‘Fox & Friends’ Welcomes Elisabeth Hasselbeck With Surprise Visit From ‘The View's’ Sherri Shepherd (Video)

'Fox & Friends' Welcomes Elisabeth Hasselbeck With Surprise Visit From 'The View's' Sherri Shepherd (Video)

“I can't believe this is happening right now!” says Hasselbeck upon sitting on the set's new couch

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, looking resplendent in a purple dress with a giant sparkly necklace, began her “Fox & Friends” run with a nod to her last job as co-host of “The View.”

After a quick tour of the new set, Hasselbeck (who admitted that her new early morning hours were going to be an adjustment)  took her place on the new, much larger couch with co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, who showed a publicity photo of her with her former “View” co-hosts, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters.

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“Imagine sitting next to the best surgeon for ten years,” Hasselbeck said of what she learned after her time with Walters.

Shepherd would later show up to wish Hasselbeck luck, runnning onto the set and embracing her former co-worker, exclaiming “there's my friend!” and “I love you so much!”

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Shepherd later threatened to “steal” Hasselbeck and bring her back to the “View,” but it looks like Hasselbeck is going to be sitting pretty at her new Fox News home for a while yet.

Watch the video (Shepherd comes in at 1:50):

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