Dailies | TLC's ‘Escaping the Prophet': Former FLDS Member Fights to Free Church Members (Exclusive Video)

Former FLDS member Flora Jessop draws on her troubled past to empower a young girl in a similar situation in TheWrap's exclusive preview

On the heels of its series “Breaking the Faith,” TLC returns with another series focusing on the fascinating world of FLDS, an isolated community characterized by male dominance and polygamy, and the reigning hand of Warren Jeffs.

In an in-depth look at the secretive world of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, TLC's “Escaping the Prophet” follows ex-church member Flora Jessop as she helps families escape from the repressive community. And TheWrap has an exclusive preview of the series.

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Produced by Screaming Flea Productions, the six-episode series premiering Tuesday explores the suppressive and often dangerous realities of FLDS as experienced by Jessop and the families that she attempts to liberate.

Jessop faced extreme physical, mental and sexual abuse before escaping FLDS at the age of 16, and now works as a social-activist both within and outside of the FLDS community. As a former member she is considered “deadly” to the community and must tread carefully as she tries to break through the mindsets, fears, and beliefs of those she aims to help.

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“Escaping the Prophet” premieres Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 10/9c on TLC.

Watch a preview above.

  • kayden9

    Watching right now. Why doesn't the Federal Government step in and take down this town of pedophiles? Incest is obvious, children and adults are being abused and killed, and it is obviously a concentration camp run by religious nazis. Please petition Obama to intervene. Everyone. This a blight on America the greatest nation for freedom on earth. This shall not stand in America! Everyone please take action!

    • Krisse

      We are so worried about women's rights in other country's but what about all of these women and children in our own USA who ZERO rights. If we want to change the works let us start at home!

    • AAM

      There's a book called The Witness Wore Red written by Rulon Jeffs’ former wife, it describes in detail the raid on the YFZ compound that lead to Warren Jeffs’ arrest and the removal of numerous women and children. The FLDS sees the police as evil and believe that interfering with their investigations etc to be something to be rewarded. The evidence they did get what extenuating to get–they can't work for these people if the people won't work with them!

  • Kait

    Lorena's son just basically made an bates sing ass of himself on national television. He just basically tried to make himself smart by using an extensive exaggeration of advanced vocabulary in response to Floras question….for no reason at all. It was pathetically unwarranted, out of reasonable context (I.e outside of scrutinous questioning, hiding of vital information, etc), and he just looked like a fool. Priesthood speak isn't cool, and when you use it and whip it out for a simple “what rule would you make?” Question…? Come on, your looks are doing you enough damage kid…

  • Michelle Bittner

    The USA Goverment needs to do something about thise, or don't they care.

  • ItsAcult

    I've been reading a lot of material on FLDS, and it is one tough nut to crack. The brainwashing begins at birth. It is multilayered and complex beyond belief. Too many people didn't want to deal with it because of negative press in the past, so government and legal people have turned a blind eye to these practices, which has allowed the perverted and perverse (psychopath, really) Warren Jeffs to manipulate the situation into a true cult. It is the saddest story in the history of America that we have allowed this to flourish. This is what an indoctrinated practice of fear, isolation, misinformation, and tyranny produces. Have you noticed their speech patterns? Very slurred–the culture of sublimation makes them all mumble and mush their words in order to “keep sweet”. Abominable. Also notice how many of the FLDS people look alike–community-wide inbreeding at work. I wonder if they will discuss any of the Fumarese Deficiency kids… http://www.deseretnews.com/article/635182923/Birth-defect-is-plaguing-children-in-FLDS-towns.html?pg=all