Food Network Renews Weekly Cooking Show ‘The Kitchen’ (Exclusive)

Food Network Renews Weekly Cooking Show 'The Kitchen' (Exclusive)

Food Network

The cable channel orders up a second season of its culinary daytime talker

Food Network is serving up another season of its new weekly daytime cooking show, “The Kitchen.”

It has ordered 13 new episodes of the culinary talker, which just premiered on the Food Network in January.

“We can't wait to get back into ‘The Kitchen’ for a second helping of food, fun and conversation,” Food Network's general manager and senior vice president, Bob Tuschman, told TheWrap in a statement.

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He continued, “The talented cast and casual, engaging format have struck a chord with our audience, and we are looking forward to cooking up more episodes for fans to enjoy.”

Produced by BSTV Entertainment, “The Kitchen” has earned an average .7 rating per episode with the network's key demographic of Women 25-54 years old. The cooking show has increased viewership in the time slot year-over-year by 17 percent.

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“The Kitchen” features five co-hosts — Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, Jeff Mauro, Marcela Valladolid and Geoffrey Zakarian — who discuss topics running the culinary gamut, including food trends, recipes, family meal tips, trivia games, guest interviews, Twitter questions from viewers and cocktails with resident mixologist Zakaria's “It's Five O'Clock Somewhere” segment.

  • statler…or is it waldorf

    There's a reason for the saying “Too many cooks in the kitchen.” Kudos to Food Network for giving this show a chance to find it's stride, but it's really unwatchable. Everything about it seems forced b/c there is absolutely zero chemistry among the panel.

    I'm not a Sunny Anderson fan . . . Jeff Mauro is horribly miscast . . . Katie Lee is obviously the eye candy . . . and within this group, Geoffrey Zarkarian has no charisma. I don't really know what to say about Marcela Valladolid b/c she doesn't really stand out at all.

    The thing about cooking, whether you're a “celebrity chef” or a guy who grills every weekend, is that it's a singular activity. Sure, we romanticize about cooking w/our significant others, but let's be honest, we all hate it when someone else is in our kitchen b/c they don't do things our way. The same is true w/these hosts. Individually, they're knowledgeable and entertaining. But together on the sames set . . . it's just tough TV.

    Want to fix it? Give me an interview-style show w/Zakarian talking to food-industry types . . . real people from the FDA, or high-profile companies. Make Mauro a field reporter as he's probably better suited for that. And let Sunny Anderson do in-studio segments. Three hosts are more than enough for a show like this.

    I get that “The Kitchen” is Food Network's response to “The Chew”, but it's definitely is not a recipe for success.

    • lelutz

      I just Googled the show to see if anyone feels the same way I do about it and based on your sentiments above, they do! This show is so awkward. The personalities do not work together. I wanted to like it but I'm sorry to say, I don't.

    • JET63755

      It drives me crazy on ANY show when everyone talks at the same time! When that happens, you can't hear ANYONE!

  • ANNI

    I really like The Kitchen
    but CANNOT stand the background chatter (do they have an audience?) They need to shut them up. It annoys me so much that I may stop watching it. The hosts are talking and you hear people talking behind the cameras. What the hell is that. SO ANNOYING!!

    • Joyce

      I agree with your comment!! What is all that chatter and noise in the background? It is disruptive and annoying, plus it is very unprofessional. I thought it was just with 1 of the first episodes, but now I notice it on all episodes. I think the show is ok, and want to give it a chance. However this noise is about to cause me to change the channel. Food Network get your act together!!!

  • Ward Miller

    Really, if they wanted to rip off “The Chew”, they should just re-broadcast episodes of that show.

  • Chris

    This show needs to get rid of that whiny Katie Lee ASAP. Know food knowledge, an annoying voice.. And only claim to fame is sleeping with Billy joel? Go away fast.

    • Kas11

      What lol I bet she has more professional culinary experience than you Chris. Shes also a writer with published fiction and non fiction under her belt …so who she sleeps with is not your business although it's the only thing you know about her, interesting what you magnify an what you ignore

  • Chris

    * obviously no not know. Damn iPad.

