Dailies | ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Star Dakota Johnson: Getting Into Anastasia's Head Can Be ‘Kind of Boring’ (Video)

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Star Dakota Johnson: Getting Into Anastasia's Head Can Be 'Kind of Boring' (Video)

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Johnson tells Vanity Fair that hitting the books to inhabit English major Anastasia Steele isn't always a thrill ride

Dakota Johnson says hitting the books to prep for the film adaptation of E.L. James‘ erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” has had its dull moments.

In a video accompanying her interview in the March issue of Vanity Fair, the 24-year-old actress reveals that getting ready for the role has entailed a lot of reading — which, she says, can be “kind of boring.”

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Asked what kind of mental preparation she's had to do, Johnson noted, “A lot of getting into the character's head, Ana's headspace, kind of before she meets Christian. So it's a lot of reading, which I love, but she's an English major, so that's kind of boring.”

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Preparation for the role might not be a thrill ride at all times, but the performance promises to be racy — and Johnson, the daughter of actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson — told the magazine that she's reluctant to discuss the details of the role with her famous parents.

“I think that I would love to have them experience it with me, but I can't really do that, just because of what it entails,” Johnson notes. “I talk to them more about problems with my landlords. That's my talking point with my family.”

Watch a video of Johnson talking “Fifty Shades” below.

  • LizGrace

    She couldn't be more WRONG for this role. The ruined it with her.

  • Julianne

    She said she begged her agent to get her an audition for this character BEFORE she had even read the books, then once she found out STJ was directing she read them. She doesn't look the part at all and looks old and if she thinks Ana being an English major is boring that just adds to how wrong she is for this role and she needs to GTFO!! Most fans already don't like her. She's not our Ana.

    • Katie

      She obviously only saw this as an opportunity to make her famous, wanting an audition before even knowing the character?? Stupid. She knew the director too so I'm sure that played a big role as well! She doesn't know the character, she can't relate to the character (look at her things Dakota she does and says on her own daily basis – AND finds English boring which Anastasia loves British Lit and it's a big part of her) , she looks nothing like the character, and she can lie and talk all she wants because she'll need to make it seem like she knows what she is doing but she's full of sh*t and no one likes her for this role except for those fans that apparently didn't read the same books.

    • Chloe

      I met one person so far who actually likes Dakota as Ana, and she's one of the people who commented on this..

  • kacy50

    She looks soooo old, as usual. Wtf.

  • Vanessa Baltazar

    Ugh.. This girl looks nothing like Ana at all. I so wish I could warm up to her, but she just ends up being annoying to me. It doesn't help that she looks 39 years old. She is not petite or has the innocent doll face that I imagined. She is just not cute.

    • cookiee

      Agree!! This interview was annoying!!…I hope he is better !!..I will watch the movie but I really hope is not a dissapointment!

  • cookiee

    Totally dislike this girl for the role , I hope she does a good job because I really don't like her for it. She looks older than the role requests and she finds boring the role of Ana as an English major OMG! She has not read the story at all ! Wow ! …whomever does not like this book is not a good reader ..the book is excellent! I would have picked a different actress for sure !

  • Mandy

    I can't stop looking to her teeth and her big nose.

  • Sophie

    Seriously someone actually thinks this coat hanger
    actually can pull off this demanding role with her lackluster talent.
    She is not the box office draw so why bother trying to make her one? I
    don’t find people on the various websites and blogs rooting her on. I
    do however find a lot of complaints. I find it hilarious that the
    author whose books I admired since the day I read the last line of the
    last book and met her would choose this person when more talented
    females were suggested .She made one error and thank GOD Charlie left on
    his own accord. I wish this(Dakota) mistake would have followed him
    out the door. If you want to promote the talent of this movie get Jamie
    on the front cover of a magazine ….OOPs never mind he’s been on plenty
    of magazine covers and has some actually face time in movies and TV. If
    anything I look forward to his performance. One more magazine I don’t
    have to bother wasting my money on.
    And besides of that this Dakota is really dumb, I'm glad she assumed on video she's not a very smart person

  • Marko Gordo

    She is perfect! Love love love her!

  • Em

    Seriously, I think she should be the crack wh0re instead of Ana….

  • CL

    She is so not Anastasia material, nothing about her is Ana, and she obviously doesn't have anything in common with the character based not only on her comment but just listening to her talk and some of the stuff she does. Sorry but no, she ruins this film for me, I won't be seeing it. Go smoke some more cigarettes, Dakota.

  • Cera

    She ruined the rest of the book for me.. Now when I read, all I can see is an old woman as Ana.. Absolutely nobody will be satisfied with Dakota. I'm pissed off that E.L. would put long and hard work into these books and to have Dakota play the role of Ana. What the hell was she thinking?! What a waste. She ruined the movie. I seriously feel like bringing this up to E.L.. This is rediculous!

  • NMayflower

    I can agree that at first she totally did not fit the role for me, especially after seeing her in Ben and Kate I thought she wouldn't be able to pull it off. Yet now that I see her now and one needs to recognize that she's getting into her character, she doesn't need to love literature or the fact that Ana's an English major. If any of you haters had ever taken a stab at actually acting you would understand that it's the characters you hate that you best portray. When someone is too much like their character it stops being the character and just becomes the actor in a different setting. I think Dakota could work wonders with this, her look now better suites the role and you guys are jerks for saying she looks old, she looks like a college student (this is coming from a current college student). Full disclosure: I really wanted Alexis Bledel for the role because I love her but only time will tell. I just hope this doesn't turn into a Twilight situation because I really didn't like the casting and delivery of that novel-turned-movie.

  • caroline

    What is with all these nasty comments from girls, saying she's ugly and talentless. For fuck's sake, get over yourselves. At least wait till the movie comes out and then comment. And as far as the fact that she said being an English major is boring goes, she is an actor playing a role, what do you expect Jamie to be in to bdsm because that's what Christians all about. Stop being bitches and for once support other girls!