission.”

“And because maybe I can make a difference,” she added. “To help others have an easier and more hopeful time. Regardless, for me, I feel a personal obligation and a social responsibility,” she added.

See video: Watch Ellen Page Come Out in This 2008 SNL Sketch 

The actress delivered an emotional speech at Time to THRIVE, a conference to promote the welfare of LGBT youth held at Bally's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. “I suffered for years because I was scared to be out. And I am standing here today with all of you on the other side of that pain,” she said.

The actress, who will play Shadowcat in the upcoming “X-Men: Days of Future Past,”  was just announced as having joined the gay rights drama, “Freeheld.”

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HRC tweeted support for Page's announcement shortly after her speech:

The Academy Award nominated actress said she hoped to make a difference by coming out, and pointed to other public figures like University of Missouri football star Michael Sam coming out as positive examples for LGBT youth.

L.A. Ross contributed to this report

  • rfk

    Quelle surprise.

  • Who Cares

    That's like Richard Simmons coming out. No surprise there.

  • Jacob Austen

    No surprise here.

  • Kevin Sole

    Shadowcat. Not Shadowcast.

    • http://www.thewrap.com TheWrap

      fixed, thanks

  • johnmayer

    apparently her first lesbo exp was with michael cera

    • Caley McGuire

      Apparently humor is not your strong suit.

      • hazz

        You commented. Apparently it is his strong suit. Much stronger than yours, that's for sure.

        • Caley McGuire

          Commenting on a hack attempt at humor somehow validates it? So, that means this response indicates I think you're a freaking genius? LOL.

          • Internet Trolls

            You are mentally ill.

            You troll sites for the express purpose not of contributing to the discussion, but to hurl snide comments at others. I see your name all the time. You don't even change your troll comments much of the time. You simply copy & paste. Your reply when called on it is always typical – the low brow schoolyard variety of “I know you are but what am I.”

            Get help. Scientists have just confirmed a study showing internet trolls are mentally ill.

          • Caley McGuire

            Awww, and I so wanted to please you and the rest of the homophobes who need to bolster their own sense of self by belittling those who are different than they.

      • Daemonocracy

        I'll take Michael Cera jokes over bitchy anyday

        • Caley McGuire

          If I take exception at someone using the denigrating term ‘lesbo’ in an attempt to be funny and that makes me a bitch, I can easily live with that.

          • Paul

            Denigrating? Its short for lesbian, right???

  • elizabethkarr

    Very proud of @ellenpage. Can't be easy living your life in a fishbowl. And coming out will help a lot of gay teens.


      Help a lot of “gay” teens do what? Commit suicide? Rob a bank? Steal state secrets? Crash an airliner into a skyscraper? Spread a deadly infectious disease? Rape murder more children? Please clarify.

      • Charles Helm

        Sad, Sad “person”…
        As I am raising my second (apparently straight) daughter in a row through her teens, I am fully aware of how complex life is for this age bracket without the weight of disfavor Gay teens deal with if they are either out of just suspected…
        And then we get the stupidity from the likes of you… Reasonable levels of Human Intelligence certainly does skip over certain individuals leaving sad hateful creatures such as yourself…

  • Fossil1944

    She is lucky to have figured out at such a young age that it doesn't matter what others think. Although we are one among many, at the end of the day in the wee small hours this is our life to live. We are the authors, it is our journey. If we do well for our selves, we well have the strength to do well by others, and rest easy at the end of our day.

    • john wood

      She is not as young as she looks. She's is 26. She is hoping to help teens out, but TBH she has waited until her life is pretty much secured.
      Not wanting to diss her coming out, and totally agree that it should not be news. But lets not make a song and a dance of how great she is.

      Micheal Sam did his speech before the draft which is big, as he stands to loose everything!

      • beemooree

        very true. Do you feel the same about Wentworth Miller?

        • http://www.youtube.com/user/InnerRise/feed?filter=1 InnerRise

          Oh my god I forgot about him. Do you know how happy I was when I found out? Oh my god.

          Why and when did he come out though? He's amazing.

          • beemooree

            he came out in august i believe.

      • Kendo

        She came out because staying closeted hurt her career more than coming out. Also, she was supposedly about to be outed. Let's not make a song and dance is right – this was a calculated exploitative move.

    • mary

      who really cares , do what you want , my god ,why is this news again , the world is full of a variety of people , family will be a word of the past , why getting married , what purpose , love who you want screw who you want. lets stay together as long we can take it then leave without making Lawyers rich and move on to the next …..it seems its all about sex anyway and how fat or skinny u are

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/InnerRise/feed?filter=1 InnerRise

        I'd rather be gay than fat.

        • wonderboy70

          Don't be a fatophobe.

          • http://www.youtube.com/user/InnerRise/feed?filter=1 InnerRise

            But the fats are unhealthy and to be a fatophobe is to be healthy.

            Always and forever.

  • Jonas Grumby

    Well we are getting closer to the day where this will never be news. But at least we are now at the stage where news like this is mostly met with “meh”.

    • Benjamin Roussey

      I hope not, for the sake of morality.

