‘Family Guy’ Says Goodbye to Major Character (Video)

All dogs go to heaven

Peter Griffin's best friend is dead.

Brian, the talking dog who has been a staple on Fox's animated hit “Family Guy” since its premiere in 1999, died on Sunday's “Life of Brian” episode.

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Seth MacFarlane voiced the cynical, quick-witted animal. His last words as Brian: ”You've given me a wonderful life. I love you all.”

Brian was struck by a car in the episode, and Stewie was unable to use his time machine to save him.

A month later, the Griffins got a new dog, Vinnie, voiced by “Sopranos” star Tony Sirico.

So is Brian gone for good? Or will MacFarlane and company find a way to bring their favorite pooch back for more laughs? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


  • Kylie

    This show should be 15 min long. Bring back king of the hill.

  • jaineyjaneson

    now they just need to kill of a few more major characters and we are all set

  • Nate

    This episode may have been “big” because of Brian's death, but it was kind of slow and boring episode overall. What would have been great to see is Stewie going on a rampage to avenge Brians death by hunting the driver that ran him down.

  • TWP

    They should've killed the entire show off a few years ago.

  • renbot

    I am shattered. Cartoon characters don't die no matter what happens to them EG Coyote & The Road Runner. I love the relationship between Stewie and Brian.

  • Cathy Gaffney

    Brian was the best character on the show. Another show bites the dust….

  • Treachery

    This could be a publicity stunt… or maybe a way to build up interest on the stupid red-neck King Of Hill show.. If not,
    This is another example of the “network” screwing up something millions of people loves.
    No Brian. No Family Guy. No ratings. No more Fox. Now THAT sounds good!

  • Neal Moody

    I was shocked to the say the least! How the HELL could Seth and Fox allow this? What the hell? I agree with everyone, Brain was he clue that kept the Griffins together and now to bring in this dog?!1? I am not at all happy with any of this one bit! WHen I watched it and saw Brian get hit, I was mad and in tears, but now I am just darn right mad at FOX and at SETH! DId he get tired of voicing Brian?

  • GiorgioMasini

    So long Brian, Hey Vinny!

  • GiorgioMasini

    Take it easy Cathy Gaffney, get a life.

  • Feerrge

    Well this was shocking for an animated show. That's the last time I ever watch Family Guy.

  • Jeannette Serrano

    O.M.G. what where they thinking when they killed BRAIN off family's guy… no Brain no family guy that's like killing of Stewie… I know i won't be watching Family Guy any longer..let”s see what Fox Rating going to be like now…. bring back Brain and not his ghost…..

  • Max Simmons

    Chill out guys, he'll be back soon enough for sure. They'll end up with an alternate reality brian thats completely different to the one we all know and gradually train him back to his normal self; or a Brian from the past or something along those lines. Count on it.