Fox News Host on Missing Plane: ‘It Took Us 2,000 Years to Find Noah's Ark’ (Video)

Fox News Host on Missing Plane: 'It Took Us 2,000 Years to Find Noah's Ark' (Video)

Bill Hemmer offers dire assessment on search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

The whereabouts of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 remain a mystery, as wall-to-wall cable news coverage enters its 12th day — however, one anchor suggests it might never be found.

Fox News host Bill Hemmer made the shocking claim on “America's Newsroom” Wednesday that rescuers’ attempts may be in vain as “it took us 2,000 years to find Noah's Ark.”

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Hemmer was commenting on new speculation that the lost plane could have ended up in Pakistan or the Indian Ocean.

“So, what, it took us 100 years to find the Titanic?” Hemmer asked aviation attorney Salvatore Lagonia. “It took us 2,000 years to find Noah's Ark. Do we ever find flight 370?”

Despite Hemmer's quip, the biblical ship has never been definitively found, though researchers have made educated guesses as to its whereabouts.

Often cited by ark hunters is the Durupinar site in eastern Turkey, where a boat-like formation was found in 1948. However, geologists believe the site is in reality a natural rock formation.

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“Well I think we find Flight 370 much sooner than those two things, thank God!” exclaimed Lagonia. “Until then, I think it's the greatest reality show in the world.”

Watch Hemmer's comments below:

  • Leon

    Is there any form of means testing so people too stupid to know the difference between fables and reality aren't on TV?

    • Patiently

      You mean, like the screening CNN does? I suppose you give more credence to the “Black Hole” or the “Bermuda Triangle” theories offered by the scientifically enlightened hosts at CNN.

  • Michael P. Shipley

    Hemmer strikes me as someone hired not for his intelligence but for his conservative credentials.

    • BlackPegasus

      What “conservative credentials” are you speaking of? Hemmer was with CNN for years before selling out to Fox. Anyhow, he's an idiot for that comment.

  • Jim

    Is that a hint for Jimmy Hoffa's remains?

  • Newzheimer

    So…if the search for Noah's ark took 2000 years, this means that the flood happened in 14 AD? During the height of the Roman Empire? When there was real recorded history going on and not based on a Bronze Age fairy tale? Alrighty, then.

    The people on Faux News are categorically stupid. There can be no other explanation. There must be a test that they have to take or something.

    • Patiently

      Newzheimer, of course, informed news watchers know that the plane was probably swallowed by a black hole.