  • ambiv

    So what – who gives a rats ass what her orientation is?

    • Caley McGuire

      Only those who read the article and commented. Welcome.

      • Blah

        tired meme

        • Caley McGuire

          Shame on me. Your contribution is so much more original and cogent. And the ‘who cares?’ cliche still has that new car smell, does it?

          • Blah

            another tired meme

          • http://www.youtube.com/user/InnerRise/feed?filter=1 InnerRise

            She got you. Stfu

          • 2Losers

            innerrise…You're another useless life loser…You and your idiot pal should take your witless brain farts elsewhere and celebrate your mutual worthlessness.

          • http://www.youtube.com/user/InnerRise/feed?filter=1 InnerRise

            You mad brah? Chin up betch, lol.

          • Caley McGuire

            Please let us know when you reinvent the wheel. Or actually say . . .anything.

          • Blah

            what needed to be said was said

      • Robert

        I'm coming out, I'm straight.

      • Jsanmd

        You Caley are a miserable snob. I love how people who are supposedly so tolerant of people's rights and sexuality are often the most snide and intolerant of others opinions. Be consistent . Ask yourself a couple of really important questions,answer them honestly and look at yourself in the mirror. Now please don't attempt to break the glass and cut your wrists as we'll all miss your radiant, warm hearted existence.

  • dannyjude63

    What a beautiful, inspiring speech. I love Ellen Page. I love Ellen Page.

  • happyyogi

    This was a beautiful speech. Regardless of your sexual orientation, these words of turning hate into kindness are inspiring to us all.

  • Simon Paiva

    Up until now, I was an admiror of hers because of her work in Juno, now I admire her as a person. This speech was profoundly moving, absolutely inspiring and wonderful.

    • guest

      why should we care , why is it so important to know what you like in your bedroom , enough already , just be yourself . As a heteosexual I feel that I am nobody anymore because I do not belong to a special group , how depressing being just jane regular

      • Kinowolf

        You likely discuss being heterosexual on a daily basis. You talk about your husband. Or a boyfriend. Or men you like. You introduce your significant other to co-workers. You potentially talk about sex with your closest friends. You don't have to label it because it's the assumed norm for you and people around you. Now imagine if you couldn't talk about those men you liked. If discussing your sex life could end friendships. If introducing co-workers to your girlfriend could cost you your job. If you could never marry your significant other.

        That's why this matters. You don't keep your life in your bedroom. You just don't have to think about it when it comes out in the open or live in fear of it the way that many people all over the world do.

        At the very least, have the humility to believe there are thoughts and emotions that are both important and beyond your understanding.

  • who cares

    these people take themselves too serious , in todays time nobody has to live in a fishbowl …what ???? is it really ..Ellen was courageous years ago , today being gay is a s interesting than seeing a p0rn by Paris Hilton

  • Rafael Sr

    another lost soul


      I agree with you 100%. Morals seem to be going the way of the dinosaur.

  • Rafael Sr

    soddom and gommorra

  • brijsmith

    she's a stunning beauty – cheers!

  • charlotte

    Right on Ellen Page! I know a lot of people are saying this is no big surprise to anybody, but this story isn't about impressing or entertaining any one, it's about having the courage to stand proud, live freely and openly and showing support to others who struggle everyday from all sorts of discrimination. This was an emotional and beautiful speech, I am not usually affected by things like this but actually got a bit teary. What a brave and well spoken individual. What a feeling it must be to reveal yourself in such a public and supportive manner.

  • Guest

    Was she tired of hiding in plain sight?

  • who cares

    who cares – what a bore

  • MaskedHero99

    Ppl who.come out normally thr careers go down and dont get as much work or good work..bad idea ..dam I wanted to hit those

  • wonderboy70

    Why is this big news? Who really cares.

  • Thylbanus

    …and the sky is blue. Was anyone really surprised at the news?

  • Graham Lester George

    Very moving speech. Whether gay or straight, that was a human being baring her innermost self. All power to you Ellen Page

  • Benjamin Roussey

    Page is politically stupid and now she is immoral. Whatever. She sure is tiny.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    – WTC Bombing – 50,000 people would have died because of no escape from the
    stairwell (18 people actually died) ; 2 African embassy bombings around 96/97 –
    many people died, mainly Africans ; USS Cole attack in 2000 – Clinton did
    nothing about any of this accept fire tomahawks from 800 miles out (that is all
    he would ever do) – several sailors dead. Al Queda was emboldened because of
    Clinton’s weak responses – this led to 9-11 and Bush hammered them unlike Al
    Gore would have ever done.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    If you want to create jobs you need to make this a business friendly
    environment. How do you do this? You curtail Sarbanes Oxley, the EPA,
    Dodd/Frank, lower taxes, and cut out other job killing regulations. If you want
    businesses to create jobs, this is what you do. Why do think you businesses are
    going to hire in America when you are attacking them every day? Obama is
    assailing the private sector every day, Obama does not understand profits and
    he does not understand how businesses work. This is why 15 million black people
    are unemployed and they deserve to be because they continue to vote for tax and
    spend liberals.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    “Do you realize that since prayer was removed
    from your schools in 1962, teen pregnancy has increased by more than 500
    percent? SAT scores have dropped 80 points, teen suicide has tripled, the
    divorce rate has tripled and violent crime has increased sixfold? Who convinced
    you that teaching my little ones to pray or learn about who I am would be
    harmful? The opposite if true. The less someone’s heart depends on me for their
    life’s purpose, comfort and love, the more likely they are going to commit a

