‘Family Guy’ Revives Brian the Dog From the Dead, Says ‘Ciao’ to Vinny

'Family Guy' Revives Brian the Dog From the Dead, Says 'Ciao' to Vinny

Replacement dog gets figuratively sent to the farm after appearing in three episodes

“Family Guy” fans, relax and rejoice — Brian the dog is back from the dead.

The Griffin pooch is back where he belongs, drinking and womanizing among his friends and family in Quahog. The Fox animated comedy revived Brian Sunday night and, in turn, said goodbye to the new family hound, Vinny (Tony Sirico).

To bring back one of the show's most popular characters, baby Stewie and Vinny stole a time machine return pad from a different version of the diabolical infant that they encountered by happenstance in a toy store. Time-traveling Stewie was on hand to buy the hot Christmas toy of the season, but was distracted by Vinny's suggestion he try modeling. Real-time Stewie was able to nab the device and save his friend. It all makes (slightly) more sense in context.

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On Nov. 24's episode, Brian was hit by a car while playing street hockey with Stewie, ultimately dying. In altering the timeline last night, Stewie tackled his best friend out of harm's way, preventing the tragedy and saving the Griffin family Christmas.

So going forward, Brian never died, and the Griffins never adopted Vinny. The twist was predicted — and possibly even expected — given the nature of the show and Brian's popularity, but that did not curb fans from panicking in the interim.

Here's creator Seth MacFarlane answering the fans, who went so far as to create a petition to bring Brian back.

  • Alan Maris

    @macfarlane (if you read this). You are fu***g high!

  • Yo Momma

    Just kill off Meg or Chris and don't bring them back next time Seth!

    • John Patrick Rejuso

      hey dont kill any character in family guy

  • monica chavez

    bring vinny back but don't kill brian again just put him in episode were brian stewie and vinny in at least one adventure or better put him in the whole series and the the Griffens will have two dogs remember seth vinny was the best thing that happen to family guy

  • monica chavez

    bring Vinny back

  • monica chavez

    i rather have brian stay dead

    • Guest

      your a b***h

    • John Patrick Rejuso

      what a bitch

    • cody


    • reduolf

      Brian's miles better than vinny!! fuck you

  • monica chavez

    seth bring vinny back

  • monica chavez

    who cares what people think of you your ratings might get higher if you make the griffens have 2 dogs

  • monica chavez

    vinny rocks

  • batman

    your right vinny is awsome bring him back

  • Tyler

    Ooohhhhhhhh Fuuuck no. Everyone's all wanting Vinny back right after we got Brian back. People you need to settle the fuck down.

  • Vinny Griffin

    thumbs up 4 Vinny or Berlusconi gonna coming in ya house

  • asdf

    i loved vinny. brian sucks