‘X Factor’ Producers Explain Their Big Voting Fail to Some Unhappy Contenders (Video)

As a result of a production error on Wednesday's show, the contenders have to sing one more time for America's votes

Fox's “X Factor” producers aired the wrong voting phone numbers for the contenders on Wednesday's episode. As a result, the singers will have to perform their “save me” songs on Thursday's episode.

In a newly released clip from the do-over episode, the producers deliver the “bad news” to the performers. And they don't look very happy about it.

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Carlito Olivero, though, saw it as an opportunity for the singers to show what they're made of. ”I don't even know how I really feel right now,” said the 24-year-old member of judge Paulina Rubio's boys team. “But, all I know is that there's 13 great artists here. And if you're a true artist, you'll pull through.”

On Wednesday's episode, incorrect voting numbers were displayed on-screen during the performance recap at the end of the East Coast broadcast of the show. So, the show's producers and Fox decided the most fair course was to have the contestants perform again and have America re-cast their votes. The results will be revealed on next Wednesday's show.

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Watch the producers break the news to the singers above.

The X Factor” one-hour do-over episode airs Thursday at 8/7c on Fox.

  • coreaapple

    They should all be fired. Who the hell will take the time to vote once let alone twice? What ever momentum the show had is now gone. They will blame the fans if some favorite goes home. Do overs don't work in America simon. How can anyone take this show serious now? By the way, nice job of sabotaging all of your acts last night. What the heck was that about? Saying they were all better the night before. Nice going Simon. This was one time u should have shut your big fat mouth.