Fox News Targets ‘Frozen’ Star Kristen Bell for Being ‘Selferous’ Over Taxes (Video)

The conservative opinion network asks, “Should the star of Veronica Mars just go live on Mars?”

“Frozen” and “Veronica Mars” star Kristen Bell is “selferous” when it comes to taxes, according to Fox News.

“Your World” host Neil Cavuto and Deke Digital CEO Dave Maney targeted the actress in a segment (above) on Thursday over her tweet earlier this week, in which she expressed support for America's wealthiest paying higher taxes.


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“What I think she's doing in a certain way is being what I would call ‘selferous,’ which is being selfish while appearing to be generous,” Maney said. “Get my name in the news, get my box office going, and I'll make it look like I want to give lots, and lots of money.”

The contributor came to the conclusion because the United State Treasury's website allows any American citizen to make a donation to help reduce the national debt, and crowd-funded film “Veronica Mars” has only made about $3 million during its limited release in theaters.

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“On the one hand, Kristen, I think, is a pretty savvy social media promoter of herself, and her film's not doing so well at the box office, and I think it was a good way to kind of, you know, get her name in the news,” Maney continued. “Here we are talking about her.”

Yes, because every time a celebrity expresses themselves on Twitter, they're clearly only motivated by the possibility of being mocked by Fox News.

What a selferous assumption.

Bell, who voiced Anna in “Frozen” — the Disney movie on track to becoming the most successful animated film in history — voiced her position on taxation in response to a not-so-sly series of videos from the Republican National Committee that attempt to market cool, young Republican Scott Greenberg.

  • donkaye

    “Cool young Republican”? Don't make me laugh. No such thing.

  • dso1

    Just another idiot actress towing the liberal line.

    • StigRossi

      ur dumb

      • Oh Pulleeze

        A fair question is: why won't rich Democrats who say they want to pay more taxes, pay more taxes than what's required? Why do those same people take all the eligible tax deductions? If they wouldn't take the deductions they would be paying more and could throw that in other peoples faces. Let one of the people who say they aren't taxed enough simply pay more and start the good-feeling trend.

  • America47000

    Anyone who would support giving more money to this government is a moron.

  • lifeonqueen

    Veronica Mars did $2 million plus from 291 locations. In addition to math and realtiy, Fox doesn't understand BO.

    • MoiraB

      $2 million is not by any means a “hit.” A tiny cult movie, maybe.

      • Jimmy

        For a moderately successful former TV series, that's still pretty good.

      • lifeonqueen

        I didn't say it was a hit. I said “Fox doesn't understand BO” – if you prefer, I can say that Fox's statements mischaracterize Veronica Mars’ box office performance by focusing on the total return rather than the per screen average.

        As you note, Veronica Mars is a tiny cult move but it is a fairly successful one. For comparison, today Divergent opened in 3,936 locations. Assuming all 3,936 theaters held Thursday night showings (they almost certainly didn't but for argument's sake, say they did), Divergent made, on average, slightly less than $1,250 per location on Thursday for a total of $4.9 million.

        Last Friday, Veronica Mars made just under $3,450 per location in 291 theaters – slightly more than $1 million in total. Divergent made more money overall but Veronica Mars made more money for the theaters showing the movie, which is why looking at Veronica Mars’ position on the box office chart and saying “her film's not doing so well at the box office” is incorrect – Veronica Mars did very well at the box office. Just at about a 10 times fewer box offices.

        (In addition, Veronica Mars’ production costs were in the $5-6 million range, not $80 million, so that $2 million goes further, particularly as Veronica Mars was a same-day video-on-demand release and will be already generating revenue through that window.)

      • Angela

        The movie was funded by fans and was released only in a limited amount of theaters. It's doing pretty well considering.

    • America47000

      One guy on one show makes an offhand remark about box office numbers and suddenly the entire network is a monolithic organization responsible for analyzing box office numbers? geesh. (And the guy attributed to the comment isn't even a Fox anchor or staffer, he's an outside commentator)

    • Nishi

      But Fox does stink like B(ody) O(dor)

    • SFC_Swede

      Actions speak louder than words. If she isn't putting her money where her mouth is…then yawn, another self promoter using a social issue to ingratiate herself with the populous.

  • ohlawd

    Kristen Bell doesn't want to get her name in the news. She wants to support what she believes in. Even if her movie “isn't doing too good in the box office” she has plenty of fans who support it anyway. The movie is more for the fans than anything. Plus, have you guys heard of Frozen? That movie is doing phenomenal. Fox needs to just not.

  • hupto

    Don't worry. Darrell Issa will be investigating her promptly.

  • Jack t

    Frozen's will close #6 worldwide box office gorse all-time, Fox needs to get updated.