The Best and Worst (and Worst-er) Emmys Moments

TheWrap breaks down the highs and lows from TV's biggest event of the year

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Um, where's my Emmys?
Football must be a more profitable venture for CBS than holding an Emmys pre-show arrivals special. And then, blasphemy, for at least four minutes viewers wondered if TV's biggest night had just been trumped by football.
  • Arthur Axelman

    The special celebrity tributes to the recently deceased were astonishgly lame not to mention arbitrary. Jonathan Winters was always hysterical but never a TV icon. Andy Williams and Jack Klugman were TV icons. Even Larry Hagman as lead of two long running series, could be considered a TV icon. None of the departed, as gifted as they were, impacted television as much as Williams, Klugman and Hagman. Period.
    However, this season's Emmys were otherwise nicely done. Neil Patrick Harris is an amazing gift to show business.

  • dannyjude63

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus won for Supporting Actress for Seinfeld, not Leading Actress.

  • dannyjude63

    What was creepy about Douglas’ speech. Are you saying it was creepy just BECAUSE it had humorous gay overtones? Sounds like it.

  • Sferd

    I'm shocked there was no mention of bad singing and inappropriate inclusion of “Yesterday” after a segment highlighting the March on Washington, the assassination of JFK, and the arrival of the Beatles. Huh?