  • Kelly

    I completely agree, I wanted to like this show but there really is no chemistry between any of the cast. I love Jeff Mauro, but feel that the crew just doesn't get his quirkiness. Sunni Anderson keeps it real, with no gimmicks pertaining to good food, and Geoffrey should stick it to Chopped or The Best Thing I ate as he doesn't really have much of a personality. Katie Lee is for sure the eye candy here, and at least Marcella has a bit more of a “brand,” whereas Katie sways from healthy to indulgent foods… Pick a topic and stick with that!!!
    I just feel like they all come from vastly different backgrounds, and none-of-them really shine like those on The Chew, albeit that is not my favorite show either. I am surprised they renewed this, as I find myself feeling uncomfortable for the cast whilst watching it ;)

  • foodguy52

    Guess I'm the minority here. I love the show- especially all the voices, the different backgrounds, opinions, all of it. The differences of the hosts are what attract me in the first place, because food, like music (so the saying goes), is universal. There is room for everyone's feedback. I don't get the sudden switch to a studio audience (unless it's canned); I actually liked it better when it appeared to be just them in the kitchen (confirming the age-old theory that party talk always ends up in the kitchen). I like GZ's cocktail wrap-ups, and have always loved both Sunny and Marcela from their own shows. And since when did a cooking show with multiple hosts have to be a rip-off of ‘The Chew”- which I have not seen, so have no reason to hate this one!!

  • Just plain Pam

    I love the show. I wait for it every Saturday. I especially like the gadget and cocktail portions of the show. The guest cooks are great. I loved the remake retro which asked the chefs to give us an update of an old recipe. I hope to catch more of their suggestions for use of leftovers, how to fix the disasters (or at least an explanation for why it happened) and whether to buy or make from scratch certain items. I also like their demonstration of kitchen gadgets. I'm glad to get the opportunity to see it again on Sundays…. So sad that I am at work when they repeat on Mondays… I would watch all 3 times available if I could as I sometimes miss out on the tips. I love the various viewpoints of each chef. The refined style of Geoffrey to the Midwest viewpoint of Jeff to the down home experience of Katie Lee to the Southern style of Sunny and the southwestern style of Marcela – I love the variety of their backgrounds and styles. The background commentary could be better if it were a little softer or if the audience were sometimes included in the shots then we could see their reactions to some of the recipes…All around THEEE BEST! Thank you food channel for talking to those of us who actually cook in the kitchen at home…Esoteric is wonderful, but I where I live is in the everyday… Thanks for talking to the everyday!

    • Just plain Pam

      The extra “I” should not be in the second to the last sentence. My edit apparently did not make it when I hit the send… “where I live is in the everyday…Thanks for talking to the everyday!”

  • David Davis

    The minute I saw it for the 1st time right away it looked so “forced” and they all just seem lost like they were just thrown in there the lastminute. There's hardly any chemistry or personality like the cast from The Chew.

    With the Chew, you know right away they're all comfortable being around each other and it just clicks naturally. And they all complement each other nicely with each offering something unique from their talent and charisma.

    I like & respect Zackarian a lot on Chopped & Iron chef but in the Kitchen he's so
    stuffy and stuck up with his holier than thou behavior. Jeff the Sandwich guy is so freakin annoying with his non stop stupid jokes. Sunny is ok doesn't really add or distract. Katie Lee is also boring and needs to loosen up.Lastly the most irritating and annoying is that Marcela who looks like she's 11 years old with zero credibility as a chef or a Mexican.

  • jmh

    I absolutely LOVE this show. Each host has their own loveable qualities that add to the endeering quirkiness of the show. Katie has totally grown on me & i just love her. She is sweet, likeable & funny.

    I hope food network continues to renew this show. I have my dvr set & look forward to it each week. I enjoy the variety & originality of each and every segment. Love the mix of entertainment, fun, education, and ideas. Oh, and love “Into it & over it.”

    BTW I really dislike The Chew. I find it anoying assinine & pointless.

  • JBDal

    Smart, educational, fun, and energetic! I love “The Kitchen” and look forward to it every week. Yes, I'm frustrated that it's not on between seasons & can't wait for Season 2. It is young and energetic so that may be why you older or slower folks don't like it (I can talk, I'm 60). A lot going on, a lot of fun, and a lot to learn. What could be better?