Flaming Lips Will Cover the Beatles in MTV’s Online Steve Jobs Tribute

MTV’s O Music Awards will also feature performances from Robyn, Kelly Clarkson and Tyler, the Creator

The Flaming Lips, the Beatles and Steve Jobs.

Who thought those three names would be grouped together in a musical performance? MTV, for one.

At MTV’s O Music Awards 2, to be streamed from Los Angeles on Halloween, the Flaming Lips will play a special musical tribute to the late Apple co-founder. According to MTV, they taped a performance of the Beatles’ “Revolution” entirely via iPads over the weekend.

Here’s a clip of the song for those unfamiliar:

Why iPads? The theme of the O Music Awards is multi-platform and digital.

The first-time around it streamed live from Las Vegas with performances by the likes of Foster the People and Mumford & Sons. It was the second most-streamed event in MTV history.

This time, Swedish pop star Robyn will be performing throughout the show, with her initial performance airing on MTV. The rest wil be streamed across the websites of Viacom properties like MTV, VH1 and CMT.

Categories include “Most Outrages Tweet” and “Fan Army FTW.” That’s ‘for the win’ for those who still prefer using full words.

Revolution indeed.