    • Jsanmd

      A lot has changed since 1962. Do you realize that catholic priests have been notorious for raping little boys for centuries? Do you realize how many millions of people have been murdered in the name of Jesus Christ? Do you realize that your sins of casting judgement are every bit as sinful as homosexuality? I love how “Christians” manipulate the word of God to fit their own evil ideals. You sir will burn on that high horse if yours. Next time you pick up the good book try to absorb something truly good from it. You are sin. No better.

      • Benjamin Roussey

        “Do you realize that since prayer was removed
        from your schools in 1962, teen pregnancy has increased by more than 500
        percent? SAT scores have dropped 80 points, teen suicide has tripled, the
        divorce rate has tripled and violent crime has increased sixfold? Who convinced
        you that teaching my little ones to pray or learn about who I am would be
        harmful? The opposite if true. The less someone’s heart depends on me for their
        life’s purpose, comfort and love, the more likely they are going to commit a

        • Benjamin Roussey

          Romney was right on about Russia and the Ukraine. Again, the Obama machine was
          wrong and even mocked Romney about it. Hilarious. Liberals just do not
          understand foreign policy. Obama is a punk and a very slow learner. Obama, your
          weakness on Syria has just caused an international crisis in the Ukraine. Good
          job, another black mark on your record where there is very little bright spots.

          • Benjamin Roussey

            You believed the Obama lying machine.
            You believed you could keep your doctor and your insurance plan. You believed
            you would have lower health care costs. You believed the website would be
            working and would work. These idiots cannot even set up a website! Hilarious!
            Just like the Germans did in the 1930s who believed an egotistical liar, you
            believed the Obama who continues to lie and earn a Pinocchio every week.

          • Benjamin Roussey

            every metric the Obama stimulus failed (no shovel ready jobs, high unemployment
            still remained, more money wasted). It did help America though reach
            $18,000,000,000,000 in debt faster though. It did smash the next generation of
            Americans. So in those horrendous regards, it was a stunning success.

  • Ernie Mink

    I loved her acting in Juno. But being gay is a choice, not a DNA born reality. Thousands of gay/lesbian people have been healed of their confusion and deception, and are now normal heterosexuals as is in nature and is what is normal. It takes a sperm and an ovary, a man and a woman to have a baby. I feel sorry for these people. It's very sad and I have compassion for them, but I also know they do not understand what is really going on within them, and I pray they get the help and closure they need to be a normal man and woman again someday. This is a political and secretive agenda that has craftily and deceptively snaked it's way in against Christian faith, sacred marriage of a man and a woman, morality and purity. This coming out stuff is just ridiculous, and very tragic actually.

  • Noodles17

    About 98% of “gays” are so by choice only, not by mistake at birth. This world is literally going to hell in a hand basket! How much more can we shred what is good and decent and moral in this world. If they want to engage is immoral and “against mother nature behaviors, let them. I'm just sick of them forcing their sick disgusting behaviors in our faces and telling us and our children that it's okay, nothing wrong with it!

    • Jasonmd

      I know who else your husband has been fucking as well as your inappropriate relationship with a certain church member. Carefull you uppity hypocrite or I'll expose your disgusting behavior.

  • Lucy Lnn

    Ellen Page came out and now all I see are tweets and status from dickhead guys saying “shame, now I can't fuck her”. Er… you can't and you never could!!

    • Jsanmd

      I still could

  • Benjamin Roussey

    It does not matter much, she does not have any boobies.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    She does not need to have a normal marriage anyway, she is an abortion lover.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    It is called “personal
    responsibility”. We know liberals hate those two words when they are together
    because they do not want to take responsibility for their actions. It is not
    rich people’s fault you or your kids dropped out of high school. It is not rich
    people’s fault that they decided to study in high school and had the guts to
    start their own business and work at it until they had a winning product and/or
    service. It is not rich people’s fault that you chose to have a child out of wedlock
    and not listen to good advice when it was being handed to you. Most rich people
    were not born rich, they worked hard and did not spend all their spare time
    watching MTV or waiting for something to happen. They made it happen and they
    employ millions of Americans in jobs that matter. Your government job does not
    matter, most likely. And union members kill jobs but that is another story. It
    is about personal responsibility which liberals do not want to acknowledge
    because then they would have to realize their failure and stagnant professional
    is their fault and on one else’s.

  • Marcus

    Who is Ellen Page and why do I care if she is a Lesbian?

  • Kimberly

    Are you looking for me?

  • Kimberly

    I don't care who you are. Everyone is stuck in a closet of their own. Come out, come out where ever you are!!