‘X Factor’ Performance Finale: Jeff Gutt Dominates the Finals (Video)

Popularity and originality will probably take this season's title

Fox's “X Factor” went into its season (some may argue series) finale on Wednesday with the three finalists singing three songs in order to convince America to hand them Season 3's championship.

The first song of the night was referred to as “the song they hope will get you to vote for them.” Isn't that every song? Producers, this was a lazy idea for a category, but OK. Then, there was a duet with a professional singer and then the finalists reprised their favorite performances of the season.

The show opened with the finalists doing Queen's “We Will Rock You.” It felt a bit pedestrian for this stage of the competition and only really worked in Jeff Gutt's favor. We also got a taste of what brought Paulina Rubio to fame. She performed a provocative performance of an older single, “Boys Will Be Boys.” I suspect that for many viewers this is the first time they've seen the judge perform.

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Here's the breakdown of the finale performances:

Carlito Olivero: Rubio's finalist started out the competition with a bilingual rendition of Shontelle's “Impossible.” He's not the best singer, though he has shown more range than expected recently. No one can blame him for singing in Spanish – it has been a constant request from the judges and that special thing only he can do at this point in the competition. I don't think this was the song to clench the win. But, he has two more chances.

In Round 2, Olivero performed a duet with Latin pop star Prince Royce – again a bilingual take on modern standard, “Stand By Me.” This wasn't exactly a challenging performance for Olivero. Isn't this the time to push harder? Nevertheless, Royce has a solid fan base, which can only help garner Olivero some votes.

His final performance was a redux of Santana's “Maria, Maria.” This hearkens back to the moment he really looked like a star this season. So, this was an excellent choice that showed off all his best talents.

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Alex and Sierra: The dating duo (and favorite to win) started out with Ed Sheeran's “Give Me Love.” They have to basically forget the lyrics to deliver a bad performance at this point. The couple really knows their sound.

For their star collaboration, Alex and Sierra had the great luck to sing with Leona Lewis, a winner of Cowell's “The X Factor” UK. I'm not quite sure whether Alex and Sierra were able to differentiate themselves enough in this song. Next to Lewis, Sierra's voice (and possibly her star quality) dimmed in comparison to Lewis. It's a killer when Sierra's confidence isn't 100 percent.

For song No. 3, the duo brought back their take on A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera‘s “Say Something.” This killed for them on iTunes after their first performance and no doubt mentor Simon Cowell was happy to let them do it again. What's perfect about it is that it proves that they can be current in today's music scene.

Watch it again below.

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Jeff Gutt: The rocker goes with a classic, Aerosmith's “Dream On.” It's right in his wheelhouse and it played to all his strengths. ‘Nuff said.

For his duet, Gutt once again did it up right. He performed with Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls on the band's hit, “Iris.” He more than hung in there with Rzeznik and definitely didn't let himself get drowned out by the professional.

Watch the performance above.

For Round 3, the rockin’ dad brought back Radiohead's “Creep.” Again, it's a great choice for him, though it can feel karaoke at times.

Verdict: I would award the first two rounds to Kelly Rowland's guy, Gutt. And the third round to Alex and Sierra. Though regardless of how they did on Wednesday, a large part of me believes Alex and Sierra will take this season in the end regardless.

What say you, America? Who will win Season 3?

  • Dana Barnes

    jeff gutt has been my choice since the beginning. love this man and his voice. i'll be first in line for his album.

  • Guest

    Alex &Sierra are unique and extremely talented!! Jeff is great too and amazing in his own right! It is so hard to narrow down to one when they are two completely different kind of acts!!! I would listen to both of them in the future! [Pending on my mood] I think BOTH of them have extremely bright futures!! However, I believe that A&S will win this season!!

  • nimue

    Does America really want Sonny and Cher? I just don't know how long the novelty of a duet will last-about as long as their relationship I guess. But if SOMEONE doesn't sign Jeff Gutt whether he wins or not they are crazy!!! 1D didn't win either but Simon was smart enough to sign them

  • David Perkins

    The iTunes results suggest that Alex & Sierra will win. They appear to be fairly popular, in fact. Which got me thinking (a rarity in itself!): how long has it been since we've seen a successful male-female duo that goes by their own names? A bunch come to mind, but none very recent. Sonny & Cher, Ashford & Simpson, The Carpenters, The Captain & Tennile, and Donny & Marie. Has it been a very, very long time, or have I forgotten some?

  • brettiverse

    They saved the best for last, my votes went with Jeff but I don't think there is any stopping A/S.

  • RC

    jeff gutt by far best vocalist of the finalists.

  • Kathy

    JEFF GUTT better win because he is by far the BEST that xfactor has ever had,the others are okay but JEFF GUTT is wayyyyy better,PLEASE America don't be dumb,PLEASE VOTE JEFF GUTT,he deserves to win,the work needs more rockstars,there is a lot of pop and country and spanish music right now we NEED rock PLEASE:( Happy Holidays everybody:)

    • hope gilbert

      America i have to say are dumber than a box of rocks. That sappy Alex and Sierra love story won them the show. They aren't good enough to be jeffs backup singers. Every song was a huge snooze fest and sounded the same to me.

  • Alma

    OMG!…. JEFF by a Landslide has been spot on ALL competition, never an off night all his songs have been GREAT! He is the only reason I am watching this season. I just wish I could vote here in Vancouver. I have bought All his music on iTunes… JEFF please don't forget Vancouver when you tour…. Simon would be out of his mind if he doesn't sign Jeff… LOVE U JEFF!

  • Yodie Akins

    GUTT. GUTT, GUTT, GUTT!!! But I love, love, love Alex and Sierra!

  • StevenBall

    Adam Lambert came in 2nd to someone no one remembers. If Jeff Gutt comes in 2nd he will still be the one people remember.

  • K-Lo

    Jeff Gutt should win, hands down!

  • debs

    jeff won it by miles

  • Sherri Green

    Jeff Gutt should have been the winner!!!! Simon is the “big wig” of the show so of course his team would win!!!!!