'50 Shades of Grey': 20 of the Internet's Buzziest Casting Choices (Photos)

Fans have rallied to support their favorite Hollywood stars as potential Christian Greys and Anastasia Steeles, while the studio producing the adaptation has yet to comment

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  • Pam Rose

    Matt Bomer would be perfect to play Christian Grey

    • nikola6

      Robert Pattinson is not ugly. He's beautiful but with an interesting face as oppose to a perfect one. And he is the physical prototype for the character of Christian Grey. This was originally a Twilight fan fiction and the author was a besotted Pattinson fan and her physical description of Christian, is Robert Pattinson to a T. From the height, the lanky build, the beautiful facial bone structure with those high cheek bones and granite jawline, the thick unruly hair, the long lush eyelashes, the full mouth, even his beautiful hands with those long tapered fingers. But since Pattinson has passed, I agree that Matt Boomer should play the role. Hollywood needs to man up and finally cast an openly gay man as a romantic lead and Boomer is the guy because women find him gorgeous and sexy and they don't care that he's gay. An actor should be able to play any thing and what he does in the privacy of his own bedroom should not be part of the equation.