Gawker Fires Back at Quentin Tarantino: We Didn't Leak Your Script

Gawker Fires Back at Quentin Tarantino: We Didn't Leak Your Script

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Gawker refutes the director's claims, blames him for turning the leak into a story

Gawker rejected Quentin Tarantino‘s claims that it leaked a copy of his latest script,  ”The Hateful Eight,” in a post by editor-in-chief John Cook. Cook wrote the piece after Tarantino's lawyer Marty Singer filed suit against Gawker Media, whose site Defamer posted a link to a site where one could download the script last week.

The suit accuses Gawker of transmitting a copy of the script that infringes upon Tarantino's copyright, or, at the very least, or encouraging a copy of the script to be posted.

“This claim is false,” Cook wrote. “No one at Gawker saw or had access to Tarantino's script before AnonFiles posted it. No one at Gawker transmitted it — or anything else, at all — to AnonFiles. No one at Gawker encouraged anyone to do so. No one at Gawker has any earthly idea how AnonFiles obtained a copy.”

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Cook lays out a pretty thorough defense of his site's actions, noting it was Tarantino himself who turned the script leak into a story. Scripts leak all the time, but this only became a national story when Tarantino turned to Deadline Hollywood to voice his hurt feelings.

“Thanks to Tarantino's shrewd publicity strategy, the leak of ‘The Hateful Eight’ — and the content of the script– had been widely dissected online and was a topic of heated conversation among Defamer readers,” Cook wrote. “News of the fact that it existed on the internet advanced a story that Tarantino himself had launched, and our publication of the link was a routine and unremarkable component of our job: making people aware of news and information about which they are curious.”

  • spike


    Dear spoiled media brats,

    I'm sick and tired of watching you bozos hog cyberspace with your useless drivel. All of you, take your millions and retire to Pismo Beach, Palm Desert, or…anywhere but here. And stop your annoying crowing.

    Quentin, your arrogance, writ large, disgusts me. Are you that hungry for publicity for your next film that you have to resort to this? You have ten more piece of (unmentionable) scripts where that one came from? Great, more power to you, Ego Boy. Knock yourself out.

    Justin, for God's sake, just do what you say you're gonna do: RETIRE, ALREADY! We've had quite enough of your whining.

    And Shia, stop skywriting apologies, get over your little scandal, and get on with your life. Oh, while you're at it, get a life.

    In fact, all three of you, get a life!

    • Rex Rexmano

      Couldn't have said this better.

    • No Mercy

      They have lives, busy ones!

    • La Belle Gigi

      What Shia scandal?

      He actually did something of note?

  • David

    Cook has it dead-on. Scripts leak all the time, and nine times out of ten, it's barely a blip on the radar. Usually, only the most diehard fanboys even bother looking. Tarantino himself is the one who made this a thing. All he had to do was shrug his shoulders and say, “whatever, it's just an early draft,” and nobody would have given it another thought.

  • Dirk Digler

    No one cares. Quentin's days are numbered. His films are becoming numbingly similar.

    Lately, every time I see Quentin, he simply appears to be an angry, stupid man. Seriously…